parrots' plague (rinderpest)* - a contagious disease to which parrots are subject.

spick and span* - brand new, fresh, spotlessly clean and neat

spoon - pl. Sentimental or silly fondness. Also applied to persons: Sweethearts. Rarely in sing., an instance of sentimental love-play; a fond lover.

panny - like or characteristic of a pan

folly - to commit folly, to act foolishly

porzy = pursy (obs.) - fat, corpulent; having a full purse; rich, wealthy; purse-proud.

wanton - a lascivious or lewd person

tumble* - to fall; to have sexual intercourse with

tall hat* - a silk hat with high cylindrical crown


vulcanite - a preparation of india rubber and sulphur hardened by exposure to intense heat; ebonite.

profuse - to pour forth; to expend, bestow, or produce freely or lavishly;                profess - to declare openly, announce, affirm.

nightcap* - a covering for the head, worn especially in bed

hereby - by, through, or from this fact or circumstance; as a result of this; by this means.


defeater - one who or that which defeats

defaulter - one who is guilty of default; esp. one who fails to perform some duty or obligation legally required of him; one who fails to appear when required; one who fails properly to account for money or other property entrusted to his care, esp. through having misappropriated it to his own use.

willing - willingly, consentingly, without reluctance;               tone - to utter with a musical sound, or in a special or affected tone.

down on

browen - obs. pl. of brow


Parnellite* - a follower of C. S. Parnell

odd - to make odd or irregular                                                                                                                                        adding

stiff* - severe, stern; formal, constrained, lacking ease or grace

tight - Applied to persons: tough, hard, unyielding; also, aggressive, 'stroppy'

this is






goff - a foolish clown, a silly fellow, an oaf;      stature - the height of an animal body in its normal standing position            gesture

prosit - Used to wish good health, success, etc., esp. as a toast in German-speaking countries.

comical* - mirth-provoking, humorous, jocose, funny; queer, strange, odd (colloq.)

pickle - to put into or steep in pickle; to preserve in pickle. (Sometimes, To preserve with salt, to salt, as butter); Naut. To rub salt, or salt and vinegar, on the back after whipping or flogging: formerly practised as a punishment.

Punch* - the name of the principal character, a grotesque hump-backed figure, in the puppet-show called Punch and Judy. (The name Judy for 'Punch's wife' appears to be later.)

gamey = gamy - spirited, plucky: showing fight to the last

sing - an act of singing

dummy - a figure representing a human being, animal, etc., used by a ventriloquist. 

chromo - a prostitute; chromolithograph (a picture printed in colours from stone).

almanac* - an annual table, or (more usually) a book of tables, containing a calendar of months and days, with astronomical data and calculations, ecclesiastical and other anniversaries, besides other useful information, and, in former days, astrological and astrometeorological forecasts.  

flunder = flounder (obs.) - to move on with clumsy or rolling gait, to struggle along with difficulty; Of a horse: To rear, plunge.

Kate* - a pet-form of the female name Katherine

come and go* - to come to a place and depart again, whether for once, or with repetition.

henchwoman* - a female attendant, a waiting-woman

to hop it - to be off, go away quickly


con - to inspect, scan, examine

thon = yon: the demonstrative pron. and adj., pointing to something more remote in place or time than that.

print - language embodied in a printed form; printed lettering; esp. with reference to size, form, or style; a printed publication; esp. a printed sheet, news sheet, newspaper.

gloss - superficial lustre

gay - bright or lively-looking, esp. in colour; brilliant, showy

turning - movement so as to face or point in a different, or in some particular, direction.

Donnybrook* - a suburb of Dublin, Ireland, once famous for its annual fair.


lipe - a portion, a slip