holy smoke! - Used as an oath or expletive + dope - a stupid person, a simpleton; Applied to stupefying drugs and narcotics in general, or to alcoholic drink + døpe (Norwegian) - to baptise + {the captain verbally assaults the tailor - then sails away again}
ender - to enter + Anderer (ger) - one who changes something + end - to bring to an end, conclude + and, ender (Norwegian) - duck, ducks.

dyp (Norwegian) - deep

hypnotize - to put into a hypnotic state; to mesmerize + FSTD: — And hopy dops!, sagd he, anded the enderer who now dyply hynotised or hopeseys dopes doper himself.

doper - one who dopes; one who administers or takes drugs + døper (Norwegian) - baptiser; baptist + half seas over (Slang) - drunk.


lit. nacheinander (ger) - after each other

tarpaulin - to shelter oneself under a tarpaulin; a covering or sheet of canvas coated or impregnated with tar so as to make it waterproof, used to spread over anything to protect it from wet; a nickname for a mariner or sailor, esp. a common sailor.  

cut a shine - to make a brilliant display, to 'dash' + Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 23: 'the shines that old idiot cut'.

shiner - one who shines, one who excels or is eminent

screeder - a person employed to lay floor screeds + skrædder (Norwegian) - tailor.

stitch (Slang) - tailor + FSTD: And Kersse him, sagd he. The screeder, the stitchimesnider, sagd he,

Schneider (ger) - tailor + snider (Slang) - tailor + stitch in my side.

adepted - gained, acquired + addicted.

nasturtium (l) - a genus of plants with a pungent taste and smell (name may derive from Latin for 'nose-twister' or 'nose-torturing') + torsio (l) - a wringing, twisting.

budino (it) - pudding + bud (Norwegian) - order, commandment + inneholder (Norwegian) - contains + buttonhole + "stowed stivers pengapung in bulk in hold" [313.30]

cumann (Irish) - society, club, local branch of national political party + communist

fuyu (Japanese) - winter + fuku (Japanese) - suit + fukkyu (Japanese) - revival + fou (fr) - mad, crazy + fuck you.

smook - to smoke

go public - to reveal oneself, to come out into the open

bombast - to swell out, render grandiose (a speech or literary composition) with bombastic language; cotton-wool padding for clothes (Obsolete) + boasting.

civil law - the law of any city or state regulating the private rights and duties of the  inhabitants + SAVILE ROW - London street, near Piccadilly; famous for men's clothing and tailoring establishments.  

faction - manner of acting or behaving; an action, proceeding, course of conduct + the latest Saville Row fashion + Civil War faction.

doublebreasted - Of a coat, etc.: Having the two sides of the breast made alike, with buttons and button-holes, so as to button on either side. Also, having a double thickness of material on the breast, as an under-vest.

navigator - one who navigates; a sailor or seaman, especially one skilled and experienced in the art of navigation

flick - to throw (off, etc.) with a jerk + flikke (Norwegian) - to patch.

hvide = Danish "white" + White Head, White Hat - Finn MacCool is often said to mean "white head" on "white hat"; "head" identifies him with "Howth", which is Danish "head." 

ask (Norwegian) - ash-tree + aske (Norwegian) - ashes + Aske - in Norse myth, the first man.

big head - a conceited or arrogant person; (A person wearing) a large and grotesque mask covering the head + Moore and Burgess Minstrels used the catch-phrase 'take off that white hat!'

bag (Danish) - behind

Hemd (ger) - shirt + the back of my hand to (something or somebody) - A phrase implying contempt and rejection.

til (Norwegian) - to

hem = him (obs.) + FSTD: the bag of my haund hamd to till him, sagd he,

tooraloo - 'goodbye' + Toller, John - 7-foot giant, Brewer says. He melts into great tolling bells and tailors + toller (ger) - mad, fantastic + toller (Norwegian) - customs officer, publican.

Briefkasten (ger) - mail-box + frokost (Norwegian) - breakfast + penny bun breakfast.

bange (Norwegian) - afraid + When I waltz with the band (song).

flis (Norwegian) - splinter + fleawood - the bog myrtle or sweet gale, Myrica Gale (a housewife's cure for fleas) + Judges 6:37: (Gideon): 'Behold, I will put a fleece of wool in the floor; and if the dew be on the fleece only, and it be dry upon all the earth beside, then shall I know that thou wilt save Israel by mine hand, as thou hast said.'


uthus (Norwegian) - shed, outhouse + oasthouse.

wellmade - skilfully fabricated, constructed, or contrived

answer + FSTD: the kersse of my armsore appal this most ummentionalblest of men

appal - to cause the heart of (anyone) to sink; to dismay, shock + curse of my ancestors upon.

unmentionable - that cannot or should not be mentioned; pl. Trousers.

murder - to spoil by bad execution, representation, or pronunciation, etc. + Mund (ger) - mouth + Ulysses.9.579: 'Murthering Irish'.

scald - to produce an injurious effect upon (something) similar to that produced by boiling water + call names - to apply opprobrious names or epithets to (a person).

ships' + Schimpfname (ger) - abusive name + schimpnaam (Dutch) - nickname.

Gitter (ger) = gitter (Norwegian) - railing, lattice, grate, bars + FSTD: (and he scalded him all the [shimps] names in his gitter)  

condemned - confounded, damned + goddamned + hemme (Norwegian) - restrain.

gusset - a triangular piece of material let into a garment to strengthen or to enlarge some part, esp. in order to afford ease in movement

sewer - one who sews



untired - not tired or exhausted; unwearied + United States.

feed - paid by fees; hired; bribed; Sc. employed for wages.

a kettle of fish - a kettle of fish cooked al fresco, at a boating excursion or picnic; Usually with adj. ironically, as pretty, fine, nice, rare: A mess, muddle, disagreeable or awkward state of things + kirtle - a weight of 100 kilograms + fisk (Norwegian) - fish.

suitmaker - one who institutes a suit + worst Westend suit-maker.

poke - to thrust or push (anything) with one's hand or arm

noodle - the head (slang.); a simpleton, a stupid or silly person + needle

cloth + FSTD: a coathemned gusset sewer, he is that worstered tyler wastended shootmaker whatever poked a noodle in a cluth clouth.

tryon - an attempt, esp. an attempt at imposition or deceit; the act of trying on a garment + time.

a chara (a khore) (gael) - friend, my friend + FSTD: So for the second tryon all the meeting of the o'connells had it.

have it - to have a solution

bungle - a clumsy or unskilful piece of work

Allusion to Odysseus (to end Poseidon's wrath Odysseus must carry his oar so far inland it will be taken for a winnowing-fan) (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

skjorte (Norwegian) - shirt + shoulder.

pint - a measure of capacity for liquids, equal to half a quart or 18 of a gallon

pourer - a vessel used in pouring anything

lay off - Naut. To steer (a ship) away from the shore.

'With my bundle on my shoulder, Faith! there's no man could be boulder,... and I start to Philadelphia in the morning.' (song) + fjell (Norwegian) - mountain.

morning + FSTD: How he hised his bungle oar his shourter and cut the pinter off his pourer and lay for Fjellagulphia in the farning. 

druim a'dhreama dhruadha (drime groume grue) (gael) - ridge of the druidical adherants + Drimmen Down Deelish (song) + dream come true.


lund - disposition, nature; manners + Land's end - the extremity or furthest projecting point of a country. Now only as the proper name of the most westerly point of Great Britain + lund (Norwegian) - grove.

rund = roon - a piece of the list or selvage of cloth; a strip or shred + rund (ger) = rund (Norwegian) - round, around + rund tur (Danish) - excursion.

tur (tur) (gael) = tur (Norwegian) - tower + Tur (ger) - door + Ireland's round towers.

bag (Norwegian, Danish) - back

til = till (obs.) + til (Norwegian) - to.

earthy - dwelling or existing on the earth; characteristic of earthly as opposed to heavenly existence + tretti (Norwegian) - thirty.

heroes + hoer (Dutch) = hore (Norwegian) - whore.

awake + uke (Norwegian) - week + thirty hours a week.

ugh - a representation of an inarticulate sound of the nature of a hollow cough; an interjection expressive of disgust

Taaffe - family prominent in the month of Ireland from the 13th century. One went with Charles II into exile, another fought at the Boyne, others rose to prominence in Austria + stop, thief! [021.23]

interject - to remark parenthetically or as an interruption

pesende (Norwegian) - panting + ship's husband.

boath = both (obs.) + FSTD: Stuff, Taaffe, stuff! interjoked it his wife's hopesend to the boath of them.

consistently - uniformly, with persistent uniformity

Magh Eireann (ma erun) (gael) - Plain of Ireland: Ireland (poetic) + Come Back to Erin (song) + FSTD: Come buck to May Hearne Eileen.

ild (Norwegian, Danish) - fire + ilde (Danish) - bad + ill luck - bad fortune, misfortune + [021.24] [312.03-.12]

blaspheme - to utter profane or impious words, talk profanely

scamp - a good-for-nothing, worthless person, a ne'er-do-well + Norwegian captain + FSTD: Ill luck to it! blostfumed the nowraging scamptale

flate - to feel nausea + flatus (l) - blowing, snorting + inflating.


flashlight - a light so arranged as to give forth sudden flashes, used for signals and in lighthouses

ire - wrath, anger + eye.

wacker (ger) - brave + Earwicker.

eyewinker - eyelash or eyelid

aye - Indicating assent to a previous statement, and preliminary to a further or more forcible one

Affe (ger) - ape + rik (Danish) - realm + Afer (l) - African.

arena (l) - sand

yea - Used to introduce a statement, phrase, or word, stronger or more emphatic than that immediately preceding.

night - to be overtaken by night, to be benighted (obs.) + nighed.

The Norse sagas call Africa "Blueland" (Nor, Blaaland) and its inhabitants "blue-men."

bearing - the direction or path along which something moves or along which it lies + Bering Straits.

baken (Norwegian) - the bottom + baked by.

brazen - resembling brass in colour, sound, etc. + blazing - a flaming, burning.  

butter - to smear or spread with butter + batter - to strike with repeated blows of an instrument or weapon, or with frequent missiles.

be = by (obs. and dial.)

shoal - Of water: To become shallow or more shallow; Naut. To find (one's soundings) gradually more shallow; to pass from a greater into a less depth of (water), as shown by sounding.

saw - a traditional maxim, a proverb; a story, tale, recital + see-saw - the motion of going up one moment and down the next, or of swaying backwards and forwards. 

squall - to utter or sing in a loud discordant tone

soaking - taking in moisture, absorbent

scupper - Naut. Chiefly pl. An opening in a ship's side on a level with the deck to allow water to run away; ? a pump + skipper

drain - to drink (a liquid) off or to the last drops + didn't it rain! + FSTD: [[in flating furies outs trews his caminelskins. And aye far he fared from Afferik Arena and yea near he night till Blowland Bearring.]  And the sea shoaled and the saw [squalled.]] And, soaking scupper, didn't he drain!

infernal machine - an apparatus (usually disguised as some familiar and harmless object) contrived to produce an explosion for the criminal destruction of life or property; formerly, an explosive apparatus used in military operations

Clontarf = Cluan Tarbh (Ir.) - ''Bull Meadow'' + BULLY ACRE - Ancient cemetery of Kilmainham, corner of SCR and Royal Hospital Road. Closed 1832 after thousands of burials in cholera epidemic.

deag ceathair a deag (Ir.) - ''1014'' + Hickory Dickory Dock (nursery rhyme). 

pass the buck (to) - to shift responsibility (to another)

billy - fellow; companion, comrade, mate +  + FSTD: Infernal machinery having thus passed the buck from to belly bock to from jack (finder the keeper) as the baffling yarn sailed in circles.

baffling - bewildering; that defeats skill or endeavour; Naut. Of winds: That blow about and make straight sailing impracticable; shifting, variable.

yarn - a (long) story or tale: sometimes implying one of a marvellous or incredible kind

high tide - the state of the tide when the surface of the water is highest; the time when the tide is at the full + high time - it is necessary at this moment (without further delay).

reminding - that reminds + remaining

sniper - one who snipes, or shoots from concealment, etc.; a sharp-shooter + snip (Slang) - tailor.