poppa - papa

skyless - without visible sky; dark, cloudy

sergeantmajor - strong sweet tea; tea with rum; a field officer, one in each regiment, next in rank to the lieutenant-colonel, and corresponding partly to the 'major', partly to the 'adjutant', of the modern army.

tay - tea (obs.)

hard of hearing* - having difficulty in hearing

seeming - external appearance considered as deceptive, or as distinguished from reality.

limestone* - a rock which consists chiefly of carbonate of lime, and yields lime when burnt.

whipple tree* - usually glossed 'cornel-tree' 



tumble - to fall; esp. to fall in a helpless way, as from stumbling or violence; to have sexual intercourse with. 


thrilling - producing a sudden wave of excitement or emotion; piercing the feelings.

squeam - to turn sick or squeamish                                                                                                                              scream

threelegged - having three legs

dewy - wet or moistened, as with dew; falling gently, vanishing, as the dew


brimming - being full to the brim, overflowing

durst - pa. tense (and dial. pa. pple.) of dare (v.) 

catch as catch can* - Phrase expressing laying hold of in any way, each as he can; a difficult time when everyone must do his best.

highland - the mountainous or elevated part of any country

fling - to move with haste or violence from or towards an object; to caper, dance; to throw down, throw on the ground; spec. in wrestling.

tommy - a simpleton

tittle - to speak in a whisper or in a low voice, to whisper; also, to tell or utter by way of tattle or gossip.




three six nine


moke - a donkey                                                                                                                                                                    fox

whoops - an exclamation of dismay or surprise, usu. upon stumbling, or realizing an obvious mistake.

aleman* - ale-housekeeper


delude - to befool the mind or judgement of, so as to cause what is false to be accepted as true; to bring by deceit into a false opinion or belief; to cheat, deceive, beguile.

high place - in Scripture, a place of worship or sacrifice (usually idolatrous) on a hill or high ground; the altar and other appointments for such worship; also, in pl., the upper echelon of any organization.

tarn - a small mountain lake, having no significant tributaries

thwaite - a piece of ground; esp. a piece of ground cleared from forest or reclaimed from waste.

thorp - a hamlet, village, or small town

withe - a band, tie, or shackle consisting of a tough flexible twig or branch, or of several twisted together; such a twig or branch, as of willow or osier, used for binding or tying, and sometimes for plaiting.

toft - originally, a homestead, the site of a house and its out-buildings

fosse - a ditch or dike formed to serve as a barrier against an advancing foe, a moat surrounding a fortified place.

fell - a hill, mountain; a wild, elevated stretch of waste or pasture land

haugh - a piece of flat alluvial land by the side of a river, forming part of the floor of the river valley; the original sense was perh. 'corner or nook (of land) in the bend or angle of the river'.

shaw - a thicket, a small wood, copse or grove; a strip of wood or underwood forming the border of a field.

garth - a small piece of enclosed ground, usually beside a house or other building, used as a yard, garden, or paddock.

dale - a valley. In the northern counties, the usual name of a river-valley between its enclosing ranges of hills or high land. 

murehearted* - tender-hearted

toroidal - resembling or pertaining to a torus

ducky - sweet, pretty; fine, splendid. 

divvy - extremely pleasant, 'divine', 'heavenly'

trader - one whose business is trade or commerce

Anna Karenina

Brian Boru

gage - a pledge (usually a glove thrown on the ground) of a person's appearance to do battle in support of his assertions.

lil - little

lolly - a sweetmeat; money 

lavender* - a washerwoman, laundress


capriole - a leap or caper, as in dancing

covet - to desire; esp. to desire eagerly, to wish for, long for

crane - a large grallatorial bird of the family Gruidę, characterized by very long legs, neck, and bill.

feint - an assumed appearance

assalt - assault (obs.)

magazine wall

laetification - rejoicing; also, a making joyful

Christianization* - making Christian; conversion to Christianity

first lady - the most important lady

fleet - a place where water flows; an arm of the sea; a creek, inlet, run of water.

wild man* - a man of an uncivilized race or tribe; a savage:                 main - the high sea, the open ocean.

Borneo* - the name of a large island in the Indian Archipelago

jest = just