phototype - a plate or block with a printing surface (usually in relief) obtained from a photograph

vary - particoloured, variegated + very likely - probably, in all probability.

filibuster - one of a class of piratical adventurers who pillaged the Spanish colonies in the West Indies during the 17th c. + Ulysses.9.1148: 'And that filibustering filibeg'.

bellied - having a belly; big-bellied, corpulent; fig. inflated

sit - the manner in which an article of dress, or some part of one, is disposed or fits the person

atlas - a silk-satin manufactured in the East

onder = under (obs.) + ond (Norwegian) - evil.

oxter - the armpit

ern - to run. Of water, a river: To flow + ernære (Norwegian) - support, nourish + Genesis 3:19: 'earning his bread in the sweat of his brow.'

swelt - to die, perish + svelt (Icelandic) - hungry.

embrace + Ambrose Lightship, off New York, and Lizard lighthouse in Cornwall are (or were) the last and first lights seen in an Atlantic crossing. 

tail - sexual member, penis 

toiled - exhausted with toil; worn-out, weary

spume - foam, froth, frothy matter

spawn - a brood; a numerous offspring. Chiefly fig. + tale told of Shem and Shaun [215.35]

bulk - a mass; the collective mass of any object. Often esp. a large mass.

hulk - a bulky or unwieldy mass (of anything)

reddle - to paint or wash over with reddle (red ochre, ruddle)

ruadh (rue) (gael) - red

rede - a plan, design, or scheme devised or adopted; tale, narrative + to rede a riddle.

Phoenix + Sphinx - a hybrid monster, usually described as having the head of a woman and the (winged) body of a lion, which infested Thebes until the riddle it propounded (of three ages of man) was solved by Oedipus.

pairc (park) (gael) - field

Oedi[pus] (l) - "Swollen[foot]": solved the Sphinx's riddle + Eve

garden of Eden + gardin (Norwegian) - curtain.

ere - sooner, rather, in preference; before (in time)

side issue - an issue apart from the main point, a subsidiary issue + (Eve created from Adam's rib).

cheeringly - in a cheering manner; hearteningly, encouragingly + FSTD: dane and dare, the fullybellied, with the old sit in his shoulders, picking up the amberose of the lizod lights, his tail toiled of spume and spawn, and the bulk of him and the hulk of him, they hailed him cheeringly, their ancient encient and, the murrainer.

mariner - one who navigates or assists in navigating a ship; a sailor, seaman + Muireadhach (gael) - "mariner" + Samuel Taylor Coleridge: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (contains a similar account of a ghost ship, which may have been influenced by the tale of the Flying Dutchman).

walrus - the sea-horse, or morse

ye - Used as objective (accusative or dative) instead of 'you'.

The Lass That Loves a Sailor (song) + Ulysses.

thalassa (gr) - sea

terra firma + tulla (Irish) - hill + magh (Irish) - plain.

heave - an upward movement (especially a rhythmical rising and falling): "the heaving of waves on a rough sea" + here + FSTD: — Heave coves, emptybloody!

cove - a fellow, 'chap', 'customer'; a hollow or recess in a rock, a cave + comes

empty bladder + everybody

line - (U.S.) To angle with a hook and line (rare.)

suit - to fall in with the views or wishes of + FSTD: And ere he could catch or a hooker hook or line to suit their sousyskins sausyskins, the lumpenpack.

saucy - impertinent, rude + skin - an avaricious, penurious, mean or niggardly person; a miser; Without contemptuous implications: a person (of a specified kind) + saucissons (fr) - sausages. 

lumpen - boorish, stupid, unenlightened, used derisively to describe persons, attitudes, etc., supposed to be characteristic of the lumpenproletariat + pack - a company or set of persons; generally implying low character, or association for some evil purpose, but often merely expressing contempt or depreciation + Tony Lumpkin [323.29]

Bund (ger) - bunch, union + bund (Norwegian) - bottom.

uberrascht (ger) - surprized + rascal - to call (one) rascal + overrasket (Norwegian) - surprised.

sot - A foolish or stupid person (obs.); one who commonly or habitually drinks to excess + sot (Norwegian) - soot + sott (Norwegian) - plague

said + FSTD: — Sot! sagd the tailors in from their gobbelots gabbalots.

"In my young days I had to opsit for weeks." He referred to the Boer custom of two young people sitting up by the light of a candle after the elders had gone to bed. When the candle burned out it was time for the young man to go, and if the girl did not favour him she would produce a candle-end instead of a long one as a hint she preferred his going to his company + opsitter (Norwegian) - freeholder.

goblet - a drinking-cup of metal or glass, properly bowl-shaped and without handles. In later use, a general term for a wine-cup + (talkers).

Moore and Burgess Minstrels used the catch-phrase 'take off that white hat!' + old Set (Egyptian god).

shet - a U.S. dial. and colloq. pronunc. of shut (v.) + shut up - to shut one's mouth, to stop talking. (Cf. j.) Often in imperative + shut up and sit down.

ohn- (ger) - without + Sinn Féin, Sinn Féin Amhain (Irish) - Ourselves, Ourselves Alone (slogan).

pour - to cause (a liquid) to flow out of a vessel or receptacle; to discharge or shed copiously

em - them

behind + FSTD: And they poured em behoiled on the fire. Welter focussed.

(onomat.) + skaal! - (toast) + REFERENCE

Raidio Atha Luain (rad'o ahelun) (gael) - Radio Athlone [Ford of Luan (warrior)]; station identification of Irish (prewar) broadcasting service + woda (Polish) - water + Waterloo + {radio broadcast - personal message, weather forecast, today's news, advertisements}

personal + S.O.S.

missage = message (obs.) + Missa (l) - Mass.

The Croppy Boy (song): 'Good men and true' + 'twelve good men and true' - jury + coat and trousers + Joyce's note: 'How Buckley <made a coat <out> of a breeches>'.

person + perse (Norwegian) - squeeze.

bereaved - deprived or robbed + believed

passent = passant - passing, going on, journeying; proceeding + present

bring back - to cause to return (to a place or state); to restore, recall


hoved = hoven - swollen, bloated, puffed out + hoved (Norwegian) - head + Hoved - Danish name of Howth in the 9th century.

policemaster - a superintendent or chief of police in Russia + politi (Norwegian) - police + mester (Norwegian) - master.

vier (German) = fire (Norwegian) - four + fear (Irish) - man.

eller = elder (n.) (obs.) + ellers (Norwegian) - otherwise.

glossary - a collection of glosses + For the Greater Glory of God (Jesuit motto).

kallen (Norwegian) - the old man + call him + call home.

Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin (1891), 1718: 'Finucane, Thomas, D.L.F.P.S. GLAS. apothecary and accoucheur, 34 Main Street, Blackrock' (the Joyces lived nearby in 1892) + Ulysses.15.1210: 'Doctor Finucane pronounced life extinct when I succumbed'.

'Funiculi, funicula' - song composed in 1880 to commemorate the opening of the first funicular on Mount Vesuvius (We've climbed it, my love, we've already climbed to the top! / It has gone, then returned, then come back... / It is still here! / The empty empty summit, around, around, / around you! / This heart still sings / and is not petulant / Let's be married, my love! / Let's go together, let's go there, / funicular downhill, funicular uphill!).

A.M.D.G. - (L. Ad maiorem Dei gloriam), to the greater glory of God (esp. as a motto of the Jesuits); at Belvedere, pupils put letters A.M.D.G. at beginnings of essays.

welter - The rolling, tossing, or tumbling (of the sea or waves) + Wetter (ger) - weather + Welt (ger) - world + weather forecast.

Nord (ger) = nord (Norwegian) - North

muffinbell - the bell rung by a seller of muffins

lull - a brief period of intermission or quiescence in a storm. Also fig.


column-filler + Saint Colmcille (Columba).

month + Slattery's Mounted Foot (song).

charity + chetyre (Russian) - four.

sermon - an address of a religious nature (usually delivered during a church service)

Scandinavia + schiuma di nebbia (it) - foam of mist + FSTD: The allexpected depression over Schumdinebbia Schiumdinebbia,

byge (Danish) - shower

muster - the action, or an act, of showing; manifestation, display + Muster (ger) - pattern, paragon + The Master Builder (Norwegian: Bygmester Solness) - a play by Henrik Ibsen.

varying - that varies, tending to vary or change + vejr (Danish) - weather.

precipitation - Physics and Meteorol. Condensation and deposition of moisture from the state of vapour, as by cooling; esp. in the formation of dew, rain, snow, etc.

faugh - an exclamation of abhorrence or disgust + few + fog.

signals + Halvard Solness - master builder from Ibsen's play.

kokken (Norwegian) - the cook + hoven (Norwegian) - swollen; the hoof + køkken (Danish) - kitchen + have (Danish) - garden + København (Danish) - Copenhagen.

ekstra (Danish) = ekstra (Landsmaal) - extra

enveloped in an unusual suit of clothes + "Scandalknivery, in and on usedtowobble sloops off cloasts, eh?" [510.28-.29] + FSTD: harolded by faugh sicknells and umwalloped in an unusuable suite of clouds,

middle half + Middelhav (Norwegian, Danish) - Mediterranean. 

gorger - a person or animal that gorges or eats to repletion; a glutton

kennel - the surface drain of a street + Saint George's Channel between Ireland and Wales.

way westwards

incursion - the action of running in or of running against; a hostile inroad or invasion; esp. one of sudden and hasty character + occasioned.

sotted - drunken + certain + FSTD: having filthered through trough the same gorgers' kennel on its wage wealthwards and incursioned a sotten retch of low pleasure,

retch = reach - range; scope; extent of application, effect, influence, etc. + sodden rush + sudden ridge of low pressure.

local + FSTD: missed in some parts ports but with lucal drizzles,

drizzle - small, fine, spray-like rain

outlook - the prospect for the future

tomorrow + to marry.

seamstress - someone who makes or mends dresses + steamship.

mandig (Norwegian) - manly + mandag (Norwegian) - Monday (washday).

beam - to shed light upon, irradiate, illumine + been

brighter + FSTD: the outlook for tomarry (Streamstress Mandig) beamed brider, his ability good.

visibility + ability (Slang) - sexual potency.

happens today + happened to them + (news after weather).

aden - a gland + Eden - the abode of Adam and Eve at their creation, Paradise + ADEN - Seaport city, peninsula, and district, Saudi Arabia, the "Arabia Felix" of the Romans.  

auspicium (l) - divination by observing birdflights

approaching + abbrechen (ger) - to break off, to break up.

nuptial - marriage, wedding. (Usually in pl.) + nubes (l) - clouds + nub (Slang) - copulation.