gabhar (gour) (gael) = gafr (gover) (welsh) - goat

saunders blue - a name for ultramarine ashes + Sunder (ger) - sinner + 'The Sinners' Bible' left out a 'not' from the 10th Commandment.


spurtle - the action of spurting or shooting in a scattering manner + sparkle

spitfire - that spits fire, fire-spitting; a slight eruption or explosion

nook - an interior angle formed by the meeting of two walls or similar boundaries; any small corner or recess. Also fig.

Ppt (motif)


Paul/Peter (motif) + "Hadn't he seven dams to wive him? And every dam had her seven crutches. And every crutch had its seven hues. And each hue had a differing cry. Sudds for me and supper for you and the doctor's bill for Joe John." [215.15-.18]

Matt (ger) - exhausted + Mathew, Father Theobald (1790-1856) - Irish temperance advocate. He always doubles with Matt Gregory (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake). 

taytotally (Irish) - utterly, entirely + teetotally.

troubled - disturbed; disquieted; disordered 

grinned down

leanbh (lanev) (gael) - child + Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson: first and fourth lines of Norway's national anthem: 'Ja, vi elsker dette landet... Med de tusen hjem': 'Yes, we love this country... with its thousands homes'.

peal - a discharge of guns or cannon so as to produce a loud sound

vil (Norwegian) - will + vill (Norwegian) - wild.

shanty - showy, smart + Irish National Anthem: 'Mid cannons' roar and rifles' peal We'll chant a soldiers' song'.

always + Solveig - Peer Gynt's girl, whose song ends the play. The Russian for "nightingale' is solovei

Tyrrhene - one of the Tyrrheni; an Etruscan; one of Pelasgian people who migrated to Italy and formed the parent stock of the Etruscans + TYRRHENIAN SEA - The Mediterranean between Italy on the East and Corsica and Sardinia on the West + tyr, hane (Norwegian) - bull, cock (cock and bull story) + Louis XIV, 1700: 'there are no more Pyrenees'. 

leader's + Our Lady's.

dim (Serbian) - smoke + Judges 6:40: 'for it was dry upon the fleece only, and there was dew on all the ground' (sign given to Gideon).

spin - to evolve, produce, contrive, or devise, in a manner suggestive of spinning

wharf - (pl. wharves) a substantial structure of timber, stone, etc., built along the water's edge, so that ships may lie alongside for loading and unloading

wove - pa. tense and pple. of weave (fig. To contrive, fabricate, or construct (a mental product) with elaborate care).

fewd = feud (obs.) 

nick - a verbal correspondence or resemblance; a pun (obs.) + the nick of time - the precise or exact moment or point of time when something takes place or requires to be done; the critical moment + nickname.

Vickers - the name of a manufacturing company, orig. Vickers, Ltd; one of a series of machine-guns manufactured by the company and used in both World Wars, esp. the 303 or Vickers Maxim + wicker... Ear (arse).

'Red Rowley' (pseudonym) - author of song 'Mademoiselle from Armentières'

lair - that whereon one lies down to sleep; a bed, couch

MacMurrough, Diarmaid - king of Leinster who invited Normans to Ireland and who abducted Dervorgilla, Tiernan O'Rourke's wife

Berkeley + Buckley.

Finn MacCool

fine - a sum of money offered or paid for exemption from punishment or by way of compensation for injury (obs.); a penalty of any kind (arch.) + Feines (ger) - something excellent.

sinn = sin (obs.) + Sinn (ger) - meaning, sense, opinion + sinn (Norwegian) - mind + Sinn Féin (Irish) - We Ourselves (slogan).

roped - tied or fastened with a rope; marked off by a rope, etc. Also fig. + Percy French: The Night Miss Cooney Eloped (song) + raped.

Rolf Ganger ("walker") or Rollo - chief of the Normans who invaded France, first duke of Normandy + rape (Norwegian) - to belch. 

bandbox - a slight box of card-board or very thin chip covered with paper, for collars, caps, hats, and millinery; originally made for the 'bands' or ruffs of the 17th c. Also fig., a fragile or flimsy structure or one in which the accommodation is restricted + Banba (Irish) - Ireland (poetic).

hoist - to raise aloft, to place on high

holder - a contrivance for holding, containing, or supporting something + 'Wid my bundle on my shoulder, Faith! there's no man could be boulder, I'm laving dear ould Ireland widout warning, For I lately took the notion, For to cross the briny ocean, and I start for Philadelphia in the morning'.

zigzag - to go or move in a zigzag course + tit for tat.

pool - a small body of standing or still water, permanent or temporary: chiefly, one of natural formation

polder - a piece of low-lying land reclaimed from the sea, a lake, or a river, from which it is protected by dikes: so called in the Netherlands; rarely used of similar land in other countries.


laughing jackass - the Giant Kingfisher of Australia, so called from its loud discordant cry + Hooper, 'Laughing Jack' - 18th-century hangman. 

augur - a religious official among the Romans, whose duty it was to predict future events and advise upon the course of public business, in accordance with omens derived from the flight, singing, and feeding of birds, the appearance of the entrails of sacrificial victims, celestial phenomena, and other portents. Hence extended to: A soothsayer, diviner, or prophet, generally; one that foretells the future.

Boche (fr) - German

motion picture - a 'moving picture'; a cinema film + (advertisement for motion picture).

Kitzy Kleinsuessmein - German for "kitten, small, sweet, mine." I assume it is Joyce's tribute to his small sweet kitten of a new Nora, who eloped with him from Finn's Hotel (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake) + Kitz (ger) - kitten, kid + klitzeklein (ger) - very small (informal).

elope - Law. Of a wife: To run away from her husband in the company of a paramour; in popular language also (and more frequently) said of a woman running away from home with a lover for the purpose of being married; gen. To run away, escape, abscond.

holm - a small island, an islet; esp. in a river, estuary, or lake, or near the mainland

fiord - a long, narrow arm of the sea, running up between high banks or cliffs, as on the coast of Norway + Hurdle Ford (name of Dublin).

nova (Serbian fem.) - new + nova (l) - new + Nora.

forening (Norwegian) - union, society

cuddle - a hug or embrace

make-fray - a raiser of quarrels + made three + made free.

homey - resembling or suggestive of home; home-like; having the feeling of home

du (Norwegian) - you + 'So they put on the kettle and they made tea and if they don't live happy, that you and I may' (formula ending for English fairy tales).

eye - to direct the eyes to, fix the eyes upon, look at or upon + hook and eye.

Mae West - American actress (fl. 1930s)

berth - Naut. Safety margin of distance to be kept by a vessel from another vessel or from an obstruction, hence the phrase, "to give a wide berth." Also, a bed or sleeping accommodation on a boat or ship + get the bird - (of an actor) to get strong disapproval by an audience often by whistling; Hence gen. To be dismissed, get the sack.

cot - to cohabit, to dwell with one in the same house + cot (Irish Pronunciation) - caught + FSTD: He goat a berth. And she cat cot a manege.

manege - a riding school; the movements proper to a trained horse + manège (fr) - stratagem (familiar) + ménage (fr) - household.

wohl (ger) - well + FSTD: And whoth's gorse mundum ganna wedst.

mundum (l) - the world, the universe + 'I got a shoe, you got a shoe, All God's chillun got shoes' (song).

go west - to die, to cease to exist or operate + 4-stage Viconian cycle (birth, marriage, death).

Knock, knock, who's there (Children’s game)

(*I*) + (Eve was born without an Adam's apple).

Kinder (ger) - children + kilder (Norwegian) - sources, fountainheads + Childermas - festival of Herod's slaughter of innocents + FSTD: The kilder came massed,

mass - to heap up, to amass

hundred + uhindret (Norwegian) - unhindered + 111 (motif) + FSTD: one, ten then ten and a hundred uhindred

harefoot - the foot of a hare, or a foot resembling a hare's

herringbone - the bone of a herring

bee's knees (Slang) - acme of perfection

barney - a lark or spree; humbug, cheating; spec. an unfair sporting contest; a noisy dispute or altercation + Dansk = Danish; Denmark + danske (Norwegian) - Dane + barn danced.

katharinos (gr) - pure + -een (Irish) - (diminutive) + (*K*) + Catherine wheel - a type of firework + FSTD: and they barany barney dunced a kathareen round to know the who and to show the howsome.

moder = mother (obs.) + moder (Norwegian) + Moder (ger) - mud, decay - mother + modar (Irish) - dark + FSTD: Why was you hiding, moder of moders?