robe + poor Rube (Slang) - helpless rustic in New York City.

pool (Dutch) - pole + wool pullover.

roover (Dutch) - robber + There's no fool like an old fool (proverb).

polar bear - the white bear of Arctic regions + beer (Dutch) - bear.

turn out - to come to be, become ultimately (and so be found or known to be)

Bruin - an appellation applied, after the manner of a proper name, to the Common or Brown Bear; also, the name of the bear in Reynard the Fox + Brian O'Linn - Irish ballad hero, first to wear clothes, make them of simple materials like sheepskin, shells, etc. + Brian O'Linn (Rhyming Slang) - gin + bruin (Dutch) - brown.

barge - a small sea-going vessel with sails + Isaiah 2:4: 'They shall beat their swords into plowshares'.

pram - a flat-bottomed boat or lighter, used especially in the Baltic and the Netherlands for shipping cargo, etc. + battering ram - an ancient military engine employed for battering down walls, consisting of a beam of wood, with a mass of iron at one end, sometimes in the form of a ram's head. 

wattling - an interwoven mesh of twigs + Watling Street, Dublin + The Rocky Road to Dublin (song).

fairy - of the nature of fairies; enchanted, illusory, fictitious + by my fay - by my faith (quasi oath) + Polly-wolly-doodle (song): 'my fairy fay'.

mixer - one who mixes (in various senses of the vb.)

ashe = ash; ask + Gideon was son of Joash Judges 6:29: And they said one to another, Who hath done this thing? And when they enquired and asked, they said, Gideon the son of Joash hath done this thing.

fonder - a tempter + co-father + cofounder + godfather.

wiry - resembling wire in form and consistence; tough and flexible: said esp. of hair + winky eyes and wiry hair + Polly-wolly-doodle (song): 'curly eyes and laughing hair'.

thinking about + talking about.

melton - type of cloth + Andrew Miller - Naval slang. A ship, esp. of war + Andrew Martins (Irish) - pranks, tricks, shenaningans.

lovsang (Norwegian) - song of praise + Hood: Song of the Shirt (poem).

shifty - fond of indirect or dishonest methods; addicted to evasion or artifice; not straightforward, not to be depended on; changing or shifting in position

think - an act of (continued) thinking; a meditation

Judges 6:39: 'Let me prove, I pray thee, but this once with the fleece' (Gideon) + 111 (motif).

McCann, Philip - Joyce's godfather, who first told the story of the Norwegian Captain. 

poles apart - completely opposite to or different from (someone or something); widely separated or divided e. g. in opinions or characteristics

asunder - in or into a position apart or separate; apart

tie up - to join in marriage; to tie (a person or animal) to some fixed object or in some confined space, so as to prevent from escaping

luxure = luxury - lasciviousness, lust + Marry in haste and repent at leisure (proverb).

better - to make better; to improve, amend

true blue - (fig.) faithful, staunch and unwavering (in one's faith, principles, etc.): sterling, genuine, real

Protestant + predestined.

arson - the act of wilfully and maliciously setting fire to another man's house, ship, forest, or similar property + person + parson.

tyler = tiler (obs.) - Freemasonry. (Usually tyler.) The doorkeeper who keeps the uninitiated from intruding upon the secrecy of the lodge or meeting; one who covers the roofs of buildings with tiles + tyle (Welsh) - hill + tailor

bach - a bachelor + Bach (ger) - brook + bach (Welsh) - little.

roundabout - a circuitous or indirect way, a detour + (rounds of drinks).

donacht (dunukht) (gael) - evil, badness + dennoch (ger) - nevertheless + donochs (Irish) - mugs.

volumed - formed into a rolling, rounded, or dense mass + My Last Cigar (song): 'the volumed smoke'.

clonk - an abrupt, heavy sound as when something unresilient strikes a hard surface + clock

stumble - a blunder, slip

warn - warning + one + Henry Clay Work: Come Home Father (song): 'The clock in the belfry strikes one... The clock in the steeple strikes two'.

lay out - to display, exhibit, expose; to stretch out and prepare (a body) for burial + Rosin the Beau (song): 'When I'm dead and laid out on the counter'.

counter - table consisting of a horizontal surface over which business is transacted 

slavocrat - a member of the slavocracy (slave-holders collectively as a dominant or powerful class) + Slabokrates (gr) - Slav-ruler + Lincoln and Liberty (song): 'the Slavocrat's giant he slew'.

skib (Norwegian) - ship

onerable - burdensome, onerous + right honourable (the captain) + FSTD: sagd sayd he to Kersse her goosefatther, when they it comes to the ride onerable,

nanny - a child's form of address to a nurse; hence, a children's nurse + An Eanaigh (unani) (gael) - The Fenny; river, Co. Meath, where Malachy I drowned prince of Bregia (604.04); anglic. Nanny.

Ni Saoraidhe (ni siri) (gael) - daughter of descendant of Siocfhraidh (Norse Sigefrith, "victory-peace")

Dinamarquesa (Portuguese) - Danish (feminine) + Dona marquesa (Portuguese) - Mrs. marchioness.

lay - an act of sexual intercourse

house on the mountain

rúm (Icelandic) - bed

herbergage - place of lodging or entertainment; inn + Herberge (ger) - shelter, hostel + herberg (Dutch) - inn + herbergi (Icelandic) - room.


buckle - fastener that fastens together two ends of a belt or strap + catch - any contrivance for checking the motion of a piece of mechanism, a door, etc.

elding - old age + elding (Icelandic) - lightning + elding (Old Icelandic) - firing, heating + eld (Norwegian) - fire + olding (Norwegian) - old man.

lif = lief - a beloved, a dear one; a friend, sweetheart, mistress; occas. a wife + líf (Icelandic) - life. 

privacy - the state or condition of being alone, undisturbed, or free from public attention + pravitas (l) - crookedness, perversity, deformity + depravity.

prima - It. fem. of primo (first) + nocturne - Painting. A night-piece, night-scene; Mus. A composition of a dreamy character + jus primus noctis (l) - droit de seigneur (literally 'first night rights').

hap = hop (obs.)

Thomas Moore, song: At the Mid Hour of Night [air: Molly, My Dear]

fyrst = first (obs.) + fyrstik (Norwegian) - match + fyrtste (Danish) - prince + thirty.

ever so - 'in any conceivable degree'


husband + James Joyce: Dubliners: A Mother: 'Hoppy Holohan' + Hellespontos (gr) - Sea of Helle (who drowned in it): modern Dardanelles.


sea chest - a seaman's chest or box for his own clothing, etc.

renumber - to number afresh + remember.

Molly, My Dear - air to Moore's song At the Mid Hour of Night

long roll - a beat of drum by which troops are assembled at any particular spot or rendezvous or parade

emma - used orig. in telephone communications and in the oral transliteration of code messages, hence colloq., for 'm' + 'sweetheart Emma' - Lady Hamilton, Nelson's mistress.

sailor proverbially has wife in every port

Copenhagen + coxen = coxswain (obs.) - the helmsman of a boat + hagen (Norwegian) - the garden + Battle of Copenhagen (Nelson's victory).

brothel - bordel-house + brott (Norwegian) - surf + Battle of the Nile (Nelson's victory).

twilight + Thomas Moore: Ill Omens (song): 'When daylight was yet sleeping under the billow' [air: Kitty of Coleraine; or, Paddy's Resource].

ill omened - having or attended by bad omens

Kitty of Coleraine - in an Irish ballad, she broke a pitcher of milk and was comforted by a kiss from a nice young man. It is the air to Moore's "When Daylight Was Yet Sleeping." 

sing matins - Chiefly of birds: to sing their morning song + St Matthew's Church at Ringsend was formerly a shore chapel for seamen + ST MARTIN'S IN THE FIELDS - London church, North-East corner of Trafalgar Square, Westminster.

Ringsend - district of Dublin + seng (Danish) - bed + (bells).

bing - to go + rings

Harry + heri (l) - yesterday + hiri, iri (Basque) - village.

concurrent - going on side by side, as proceedings; occurring together, as events or circumstances; existing or arising together + conquerant - adj. Conquering, victorious + concor (Basque) - hunchback + See, the Conqu'ring Hero Comes (song).

hero + ehr (Chinese) - ear + ertzo (Basque) - mad.

refr (Icelandic) - fox

Fuchs (ger) - fox + Fox Goodman.

gut Mann (ger) - good man

I'll Tell the World (song)

stableboy - a boy or man employed in or about a stable + steeple - a lofty tower forming part of a church.

revenger - one who revenges; an avenger + steeple-boy's revenge.

Thingvellir - seat of Icelandic parliament; a great bell was sent there when Christianity adopted by Icelanders



rapt - entranced, ravished, enraptured, etc. + raped.

apt - suited, fitted; having the requisite qualifications

breed - the act of breeding; hence, the progeny or race in which this results

Thalatta! Thalatta! (gr) - Sea! Sea! + thalassa (gr) - sea + talasi (Serbian) - waves.

buoy - to keep up, to keep from sinking + Thomas Moore, song: Before the Battle: 'By the hope within us springing' [air: The Fairy Queen].

hoop = hope (obs.)

time better

embrace - the action of folding in the arms, of pressing to the bosom

doll - to dress up finely or elaborately; to deck up

fairy queen - the queen of the fairies; also, the player who takes the part of the fairy queen in a pantomime + fiery - ardent, eager + quean (Slang) - whore + "I have already noted the fireplace's role as a conduit to Issy's room upstairs. Inevitably, Issy is envisioned as Cinderella or 'Mades of ashens' or 'our fiery quean', as a prankquean who 'lit up and fireland was ablaze'. In at least one passage she is herself the tinselly sparks, 'tarnished' and 'glooming' as they fade to ashes, waiting for their lover's 'wind' to blow them to life (226.04-8)". (John Gordon: Finnegans Wake: a plot summary). 

stand up - to be set upright; to be or become erect

double ('ka') - vital force and vehicle of personified desire. One of the subtle bodies in the 'khat' (physical body). The deceased speaks of "you {the heart} are my Ka within my body which joins and makes strong my limbs." The Papyrus of Ani (30B - Plate 3 - Egyptian text in Budge, 1967). The functions of the 'ka' reveal themselves "par excellence" in the process of dying. This starts when the 'ka' starts to withdraw its vital force from the 'khat' into itself. The moment of death occurs when the 'khat' becomes separated from the 'ka'. This process is complete when the connection with the 'khat' is finally broken.

The soul of the deceased, having wandered through the nocturnal gloom of Amenti in estrangement from his deadened body, joined its new "spirit-body" which lay co-spatially within its corpse; and the "double tet" of this renewed body - its backbone and its phallus - prepared to stand up (John Bishop: Joyce's Book of the Dark) + The original home of Osiris was the temple city Per-Asar-neb-Tetu (the Greek Busiris), situated in the 9th nome of Lower Egypt. Here was preserved the backbone of Osiris, the "tet", and grew the sacred acacia etc. As his cult extended, Osiris assumed & assimilated the forms of the gods of the dead of other nomes and cities like Memphis (Ptah-Seker) and Abydos (Khenti-Amenti). Before Osiris had arrived at Abydos from the North, Khenti-Amenti ("Foremost of those of the West") had been one of the oldest gods of Abydos.

overseer - one who oversees or superintends, a supervisor; esp. one whose business it is to superintend a piece of work, or a body of workmen + 'The overseer of the house of the overseer of the seal, Nu, triumphant, saith:' (frequent introduction in The Book of the Dead; section 4n3: (explains the name Nu as) 'the watery mass out of which all the gods were evolved').

mighty - very great in amount, extent or degree

Horus - the name of an Egyptian deity, represented in art as having the head of a hawk + Budge: The Book of the Dead ch. XX: 'on the night of making to stand up the double Tet... on the night of the things of the night... and on the night of making Horus to triumph over his enemies'.

cope - the shock of combat, encounter; a bargain

plousios (gr) - rich + plus + please.

Rotshilds + roede (Dutch) - rod, penis.

eliza belza (Basque) - black church + bellezza (it) - beauty.

bedpan - a shallow vessel used by a bedridden patient for defecation and urination

Lord's Prayer: 'Thy will be done'