corse - the 'body' or substance of a thing; also, a body or material substance                                                                     cross

shouldered - having shoulders; furnished with shoulders

messieurs - the plural of monsieur, in its various uses                                                                                                     measure

messer - one who makes a mess; a muddler, bungler 


pled = plead - to beg, implore

dope - a stupid person, a simpleton, a fool

tarry - to linger in expectation of a person or occurrence, or until something is done or happens; to delay or be tardy in beginning or doing anything, esp. in coming or going.

shome = shame (obs.)

shunter - a railwayman employed to shunt trains

auld - old                                                                                                                                                                            all

wauld = wold                                                                                                                                                                    world

pree - to make proof or trial of; to try what (a thing) is like, esp. by tasting                                                                             see

washwoman* - washerwoman

dapple = dappled - marked with roundish spots, patches, or blotches of a different colour or shade.

feoffee* - the person to whom a freehold estate in land is conveyed by a feoffment. 

insue = ensue - to follow as a result; to result                                                                                                                  issued

Cain* - the proper name of the first fratricide and murderer

auburn* - of a golden-brown or ruddy-brown colour


sere - dry, withered

babes in the wood* - persons who are inexperienced or childishly trustful


storybook* - a book containing stories, esp. children's stories

to start from scratch - to start from the beggining

truce - a suspension of hostilities for a specified period between armies at war                                                                    truth

drought* - thirst                                                                                                                                                                 truth

faction - self-interested or turbulent party strife or intrigue                                                                                                   fiction

slant - to give an oblique or sloping direction to (something); to cause to slope.

chin chin* - a phrase of salutation. Also used as a drinking toast


qua - in so far as; in the capacity of

private - a private soldier (an ordinary soldier without rank or distinction of any kind).


poster - a placard posted or displayed in a public place                                                                                                      castle

caustic - burning, corrosive, destructive of organic tissue; gen. Burning. (rare.)

bequeath* - to say, utter, declare

liberaloid* - resembling liberal (attitudes, etc.); in a bad sense, exhibiting liberal characteristics, pseudo-liberal.

bated breath* - breathing subdued or restrained under the influence of awe, terror, or other emotion.

breastwall* - a wall supporting a bank of earth, etc., a retaining wall

wreathing - the action of twisting or contorting; a wresting of the sense or meaning of something (obs.)

bight - a bend or curve as a geographical feature, e.g. an indentation in a coast line, a corner or recess of a bay, a bend in a river, etc.; the space between two headlands, a bay, generally a shallow or slightly-receding bay.

shimmery - giving out a shimmering light; shaky 

welt - a narrow strip of material put on the edge of a garment, etc., as a border, binding, or hem                                          sweat

plow - the front part of a plough                                                                                                                                         brow

pickadill* - a border of cut work or vandyking inserted on the edge of an article of dress, esp. on a collar or ruff.

at one's wit's ends* - utterly perplexed; at a loss what to think or what to do

candidacy - the position or status of a candidate; candidateship, candidature

softboiled - Of a person: mild, easy-going; na´ve, impractical

bosom - fig. The breast considered as the seat of thoughts and feelings; the repository of secret thoughts and counsels: hence used for 'inward thoughts'.

apparent* - manifest to the understanding; evident, plain, clear, obvious.

illiterate* - an illiterate, unlearned, or uneducated person

snap - to utter sharp, tart, or cutting words or remarks; to speak or reply irritably or abruptly.

calabash - a name given to various gourds or pumpkins, the shell of which is used for holding liquids, etc.

whilom - at some past time; some time before or ago; once upon a time                                                                           William


photographist* - photographer;            gnomist - a gnomic (of the nature of, or consisting of, gnomes or general maxims) poet or writer.

incense - to inflame with wrath, excite or provoke to anger, make angry, enrage, exasperate.

panegyric* - a public speech or writing in praise of some person, thing, or achievement; a laudatory discourse, a formal or elaborate encomium or eulogy. 

wot - to know