polar bear* - the white bear of Arctic regions

turn out - to come to be, become ultimately (and so be found or known to be).

Bruin - an appellation applied, after the manner of a proper name, to the Common or Brown Bear (the name of the bear in Reynard the Fox).

barge - a small sea-going vessel with sails

battering ram* - an ancient military engine employed for battering down walls, consisting of a beam of wood, with a mass of iron at one end, sometimes in the form of a ram's head;                            pram - a flat-bottomed boat or lighter, used especially in the Baltic and the Netherlands for shipping cargo, etc. 

wattling - an assemblage of rods or laths interlaced with branches, twigs, osiers, or the like, serving as the material of a wattled wall, partition, fence, etc.


by my fay* - by my faith (quasi oath);            fairy - of or pertaining to fairies; of the nature of fairies; enchanted, illusory, fictitious.

mixer* - one who mixes (in various senses of the vb.)

ashe = ash; ask

fonder - a tempter

wiry - resembling wire in form and consistence; tough and flexible: said esp. of hair.

thinking;                            talking.


Andrew Miller* - Naval slang. A ship, esp. of war


shifty - fond of indirect or dishonest methods; addicted to evasion or artifice; not straightforward, not to be depended on; changing or shifting in position.

think - an act of (continued) thinking; a meditation

poles apart* - completely opposite to or different from (someone or something); widely separated or divided e. g. in opinions or characteristics.

asunder - in or into a position apart or separate; apart

tie up - to join in marriage; to tie (a person or animal) to some fixed object or in some confined space, so as to prevent from escaping; to fasten up.



luxure = luxury - lasciviousness, lust                                                                                                                                  leisure

better - to make better; to improve, amend

true blue* - (fig.) faithful, staunch and unwavering (in one's faith, principles, etc.): sterling, genuine, real.


arson - the act of wilfully and maliciously setting fire to another man's house, ship, forest, or similar property                    person

tyler = tiler (obs.) - Freemasonry. (Usually tyler.) The doorkeeper who keeps the uninitiated from intruding upon the secrecy of the lodge or meeting; one who covers the roofs of buildings with tiles.

bach - a bachelor

roundabout* - a circuitous or indirect way, a detour

volumed - formed into a rolling, rounded, or dense mass

clonk - an abrupt, heavy sound as when something unresilient strikes a hard surface                                                             clock

stumble - a blunder, slip

warn - warning                                                                                                                                                                     one

lay out - to display, exhibit, expose; to stretch out and prepare (a body) for burial.

counter - a banker's or money-changer's table; also, the table in a shop on which the money paid by purchasers is counted out, and across which goods are delivered. 

slavocrat - a member of the slavocracy (slave-holders collectively as a dominant or powerful class).

onerable - burdensome, onerous

nanny - a child's form of address to a nurse; hence, a children's nurse. 

lay - an act of sexual intercourse

herbergage* - place of lodging or entertainment; inn

buckle - a rim of metal, with a hinged tongue carrying one or more spikes, for securing a belt, strap, or ribbon, which passes through the rim and is pierced by the spike or spikes. 

catch - that by which anything is caught and held; any contrivance for checking the motion of a piece of mechanism, a door, etc.

elding - old age

lif = lief - a beloved, a dear one; a friend, sweetheart, mistress; occas. a wife. 

privacy* - the state or condition of being alone, undisturbed, or free from public attention.

prima* - It. fem. of primo (first)

nocturne - Painting. A night-piece, night-scene; Mus. A composition of a dreamy character.

hap = hop (obs.)

fyrst* = first (obs.)

ever so - 'in any conceivable degree'



sea chest - a seaman's chest or box for his own clothing, etc.

renumber - to number afresh

long roll - a beat of drum by which troops are assembled at any particular spot or rendezvous or parade.

emma - used orig. in telephone communications and in the oral transliteration of code messages, hence colloq., for m.

Copenhagen;                         coxen = coxswain (obs.) - the helmsman of a boat.

brothel* - bordel-house


ill omened* - having or attended by bad omens

to sing matins* - Chiefly of birds: to sing their morning song

bing - to go


concurrent* - going on side by side, as proceedings; occurring together, as events or circumstances; existing or arising together; conjoint, associated;                            conquerant - adj. Conquering, victorious.


Fuchs (d) - fox

stableboy* - a boy or man employed in or about a stable

revenger* - one who revenges; an avenger

rapt - entranced, ravished, enraptured, etc.

apt - suited, fitted, adapted (to (obs.) or for a purpose); having the requisite qualifications.

breed - the act of breeding; hence, the progeny or race in which this results.

buoy - to keep up, keep from sinking, support, sustain, (persons, courage, hope, spirits, etc.).

hoop = hope (obs.)

springing - the season of spring

time better

embrace* - the action of folding in the arms, of pressing to the bosom

doll - to dress up finely or elaborately; to deck up

fairy queen* - the queen of the fairies; also, the player who takes the part of the fairy queen in a pantomime;                fiery - ardent, eager, fierce, spirited. 

stand up - to be set upright; to be or become erect

overseer* - one who oversees or superintends, a supervisor; esp. one whose business it is to superintend a piece of work, or a body of workmen.

mighty - very great in amount, extent or degree

Horus* - the name of an Egyptian deity, represented in art as having the head of a hawk.


cope - the shock of combat, encounter; a bargain