holy smoke!* - Used as an oath or expletive;         dope - a stupid person, a simpleton, a fool; information, esp. on a particular subject or of a kind not widely disseminated or easily  obtained; Applied to stupefying drugs and narcotics in general, or to alcoholic drink. 

ender - to enter

hypnotize* - to put into a hypnotic state; to mesmerize

doper - one who dopes; one who administers or takes drugs


tarpaulin* - to cover with a tarpaulin; to shelter oneself under a tarpaulin; a covering or sheet of canvas coated or impregnated with tar so as to make it waterproof, used to spread over anything to protect it from wet; a nickname for a mariner or sailor, esp. a common sailor.  

to cut a shine* - to make a brilliant display, to 'dash'

shiner* - one who shines, one who excels or is eminent

screeder - a person employed to lay floor screeds

adepted - gained, acquired

smook - to smoke

to go public* - to reveal oneself, to come out into the open

bombast* - to swell out, render grandiose (a speech or literary composition) with bombastic language.

civil law* - the law of any city or state regulating the private rights and duties of the  inhabitants.

faction - manner of acting or behaving; an action, proceeding, course of conduct                                                            fashion

doublebreasted* - Of a coat, etc.: Having the two sides of the breast made alike, with buttons and button-holes, so as to button on either side. Also, having a double thickness of material on the breast, as an under-vest.

navigator* - one who navigates; a sailor or seaman, especially one skilled and experienced in the art of navigation; a labourer employed in the work of excavating and constructing a canal, or, in later use, in any similar kind of earthwork. Now usually contracted to navvy.

flick - to throw (off, etc.) with a jerk

big head - a conceited or arrogant person; (A person wearing) a large and grotesque mask covering the head.

the back of my hand to (something or somebody)* - A phrase implying contempt and rejection.

hem = him (obs.)

tooraloo* - 'goodbye'


fleawood* - the bog myrtle or sweet gale, Myrica Gale (a housewife's cure for fleas).

wellmade - skilfully fabricated, constructed, or contrived


appal - to cause the heart of (anyone) to sink; to dismay, shock, discomfit, terrify.

unmentionable - that cannot or should not be mentioned; pl. Trousers

murder* - to spoil by bad execution, representation, or pronunciation, etc.;                   Mund (d) - mouth.


to call names* - to apply opprobrious names or epithets to (a person);                 scald - to produce an injurious effect upon (something) similar to that produced by boiling water.

condemned* - confounded, damned

gusset - a triangular piece of material let into a garment to strengthen or to enlarge some part, esp. in order to afford ease in movement.

sewer - one who sews



United States;                             untired - not tired or exhausted; unwearied.

feed - paid by fees; hired; bribed; Sc. employed for wages

a kettle of fish* - a kettle of fish cooked al fresco, at a boating excursion or picnic; Usually with adj. ironically, as pretty, fine, nice, rare: A mess, muddle, disagreeable or awkward state of things;            kirtle - a weight of 100 kilograms;                fisk - any royal or state treasury; a man's purse (jocosely.)

suitmaker* - one who institutes a suit

poke - to thrust or push (anything) with one's hand or arm

noodle - the head (slang.); a simpleton, a stupid or silly person                                                                                          needle


tryon - an attempt, esp. an attempt at imposition or deceit; the act of trying on a garment.

to have it - to have a solution

bungle - a clumsy or unskilful piece of work


pint* - a measure of capacity for liquids, equal to half a quart or 18 of a gallon.

pourer - a vessel used in pouring anything

lay off - Naut. To steer (a ship) away from the shore



lund - disposition, nature; manners;                 Land's end - the extremity or furthest projecting point of a country. Now only as the proper name of the most westerly point of Great Britain.

rund = roon - a piece of the list or selvage of cloth; a strip or shred

til = till (obs.)

earthy* - dwelling or existing on the earth; characteristic of earthly as opposed to heavenly existence.


ugh - a representation of an inarticulate sound of the nature of a hollow cough; an interjection expressive of disgust.

interject* - to remark parenthetically or as an interruption

boath = both (obs.)

consistently - uniformly, with persistent uniformity


ill luck* - bad fortune, misfortune

blaspheme* - to utter profane or impious words, talk profanely


captain;                     scamp - a good-for-nothing, worthless person, a ne'er-do-well.

flate - to feel nausea

flashlight - a light so arranged as to give forth sudden flashes, used for signals and in lighthouses.

ire - wrath, anger

eyewinker - eyelash or eyelid

aye - Indicating assent to a previous statement, and preliminary to a further or more forcible one.

yea - Used to introduce a statement, phrase, or word, stronger or more emphatic than that immediately preceding.

night - to be overtaken by night, to be benighted (obs.)

brazen - resembling brass in colour, sound, etc.;                        blazing - a flaming, burning.  

butter - to smear or spread with butter;               batter - to strike with repeated blows of an instrument or weapon, or with frequent missiles.

be = by (obs. and dial.)

shoal - Of water: To become shallow or more shallow; Naut. To find (one's soundings) gradually more shallow; to pass from a greater into a less depth of (water), as shown by sounding.

saw - a saying; discourse; speech; a story, tale, recital

squall - to utter or sing in a loud discordant tone

soaking - taking in moisture, absorbent

scupper - Naut. Chiefly pl. An opening in a ship's side on a level with the deck to allow water to run away; ? a pump           skipper

drain - to drink (a liquid) off or to the last drops

infernal machine* - an apparatus (usually disguised as some familiar and harmless object) contrived to produce an explosion for the criminal destruction of life or property; formerly, an explosive apparatus used in military operations.

to pass the buck (to) - to shift responsibility (to another)

billy - fellow; companion, comrade, mate

baffling - bewildering; that defeats skill or endeavour; Naut. Of winds: That blow about and make straight sailing impracticable; shifting, variable.

yarn - a (long) story or tale: sometimes implying one of a marvellous or incredible kind; also, a mere tale.

high tide - the state of the tide when the surface of the water is highest; the time when the tide is at the full;              high time* - it is necessary at this moment (without further delay).

reminding - that reminds                                                                                                                                             remaining

sniper - one who snipes, or shoots from concealment, etc.; a sharp-shooter.