I'll be shot if* - Used as a strong expression of denial or refusal

throttle - to stop the breath of by compressing the throat, to strangle; to kill in this way.

cowheel - the foot of a cow or ox stewed so as to form a jelly; the dish prepared from this.

usquebaugh* - whisky

erstwhile* - former

aleconner - an examiner or inspector of ale: 'An officer appointed in every court-leet, and sworn to look to the assize and goodness of bread, ale, and beer, sold within the jurisdiction of the leet.' Phillips 1706. 'Four of them are chosen annually by the common-hall of the city; and whatever might be their use formerly, their places are now regarded only as sinecures for decayed citizens.' Johnson 1755. Still a titular office in some burghs.

briar - a prickly, thorny bush or shrub in general

wrinkle - to contract or draw (the skin, countenance, etc.) into creases or wrinkles.


bully - Of persons: Worthy, 'jolly', admirable

bluedomer - one who does not go to church, preferring to worship beneath the 'blue dome' of heaven.




gin - to begin, commence, to have or make a beginning; to drink gin or other intoxicating liquor; to become drunk.

plenary* - absolute: as plenary indulgence

tap - the liquor drawn from a particular tap; a particular species or quality of drink. Also fig. a particular strain or kind of anything.

tiptop - very highest; almost always fig. of the highest quality or excellence; first-rate, prime, superlatively good.


summery - resembling or pertaining to summer; characteristic of or appropriate to summer;             summary - a summary account or statement.

muzzle - to drink to excess; to restrain from speaking, impose silence upon.

Moslem* = Muslim - one who professes Islam

torch - to furnish, or light, with a torch or torches; to flare like a torch

faery - of or belonging to 'faerie', resembling fairyland, beautiful and unsubstantial, visionary, unreal;         fiery - acting like fire; productive of a burning sensation or inflammation.

pungent* - a pungent substance; an irritant, esp. of the nerves of taste


gut - sing. and pl. Put for the belly or stomach, esp. as the seat of appetite or gluttony.

slake - to appease, allay, or satisfy (desire, thirst, hunger)

quickline = asbestos - 'The unquenchable stone'; a fabulous stone, the heat of which, when once kindled, was alleged to be unquenchable (obs.)

tickle - a tickling sensation; a tickled or pleasantly excited feeling

tube - Anat. A hollow cylindrical vessel or organ in the body

fib - to tell a fib, to lie

spray - a spree or drinking-bout; frolic

queasy - Of the times or state of affairs: Unsettled, troublous, ticklish;                    free and easy* - not formal.

spree - a more or less prolonged bout or spell of drinking

plump - to fall, drop, sink, plunge, or impinge, with abruptly checked movement, as when a solid body drops; fig. esp. in reference to speech: To utter abruptly, to blurt out.

prompt - Of action, speech, etc.: Characterized by readiness or quickness; done, performed, etc. at once, at the moment, or on the spot.

reminiscence* - a recollection or remembrance of some past fact or experience related to others; freq. (in pl.), the collective memories or experiences of a person put into literary form.

Netherlands* - Holland

groin - the fold or depression on either side of the body between the abdomen and the upper thigh; fig. Regarded as the seat of lust (obs.)

Ali Baba;                     Ally Sloper - the name of a character in a series of humorous publications, having a prominent nose and receding forehead and noted for his dishonest or bungling practices; hence used allusively.


plumb - to sound (the sea, etc.) with a plummet; to measure (the depth) by sounding; fig. To sound the depths of; to fathom, to reach the bottom of.

liner - a boat engaged in sea-fishing with lines

heretofore - before this time; before now; in time past; formerly

coop - a small heap, as of manure; a kind of basket placed over fowls when sitting or being fattened; a prison.

girth - to gird, surround, encompass; to draw (a string) close round a surface which is being measured                         godfather

fatter - one who makes fat

apropos* - with regard to, in respect of

courtin = curtain;                        courting - the paying of courteous attention, in order to win favour or love.



oasthouse - a building containing a kiln for drying hops; also the whole structure composing a kiln; a building containing a furnace for drying grain, hops, etc. or for making malt.

tune - to adapt (the voice, song, etc.) to a particular tone, or to the expression of a particular feeling or subject; to set (a machine, etc.) in order for accurate working.


teller - one who relates, makes known, or announces; one who counts or keeps tally; now esp. one who counts money.

appeased - pacified, quieted, satisfied

cue - a hint of what is coming, a premonition

doubledyed* - dyed twice; fig. deeply imbued or stained (with guilt, etc.);               diode - a thermionic valve of the simplest kind with just two electrodes.


wallow - to move about heavily or clumsily; to be immersed or engrossed in (some occupation, activity, etc.); Of a ship: To roll from side to side; to sail with a rolling motion; to roll helplessly in the trough of the waves.

awash - washing about, at the mercy of the waves

swill - a washing-tub (obs.); a liquid or partly liquid mess, a slop

marine* - to transport over sea (obs.)


transatlantic* - passing or extending across the Atlantic Ocean

Gulf Stream* - a great oceanic current of warm water, that issues from the Gulf of Mexico and runs parallel to the American coast as far as Newfoundland, and thence in the direction of Europe.

kersse = cress (plant)                                                                                                                                                         curse

shitter* - one who, or that which, shits

in the vernacular* - in the native speech or language of a particular country or district.

weare = war (obs.)

siegen (d) - to win                                                                                                                                                              saying

stretcher - an exaggerated story or yarn; chiefly euphemistically or jocularly, a lie. 

carse - the stretch of low alluvial land along the banks of some Scottish rivers                                                                      cursed

motherson* - of or pertaining to a mother and her son

goddaughter* - a female considered in relation to her sponsors


trickle - Originally said of tears: To flow or fall in successive drops

loafer - one who spends his time in idleness

ship's husband* - an agent appointed by the owners to attend to the business of a ship while in port, esp. to attend to her stores, equipment, and repairs, and see that the ship is in all respects well found.

swish - to move with a swish; to make the sound expressed by 'swish'                                                                               wished

starer - a person who stares

fieri (l) - to be made, come into being;                 fornix (l) - something resembling an arch.

metaphysically* - in a metaphysical manner or sense


debauch - to seduce from virtue or morality; to pervert, deprave, or corrupt morally.

down to the ground - thoroughly