lieutenant-governor* - the deputy of a governor, esp. (a) in the British colonies, the actual governor of a district or province in subordination to a governor-general; (b) in the United States, the deputy-governor of a state with certain independent duties and the right of succession to the governorship, in case of its becoming vacant.

R.I.P.* = requiescat in pace, 'may he (or she) rest in peace'


previdence - foresight

L.s. - letter (not autograph) signed;                 L.S.D. - abbreviation for 'pounds, shillings, and pence'; hence often used = 'money'.

limited - circumscribed within definite limits, bounded, restricted

pourable - that may be poured; that flows easily


Derby* - proper name of the most noted annual horse-race in England, founded in 1780 by the twelfth Earl of Derby, and run at the Epsom races, usually on the Wednesday before, or the second Wednesday after, Whitsunday.

Paddy - nickname for an Irishman                                                                                                                                   paradise



troth - one's faith as pledged or plighted in a solemn agreement or undertaking.

prudity - excessive regard for the proprieties in speech or behaviour; extreme or affected modesty or demureness.


fourposter - a four-posted bedstead

quartetto - ? a set of four persons; Mus. A composition for four voices or instruments, esp. one for four stringed instruments; a set of four singers or players who render a quartet.

whilest* = whilst (obs.) - while, till, untill

valour - worth or importance due to personal qualities or to rank (obs.); the quality of mind which enables a person to face danger with boldness or firmness; courage or bravery, esp. as shown in warfare or conflict.

elderman = elder - a member of a 'senate', governing body or class, consisting of men venerable for age, or conventionally supposed to be so. 

adaptive - characterized by, or given to adaptation

father in law;                             faulter - one who commits a fault; a culprit, delinquent, offender. 

tealer = tiller - one who tills the soil, or cultivates any crop or plant, a farmer or farm labourer;              gentleman farmer - a country gentleman engaged in farming, usually on his own estate.


gosse - god; gosh; goose

bosse = boss (obs.)

Hengst (d) - stallion, stud-horse


sailsman - a sailor; also one who manages a sailing-boat

talebearer - one who officiously carries reports of private matters to gratify malice or idle curiosity.

scat - a style of improvised singing in which meaningless but expressive syllables, usu. representing the sound of a musical instrument, are used instead of words. 


makeshift - that with which one makes shift; a temporary substitute of an inferior kind.

fisk - any royal or state treasury; jocosely. A man's purse or 'exchequer'


as far as

Ironside* - a name given to a man of great hardihood or bravery; pl. (Ironsides.) Applied to Cromwell's troopers in the Civil War; hence allusively in later uses.

humpty dumpty* - short and fat. Also allusively referring to the Humpty-Dumpty of the nursery rime;                 dump - in a 'dump', amazed, perplexed.

hardy - capable of enduring fatigue, hardship, rigour of the weather, etc.; physically robust, vigorous.

canoodler* - one who canoodles (to indulge in caresses and fondling endearments).

soil - to make foul or dirty, esp. on the surface; Hence soiler

toiler - one who toils, a hard worker

wilt = will

ideal* - a conception of something, or a thing conceived, in its highest perfection, or as an object to be realized or aimed at.

blooder - he who or that which draws or lets blood


bucksome* = buxom - full of health, vigour, and good temper

Woden* = Odin, the chief deity of Norse mythology

sheepfold* - a pen or enclosure for sheep; fig., esp. in a spiritual sense

quadruped* - four-footed

maimed - mutilated, crippled, injured

kowtow* - the Chinese custom of touching the ground with the forehead in the act of prostrating oneself, as an expression of extreme respect, submission, or worship.

tome - a book, a volume; now usually suggesting a large, heavy, old-fashioned book                                                             Tom

onliness - the fact or character of being the only one of its kind; singleness, singularity, uniqueness.


altitude* - high or exalted position in the scale of being, rank, power, etc.

in wait - waiting, remaining in a place in expectation of some one coming

winning - persuasive (now rare or obs.); alluring, attractive, 'taking'