hooley - a noisy party, a spree + holy

tabel (Norwegian) - table + Bible

Horrocks Ltd, textile firm, Lancs + Horus.

toler - one who 'tolls', entices, or instigates + tailor.

rehearse - to go through or practise (a play, scene, part, etc.) in private, in preparation for a more formal or public performance

commandment - a divine command + reverse your commandments (not to kill).

murder + Stephen, St. - first martyr + marbhadh (moru) (gael) - murder.


padde (Norwegian) - toad + deus (l) - god + Saint Patrick picked shamrock (pun on Trinity).

Matthew 6:28: 'lilies of the field'

crux - the chief problem; the central or decisive point of interest + crux (l) - cross.

boom - a start of commercial activity, as when a new book, the shares of a commercial undertaking, or the like 'go off' with a 'boom' + boom (Dutch) - tree + At Trinity Church I Met My Doom (song): 'I was an M-U-G'.

St Patrick converted to Christianity last surviving member of Fianna, Ossian.

pure - to make pure; to cleanse, purify, refine (lit. and fig.)

uisce (Irish) - water + Guss (ger) - gush, outpour + oasthouse.

mingle - to form or make up by mixing various elements or ingredients, to concoct, compound + mingo (l) - I urinate.

cruisce (krushki) (gael) - jug, pitcher + sign of the cross - the sign of the cross made with the right hand, as a religious act.

baptize - to immerse in water, or pour or sprinkle water upon, as a means of ceremonial purification, or in token of initiation into a religious society, especially into the Christian Church; to christen + I baptise thee, Ossian (Patrick baptised but failed to convert Ossian).

Oscar (usker) (gael) - Combatant; son of Oisin + Oscar's father (i.e. Ossian, Finn's son) + uisce beatha (ishki bahe) (gael) - "water of life": whiskey.

Earwicker + Viking.

Trifolium - any leguminous plant having leaves divided into three leaflets + folium (l) - leaf + triforium - gallery in church wall + intra tribum trifariam trifoliorum (l) - within the threefold tribe of shamrocks (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

unconditionally - without conditions

farfar (Norwegian) - paternal grandfather + forføre (Danish) - seduce + (stuttering).

furst = first

Gall/Gael (Viking foreigner/Irish native) + (stuttering) + FSTD: [I popetithes thee, Erievikkingr, forfor furst of the gielgaul gielgaulgulls greats, sagd sayd he,

plunderer - one who plunders; a pillager, robber + explorer.

cisatlantic - on this side the Atlantic + Cluain Ui Chaoilte (kluni khilt'i) (gael) - Meadow of the Descendants of Caoilte ("hardness"), Co. Cork; anglic. Clonakilty + Clanna Ceilteach (klone kyeltokh) (gael) - Celtic race.

cuddy - a donkey (also, cuddy ass); the captain's cabin + coalman - a man who has to do with coal; a coal-ship or collier + FSTD: the stramerer's streamerer's mastress to the sea aasse cuddycoalman's,

douche - a jet or stream of water, or the like

apostle - one of the twelve witnesses whom Jesus Christ sent forth to preach his Gospel to the world; the missionary who first plants Christianity in any region

Apocalypse - the 'revelation' of the future granted to St. John in the isle of Patmos + bouchaleen (Anglo-Irish) = buachaillin (bukhelin) (gael) - little boy + pukkelen (Norwegian) - the hump.

Helsinki, Finland + hell of the heathenes + FSTD: out of the hell of the howthen and be danned to ye, sagd sayd he,

dannet (Norwegian) - well-behaved, cultivated + bethank - to thank + dan (Serbian) - day + Daniel (O'Connell).

Romeo (Romeo and Juliet) + Roman Catholic religion + FSTD: into our roomyo connellic relation, sagd sayd he,

pledge - something given or taken as a sign or token of favour or the like, or as an earnest of something to come + Thomas Moore, song: From This Hour the Pledge Is Given [air: Renardine].

terra (it) - earth + Tara - ancient capital of Ireland.

ternate - arranged in threes

chrysanthemon (gr) - "golden flower": garden ranunculus

Oscar (usker) (gael) - Combatant; son of Oisin

god kveld (Norwegian) - good evening + Gott (ger) - god + got (caught) cold.

encore + en skur (Norwegian) - a shower.

Oisin (ushin) (gael) - Fawn; son of Fionn Mac Cumhail

fairies + Faroes (Danish) + Pharaohs.

hälsosam (Swedish) - healthy + wholesome.

til (Danish) - to

Ben Edar - anciently Howth, said to be named for Edar, a Dedanaan chief, buried on the hill + eder (Danish) - you + Eden [.19] 

Lord + Lloyds of London.

sael = seal + sail + death sentence: 'Lord have mercy on your soul'.

awer - everywhere (obs.) + amen + I n-ainm an Athair (in anim un ahir) (gael) - In the name of the Father + Adam and Eve [.18]

Spiritus Sanctus (l) - Holy Ghost + spit in his hand (Irish practice of spitting in hands before shaking them to conclude a deal) + FSTD: in that the loyd mave hercy on your sael! Anomyn an awer. Spickinusand.] 

nonsense + Nansen, Fridtjof (1861-1930) - Norwegian statesman, arctic explorer. 


altid (Norwegian) - always


"What I would willingly call overtrow or believing overmuch, not superstition" + overtro (Norwegian) - superstition.

wherefore - for what cause or reason? on what account? why? + hvorfor (Norwegian) - why, what for.

pokker (Norwegian, Danish) - the devil, the deuce (a mild oath) + hocus pocus. 

big bug - a person of assumed importance

mikla (Old Icelandic) - to make big + mand (Norwegian) - man.

stor (Norwegian) - big

exploder - one who rejects (a doctrine, etc.); one who denies the existence of (something)

wholesale - sale in gross; fig. dealing in a large way or in big quantities + hullsalig (Norwegian) - graceful; fulsome.

adopted - taken voluntarily or admitted into any relationship not formerly occupied; esp. that of a child + daad (Dutch, Norwegian) - deed, act + doopen (Dutch) = døpe (Norwegian) - to baptise.

gudfader (Norwegian) - God the Father + gudfar (Norwegian) - godfather.

Sacred Heart - the heart of Jesus, regarded as an object of devotion + second hand - not new, having been previously used or worn by another.

Dublin + diable (fr) - devil + djevlen (Norwegian) - the devil + Baile Atha Cliath (Irish) - Dublin (Pronunciation 'Ballaclee') + Buckley + Dalkey.

Dominic - of or pertaining to St. Dominic or to the order of friars (and nuns) founded by him + domkirke (Norwegian) = dómkirkja (Icelandic) - cathedral.

ahere - to hear + a chara (a khore) (gael) - friend, my friend + aa herre (Norwegian) - O sir, O lord + {the ship's husband extols the virtues of the tailor and his daughter - then those of the captain}

rera (Rhaeto-Romanic) - seldom

admirable - deserving of the highest esteem or admiration + rear-admiral.

Peadar (pader) (gael) - Peter

Nelson + Peter and Paul Fortress, Saint Petersburg.

consistently - uniformly, with persistent uniformity

sutor - shoemaker + suitor - one who seeks a woman in marriage; a wooer.

sponsorship - the state of being a sponsor; the office of a sponsor (Eccl. One who answers for an infant at baptism).

come round - to return to a normal state or to a better mood after a fit of ill temper + Thomas Moore, song: Come, Send Round the Wine [air: We Brought the Summer with Us]. 

horn - a vessel formed from the horn of a cow or other beast, or in later times shaped after this, for holding liquid

scolar (Rhaeto-Romanic) - scholar + skole (Norwegian) - school.


tomkin = tampion (plug) + talking

lief - beloved, dear, agreeable  + Leif Ericson (fl. 999-1000) - Scandinavian explorer, first European to reach "Vineland" in North America. 

heureka (gr) - I have found

indiscovery - non-discovery; failure to discover or find out


roaring forties - ocean areas between forty and fifty degrees South

sopper - one who sops; supper + sopper (Norwegian) - mushrooms.

crap (Rhaeto-Romanic) - stone + Pliny: Natural History XXV.10.36: 'Sutor ne supra crepidam judicaret' [.27] → The Latin writer Pliny recorded that Apelles, the famous Greek painter who was a contemporary of Alexander the Great, would put his pictures where the public could see them and then stand out of sight so he could listen to their comments. A shoemaker once faulted the painter for a sandal with one loop too few, which Apelles corrected. The shoemaker, emboldened by this acceptance of his views, then criticised the subject’s leg. To this Apelles is reported as replying (no doubt with expletives deleted) that the shoemaker should not judge beyond his sandals, in other words that critics should only comment on matters they know something about. What Pliny actually wrote was ne supra crepidam judicaret, where crepidam is a sandal or the sole of a shoe, but the idea has been expressed in several ways in Latin tags, such as Ne sutor ultra crepidam (sutor means “cobbler”, a word still known in Scotland in the spelling souter). The best-known version is the abbreviated tag ultra crepidam, “beyond the sole”. Crepidam derives from Greek krepis, a shoe

Christian + krismion (gr) - a watch: party of four soldiers + chrismon (gr) - annointing, grace.

doctrine + dottrina (it) - catechism + dottren (Swedish) = dóttirin (Icelandic) - the daughter + dottrina (Rhaeto-Romanic) - doctrine.

port + P. W. Joyce reports that in Ireland 'Tailors were made the butt of much good-natured harmless raillery, often founded on the well-known fact that a tailor is the ninth part of a man.' This assertion is used at 317.26, 326.33 and 327.03, and derives from Elizabeth I's reception of eighteen tailors as 'gentlemen both'. 


Dublin + dyb (Danish, Landsmaal) - deep + FSTD: She The And the here is the ninethest pork of a man whish swims swimmies in Dublin Dybblin water

skodden (Norwegian) - the fog + Balscadden Bay, Howth (east of Dublin).

eastmost - that is most easterly in position + isthmus.


Leixlip (means 'salmon leap'; west of Dublin) + FSTD: from Ballscodden easthmost till Thriston's Thyrston's lickslip Lickslap Lickslip and, sagd sayd he,

lukky = lucky (obs.) + lykke (Norwegian, Danish) - happiness.

swayn = swain - a country gallant or lover; hence gen. a lover, wooer, sweetheart, esp. in pastoral poetry + Sweyne Forkbeard - son of Harald Bluetooth. He was baptized in infancy, reverted to paganism, fought the Christian faith + "young nobleman whimpering to the name of Low Swine" [173.05-.06]  

slaugh = slawk - an edible sea-weed + laughed

icebox - a box or compartment for holding ice, an ice-chest + (chest) + FSTD: whiles the hearts of Lukky slaughed in his icebox,

soort = sort (obs.) + sort (Norwegian) - black.