thatch - fig. Covering; often humorously the hair of the head                                                                                                 that

whitehat - one who wears a white hat                                                                                                                              white hat

bespeak - to speak of, tell of

luncheon* - originally, a slight repast taken between two of the ordinary meal-times, esp. between breakfast and mid-day dinner. 

steeplechase* - a horse-race across country or on a made course with artificial fences, water-jumps, and other obstacles. Formerly, a race having a church steeple in view as goal, in which all intervening obstacles had to be cleared.

topgallant - fig. Lofty, grand, fine, topping


novice* - an inexperienced person; a beginner, tyro                                                                                                           officer


tick - to mark (a name, an item in a list, etc.) with a tick; to mark off with a tick, as noted, passed, or done with.

scum - Applied to persons: The offscourings of humanity; the lowest class of the population of a place or country                    son

botch - a tailor who does repairs                                                                                                                                           bitch


hulabaloo* - tumultuous noise or clamour; uproar; clamorous confusion. Also fig.


tape - to measure with a tape-line

oaf - a half-wit, fool, dolt, booby

saw - a saying; discourse; speech

sew - pottage, broth; a mess of pottage

Welsher - a Welshman

suck - the action or an act of sucking milk from the breast; the milk or other fluid sucked at one time. 

thick - a beverage of thick or heavy consistency, as cocoa, porter, etc. 

stock - the liquor made by boiling meat (with or without vegetables, etc.) and used as a foundation for soup.

confiteor - a form of prayer, or confession of sins (Confiteor Deo Omnipotenti, I confess to Almighty God, etc.) used in the Latin Church at the beginning of the mass, in the sacrament of penance, and on other occasions.

for because* - for the reason that, inasmuch as, since (obs.)

cutter - to whisper; to talk privately and confidentially

misfeatured* - having bad features



nose - fig. To find out, detect, discover, as if by means of a keen scent.

coate = cote (obs.) - a small detached house                                                                                                               coat, coast


pawn - to give or deposit as security for the payment of a sum of money or for the performance of some action.

how do you do?* - common phrase used in inquiring as to a person's health. 

gentry - what is characteristic of a gentleman; polish of manners, good breeding.

search me* - I do not know! I haven’t any idea!;                         serge - a woollen fabric, the nature of which has probably differed considerably at different periods; search. 


jersey* - a woollen knitted close-fitting tunic, with short or long sleeves

stand - to assume or maintain an erect attitude on one's feet

course* - succession (of events); progress onward or through successive stages

blazy - full of blaze, blazing                                                                                                                                                bloody

raze - to sweep away, efface, or destroy (a building, town, etc.) completely; a slash, scratch, cut, slit                                      race


lambkin - a little lamb, young lamb

sliving - a slash; the action of cutting




tartly - in a tart manner; sharply; with acidity; usually fig. with asperity of tone. 

sass - to speak impertinently

tig - a touch: usually a light but significant touch; a fit of bad temper

strop - a band, thong; a loop or noose of leather, etc.

lasher* - one who beats or whips

pyre - a pile or heap of combustible material, esp. wood; usually, a funeral pile for burning a dead body.

behold - the imperative of the preceding verb, used to call attention; = lo

capman - a cap-maker


feller - fellow; one who fells

a fact

tit for tat* - one blow or stroke in return for another; an equivalent given in return (usually in the way of injury, rarely of benefit); retaliation. 

newcomer* - one who has newly come to a place

knockingshop - a brothel (a house of ill fame, bawdy-house)

toper - a hard drinker; a drunkard

admittance - the action of admitting, letting in, or giving entrance; permission to enter; Electr. The reciprocal of impedance, measured in mhos.

impedance - Electr. The overall opposition to an electric current, arising from the combined effect of resistance R and reactance X and measured by the ratio of the e.m.f. to the resulting current (peak or r.m.s. values).


malt - malt liquor. Now usu. = malt whisky;                    treat - to entertain with (food or drink, or any enjoyment or gratification).

methinks* - it seems to me

mho - the unit of conductivity, being the conductivity of a body whose resistance is one ohm.

dielectric* - a substance or medium through or across which electric force acts without conduction; a non-conductor.

obsoletion - the action of becoming or condition of being obsolete (that is no longer practised  or used; fallen into disuse; of a discarded type or fashion).

pillary - of the nature of a pillar


statute - an enactment, containing one or more legislative provisions, made by the legislature of a country at one time, and expressed in a formal document                                                                                                                                                       statues

king Billy

milestone* - a pillar set up on a highway or other road or course to mark the miles.

Oliver Cromwell

liberate* - to set free, set at liberty; to free, release from (something)

Daniell('s) battery or cell* - a cell in which the cathode is zinc in either dilute sulphuric acid or a solution of zinc sulphate and the anode is copper in a saturated solution of copper sulphate, with the zinc sulphate solution either floating on top of the copper sulphate solution or  separated from it by a porous plate.

culp - guilt, sin, fault, blame                                                                                                                                                 help


emancipated* - set free, released: fig. Freed from prejudices, moral or customary restraints, conventional rules, etc.

First Cause* - the original cause or Creator of the Universe

recourse - to recur to the mind; to go back to an earlier point

choler - anger, heat of temper, wrath; bile (as one of the 'four humours' of early physiology, supposed to cause irascibility of temper).

cough - the affection of coughing at short intervals