gait - manner of walking or stepping, bearing or carriage while moving, walk, step.


rarefied - that is made less dense (Chiefly of air)

onerous* - of the nature of a burden; burdensome; oppressive, troublesome

enterprise* - a design of which the execution is attempted; a piece of work taken in hand, an undertaking.

yester - of or belonging to yesterday

trifle - a trivial, paltry, or insignificant affair

tittle - the dot over the letter i; fig. The smallest or a very small part of something; a minute amount. 

trot - to go or move quickly; to go briskly or busily

panoramic* - of, pertaining to, or of the nature of a panorama (fig. A complete and comprehensive survey or presentation of a subject).

jungfrow* - a young lady, girl

yoke - fig. Denoting servitude, subjection, restraint, humiliation, oppression, etc.

jilt - to deceive after holding out hopes in love; to cast off (a lover) capriciously

spin - rapid or lively movement



Alexandrian* - of, pertaining to, or characteristic of, Alexandria

captive - taken prisoner in war, or by force; kept in confinement or bondage

conquest - that which is acquired by force of arms; a possession or acquisition made in war.

spaight = spate - a flood or inundation; esp. a sudden flood or rising in a river or stream caused by heavy rains or melting snow.

lap - the front portion of the body from the waist to the knees of a person seated, considered with its covering garments as the place in or on which a child is nursed or any object held.

pal - a close friend

ditcher - one who makes and repairs ditches                                                                                                                          rich

plower - one who ploughs; a ploughman                                                                                                                               poor

death us

two part

glowworm* - a coleopterous insect the female of which emits a shining green light from the extremity of the abdomen. 

gloam - to darken, become dusk                                                                                                                                 gleaming

lowcast - Of a valley: deep;                     locust - an orthopterous saltatorial insect of the family Acridiidæ (characterized by short horns), esp. the Migratory Locust, well known for its ravages in Asia and Africa, where, migrating in countless numbers, it frequently eats up the vegetation  of whole districts.



bannock - the name, in Scotland and north of England, of a form in which home-made bread is made; usually unleavened, of large size, round or oval form, and flattish, without being as thin as 'scon' or oat-cake. In Scotland, bannocks are usually of barley- or pease-meal, but may be of wheaten flour.


thatcher - one who thatches; esp. one whose business it is to thatch houses, corn or hay ricks, etc.

wonderness* - a wonder

withsay - to affirm the contrary of, contradict, deny (a fact or statement)

nevertheless;        neper - a unit used in comparing the power levels in two communication circuits or the intensities of two sounds.


preach up* - to extol, commend, or support by preaching; to discourse in praise of.

sope - a draught; a small amount of drink, etc.                                                                                                                     soup

fash - trouble, vexation; bother, inconvenience; also, something that gives trouble                                                                 fish

vinter - one who deals in or sells wine; a wine-merchant; an innkeeper selling wine.

munch - something to eat, a meal (dial. and jocular); an act of munching

legion - a vast host or multitude (of persons or things)

in truth - in fact, truly, really, indeed: mostly used to strengthen or emphasize a statement.

hold out - to stretch forth, extend; fig. To offer, proffer, present

protector - one who protects, defends, or shields from injury or harm; a defender.

Mesopotamia* - a proper name for the tract between the Tigris and the Euphrates. 

gentlemen's agreement* - an agreement which is not enforceable at law, and which is only binding as a matter of honour.

plodge - to wade or walk heavily in water, soft ground, or anything in which the feet sink;             pledge - a person who becomes surety for another.

slope - to move (off, in, etc.) in a leisurely manner; to depart surreptitiously, sneak off.


flower - an embellishment or ornament (of speech); a choice phrase

rise - to come up to the surface of the ground or water

hiker - one who hikes or goes on a hike                                                                                                                             higher

hilltop* - the top or summit of a hill;             heeltap - the liquor left at the bottom of a glass after drinking; fig. The last or end part of anything. 

knocker - an appendage, usually of iron or brass, fastned to a door, and hinged so that it may be made to strike against a metal plate, to attract the attention of those within.


brunt* - obs. and dial. pa. tense and pple. of burn (v.)

weft - to form a weft or web

stink - a foul, disgusting, or offensive smell

Abyssinia* - the name of a country in East Africa (now officially called Ethiopia); Used to represent a colloq. pronunc. of 'I'll be seeing you!': a jocular catch-word at parting.


nihil - a thing of no worth or value

wolve - Of an organ: To give forth a hollow wailing sound like the howl of a wolf, from deficient wind-supply.

overtone* - an upper partial tone

spectrum* - the entire range of wavelengths (or frequencies) of electromagnetic radiation, from the longest radio waves to the shortest gamma rays of which the range of visible light is only a small part; any one part of this larger range. 

emergent* - rising out of a surrounding medium, e.g. water

crest - to reach the crest or summit of (a hill, rising ground, wave, etc.)

irised - having the colours of the rainbow; coloured by a rainbow                                                                                         Irish

plight - peril, danger, risk (obs.); undertaking (of a risk or obligation); pledge (under risk of forfeiture).

covetousness* -  inordinate and culpable desire of possessing that which belongs to another or  to which one has no right.

loss - perdition, ruin, destruction; the condition or fact of being 'lost', destroyed, or ruined.


gladness* - the state of being glad; joy, rejoicing

unwill - the fact or condition of being displeased or offended, displeasure; lack of will or purpose.

snort* - a snore (obs. rare.); a sound made by persons in order to express contempt or disdain.