hip hip hurrah* - an exclamation used to introduce a united cheer.

goody - good in a weak or sentimental way; addicted to or characterized by inept manifestations of good or pious sentiment.

schooner* - a small sea-going fore-and-aft rigged vessel, originally with only two masts, but  now often with three or four masts and carrying one or more topsails.

put off - Naut. To leave the land; to set out or start on a voyage.

fie - an exclamation expressing, in early use, disgust or indignant reproach. No longer current in dignified language; said to children to excite shame for some unbecoming action, and hence often used to express the humorous pretence of feeling 'shocked'. Sometimes more fully fie, for shame!

haunt - to practise habitually, familiarly, or frequently (obs.)

unruly* - not amenable to rule or discipline

creek - to bend, turn, wind

Gestapo* - the secret police of the Nazi regime in Germany


cheeker* - one who 'cheeks' or addresses impudently

frankfurter - a highly seasoned smoked beef and pork sausage, originally made at Frankfurt am Main.

wiley = wily (obs.)

Goth - one of a Germanic tribe, who, in the third, fourth, and fifth centuries, invaded both the Eastern and Western empires, and founded kingdoms in Italy, France, and Spain                                                                                                                      god


tolk - a man (obs.)

drain - a channel by which liquid is drained or gradually carried off; esp. an artificial conduit  or channel for carrying off water, sewage, etc. 

plantage - plants in the mass; vegetation, herbage

wattle and daub - interwoven twigs plastered with clay or mud, as a building material for huts, cottages, etc.

pale - to make pale, cause to become pale

boath = both (obs.)


touchwood - the soft white substance into which wood is converted by the action of certain fungi, especially of Polyporus squamosus, and which has the property of burning for many hours when once ignited, and is occasionally self-luminous; fig. Said of a thing or person that easily 'takes fire', or which, like tinder, 'kindles' something else; esp. an irascible or passionate person, one easily incensed.

pop - a term of endearment for a girl or woman; darling; also, a mistress, a kept woman; a local name of the Redwing (Turdus iliacus); abbreviation of poppa; Hence in extended use, an  elderly man.

puma - a large American feline quadruped, Felis concolor, also called cougar.

calf - the young of any bovine animal, esp. of the domestic cow

condor - a very large South American bird of the vulture kind (Sarcorhamphus gryphus), inhabiting chiefly the high regions of the Andes.

auspice* - prosperous lead; propitious influence exerted on behalf of any undertaking; patronage, favouring direction; esp. in phr. under the auspices of.

incorporated - united into one body, combined

chal - the Gipsy word for 'person, man, fellow': sometimes (with the corresponding feminine chai) used in speaking of gipsies, by way of displaying familiarity with them and their  language.

chi - the name of c, the 22nd letter of the Greek alphabet

rein - fig. To rule, guide, or govern; to pull up or back, to check and hold in, by means of the reins.

cavern - a cave                                                                                                                                                                 raven

bump - to strike solidly, to come with a bump or violent jolt against

slump - to throw down heavily, to slam

mons - the Latin word for 'mount', 'mountain', used in certain phrases                                                                                 man


fix - a bribe; bribery; an illicit arrangement

lordship* - the personality of a lord, esp. with possessive pronouns; your lordship: a form of address to noblemen.

landship* - a ship erected and kept on land for training purposes


incidence - incident (obs.)

happy go lucky* - as luck will have it, haphazard; Of persons or their actions: Taking things as they happen to come; easy-going;    hoppy - a lame man.

collude - to act in secret concert with, chiefly in order to trick or baffle some third person or party; to play into one another's hands; to conspire, plot, connive                                                                                                                                             collided

to let the cat out of the bag* - to make known something that was a secret esp. to make it known accidentally and at a wrong time.



Fenian - one of an organization or 'brotherhood' formed among the Irish in the United States of America for promoting and assisting revolutionary movements, and for the overthrow of the English government in Ireland.

whome = home (obs.)                                                                                                                                                     whom

forecast* - to estimate, conjecture, or imagine beforehand (the course of events or future condition of things).

pier - one of the supports of the spans of a bridge, whether arched or otherwise formed.

inver - the mouth of a river

mating - that mates; pairing                                                                                                                                            making

pontoon* - a flat-bottomed boat used as a lighter, ferry-boat, or the like; spec. in Mil. Engineering, such a boat, or other floating vessel (as a hollow metal cylinder), of which a number are used to support a temporary bridge over a river                        point


eke - also, too, moreover; in addition

ysend* = ysent - ME. pa. pple. of send (v.)                                                                                                                          said

Nile* - the name of a river in North Africa

cataract* - pl. flood-gates, sluices

Assuan* - city, Egypt, on the east bank of the Nile just below the First Cataract

dam;                     damn

calipers - a kind of compasses with bowed legs for measuring the diameter of convex bodies.

pseudonym* - a false or fictitious name, esp. one assumed by an author

sheath - a case or covering into which a blade is thrust when not in use

zdravstvuj (r.) - hello

gospodin (r.) - sir

oozle - to undulate; to move slowly

cit - short for citizen                                                                                                                                                             city

leak - to pass (out, away, forth) by a leak or leakage

asphalt - a composition made by mixing bitumen, pitch, and sand, or manufactured from natural bituminous limestones, used to pave streets and walks, to line cisterns, etc.

rure - fall, ruin

like old boots* - vigorously, thoroughgoingly

interruption* - hindrance of the course or continuance of something; a break

check - an interruption in a course, a sudden stoppage or pause

slowback - a slothful or sluggish person; a sluggard

adverse* - opposite in position