smuggler - a vessel employed in smuggling + smuk (Norwegian) - pretty.

behave - to handle, manage, wield (in some specified way) (obs.)

duty free - a duty-free article; freq. used in pl., esp. of cigarettes, alcoholic drinks, etc., bought and imported free of duty by those returning from or travelling abroad; also, a duty-free shop.

forelooper - in South Africa, a boy leading team of oxen + verloben (ger) - engage to marry + forl°per (Norwegian) - precursor, predecessor, forerunner.

pratie - potato + praises be.

godsend - some desirable thing received unexpectedly and as it were from the hand of God, esp. something of which the recipient is greatly in want

Brandonus (l) - Brendan, 6th century Irish saint renowned for his legendary transatlantic voyages + brand (Norwegian) - fire + Henrik Ibsen: Brand (thinks he is sent by God).

filius (l) - son

cara (fem.) (l) - dear, precious + a chara (a khore) (gael) - friend, my friend + O'Hara.

spouse - a wife

Fynlogue - gael. Fionnlaoghog (finleog): masc. personal name, father of St Brendan

pert - a pert (lively, brisk, cheerful) person or thing + nicest sort of a little woman + ninth part of a man - tailor [316.11]

needlewoman - a woman who works with the needle; a sempstress + nittle - a string or cord for tying or fastening + FSTD: he has the nicesth pert of a nittlewoman in the house  

chato (Provenšal) - girl + chit of a girl (small).

charmadouiro (Provenšal) - charmer

Tina-bat-Talur - Anna Livia as tailor's daughter, for Hebrew 'bat' = "daughter," as Mr Mink observes + tina (Rhaeto-Romanic) - tub, vat + tailliur (talyur) (gael) - tailor + Ulysses.17.2322: 'Tinbad the Tailor'.

c.i.f. - cost, insurance plus freight

fob - a small pocket formerly made in the waistband of the breeches and used for carrying a watch, money, or other valuables + f.o.b. - free on board.

treasure + thesaura (fem.) (l) - treasure, loved one + tesura (Provenšal) - to measure + tesoro (it) - treasure + tesoura (Portuguese) - scissors.

astore - in great number; in a heap + asthore (Anglo-Irish) = a stˇr (Irish) - my treasure, darling.

esluci (Provenšal) - lightning + lamp (Provenšal) - lightning.

as when

surge - a high rolling swell of water, esp. on the sea; a large, heavy, or violent wave + Ulysses.11.949: 'What are the wild waves saying?'

plus quam belle (l) - more than beautifully + FSTD: that he daughts upon of anny livving plusquebelle

child - to bear a child; to bring forth, give birth to (a child)

foster - to bring up (a child) with parental care

leap year's + lippus (l) - blear-eyed

totty - a girl or woman, esp. a 'good-time' girl, prostitute (Dublin Slang) + tuttugu (Icelandic) - twenty.

new school - an advanced or liberal faction of a party or organization, spec. applied to the section of the Presbyterian Church of the United States which was separated from the rest of that Church between 1838 and 1869. 

titty - Formerly, a dial. and nursery dim. of teat, the breast, esp. the mother's breast. Now colloq. or slang and also as dim. of tit (chiefly pl.): applied both to a nipple (sometimes of a boy) and to a woman's breast including the nipple.

tramite (l) - by a by-path + tramite (it) - through, via + Trinity (College, Dublin).

fare (Norwegian) - to travel; danger + four + Thackeray: Vanity Fair

grit - firmness or solidity of character; indomitable spirit or pluck; stamina + gritta (Rhaeto-Romanic) - anger, fury.

trent = trend + Trent river.

thime = thyme + Thames river + times

saft = soft

dee - name of the letter D + Dee river + tea


hydrogenes (gr) - "born of water": hydrogen (lightest element)

lightness - Of form or outline: Freedom from heaviness or clumsiness, graceful slenderness.

look before you leap - consider carefully before you act

Rhea - wife of Cronus, mother of Zeus and other gods + rhaeda (l) - four-wheeled carriage + Rhaeto-Romanic - language spoken in parts of Switzerland + reading romances.

evna (Rhaeto-Romanic) - saucepan, kettle + evening. 

in vain - to no effect or purpose; ineffectually, uselessly, vainly + inbhear (inver) (gael) - harbor, estuary + invair (Rhaeto-Romanic) - untrue + inviern (Rhaeto-Romanic) - winter.

Rona - village in Rhaeto-Romanic-speaking Switzerland + Little Annie Rooney (song).

Lavinia - heroine of Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus who suffered the same fate as Philomela. Lavinia is also the wife of Aeneas and heroine of Shaw's Androcles; and, as Mr Senn has shown, 'lavina' means "avalanche" in Rhaeto-Romanic + Anna Liffey - name of the Liffey river on old maps (probably from Irish Eanach-Life: Liffey-Fen or Irish Ath na Life: Liffey-Ford).  

ester - a derivative of an acid in which one or more acidic hydrogen atoms are replaced by an alkyl, aryl, or similar group + ester (Rhaeto-Romanic) - foreign, strange + snows of yesteryear.

pled = plead (v.) + pled (Rhaeto-Romanic) - word, speak, speech.

pierglass - a large tall mirror; orig. one fitted to fill up the pier or space between two windows, or over a chimney-piece + periglia (Rhaeto-Romanic) - pair + prigulus (Rhaeto-Romanic) - bad, unwell, dangerous.

glatsch (Rhaeto-Romanic) - ice + "Most of the rest of her [Issy's] room's furnishings are quite standard: a bed with 'crazyquilt' (556.26) and a mirror hanging above it (327.13-14), a chamberpot and washstand, a dresser with another mirror (561.16), a journal of some kind containing fashion news and serialised sentimental fiction (28.20-7) and a counter containing make-up, tissue paper, and a jar of Pond's vanishing cream (144.02-3, 486.33, 526.28-36)... There also seems to be a sofa next to which she keeps her sewing equipment (268.07-14), and a cat, which is given number of names but which Issy most frequently addresses simply as 'pet' (John Gordon: Finnegans wake: a plot summary)

truckle bed - a low bed running on truckles or castors, usually pushed beneath a high or 'standing' bed when not in use + trickle - tricky, treacherous; ticklish + (riverbed).

piece + piz (Rhaeto-Romanic) - peak, summit + piss.

Stuffel (ger) - step, ladder rung + stuf (Rhaeto-Romanic) - fed up + suffel (Rhaeto-Romanic) - wind.

malaria + malheur - misfortune + malaura (Rhaeto-Romanic) - storm, bad weather, thunderstorm.

primrose - the first or best; the 'flower', 'pearl' (cf. pink of perfection); also, a person in the flower of youth + rossy (Slang) - impudent girl.

dress parade - a display of clothes by mannequins

tuba - (pl. tubas.) A brass wind-instrument in the bass range of the sax-horn family + tuba (Rhaeto-Romanic) - alp-horn.

(onomat.) + tuot (Rhaeto-Romanic) - all, entire.

glory + glowr (Welsh) - collier (a ship for carrying coal; a coal miner; Obs. a person who carries or sells coal).

god (Rhaeto-Romanic) - a forest

dinny - resounding with or filled with din + duine (dini) (gael) - person.

dingle - to ring as a bell, or glass; to tinkle, jingle

Deargail (d'argel) (gael) - Red; valley and stream in Co. Wicklow near Bray; anglic. Dargle + dargun (Rhaeto-Romanic) - stream, mountain torrent.

awhile - (for) a short time, (for) a little

blunderbuss - a blustering noisy talker (obs.)

marchadaunt (Rhaeto-Romanic) - merchant + Simon Lemnius Margadant: Raetius (a study of Rhaeto-Romanic). 

forte - a musical direction indicating a strong, loud tone in performance + forte (it) - loud, strong.

furlan (Rhaeto-Romanic) - little rascal, rogue + Furlan - Friulan language, sometimes called Eastern Ladin (belongs to Rhaeto-Romanic family).

Ladin - the RhŠto-Romanic dialect spoken in the Engadine in Switzerland, closely related to Romansh + ladin (Rhaeto-Romanic) - quick, alert.


caldus (l) - hot, warm + caldo (it) - hot + kald (Norwegian) - cold + summer calling.

tuner - one who tunes a musical instrument; spec. whose occupation is to tune pianos or organs + tunar (Rhaeto-Romanic) - to sound, thunder.

beyant (Dialect) - beyond

beyondness - the condition or quality of being beyond + ondes (fr) - waves.

WALES - Principality of UK forming the wide peninsula on the West of the island of Britain. Lat, Cambria; Welsh, Cymry + combra (Rhaeto-Romanic) - chamber, room. 

sleepy - inclined to sleep; having a difficulty in keeping awake; drowsy, somnolent

mountains (i.e. Welsh mountains, visible from Wicklow mountains on clear days) + moutons (fr) - sheep (i.e. counting sheep) + munt (Rhaeto-Romanic) - mountain.

tit - to strike or tap lightly, pat, tip + peep - to look through a narrow aperture, as through the half-shut eyelids or through a crevice, chink, or small opening into a larger space + titte (Norwegian) - peep.

dormer window - a projecting vertical window in the sloping roof of a house + dr°mmer (Norwegian) - dreams; dreamer.

friend + Flying Dutchman + flyende (Norwegian) - flying.

vista - a long narrow opening (esp. one made on purpose) in a wood, etc., through which a view may be obtained, or which in itself affords a pleasant prospect; a view or prospect, especially one seen through an avenue of trees or other long and narrow opening.

strand - the land bordering a sea + the Strand - the name of a street in London; originally so called as occupying, with the gardens belonging to the houses, the 'strand' or shore of the Thames between the cities of London and Westminster. 

In Dublin, the leading candidate for "Speckled Church" where the sexton Fox Goodman tolls the bells is Kilbarrack, though no bells sound in the ruins of its 13th-century church.  

ping - to make an abrupt ringing sound

Sexaloitez = Sechselauten - Zurich's spring festival, held in April, when an effigy of the Bogg, a snowman representing Winter, is ceremonially burned in the Bellevueplatz as the bells ring out for 6 PM + salle d'aisance (fr) - restrooms (literally 'hall of ease'). 

Concessa - mother of St Patrick, niece of St Martin + concessa (it) - granted (feminine) + Angelus: 'et concepit de Spirito Sanctu' (l) - 'and she conceived of the Holy Ghost' + "Pingpong, the bell for Sechselńuten, and concepit de Saint-Esprit" (motif).

Sinbad the Sailor 

demimonde [Fr.; lit. 'half-world', 'half-and-half society', a phrase invented by Dumas the younger.] - the class of women of doubtful reputation and social standing, upon the outskirts of 'society.' (Sometimes, though improperly, extended to include courtesans in general.) 

fortunation - the action of making fortunate, the being favoured by fortune + Wright, Fortunatus (d. 1757) - English merchant, privateer, captain of the 'Fame'. He captured a French ship in 18th century (which was considered piracy by French) + fortunatus (l) - Lucky.

Mr. Right - a man who would make the ideal husband; a 'Prince Charming' + wright - one who works in wood; a carpenter, a joiner + PQ espies her 'fortune,' 'Mr Right,' as a ghost on the screen, blushes coquettishly like fiery aurora borealis and plans to wed him (Eric McLuhan: A Role of Thunder in Finnegans Wake).

winsome - pleasing or attractive in appearance, handsome, comely

Miss Bulkley played leading parts in Oliver Goldsmith's 'The Good-Natured Man' and 'She Stoops to Conquer' (she spoke the epilogues to both).

loe = lo; low + Loe, Cornwall, famous for shipwrecks + love

wrecker - one who causes a wreck, as by false lights, and the like; one who visits a wreck for the purpose of plunder + Earwicker.

rover - a sea-robber, pirate

ivory + ivar- (Hungarian) - genital-, sexual-

dower - the money or property which the wife brings to the husband + Litany of Blessed Virgin Mary: 'Tower of Ivory, House of Gold'.

gifte (Danish) - marry + Parnell: 'When you sell, get my price'.

lagoon - the lake-like stretch of water enclosed in an atoll. Also, the stretch of water inside a barrier reef + oog (Dutch) - eye + The Blue Lagoon - projected pleasure pool between Dollymount and Bull Island.

bleak - fig. Cheerless, dreary.

season + Black-eyed Susan (song).

Mireille - heroine of a Mistral epic (the name Mireille is derived from the Provenšal meraviho: wonder) + work a miracle - to make an act (e.g. of healing) exhibiting control over the laws of nature, and serving as evidence that the agent is either divine or is specially favoured by God. 

Norge (Norwegian) - Norway (i.e. captain) + borg (Norwegian) - castle + borger (Norwegian) - citizen + Georgie-Porgie (nursery rhyme).

airish - cool, fresh + Irish

timer (Norwegian) - hours + 'good time' (i.e. sex) + Irish Times (newspaper).

racy - lively, spirited, full of 'go'

kindle - to inflame, excite, rouse, inspire (a passion or feeling)

lovver chimney (Joyce's note)

flu - short for influenza

roary - given to roaring + boreal - of or pertaining to the north wind + "In his battle with Set, Horus castrates the god, an event that was equated with the rumblings of thunder in the heavens, howls of pain suggested in FW at 327.32 "a roaryboaryellas" in which the yells of the black pig merge with aurora borealis, the northern lights." (Mark L. Troy)

Irrawaddy river + Earwicker + set on fire - to become ignited + to set (Liffey, Thames, world, house) on fire - to cause great interest, have a great success.

let alone - 'not to mention'


boom (Dutch) - tree + Bonaparte

poorter (Dutch) - citizen

have (anything) on one’s brain - to think hard about something esp. to try and work out the answer to a difficult problem + water on the brain.

A, B, C, D

aas (Norwegian) - mountainridge + buk (Norwegian) - belly + i (Norwegian) - in + vidde (Norwegian) - vast expanse, moor + azbuka (Old Slavonic) - Cyrillic alphabet (first four letters of azbuka are ABVG: az ('I'), buky ('letter'), V - vede ('I know'), G - glagol (verb)).

coocoo - to utter the call of the cuckoo, or an imitation of it

dulce (l) - sweetly

carcass + raven's caw.

hugger mugger - concealment, secrecy + Huginn and Munin - mind and memory. Odin's raven messengers in the Eddas + FSTD: which can coocoo her him do dildulcey dovely to your old cawcaws' huggin and munin and,

privateer - a privately owned warship commissioned to prey on the commercial shipping or warships of an enemy nation