smuggler* - a vessel employed in smuggling

behave - to handle, manage, wield, conduct, regulate (in some specified way) (obs.)

duty free* - a duty-free article; freq. used in pl., esp. of cigarettes, alcoholic drinks, etc., bought and imported free of duty by those returning from or travelling abroad; also, a duty-free shop.

pratie - potato

godsend* - some desirable thing received unexpectedly and as it were from the hand of God, esp. something of which the recipient is greatly in want. 

filius (l) - son

spouse - a wife


pert - a pert person or thing; lively; brisk, sprightly; in good spirits, cheerful, 'jolly'; (in early use) Beautiful.

needlewoman* - a woman who works with the needle; a sempstress;                     nittle - a string or cord for tying or fastening. 

fob - a small pocket formerly made in the waistband of the breeches and used for carrying a watch, money, or other valuables.


astore - in great number; in a heap


as when

surge - a high rolling swell of water, esp. on the sea; a large, heavy, or violent wave; a billow.

child - to bear a child; to bring forth, give birth to (a child)

foster - to bring up (a child) with parental care

leap year's

totty - a girl or woman, esp. a 'good-time' girl

new school - an advanced or liberal faction of a party or organization, spec. applied to the section of the Presbyterian Church of the United States which was separated from the rest of that Church between 1838 and 1869. 

titty - Formerly, a dial. and nursery dim. of teat, the breast, esp. the mother's breast. Now colloq. or slang and also as dim. of tit (chiefly pl.): applied both to a nipple (sometimes of a boy) and to a woman's breast including the nipple.

grit - firmness or solidity of character; indomitable spirit or pluck; stamina

trent = trend

thime = thyme                                                                                                                                                                times

saft = soft

dee - name of the letter D                                                                                                                                                     tea


lightness - Of form or outline: Freedom from heaviness or clumsiness, graceful slenderness.

look before you leap* - consider carefully before you act

in vain* - to no effect or purpose; ineffectually, uselessly, vainly

ester - a derivative of an acid in which one or more acidic hydrogen atoms are replaced by an alkyl, aryl, or similar group                                                                                                                                                                     yesterdays

pled = plead (v.)

pierglass* - a large tall mirror; orig. one fitted to fill up the pier or space between two windows, or over a chimney-piece.

truckle bed* - a low bed running on truckles or castors, usually pushed beneath a high or 'standing' bed when not in use;     
trickle - tricky, treacherous; ticklish.


Staffel (d) - step, stair

malaria;                         malheur - misfortune

primrose* - the first or best; the finest, or a fine, example; the 'flower', 'pearl' (cf. pink of perfection); also, a person in the flower of youth.

dress parade - a display of clothes by mannequins

tuba - (pl. tubas.) A brass wind-instrument in the bass range of the sax-horn family.



dinny - resounding with or filled with din

dingle - to ring as a bell, or glass; to tinkle, jingle

awhile - (for) a short time, (for) a little

blunderbuss* - a blustering noisy talker (obs.)

forte - a musical direction indicating a strong, loud tone in performance

Ladin - the Rhæto-Romanic dialect spoken in the Engadine in Switzerland, closely related to Romansh.


tuner* - one who tunes a musical instrument; spec. whose occupation is to tune pianos or  organs.


beyondness* - the condition or quality of being beyond

sleepy - inclined to sleep; having a difficulty in keeping awake; drowsy, somnolent.


tit - to strike or tap lightly, pat, tip;                   peep - to look through a narrow aperture, as through the half-shut eyelids or through a crevice, chink, or small opening into a larger space.

dormer window* - a projecting vertical window in the sloping roof of a house


watchman* - a man employed to guard private property, a building, etc. while the owner, tenant, or workpeople are away, esp. during the night.

vista* - a long narrow opening (esp. one made on purpose) in a wood, etc., through which a view may be obtained, or which in itself affords a pleasant prospect; a view or prospect, especially one seen through an avenue of trees or other long and narrow opening.

strand - the land bordering a sea, lake, or river;           the Strand - the name of a street in London; originally so called as occupying, with the gardens belonging to the houses, the 'strand' or shore of the Thames between the cities of London and Westminster. 

ping - to make an abrupt ringing sound

fortunation* - the action of making fortunate, the being favoured by fortune

Mr. Right* - a man who would make the ideal husband; a 'Prince Charming';            wright - one who works in wood; a carpenter, a joiner.

winsome* - pleasing or attractive in appearance, handsome, comely

loe = lo; low                                                                                                                                                                         love

Earwicker;                     wrecker - one who wrecks or ruins a structure, institution, concern, etc.

rover - a sea-robber, pirate                                                                                                                                                    lover


dower - the money or property which the wife brings to the husband


lagoon* - the lake-like stretch of water enclosed in an atoll. Also, the stretch of water inside a barrier reef.

bleak - fig. Cheerless, dreary                                                                                                                                                black


to work a miracle* - to make an act (e.g. of healing) exhibiting control over the laws of nature, and serving as evidence that the agent is either divine or is specially favoured by God.

airish - cool, fresh                                                                                                                                                                 Irish

racy - lively, spirited, full of 'go'

kindle - to inflame, excite, rouse, inspire (a passion or feeling)

flu - short for influenza

roary* - given to roaring;                      boreal - of or pertaining to the north wind.

to set on fire - to become ignited;                   to set (thames, world, house) on fire* - to cause great interest, have a great success.

let alone* - 'not to mention'


to have (anything) on one’s brain - to think hard about something esp. to try and work out the answer to a difficult problem.

A, B, C, D

coocoo - to utter the call of the cuckoo, or an imitation of it

hugger mugger* - concealment, secrecy