hooley - a noisy party, a spree                                                                                                                                             holy


toler - one who 'tolls', entices, or instigates

rehearse - to go through or practise (a play, scene, part, etc.) in private, in preparation for a more formal or public performance.

commandment* - a divine command


lily of the valley* - a beautiful spring flower, Convallaria majalis, having two largish leaves and racemes of white, bell-shaped, fragrant flowers.

crack of doom* - the last or great Judgement at the end of the world;             crux - the chief problem; the central or decisive point of interest;                boom - a start of commercial activity, as when a new book, the shares of a commercial undertaking, or the like 'go off' with a 'boom'; the vigorous 'running' or writing-up of a candidate for an election.

pure - to make pure; to cleanse, purify, refine (lit. and fig.) (obs.)

mingle - to form or make up by mixing various elements or ingredients, to concoct, compound.

sign of the cross* - the sign of the cross made with the right hand, as a religious act.

baptize* - to immerse in water, or pour or sprinkle water upon, as a means of ceremonial purification, or in token of initiation into a religious society, especially into the Christian Church; to christen.

Trifolium - a large genus of leguminous plants, with trifoliate leaves, and flowers mostly in close heads; (l) tri + folium (leaf).

unconditionally* - without conditions

furst = first

plunderer - one who plunders; a pillager, spoiler, robber

cisatlantic* - on this side the Atlantic

cuddy - a donkey (also, cuddy ass); the captain's cabin

coalman - a man who has to do with coal; a coal-ship or collier

douche - a jet or stream of water, or the like

apostle* - the twelve witnesses whom Jesus Christ sent forth to preach his Gospel to the world; the missionary who first plants Christianity in any region.

Apocalypse* - the 'revelation' of the future granted to St. John in the isle of Patmos. 

bethank* - to thank




pledge - something given or taken as a sign or token of favour or the like, or as an earnest of something to come.



sael = seal                                                                                                                                                                             soul

awer - everywhere (obs.)




...What I would willingly call overtrow or believing overmuch, not superstition.

wherefore* - for what cause or reason? on what account? why? 

big bug - a person of assumed importance

exploder - one who rejects (a doctrine, etc.); one who denies the existence of (something). 

wholesale* - sale in gross; fig. dealing in a large way or in big quantities

adopted* - taken voluntarily or admitted into any relationship not formerly occupied; esp. that of a child.

Sacred Heart* - the heart of Jesus, regarded as an object of devotion;                      second hand - not new, having been previously used or worn by another.

Dominic* - of or pertaining to St. Dominic or to the order of friars (and nuns) founded by him.

ahere* - to hear

admirable - exciting gratified surprise, or wonder united with approbation, esteem or  reverence.


consistently - uniformly, with persistent uniformity; with consistency; without incongruity.

sutor - shoemaker;                         suitor - one who seeks a woman in marriage; a wooer.

sponsorship - the state of being a sponsor; the office of a sponsor (one who enters into an engagement, makes a formal promise or pledge, on behalf of another; Eccl. One who answers for an infant at baptism).

come round* - to return to a normal state or to a better mood after a fit of ill temper; to recover from a swoon, illness, etc. 

horn - a vessel formed from the horn of a cow or other beast, or in later times shaped after this, for holding liquid.


tomkin = tampion (plug)                                                                                                                                                talking

lief - beloved, dear, agreeable, acceptable, precious

indiscovery* - non-discovery; failure to discover or find out


sopper - one who sops; supper





eastmost* - that is most easterly in position

lukky = lucky (obs.)

swayn = swain - a country gallant or lover; hence gen. a lover, wooer, sweetheart, esp. in pastoral poetry.

slaugh = slawk - an edible sea-weed                                                                                                                               laughed

icebox - a box or compartment for holding ice, an ice-chest

soort = sort (obs.)