cycles + saeculum saeculorum (l) - an age of ages, eternity + in sęcula sęculorum (l) - for ever and ever.

corse - the 'body' or substance of a thing (also, a body or material substance); a (living) body; a dead body, a corpse; a region of France on the island of Corsica (birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte) + the sign of the cross.

EARLIER VERSION: "Kersse Introelbo, sazd taylerer. ...and all taller Dans." + introibo ad altare Dei (l) - I will go in to God's altar + at alle taler Dansk (Danish) - that everybody speaks Danish + FSTD: And it was cyclums cyclorums after he made design on the corse and he went to mass on him (introelbow add all taller),

saucer - a small shallow dish for holding a cup at the table + Ulysses.14.1463: 'Rugger... You hurt? Most amazingly sorry!' + FSTD: back, seat and sides and he applied (I'm amazingly sorry!)

shouldered - having shoulders; furnished with shoulders + The Bowld Sojer Boy (song) + old bold soldier + FSTD: the wholed bould shoulder shouldered boy's width for fullness, measures for messieurs, messer's massed.

messieurs - the plural of 'monsieur', in its various uses + William Shakespeare: 'Measure for Measure'.

messer - one who makes a mess, a muddler + Messer (ger) - knife + EARLIER VERSION: "Kersse Introelbo, sazd taylerer. After he made the design on the corse. Messeurs messered. He went to mass on him, back, seat and seyed. / Ten is midway 0 and 1 / Square up from 29. Apply the whole shoulder width for fullness Messers, and all taller Dans."

cycling + say (Irish Pronunciation) - sea + FSTD: (They were saying again and agone and all over agun, [the louthy meathers, the loudy meaders, the lously measlers, [six to one, bar ones]]). 

Louth (County)

Meath (County)

bar - a term used in connection with bookmakers' prices. e.g. '6 - 1 bar two' means that you can obtain at least 6 - 1 about any horse bar the first two in betting, and '10 - 1 bar three' means at least 10-1 about any horse bar the first three in betting.

pled = plead - to beg, implore + And they put him behind on the fire + (hurry the story).

dope - a stupid person, a simpleton, a fool + Tip.

Tom/Tim (Atum) + ultimatum + "Mastabatoom, mastabadtomm, when a mon merries his lute is all long. For whole the world to see." [006.10-.12]

tarry - to linger in expectation of a person or occurrence, or until something is done or happens; to delay or be tardy in beginning or doing anything, esp. in coming or going + 'Needles and pins, blankets and shins, When a man is married his sorrow begins' (song).

shome = shame (obs.) + shome (Irish Pronunciation) - some + Shem/Shaun.

shunter - a railwayman employed to shunt trains

auld - old + all

wauld = wold + world

pree - to make proof or trial of; to try what (a thing) is like, esp. by tasting + see

Atilla - king of the Huns + Alaric I (370-410 A.D.) - leader of the Goths, sacked Rome 410 A.D.

wasch (ger) - wash + washwoman - washerwoman.

dapple = dappled - marked with roundish spots, patches, or blotches of a different colour or shade.

Fronherr (ger) - feudal lord + frönen (ger) - to drudge, to toil.

feoffee - the person to whom a freehold estate in land is conveyed by a feoffment + FSTD: Of Mr. A and this woman dabblehued dapplehued fhronehflord and fe ofees  

insue = ensue - to follow as a result; to result + issued

Cain - the proper name of the first fratricide and murderer (of Abel)

spindle side - female line of descent + Senta sings a spinning song in Wagner's The Flying Dutchman.

auburn - of a golden-brown or ruddy-brown colour + bruma (l) - midwinter + Abraham and Sarah.


sere - dry, withered + FSTD: [who had issue keen and able and a spindlesong aside,] nothing is told until now, [their sahara of sad oak leaves.]


amore (it) - love

babes in the wood - persons who are inexperienced or childishly trustful; brother and sister abandoned to die in a wood and covered by robins with leaves + 'The Babes in the Wood' (song and pantomime). 

flesh John 1:14: 'the Word was made flesh'.

storybook - a book containing stories, esp. children's stories

start from scratch - to start from the beggining + FSTD: And then. The next thing is, we are again once more a wondering in the wold made fresh where like with the hen [in a storyaboot] we start from scratch.

truce - a suspension of hostilities for a specified period between armies at war + 'the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth' (legal oath).

drought - thirst + Truth is stranger than fiction (proverb).

faction - self-interested or turbulent party strife or intrigue + fiction

slant - to give an oblique or sloping direction to (something); to cause to slope + slainte (slant'i) (geal) - health.

chin chin - a phrase of salutation. Also used as a drinking toast + sinn (shin) (geal) - we, us + shin (Japanese) - truth + shin shin (Irish phrase) - there there.

Ulysses S. Grant led Federal army in American Civil War + grand old gardener [030.13] + FSTD: It was of the good grand old gardener, Publius Manlius,

qua - in so far as; in the capacity of

gold medallist + golden mean.

Publius (l) - "Of the People": Roman praenomen + public man.

Manlius (l) - "Handy": name of a Roman gens + T. Manlius Torquatus (fl. 361 B.C.) - won a golden torque (collar) in duel with a giant Celt; model of public virtue; while consul he condemned his own son to death.

federal + funeral.

private - a private soldier (an ordinary soldier without rank or distinction of any kind)

poster - a placard posted or displayed in a public place + a man's home is his castle - A proverbial expression of personal privacy and security + Where Are You Going, My Pretty Maid? (nursery rhyme): 'My face is my fortune, sir, she said'.

Where Are You Going, My Pretty Maid? (nursery rhyme): 'I'm going to market, sir, she said'.

caustic - any chemical substance that burns or destroys living tissue; harsh or corrosive in tone + FSTD: [(his place is his poster, sure, they said and we're going to mark it sore, they said, with a carbon caustick manner)]

bequeath - to say, utter, declare

liberaloid - resembling liberal (attitudes, etc.); in a bad sense, exhibiting liberal characteristics, pseudo-liberal + The Liberator - an epithet of Daniel O'Connell, famous 19th century Irish politician + Liberal leader (Gladstone).

lezzo (it) - stink + Le Petit Corporal - a cigarette brand (also Napoleon's nickname).

catnap - a brief, light sleep; to take a catnap + FSTD: qua old golden meddlist, quothed the liberaloider at his petty corporal that hung caughtnapping on his baited breath,

bated breath - breathing subdued or restrained under the influence of awe, terror, or other emotion

tenderized - made tender as by marinating or pounding, as in "tenderized meat"

Atalanta (l) - mythological maiden who will marry no one who cannot beat her in a footrace

swell - Nautic. The undulating movement of the surface of the open sea.

wreathing - the action of twisting or contorting; a wresting of the sense or meaning of something (obs.) + breathing + reading + FSTD: to feel to every of the younging fruits, tenderosed like an atalantic's breastswells, or, on a second wreathing.


bight - the middle part of a slack rope (as distinguished from its ends); a broad bay formed by an indentation (a bight) in the shoreline; a bend or curve (especially in a coastline).

shimmery - giving out a shimmering light; shaky + shimmy-shake - a jazz dance characterized by a shaking of the body from the shoulders down. 

welt - a narrow strip of material put on the edge of a garment, etc., as a border, binding, or hem + Welt (ger) - world + sweat

plow - the front part of a plough + brow

pickadillies = ruffs (Joyce's note) The Encyclopędia Britannica vol. XVI, 'London', 943c: 'The derivation commonly accepted for Piccadilly is from pickadil, a stiff collar or hem in fashion in the early part of the 17th century'.

at one's wit's ends - utterly perplexed; at a loss what to think or what to do

soiled dove (Slang) - prostitute

candidacy - the position or status of a candidate; candidateship, candidature + candidatus (l) - clothed in white.

softboiled - Of a person: mild, easy-going; naļve, impractical.

bosom - fig. The breast considered as the seat of thoughts and feelings + boiled shirt - a dress shirt.

apparent - manifest to the understanding; evident, plain, obvious + aperient - laxative.

illiterate - an illiterate, unlearned, or uneducated person + illicitus (l) - forbidden, not allowed + electorate - those qualified to vote.

nullatenus (l) - by no means + nulla tenens (l) - holding nothing + ens, entis (l) - being + nullatenenti (it) - have-nots + FSTD: And where the peckadillies pickadillies at his wristends meetings be loving so lightly dovesoiled the candidacy, my wife and I think, of his softboiled bosom is apperient even to the illecterate of nullatenenties.

snap - to utter sharp, tart, or cutting words or remarks; to speak or reply irritably or abruptly + FSTD: Not a lot, snapped the ______.

calabash - a name given to various gourds or pumpkins, the shell of which is used for holding liquids, etc.

whilom - at some past time; some time before or ago; once upon a time + William Ewart (Gladstone).

photographist - photographer + gnomist - a gnomic (of the nature of, or consisting of, gnomes or general maxims) poet or writer + photognomos (gr) - one who knows light.

by the same token

incense - to inflame with wrath, excite or provoke to anger, enrage

Saint Bruno pipe tobacco

panegyric - a public speech or writing in praise of some person, thing, or achievement; a laudatory discourse + paregoric - medicine used to treat diarrhea. 

wot - to know + what a lot.