perús (Portuguese) - turkeys + Paris.

stinger - one who stings; applied fig. to Death. Also, one who goads or instigates; one who has a sharp tongue + 'stinger' - whiskey and soda.

t.d. (Icelandic) = til dæmis - for instance

thoroughbred - thoroughly educated or accomplished; hence, complete, thorough, out-and-out + dough, bread.

kennedy - a poker; a blow inflicted by a poker + Kennedy - Dublin baker of Patrick Street.

saki - Japanese rice-liquor + Saint Patrick (Japanese).

og svo fra (Icelandic) - and so from

relogio (Portuguese) - watch + logion (gr) - oracle + old religion - a religion or belief which is replaced or ousted by another; a pre-Christian religion; paganism; Roman Catholicism.

tiempo (Spanish) - time (i.e. Tim Finnegan) + out of temper - out of proper condition.

soured - Of persons: Embittered, crabbed.

tipple - drink, liquor for drinking; esp. strong drink

take my lead + Finnegan's Wake 5 (song): 'Souls to the devil, did ye think I'm dead?' + (sound depth).

getá (Icelandic) - to be able + get ég (Icelandic) - can I.

pushpull - characterized by, caused by, or being a forced reciprocating motion; a type of amplifier design

tom (Norwegian) - empty + Tartarum (l) - the infernal regions + (glass of drink) + FSTD: A bite of keesens, he sagds, or a stinger and when I'm soured to the tipple you can sink me lead, he sagds, and a pull of tomtartarum tamtartarum.

homing - that goes home; spec. applied to pigeons that are trained to fly home from a distance + (he's thirsty).

Dalkey - coastal urban district nine miles south of Dublin + okey dokey - O.K.

North star - the Pole-star

talk (a person) into - to persuade into (something) by talking + tolk (Norwegian) - interpreter.

sealer - a vessel engaged in the sealing trade + sæla (Icelandic) - bliss, happiness.

solder - a fusible metallic alloy used for uniting metal surfaces or parts + sold (Danish) - pay + solderi (Danish) - carousal, boozing.

tanker (Norwegian) - thoughts + tenker (Norwegian) - thinker.

tolder (Norwegian) - customs officer, publican + 'Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor' (nursery rhyme).

tot homines quot sententiae (l) = every man to his taste - everyone has his own pleasures.

scow - a large flat-bottomed lighter or punt + Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 13: 'trading-scow'.

cater - four (obs.) + cead mile failte (ked mili falt'i) (gael) - a hundred thousand welcomes.

stall - a stable or cattle-shed; also each division for the accommodation of one animal in a stable + God feed us all + FSTD: Allkey dalkey, sayds the shop's housebound, for he was as deep as the north star, as might have sayd, every man to his beast, and my cad cater million falls to you!

amen + áfram (Icelandic) - onwards + Fram - Nansen's ship in polar expeditions.

expedient - a contrivance or device adopted for attaining an end + ekspedient (Landsmaal, Danish) - salesman.

hombre (sp) - man + hambre (sp) - hungry + Humphrey.

welcomer - one who, or something which, welcomes or greets (a person or thing) + willkommen (ger) - welcome.

good word - a friendly, favourable, or laudatory utterance; something said on behalf of or in commendation of a person or thing + what's the good word? - Interrog. Hello, how are you? ("Haven't seen you in a long time. What's the good word?").

feaster - one who partakes of a feast, a guest; the giver of a feast, host, entertainer (obs.) + Easter + sign of the cross.

cloth - table-cloth: a covering for a table, particularly that spread on it when it is 'laid' for a meal

disk - anything resembling a circular plate + diskur (Icelandic) - dish + disk (Norwegian) - counter.

oysters + ostreon (gr) - oyster + ostur (Icelandic) - cheese + oster (Norwegian) - cheeses + östers (Norwegian) - oysters.

swanker - one who swanks + svangur (Icelandic) - hungry + svanger (Norwegian) - pregnant.

alla balla (it) - to the bale, pack

Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 10: 'carelessest' + Huckleberry Finn 27: 'stealthiest man I ever see'.

sand - firmness of purpose; pluck, stamina + Huckleberry Finn 29: 'She was the best girl I ever see, and had the most sand'.

fishball - a dish composed of fish

fixings - the adjuncts to any dish, garnishing + The Lone Fish Ball (song): 'one fish-ball... fixin's' (extras).

Dan - an honourable title = Master, Sir + dan (Serbian) - day.

ven (Norwegian) - friend + ven (Cornish) - woman.

son of a gun - a somewhat depreciatory term for 'man, fellow'

gondolier - one who rows a gondola + gambol - a frolic, merrymaking + 'I'm the son of a son of a son of a son of a son of a gambolier' (song).

expedient - hasty, 'expeditious', speedy + ekspedient (Landsmaal, Danish) - salesman.

Sonnenuhr (ger) - sun dial + nur (ger) - only + sonur minn (Icelandic) - my son.

Shackleton, Sin Ernest Henry, (1874-1922) - British Antarctic explorer. In 1916 Sir Ernest Shackleton encountered a wave he termed "gigantic" while piloting a lifeboat/whaler from Elephant Island to South Georgia Island. There is glacier on Elephant Island called "Sultan" (in 1970??). + the waiter (*S*). 

sulten (Norwegian) - hungry; the hunger

aufwarts (ger) - upward + abwarts (ger) - downward + opvarte (Norwegian) - to wait upon, to act as waiter to + Up, guards, and at them! (motif).

ham (Norwegian) - him

ogry - resembling, or pertaining to, an ogre + angry.

familiar - Of persons: Well or habitually acquainted, having a close acquaintance or intimate knowledge.

waldemar - a variety of velveteen, or cotton velvet, apparently a superior quality of fustian + Joyce's note: 'Waldemar' + Valdemar - several noted Danish kings.  

heel it - to move the heel, tap or touch the ground with it in a rhythmical manner in dancing; also trans. to perform (a dance) with the heels + heeling - Nautic. The lean caused by the wind's force on the sails of a sailing vessel. 

mal de mer - sea-sickness + FSTD: And he got and gave what's the good word like one familiar to the house, as clam as your clock, while Waldenar awn toeing it and, take my wroth for it, Maldemar was heeling it.

toe - to move the toe, to tap rhythmically with the toe in dancing + to toe and heel (it): to dance.

syg - obs. pa. tense of see + søsyg (Danish) - seasick + sick

the bowl - drinking, conviviality + ball of his foot.

meer (Dutch) - more + Meer (ger) - sea.

krank (ger) - sick

tov (Danish Nautical) - cable

ply - to employ or occupy oneself busily or steadily

weh (ger) - woe + wehren (ger) - defend + when (pouring drink).

nohow - in no manner, by no means; not at all + "Why do I am alook alike a poss of porterpease?"

mind - to put (one) in mind of something; to remind

Breeches are distinguished from trousers by coming only just below the knee, but dialectally (and humorously) breeches includes trousers + In Genesis of the Geneva Bible, Adam and Eve 'made themselves breeches' + (first tailor).

Humpty Dumpty + FSTD:  — Nohow did he kersse or hoot the suit of solderskins? mended one breaches maker. Soe syg he was, walking fram the ball at his foot. And /  — Humpsea dumpsea, cut cutter the curter.

merchantman - merchant (arch.)

snip - to cut, to cut up or off, by or as by scissors or some similar cutting instrument

cutter - the person employed in a tailoring or similar establishment to take the measures and cut out the cloth + (second tailor).

ninth - one of the nine equal parts into which a thing may be divided + {the three tailors complain of the captain's hump - he complains in return about the awkward coat and trousers}

take my word for it - Used to emphasize an assertion = I can assure you, you may be sure, believe me.

and no mistake - without any doubt, undoubtedly, for certain; used colloq. to emphasize a preceding statement + mistænke (Norwegian) - to suspect.

taler (Norwegian) - speaker 

whyfor + the why for (Slang) - the reason.

mand (Norwegian) - man + uglyman (Slang) - garotter + everyman for himself but God for us all. And three cheers for repeal of the Union.

throat - Viewed as the entrance to the stomach + FSTD: — A ninth for a ninth, they told to the taler who had considerable way on. They knew what the whyed for too. The because of his sosuch. And throatfull us all! /

place - to put or set in a particular place, position, or situation; to station; to posit; fig. to set in some condition, or relation to other things. Often a mere synonym of put, set.

scaur - a precipitous bank; a cliff; the ridge of a hill + scores.

wore - Of doubtful origin and meaning; perh. identical with ware (n.)

groot - mud, soil, earth + groot (Dutch) - great, big.

bailey = bailie - bailiff (the agent of the lord of a manor, who collects his rents, etc.) + Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home (song) + Bailey Lighthouse, Howth + When water is being dipped or scooped out of the boat it is called "Bailing".

bill - a note of charges for goods delivered or services rendered, in which the cost of each item is separately stated + bil (Dutch) - buttock, arse + put it on the bill (phrase).

James Joyce: A Portrait I: 'Pull out his eyes, Apologise' + jib - Nautic. A triangular staysail at the front of a ship.

O'Connor Power - 18th century Irish M.P.

latterly - at the latter end (of life or of some period)

distent = distend - to stretch out, extend + do descend from - to come of, spring from (an ancestor or ancestral stock).

conner - one who cons or diligently studies + The O'Connor Don - 19th century Irish M.P. (family of lineal descendants of Connacht premonitory monarchs) + Daniel O'Connell.

promontory - resembling a promontory, projecting, outstanding

oblivious - unaware or unconscious of + Liffey river.

host + Head of Howth.

chairoscuro - the style of pictorial art in which only the light and shade, and not the various colours, are represented; fig. Used of poetic or literary treatment, criticism, mental complexion, etc., in various obvious senses, as mingled 'clearness and obscurity', 'cheerfulness and gloom' + kouros (gr) - boy, youth, son.

semblance - the appearance or outward aspect of a person or thing + zyemlya (Russian) - land, ground.

mortal + mard (Persian) - man + Murmansk - Russian port.

dun - of a dull or dingy brown colour; now esp. dull greyish brown, like the hair of the ass and mouse; More vaguely: Dark, dusky (from absence of light); murky, gloomy. 

darting - moving or shooting swiftly like a dart + Dear Dirty Dublin.

emitter - that which emits + dolomite - pl. the Dolomites = the dolomite mountains or peaks.

haar - hair (obs.) + haar (Norwegian) = Haar (German) - hair.

pasture - a piece of land covered with grass used or suitable for the grazing of cattle or sheep

ken - to recognize (at sight, or by some marks or tokens); to identify + kende (Danish) - to know + Do Ye Ken John Peel? (song): 'with his coat so gray' (fox-hunting).

yon - that

trustfully - in a trustful manner (full of or exercising trust; trusting, confiding)

agape - on the gape, with open mouth of expectation or wonder: hence fig. in an attitude or state of wondering expectation + agape (gr) - love.

gradh (gra) (gael) - love + 'gragh knew well' = Grannuaile, Grace O'Malley + FSTD: — Place the scaurs wore on your groot beg bailey bill, he apullagibed apullajibed obliffious of the headth of hosth that was still trystfully acape for Granmaile in precious memory and that proud grace to her, in gait, a movely water, of smile a coolsome cup.