Jinko (Basque) - God

randy - a noisy merry-making or revel + Yankee Doodle Dandy (song).

basta! (it) - that's enough! + basco - adj. Basque, language of the Basques + besta (Basque) - fiesta + Pazko (Basque) - Easter.

Siamese - closely connected or similar. Also, pertaining to or characteristic of Siamese twins + suomea (Finnish) - Finnish.

jodhpurs - riding-breeches reaching to the ankle, combining breeches and gaiters

small - a child, a little one; (pl.) small clothes; formerly, breeches; now, underclothes

tailorless - without a tailor

copener - a paramour (love; esp. sexual love)

crib - a small rectangular bed for a child, with barred or latticed sides


puss - applied to a girl or woman; in current use, playfully, as a familiar term of endearment, often connoting slyness + puss (Irish) - mouth (pejorative) + Manneken Pis - statue in Brussels of a child urinating.

Horatia - Nelson's daughter

comrade - an associate in friendship, occupation, fortunes, etc., a close companion; fellow-soldier

Valdemar - several Danish Kings

brigadier-general - a military officer in command of a brigade

Magnus (l) - "the Great": Roman surname + Albertus Magnus - 13th century theologian, philosopher and teacher of Aquinas + FSTD: she will make a pair for my old Saltymar here, [A.I.] Magnus, [the flappanorser flappenooser,]

lifeboat - a boat specially constructed for saving lives in cases of loss of a vessel at sea

olivengrene (Danish) = olivengrönn (Landsmaal) - olive branches + ulivs- (Norwegian) - mortal-, fatal-, death- + grene = green (obs.)

Oslo - the name of the capital of Norway

homespun - fig. Of domestic origin or quality; simple, unsophisticated + husband

fuss - a bustle or commotion out of proportion to the occasion; a needless or excessive display of concern about anything + Fuss (ger) - foot.

north-north-east - in the direction lying midway between north and north-east + Norse - a Norwegian.

muss - a disturbance, row (obs.); a state of untidiness; a muddle, mess + muss (ger) - must.

gluepot - a patch of wet or muddy ground in which one 'sticks'; a pot in which glue is melted by the heat of water in an outer vessel; Slang: parson (from joining men and women in matrimony).

graving dock - dry dock where a ship goes to have its bottom cleaned

groovy - resembling a groove; marvelous, wonderful

anker - a measure of wine and spirits, used in Holland, North Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Russia; a cask or keg holding that quantity + Anker (ger) = anker (Norwegian, Dutch) - anchor.

a hundred per cent - used adjectivally or adverbially with the meaning 'entire(ly), complete(ly)'

manhood - the qualities eminently becoming a man; manliness, courage, valour + tombstones commemorating Northeasts, Glues, Gravys, Ankers and Earwickers at Sidlesham in the Hundred of Manhood, West Sussex [030.06-.08]

ch'en (Chinese) - sensual pleasure + chin-chin (toast) + chicken.

banzai (Japanese) - a cheer; ten thousand years + Japanese bonsai trees.

Nippon - Japan

doze - a fit of dozing; a short slumber + nose.

best + Bett (ger) - bed.

bluffy - rather bluff, inclining to bluffness (good-naturedly blunt, frank, or plain-spoken; rough and hearty; usually giving the notion of personal power or energy exhibiting itself in an abrupt but good-natured way).

blubber - one who blubs (to weep effusively; to weep and sob unrestrainedly and noisily) + landlubber - a sailor's term of contempt for a landsman.

widgeon (obs) - fool + Norwegian.

skib (Norwegian) - ship + Ulysses.16.462: 'the best bloody man that ever scuttled a ship' + FSTD: who he is the bettest bluffy blondblubber of an olewidgeon what ever sput overspat a skuttle skettle in a skib.

caw - a representation of the cry of a rook or crow + caught and caged (married).

coo - to make the soft murmuring sound or note characteristic of doves and pigeons + {the wedding takes place with much celebration - the tale of Kersse the tailor and the Norwegian captain ends}

dub (Russian) - oak + Dublin + Judges 6:40: 'And God did so that night' (gave sign to Gideon).

Fingal - Finn's name in Macpherson's Ossian poems. Fingal is a Scottish hero who comes to Ireland and fights the Danes. The Irish called certain Norse invaders, fingal or fingall, meaning "fair stranger" + Fionnghal na buaidh (Fion gal na buai) (gael) - Fair-fight of the victories or Fingal of Victories; title attributed by Macpherson to his Fingal (as he was said to have never been overcome in battle) + Fingal - region of North County Dublin.

CAN-MATHON - gael. Ceann-mathghamhna (kyoun mahune): "Bear's Head"; In Macpherson's Temora (VII, 309), the name of a star + Matha - warrior in Macpherson's: The Poems of Ossian: Fingal. 

CATHLIN - gael. Ga-linn (go lin): "Ray of the sea"; In Macpherson's Temora (VIII, 309), the name of a star + Cathlin - heroine of James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Cathlin of Clutha (about a girl disguised as a warrior). 

shouter - one who shouts or cries out loudly + in Celtic legend, the three sons of Tuireann had to give three shouts on a hill as part of their penance for the murder of Kian.

Erin Half-heard Their Harps (song) + James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Lathmon: 'Night came down on Morven. Fingal sat at the beam of the oak... Three bards at times, touched the harp'.

James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Berrathon: (Fingal) 'strikes the half-viewless harp'.

surly - churlishly ill-humoured; rude and cross; 'gloomily morose'

Tuathal - father of Gelchossa in Fingal (Macpherson glosses 'Tuathal' in Fingal as "surly")

drear - full of sadness or melancholy

Darthula - gael. Dart-shuile (dort hule): "Heifer eyes"; Macpherson explains Dar-Thula in Dar-Thula as "Dart-'huile, a woman with fine eyes. She was the most famous beauty of antiquity".

Roscranna - Cormac's daughter, Fingal's wife in Macpherson's Temora. gael. Ros-chranna (ruskhrone): "Shrub-trees"; 'Roscrana' is glossed by Macpherson (inexplicably): "the beam of the rising sun" [James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Temora IV: 'Fingal relates, at the feast, his own first expedition into Ireland, and his marriage with Ros-cranna, the daughter of Cormac, king of that island'] + Rosc-ghreine (ruskgreni) (gael) - Eye of the sun; possible basis for Macpherson's gloss + crann (kroun) (gael) - tree, beam (of wood), beam of light (fig.).

BOLGA - According to MacPherson's notes, the South parts of Ireland were known by the name of Bolga, from the Firbolg, or Belgae, legendary colonists; bolga, "quiver"; Fir-bolg, "bowmen" + bølge (Norwegian) - wave, billow + boyo (Irish) - chap, lad. 

Cormac MacAirt - Grania's father

ole = old + James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Cath-loda I: 'Each soul was rolled into itself' + James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Temora II: (of Fingal) 'His soul was rolled into itself'.

government + (marriage licence) + two month's license.

lease - a contract between parties, by which the one conveys lands or tenements to the other for life, for years, or at will, usually in consideration of rent or other periodical compensation; fig. with reference to the permanence of occupation guaranteed by a lease + peace on earth.

honeysuckle - honey 'sucked' or gathered by bees + "In the Suvasini the Fire is at the vagina, rather at the mouth of the uterus which can both receive impressions and transmit vibrations and effluvia that can kill or create according to ghe nature of the handling it gets in the Ritual... One of the greater dangers to be avoided may be caused by the Fire Snake as She rises. One of Her functions, when provoked, is to burn up the toxins and waste matter during the course of Her ascent. But if the fire burns too fiercely the waters (cerebro-spinal fluid) may be dried up. In order to forestall this possibility the Suvasini can be 'milked', and her fluids imbibed... infernal Fire was woshipped as the solar-phallic Fire Snake - the 'sun in Amenta' of later myth-cycles - sometimes identified with the headless or faceless deity in the Tunnels of Set. For the fully initiated Kaula Adept, the universe is a manifestation of perpetual joy, bliss, Amrita (deathlessness), from which he distils the elixir of immortality." Kenneth Grant: Beyond the Mauve Zone

ryssiä (Finnish) - Russian (derogatory) + "In a further letter [to Živorad Mihajlović], dated October 17th, 1977, Bertiaux provides a fascinating glimpse of his own Magical Universe: 'Years ago, in my former life-time, I was a bishop in a Russian Orthodox Church, and was conducting the liturgy in Moscow, in the cathedral of St. Basil which was built by Tsar Ivan...' Bertiaux went on to explain that of all the older religions, Aiwaz claimed for the Slavic the greatest power 'for magical transformation into pure energies'. Not, he hastened to add, the old Orthodox Church, 'but the new Church of the new Aeon which was all energy and light and will." Kenneth Grant: Beyond the Mauve Zone

boom - a loud, deep sound with much resonance or humming effect, as of a distant cannon, a large bell, etc. + [Nestor speaking]: "Hours must have passed. Suddenly I felt a blow inside of me, behind my throat, and the sound of a bell in my cars. I remembered what the Nagual had told Eligio and Benigno before they jumped. He said that the feeling in the throat came just before one was ready to change speed, and that the sound of the bell was the vehicle that one could use to accomplish anything that one needed." Carlos Castaneda: The Second Ring of Power

bragues (fr) - breeches + Battle of Prague, 1757.

Sandgate Street, Newcastle + The Keel Row (song): 'As I came thro' Sandgate'.

bobby - a slang nickname for a policeman + 'Gin a body meet a body comin' through the rye' (song).

mob - to abuse, scold, rail at

biddy - a woman, usu. with derogatory implication  


doss - a place for sleeping in, a bed; esp. a bed in a common lodging-house; an ornamental cloth used to cover the back of a seat, esp. of a throne or chair of state, or as a hanging for the wall of a hall or room of state, or of the chancel of a church.

dunnage - light material, as brushwood, mats, and the like, stowed among and beneath the cargo of a vessel to keep it from injury by chafing or wet; Loosely used for miscellaneous baggage; slang, a sailor's or tramp's clothes.

doornail - a large-headed nail, with which doors were formerly studded for strength, protection, or ornamentation + dour (Irish) - door.

clog - a shoe with a thick wooden sole protected by a rim of metal, worn in the north

leg - to use the legs, to walk fast or run

ghost town - (orig. U.S.) a town partially or completely devoid of its inhabitants

Pompeii - Italian town buried by an eruption of Mount Vesuvius in the year 79 a.d.

up to date - right up to the present time, or the time of writing; presenting or inclusive of the latest facts, details, etc.

sprig - a small projecting part or point; a small slender nail, either wedge-shaped and headless, or square-bodied with a slight head on one side

whiteboy - Irish Hist. A member of a secret agrarian association formed in 1761. + white heather (lucky).

Luke J. Elcock - mayor of Drogheda, 1916

heirloom - any piece of personal property that has been in a family for several generations; fig. Anything inherited from a line of ancestors, or handed down from generation to generation.

dummy - a deaf-mute; a tramp or beggar who pretends to be deaf and dumb

John Peel (song): 'his coat so grey'

troop the colour - Mil. To perform that portion of the ceremonial known as Mounting of the Guard in which the colour is received.

reire (Provençal) - rere


posh - elegant, fashionable

halfcrown - a coin (latterly silver) of Great Britain, of the value of two shillings and sixpence

jool (Dutch) - fun, drunken frolic, high jinks

Grand Duke Mecklenburg + Grand Duke Michael.

Peter I the Great (Russian Pyotr I Veliky, in full Pyotr Alekseyevich) - tsar of Russia from 1682 and emperor from 1721.

RUE DE L'ABBE DE L'EPEE - Paris street. Site of the Inst Nat des Sourds-Muets, founded 1791 to continue work of Charles-Michel, Abbe de l'Epee, who originated the instruction of deaf-mutes in sign language + rue de la Paix (French paix: peace) - Paris. 

jubilee + jeu (fr) - game.

jour (fr) - day + All Saints' Day - (first of November), instituted early in the 7th century, when the Pantheon was transformed into a Christian church.

Free Stater - a native or inhabitant of a free state as the Orange Free State or Irish Free State

publican - one who keeps a public house, a licensed victualler; any collector of toll, tribute, customs, or the like. Also fig.

haft - a handle; esp. that of a cutting or piercing instrument, as a dagger, knife, sickle, etc. + Haft (ger) - rivet, brace.

glaive - a sword; a weapon consisting of a blade fastened to a long handle; a kind of halbert (obs.); a lance or spear (obs.) + hand in glove. 

threat - a denunciation to a person of ill to befall him; esp. a declaration of hostile determination or of loss, pain, punishment, or damage to be inflicted in retribution for or conditionally upon some course + treaties + swear truth - to take an oath as to the fact or truth of; to confirm (a statement) by oath.

Himalayan + cymylog (Welsh) - cloudy.

give it out - to profess, give it to be believed that

Fatihah - the short first sura of the Koran, used by Muslims as a prayer + fathach (fohokh) (gael) - giant.

loudmouth - loud-mouthed, noisy + Lughbhadh (luva) (gael) - pertaining to Lugh (god of light and genius), co. N. of Dublin; anglic. Louth.

holy + Tim Healy, Irish Governor-General (betrayal of Parnell).

mealy - resembling meal, having the qualities of meal, powdery + Mary

emphasis - stress of voice laid on a word or phrase to indicate that it implies something more than, or different from, what it normally expresses, or simply to mark its importance + enfys (Welsh) - rainbow.

bring down - to cause to fall to the ground

Tartar - the infernal regions, hell; a native inhabitant of the region of Central Asia extending eastward from the Caspian Sea + Teamhar (t'our) (gael) - Prospective-hill; anc. royal capital; anglic. Tara + taran (Welsh) - thunder + French Revolution's Reign of Terror.

Nuvoletta [157.08] + It's never too late to mend (proverb) - You’re never too old to change your ways. Learning is always possible.

bethel - a hallowed spot; a place where God is worshipped + Halley's comet + battle.

conspectrum (l) - the visibility of a thing

scapegoat - in the Mosaic ritual of the Day of Atonement (Lev. xvi), that one of two goats that was chosen by lot to be sent alive into the wilderness, the sins of the people having been symbolically laid upon it, while the other was appointed to be sacrificed; one who is blamed or punished for the sins of others + scape - an act of escaping; an inadvertent mistake + Skin-the-goat (in Ulysses; figured in the Phoenix Park murders).