Piffpaffpuff (ger) - children's imitation of sound of gun

pigeon shot - one skilled in pigeon-shooting

great old + W.G. Grace - famous English cricketer for over thirty years (the sobriquet 'Grand Old Man' was occasionally applied to him).

run getter - in cricket, a free scorer

centuries - in cricket, hundreds of runs

bowl - to cause to roll, to send with a rolling or revolving motion; Hence fig. (colloq. or slang) To bowl (a person) out, over, down; to launch or 'deliver' the ball at cricket + ‘He [Malcolm Marshall] took three for four in six balls to rip apart the middle of the Kent batting. But once Marshall was bowled out, Dilley and Ellison … hit out’ (Ian Ridley about Cricket match, Guardian 2 June 1983)

umpire - Law. A third person appointed or called upon to decide a matter submitted to arbitrators who cannot agree; either of the two (or at international level, four) officials whose function is to ensure that a cricket match is conducted in accordance with the Laws and spirit of the game and to adjudicate on any point submitted to them by the players 

batsman - one who handles the bat at cricket + Blind Man's Buff (children’s game).

biff - a blow, whack

befool - to make a fool of; to dupe, delude

legate - an ambassador, delegate, messenger + leg before wicket - fault in cricket (stopping ball by interposing leg) + FSTD: The punchbeak, at pippip pippopoff pigeon shoot, that grace old getrunner, the man of the centuries he was bowled out of judge jury or umpire like a witch befooled legate.

dupe - a person who allows himself to be deceived or deluded; one who is misled by false representations or notions + dupe (Serbian) - arse + Tip.

almoner - an official distributor of the alms of another; chaplain or church officer who originally was in charge of distributing cash to the 'deserving' poor + eminence + {re-imagining the sin in the park - the customers ask for Butt and Taff, or How Buckley Shot the Russian General}

alternately - one after the other by turns, by alternation + a latere (l) - on or at the side or flank.

dispensation - the action of dealing out or distributing + (dispensing drinks).

patron - one who stands to another or others in relations analogous to those of a father; a lord or master; a protector + Church of the Three Patrons, Rathgar, Dublin.

providence - to act the part of Providence towards; to be a providence to + Divine Providence (Vico).

milkman - a man who sells milk; a man who milks cows + mleko (Serbian) - milk.

Boniface - generic name for innkeepers. Refererence to Irish licensing laws which permitted "bona fide" travelers to have alcohol when the local citizens could not + bona facies (l) - good or handsome face.

sola fides (l) - only faith + bona fides (l) - good faith + (notebook 1924): '(fides sola)' The Catholic Encyclopedia 'Pelagius and Pelagianism': 'By justification we are indeed cleansed of our personal sins through faith alone (loc. cit., 663, "per solam fidem justificat Deus impium convertendum")'.

Freud, Sigmund (1856-1939) - Austrian specialist in neurology and founder of psychoanalysis + zay = say (dial.)

hutch - a small confined place or compartment occupied by a human being; applied contemptuously to a hut or cabin, or humorously to a small house + 'Hutch' and 'Annabel' - popular singers 1920s-30s + "H".

vanish - to disappear from sight, to become invisible, esp. in a rapid and mysterious manner + vanished continent (Atlantis).

continent + Joyce's note: 'H = vanished consinant'.

prettily - gently, softly, quietly

prattle - to talk or chatter in a childish or artless fashion; to make an inarticulate sound resembling or likened to the talk of children: said of birds, running water, etc.

lude - noise, clamour + ludo (Serbian) - crazy + prelude.

on one's own - on one's own account, responsibility, resources, etc.

seminal + subliminal.

Salmon of Wisdom caught and eaten by Finn

solemnly + Solomon (wisdom).

ingate - inwards (obs.)

outgate - outwards; outside, without

lovecall - a call or note used as a means of amorous communication between the sexes

dulled - deprived of color


blækhuse (Danish) - inkwells + Charles Dickens: 'Bleak House'.

latter = laughter

mug - a stupid or incompetent person, a fool, simpleton + a pig in the middle - a person between two opposed people or parties who is unable to influence the course of their argument or quarrel + *Y*.

billy - comrade, brother, lad, fellow + William (Gladstone).

boney - skinny, lean + Joyce's note: 'Nap Boney Dizzy Labby' Napoleon Bonaparte, Disraeli, Labouchere.

twee - Originally: 'sweet', dainty, chic. Now only in depreciatory use: affectedly dainty or quaint; over-nice, over-refined, mawkish + twee (Dutch) - two (*IJ*).

creamy - cream-coloured

rosen - formed or consisting of roses; pertaining to roses; rose-coloured, rosy + Rosen (ger) - roses + FSTD:  Imagine two twoo twee creamy cweamy roseleens wosen.

cull - to choose from a number or quantity; to select, pick + call

silva (l) - a wood, forest, woodland + Sylvia Silence - character in English schoolgirls' magazine of 1920s [061.01-.11] + FSTD: Suppose you cull them Sylvia and Silence.

stotter - to stager, stumble + Stotterer (ger) - stutterer (*E*).

supposure - a supposition, hypothesis + poutre (fr) - beam, girder.

biggermost - biggest + Bygmester Solness (1892) - The Master Builder (Solness) + bygmester (Norwegian) - master builder + FSTD: Then imagine a stoutterer you may supputre suppoutre him to be one biggermaster Biggermaster Omnibil.

omnibus + bil (Dutch) - arse, buttock.

lustily - with pleasure or delight; with vigour or energy; lustfully, carnally (obs.) + lastly.

two to

tritt (ger) - step, stepped + two and three (*IJ* and *VYC*)

bok (Dutch) - billy goat + backwoods - a remote and undeveloped area.

longly - for a long while

lurking - a hiding or lying concealed

lobster - a slow-witted, awkward, or gullible person; a fool, dupe; A contemptuous name for: A British soldier + FSTD: Then lustily imagine up to three longly lurking lobsters.  


Wolseley, Garnet Joseph, Viscount (1833-1913) - British field marshal, born in Co. Dublin, fought in the Indian Mutiny, Crimea, etc.

Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington + FSTD: For instents the Will Woolsley Wellaslayers.

pet - to fondle; to have erotic physical contact with another person by kissing, caressing, and sexual stimulation

pink - to pierce, prick, or stab with any pointed weapon or instrument. Also fig.

prank - a trick of a frolicsome nature, or one intended to make sport + FSTD: Pet her, pink him, play pranks with them.

improperly - in an improper manner; unsuitably, unbecomingly + FSTD: She will properly not improperly smile.

appreciate - to esteem adequately or highly; to recognize as valuable or excellent + appraise - to estimate the amount, quality, or excellence of + FSTD: He may seem to appreciate it.  

jokesman - a professional joker + practical joke - a trick or prank played upon some person usually in order to have a laugh at his expense.

participate + FSTD: They are sure to paltipsypote.

fingers + FSTD: Feel the carks wollies popping dripping drippiling out of your fingerthumbs fingathumbs.

M.J. MacManus: So This Is Dublin (1927; derides Joyce) + FSTD: Says to two yourself yousselves. So solowly. Sooh these hees ease Budlim!

darlings (*IJ*)

peach - to inform against an accomplice; to turn informer + pleased

pick on (one) - to find fault with, gird at, nag at; to carp or cavil at

prue = preu (obs.) - brave, valiant, doughty + Prue, Miss - in Congreve's Love for Love + pure and simple - taken by itself, with nothing added; ...and nothing else; nothing but..., nothing besides ..., no more than...; mere, simple. 

spry - active, nimble, smart, brisk; full of health and spirits

heyday - the stage or period when excited feeling is at its height; the height, zenith, or acme of anything which excites the feelings; the flush or full bloom, or stage of fullest vigour, of youth, enjoyment, prosperity, or the like + how d'you do?

fauna + Master Finnegan (*E*).

Tahiti (Society Islands)


mankey = salamanco - a woollen stuff of Flanders, glossy on the surface, and woven with a satin twill and chequered in the warp, so that the checks are seen on one side only + mankey (Slang) - decrepit + monkey nut - a name for the pea-nut.

hoodlum - a youthful street rowdy; 'a loafing youth of mischievous proclivities'; a dangerous rough + how d'you do?

dood (Dutch) - dead; death


Teague - a nickname for an Irishman; in Northern Ireland, a Protestant term of contempt for a Roman Catholic + Dick

bollocks - the testicles; a mess, a muddle; nonsense (also as int.)

hillock - a little hill + hell

budder - that which buds, or is in bud + badly

bodily - in or with the body; in the flesh; in person

Joyce wore a Borsalino hat + Morris saloon (car) PICTURE.

shun - to keep away from (a person or his society, a place, etc.); to avoid encountering or exposing oneself to (dangers, conditions), using or having to do with (a thing)

ruck - a quarrel, a row + How Buckley shot the Russian General (motif).

belle of the ball + Billy-in-the-Bowl - legless beggar and strangler in old Dublin [135.13]

Tancred (d. 1194) - king of Sicily who fought against the Romans to maintain his Norman kingdom. He lost. 

Artaxerxes - name of three kings of Persia in 5th and 4th centuries B.C.

flavin - yellow colour + Flavius (l) - "Blond": name of a Roman gens.

compeer - to equal, rival, be the compeer of

Barnabas - apostle (literally 'son of exhortation')

Uliks (Serbian) - Ulyssess + ulica (Serbian) - street.

dun - dark, dusky (from absence of light); murky, gloomy + dan (Serbian) - day.