pervious - Of a person or the mind: Accessible to influence or argument.

aleconner* - an examiner or inspector of ale

literally* - Used to indicate that the following word or phrase must be taken in its literal sense; Now often improperly used to indicate that some conventional metaphorical or hyperbolical phrase is to be taken in the strongest admissible sense.

more power to one's elbow* - may you (he, etc.) succeed (in a laudable enterprise).


...I'm tired of being nice to every poor fish in school

spin - to evolve, produce, contrive, or devise, in a manner suggestive of spinning; Of the Fates or other powers: To devise or appoint (one's destiny or fortune).

milk - to extract milk by handling from the teats of (a cow, goat, ewe, etc., rarely, a woman).


uphold - to support or sustain physically; to keep from falling or sinking

lantern* - a transparent case, e.g. of glass, horn, talc, containing and protecting a light.

bona fide* - in good faith, with sincerity; genuinely

corolla - Bot. The whorl of leaves (petals) either separate or grown together, forming the inner envelope of the flower, and generally its most conspicuous part; usually 'coloured' (i.e. not green), and of delicate texture. 

gainst* - against

inject - fig. To 'throw in' or introduce from without with more or less violence or interruption, as a thought or feeling into the mind, a statement into a discourse, etc.

discoast - to withdraw from the coast or side; fig. To withdraw, depart

kipsie - a house

bar - a barrier or counter, over which drink (or food) is served out to customers, in an inn, hotel, or tavern, and hence, in a coffee-house, at a railway-station, etc.; also, the space behind this barrier, and sometimes the whole apartment containing it.

outback - the Australian interior or backcountry; Applied to other regions or countries with allusion to the Australian interior. Also fig.

Dead Heart - the remote inland area of Australia



tall hat - a silk hat with high cylindrical crown

to blow in - to appear or turn up unexpectedly

nightcap - a covering for the head, worn especially in bed; an alcoholic drink taken immediately before going to bed in order to induce sleep.

black velvet - a drink made by mixing stout and champagne

galler - one who galls or irritates

hunker - In U.S. politics: A conservative, one opposed to innovation or change.

Gael - a Scottish Highlander or Celt; also, an Irish Celt

bearing* - the direction in which any point lies from a point of reference, esp. as measured in degrees from one of the quarters of the compass; also, the direction of an arriving radio wave or radar echo determined by a direction-finding system. In pl. the relative positions of surrounding objects. to take one's bearings: to determine one's position with regard to surrounding objects; also fig.

route - a way, road, or course

as (good, ill) luck would have it* - by (good, ill) fortune

lifeboat - a boat specially constructed for saving lives in cases of loss of a vessel at sea.

alloe = aloe - fig. Bitter experiences, trials, etc.

winkless* - without a wink, unwinking

whelk - a marine gastropod mollusc of the genus Buccinum, having a turbinate shell.

buttercup - a name popularly applied to species of Ranunculus bearing yellow cup-shaped flowers.

lot* - a number of persons or things of the same kind, or associated in some way.

court - to pay amorous attention to, seek to gain the affections of, make love to (with a view to marriage), pay addresses to, woo.


bestness - the quality of being best                                                                                                                             business

copeman - a chapman, merchant, dealer; a person wearing a cope                                                                            Copenhagen

contre - = counter - - done, directed, or acting against, in opposition to, as a rejoinder or reply to another thing of the same kind already made or in existence.

cup - to supply with cups, i.e. with liquor

menial - Of a servant: Forming one of the household, domestic. Now only in contemptuous use.

bland - to mix, intermingle, blend

toddy - a beverage composed of whisky or other spirituous liquor with hot water and sugar.

to hand it to - to acknowledge the superiority of, to congratulate

ha'pence - halfpenny

scoop - to heap up, or collect together as by means of a scoop; fig. to obtain by effort from various quarters.

biddy - a chicken, a fowl

bunny - a pet name for a rabbit

arc - part of the circumference of a circle or other curve

covet - to desire; esp. to desire eagerly, to wish for, long for

encounter* - to meet with, experience (difficulties, opposition, etc.)

cubit* - an ancient measure of length derived from the forearm; varying at different times and places, but usually about 18-22 inches.

high and dry* - said of a vessel cast or drawn up on the shore out of the water; hence fig. out of the current of events or progress, 'stranded'.

dodger - one who dodges, in various senses of the vb.; in early use, esp. a haggler; later, esp. one who practises artful shifts or dodges.


dregs - the sediment of liquors; the more solid particles which settle at the bottom of a solution or other liquid.

fossicker - one who fossicks (to search for gold by digging out crevices with knife or pick, or by working in washing-places and abandoned workings in the hope of finding particles or small nuggets overlooked by others).

on the hoof - alive

down under - at the antipodes; in Australia, New Zealand, etc.

pike - collateral form of pick (v.), still in dialectal use in various senses

Mullingar* - a town in Co. Westmeath

scrub - stunted trees or shrubs, brushwood; also, a tract of country overgrown with 'scrub'. In Austral. and N.Z. usage, any tract of heavily wooded country, whether bearing small or large bushes or trees.

reenter - to enter again

ashe - obs. form of ash, and of ask (v.)

peewee* - small, tiny

tiptop* - the very top; the highest point or part

nankeen - a kind of cotton cloth, originally made at Nanking from a yellow variety of cotton, but now extensively manufactured from ordinary cotton and dyed yellow.

pantaloons* - a tight-fitting kind of trousers fastened with ribbons or buttons below the calf, or, later, by straps passing under the boots, which were introduced late in the 18th c., and began to supersede knee-breeches; Hence extended to trousers generally.

cheroot - a cigar made in Southern India or Manilla. This sort being truncated at both ends, the name was extended to all cigars with the two extremities cut off square, as distinguished from the ordinary cigar, which has one end pointed.

cheerio!* - a parting exclamation of encouragement, 'goodbye'; a salutation before drinking.