on the bum* - vagrant; begging (cf. bummel n. and v.); in a state of disorder;                 bummel - a leisurely stroll or journey.

sandy* - composed of or containing a large proportion of sand


coarse* - rough, harsh, or rude, to the taste, perception, or ęsthetic sense;                  corsair = pirate.

high sea* - (Now usually pl.) The deep or open sea

crup - to put the crupper on (a horse)                                                                                                                             groping

navel - the central or middle point of anything

hawsehole - a cylindrical hole, of which there are two in the bows of a vessel, for the cable to run through. Phr. to enter (come, creep, get in) by the hawse-holes: to enter the service at the lowest grade, to rise from before the mast.

confounder - one who ruins, destroys, overthrows, spoils, discomfits, etc.

voyage - to go by sea; to sail or cruise; to make a voyage or voyages. Also in fig. context.

maiden - a girl; a young (unmarried) woman

bella donna (it.) - fair lady

Jonah - the name of a Hebrew prophet, the subject of the Book of Jonah; used allusively, in senses thence derived.

Pollyanna* - the name of the heroine of stories written by Eleanor Hodgman Porter (1868-1920), American children's author, used with allusion to her skill at the 'glad game' of finding cause for happiness in the most disastrous situations; one who is unduly optimistic or achieves happiness through self-delusion;                        Joan - a generic name for a female rustic.

paternoster* - The Lord's Prayer, esp. in the Latin version

faddle - 'to trifle; to toy; to play'



landside* - the shore (obs.); the side towards the land or on which there is land (not water).

Donnybrook* - a suburb of Dublin, Ireland, once famous for its annual fair; a scene of uproar and disorder, a riotous or uproarious meeting, a heated argument.

reefer - one who reefs; spec. a slang name given to midshipmen 'because they have to attend in the tops during the operation of taking in reefs'.

westment* = vestment (obs.) - a garment or article of clothing, esp. one of the nature of a robe or gown; a priestly robe.

breach of promise* - spec. Breach of promise to marry

mutiny* - open revolt against constituted authority; now chiefly spec. revolt on the part of a disciplined body (esp. military or naval) or a section of it against its officers                                                                                                                            mutton

free kick - an uninterrupted kick allowed to a team for an infringement against it, the opposing players having to stand ten yards away.

turncoat - one who changes his principles or party

fewd = feud (obs.)                                                                                                                                                            few

Gascon* - a native of Gascony, a former province in south-western France

trimmer - one who trims; one who repairs, adjusts, makes neat or smart, etc.

sampling* - the action of testing the quality of anything by means of samples

ledder = ladder; leather


Faust (d) - fist

bellows pocket - (late 19th c.) a patch-pocket with side folds capable of expanding or lying flat, like a bellows. Common in Norfolk jackets from 1890 on.


disagree - disagreement                                                                                                                                               disgrace



circle* - a number of persons united by acquaintance, common sentiments, interests, etc.; a class or division of society, consisting of persons who associate together                                                                                                                                churches

drop dead* - a slang (orig. U.S.) exclamation expressing emphatic dislike or scorn of the person addressed.


fife - a small shrill-toned instrument of the flute kind, used chiefly to accompany the drum in military music.

Iseland - Iceland (obs.)

remnant* - that which remains or is left of a thing or things after the removal of a portion; the remainder, rest, residue.  

foran - in front, before the eyes, in or on the front; right opposite to, over against, facing.

hole in the wall* - (an originally disparaging term for) any small, obscure place; spec. in the U.S., a place where alcoholic drinks are sold illegally.

come back

fadge - to fit in with or suit the surroundings; hence to get on, succeed, thrive. 

fudge - to fit together or adjust in a clumsy, makeshift, or dishonest manner; to patch or 'fake' up; to 'cook' accounts. Often in schoolboy language: To make (a problem) look as if it had been correctly worked, by altering figures; to conceal the defects of (a map or other drawing) by adjustment of the parts, so that no glaring disproportion is observed; and in other like uses.

dry - feeling or showing no emotion, impassive; said of a jest or sarcasm uttered in a matter-of-fact tone and without show of pleasantry, or of humour that has the air of being unconscious or unintentional.

selenium cell - a photoconductive or photovoltaic cell containing selenium


doom - to pronounce judgement or sentence against; esp. to condemn to some fate.

saloon* - in the U.S., a place where intoxicating liquors are sold and consumed; a drinking bar.

as if - as the case would be if; as though

list - to listen to, hear

ambi - both, on both sides

laterally - at the side; to or from the side; in a side direction; sideways

lair* - a place for animals to lie down in

beforetime - in former time, formerly, previously

paler - one who puts up a paling or fence; an officer of a park charged with keeping the fences in repair.

round - a quantity of liquor served round a company, or drunk off at one time by each person present.

petrol - to supply with petrol

abound - to be filled with, teem or swarm with                                                                                                                 about

aboon - northern form of above


steerage way - a way or motion sufficient for the helm to have effect; also fig;                 helm - the handle or tiller, in large ships the wheel, by which the rudder is managed; sometimes extended so as to include the whole steering gear;               steerage - the action, practice or method of steering a boat or ship. 

stabling - the action of placing or accommodating (horses) in a stable

gen - information; facts

gang - action or mode of going; way, passage

dud - counterfeit; failing to answer to its description or to perform its function; worn out; useless; unsatisfactory.

speak* - talk, discourse, conversation