gait - manner of walking or stepping, bearing or carriage while moving


rarefied - that is made less dense (Chiefly of air)

Ulysses.15.2228: 'My mother's sister married a Montmorency'

onerous - of the nature of a burden; burdensome; oppressive, troublesome + aneros (gr) - grievous, troublesome + anÍr (gr) - man.

enterprise - a design of which the execution is attempted; a piece of work taken in hand, an undertaking + anthrŰpos (gr) - man.

homo (l) - human being, man + virtus (l) - manliness, strength, courage, worth.

duine (dine) (gael) - person + fear (far) (gael) - man + Guinevere.

khom, khem (Indo-European root) - man + game's.

zo (Dutch) - so + so small.

absit omen (l) - may there be no omen + Ulysses.9.236: 'absit nomen!' + obsit nemo (l) - may no man be against + obsitus (l) - fastened up.

yester - of or belonging to yesterday + FSTD: Floodlift, her ancient of rights regaining, so yester yield yidd, even remenbrance.

trifle - a trivial, paltry, or insignificant affair

tittle - the dot over the letter i; fig. The smallest or a very small part of something; a minute amount. 

trot - to go or move quickly; to go briskly or busily

panoramic - as from an altitude or distance + panoramamakron (gr) - all that which is seen a long way or a long time + makron (gr) - a long time, a long way.

jungfrow - a young lady, girl + Jungfrau (ger) - maiden + Humphrey.

yoke - fig. Denoting servitude, subjection, restraint, humiliation, oppression, etc.

stillen (ger) - to quench, nurse

cursus (l) - a running, course, journey + kursus (Norwegian) - course + watercourses + The Flying Dutchman is compelled to wander by a curse.

jilt - to deceive after holding out hopes in love; to cast off (a lover) capriciously + "Jill, the spoon of a girl, for Jack, the broth of a boy" [211.15]

spin - rapid or lively movement

buoy - Nautic. A floating object of defined shape and color, which is anchored at a given position and serves as an aid to navigation.

Alexandrian - of, pertaining to, or characteristic of, Alexandria + andreia (gr) - manliness.

captive - taken prisoner in war, or by force; kept in confinement or bondage

conquest - that which is acquired by force of arms; a possession or acquisition made in war

Etna - an inactive volcano in Sicily

hoog (Dutch) - high

spaight = spate - a flood or inundation; esp. a sudden flood or rising in a river or stream caused by heavy rains or melting snow.

lap - the upper side of the thighs of a seated person

pal - a close friend

ditcher - one who makes and repairs ditches + rich

plower - one who ploughs; a ploughman + poor

death us two part + FSTD: Him her first lap, her his fast pal, for ditcher for plower, till deltas twopart twoport.

glowworm - a coleopterous insect the female of which emits a shining green light from the extremity of the abdomen + Thomas Moore, song: The Young May Moon: 'The glow-worm's lamp is gleaming, love'. 

gloam - to darken, become dusk + gleaming

Hahn (ger) - cock + han i hende (Norwegian) - he in her.

Hande (ger) - hands + Burns: John Anderson, My Jo: 'Now we maun totter down, John, But hand in hand we'll go' [.27]

lowcast - Of a valley: deep + locust - migratory grasshoppers of warm regions having short antennae + Joel 2:25: 'I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten'.

eaten + Aten (Norwegian) - Athens + Atem - Egyptian god.

American + Bible phrase 'flowing with milk and honey', hyperbolically descriptive of the richness of the Promised Land.

Leather mattress, palm leaves, dates, barley bread, milk honey (Joyce's note) Holland 96: The Prophet's bed was a leather mattress, stuffed with palm leaves, which was laid on the floor, and his food as usually dates and barley bread, and sometimes milk and honey were added as a luxury.

bannock - the name, in Scotland and north of England, of a form in which home-made bread is made; usually unleavened, of large size, round or oval form, and flattish, without being as thin as 'scon' or oat-cake. In Scotland, bannocks are usually of barley- or pease-meal, but may be of wheaten flour.

Tom + Phil the Fluter's Ball (song) + "This Treacle Tom to whom reference has been made" [039.28] + "with a pagany, vicariously known as Toucher 'Thom' who is." [506.28]

thatcher - one who thatches; esp. one whose business it is to thatch houses, corn or hay ricks, etc.

wonderness - a wonder + Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam: 'and wilderness is paradise enow'.

Vale of Mina (Joyce's note) Holland: The Story of Mohammed 71: (of pilgrims from Yathrib) 'the pilgrims met Mohammed in the Valley of Mina (close to Meccah)'.

withsay - to affirm the contrary of, contradict, deny (a fact or statement)

nevertheless + neper - a unit used in comparing the power levels in two communication circuits or the intensities of two sounds.


Walsh, William John (1841-1921) - Catholic archbishop of Dublin, helped bring down Parnell + Joyce's note: 'wash before dinner'.

preach up - to extol, commend, or support by preaching; to discourse in praise of + brush up

sope - a draught; a small amount of drink, etc. + soup and fish (Slang) - full evening dress.

fash - trouble, vexation; bother, inconvenience; also, something that gives trouble

vinter - one who deals in or sells wine; a wine-merchant; an innkeeper selling wine + William Shakespeare: King Richard III I.1.1: 'Now is the winter of our discontent, / Made glorious summer by this sun of York' (The speech reveals Richard's jealousy and ambition, as his brother, King Edward the Fourth rules the country successfully. Richard is an ugly hunchback, describing himself as "rudely stamp'd" and "deformed, unfinish'd", who cannot "strut before a wanton ambling nymph." He responds to the anguish of his condition with an outcast's credo: "I am determined to prove a villain / And hate the idle pleasures of these days.").

munch - a large bite; an act of munching + Colley Cibber produced the most successful of the Restoration adaptations of Shakespeare with his version of Richard III, at Drury Lane starting in 1700. Cibber himself played the role till 1739, and his version was on stage for the next century and a half. It contained the immortal line "Off with his head; so much for Buckingham" ó possibly the most famous Shakespearean line that Shakespeare didn't write.

brood (Dutch) - bread

Woche (ger) - week + earwig.

legion - a vast host or multitude (of persons or things) + Legion of Honour - a French order established by Napoleon Bonaparte.

in truth - in fact, really: mostly used to strengthen or emphasize a statement

fiat (l) - let there be + Joyce's note: 'Taif 2nd city' Mohammed secretly went from Meccah, the first city in Arabia, to Taif.

alif (Arabic) - letter A (ox) + fila (l) - a thread + tav, aleph (Hebrew) - last and first letters of the alphabet.

hold out - to stretch forth, extend; fig. To offer, proffer, present.

ANNAPOLIS - (1) "Anna's City" (polis), and thus Dublin. (2) Seaport, Maryland, US, site of US Naval Academy.

Yathrib city (Joyce's note) Holland 71: The fame of the Prophet who had so disturbed the peace of Meccah had been carried to Yathrib by the caravans that halted there on their way to Syria, so when the pilgrims met Mohammed in the Valley of Mina (close to Meccah) they were eager to hear what he had to say. [But] they told the prophet that they could not invite him to come to their city, as, owing to the constant feuds between the tribes, they would be unable to protect him.   

protector - one who protects, defends, or shields from injury or harm + Budge: The Book of the Dead ch. CXXV: 'I live upon right and truth... I have performed the commandments of men... be ye then my protectors'.

Mesopotamia - a proper name for the tract between the Tigris and the Euphrates

Fair's fair (proverb)

gentlemen's agreement - an agreement which is not enforceable at law, and which is only binding as a matter of honour

plodge - to wade or walk heavily in water, soft ground, or anything in which the feet sink + Joyce's note: 'women's pledge' Holland 73: [T]welve men of Yathrib pledged their faith to Islam, solemnly promising to worship none but the One True God, to lead pure and virtuous lives, and obey the Prophet in all that was right. This was the First Pledge of Al-Akabah, or The Steep, It was afterwards called the "Women's Pledge," because there was no mention of fighting for the cause, and the profession of faith was the same as that made by women on joining Islam.

slope - to move (off, in, etc.) in a leisurely manner; to depart surreptitiously, sneak off.

foot - the lowest part or bottom of an eminence, the foot of a mountain + Burns: John Anderson, My Jo: 'And sleep thegither at the foot, John Anderson, my jo' [.14] 

John Anderson - Stained glass window manufacturer, at 107 Lower Gloucester Street around the turn of the century.

flower - an embellishment or ornament (of speech); a choice phrase


rise - to come up to the surface of the ground or water

hiker - one who hikes or goes on a hike + the higher I hilltopped the more I missed.

hilltop - the top or summit of a hill + heeltap - the liquor left at the bottom of a glass after drinking; fig. The last or end part of anything. 

knocker - a device (usually metal and ornamental) attached by a hinge to a door

monument + FSTD: [[He would withsay, that is two me mean.] If the flowers of speech valed the springs of me rising the hiker I hilltapped the murk I mist my blezzard way. Not aknocker a knocker on the his head nor a nicknumber on a the manyoumeant. It might have been [can what you call your] the change of my life but here's a chance for my lifting.]

brunt - obs. and dial. pa. tense and pple. of burn (v.) + koldbrann (Norwegian) - gangrene.

natt (Norwegian) - night + eldste (Norwegian) - oldest + ster (Dutch) - star.

weft - to form a weft or web

stink - a foul, disgusting, or offensive smell

Abyssinia - the name of a country in East Africa, now officially called Ethiopia; Lake Tana in the north of the country is the source of the Blue Nile + Appelsinia 


nihil - a thing of no worth or value + nihil (l) - nothing + nullus (l) - none, not anyone.

memor (l) - mindful, remembering

wolve - Of an organ: To give forth a hollow wailing sound like the howl of a wolf, from deficient wind-supply.

overtone - an upper partial tone + ulva (l) - sedge, swamp-grass + ulv (Norwegian) - wolf + Wolfe Tone - hero of the Irish rebellion of 1798.

spectrum - the entire range of wavelengths (or frequencies) of electromagnetic radiation, from the longest radio waves to the shortest gamma rays of which the range of visible light is only a small part + spectrum (l) - appearance, form, image, spectre. 

emergent - rising out of a surrounding medium, e.g. water

crest - to reach the crest or summit of (a hill, rising ground, wave, etc.)

irised - having the colours of the rainbow; coloured by a rainbow + Irish Sea.

plight - peril, danger, risk (obs.); undertaking (of a risk or obligation); pledge (under risk of forfeiture)

covetousness - inordinate and culpable desire of possessing that which belongs to another or to which one has no right + calvitium (l) - baldness.

loss - perdition, ruin, destruction; the condition or fact of being 'lost', destroyed, or ruined


gladness - the state of being glad; joy, rejoicing + giddiness - a reeling sensation, feeling about to fall.

unwill - lack of will or purpose

snort - a snore (obs. rare.); a sound made by persons in order to express contempt or disdain + seven deadly sins: pride, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy and sloth (imitating colours of rainbow [.34-.35]).