malster - a maker of malt


shuck - get rid of                                                                                                                                                              shot



plause* - applause                                                                                                                                                           house

citizen - a civilian as distinguished from a soldier

Mutt and Jeff* - a stupid pair of men; stupid dialogue; (from the names of two characters called Mutt and Jeff, one tall and the other short, in a popular cartoon series by H. C. Fisher (1884-1954), American cartoonist).

peat - a dark brown resembling the colour of peat

freer - friar (obs.)

revolution* - Astr. The action or fact, on the part of celestial bodies, of moving round in an  orbit or circular course.

karma - in Buddhism, the sum of a person's actions in one of his successive states of existence, regarded as determining his fate in the next; hence, necessary fate or destiny, following as effect from cause.

hoist - to raise aloft





hedd = head


butty - a confederate, companion, 'mate'

ever after* - throughout all the time after a specified date

middleaged* - of middle-age, neither young nor old

clerical - of, pertaining to, or characteristic of, the clergy or a clergyman

Pied Friars - orig. name of a small order of friars

motto - to inscribe with a motto                                                                                                                                         meet


tiptop* - first-rate, prime, superlatively good

toughness* - the state or quality of being tough

disgrace* - to bring (as an incidental consequence) shame, dishonour, or discredit upon; to be a disgrace or shame to; to reflect dishonour upon.

daye - in N. India and Persia, a nurse; a wet-nurse; a midwife                                                                                                day

vast* - huge, immense, enormous;                        Sevastopol;                he was a fool.


cesspool* - a well sunk to receive the soil from a water-closet, kitchen sink, etc.: properly one which retains the solid matter, and allows the liquid to escape.

Yurrup - repr. a supposed U.S. pronunc. of Europe                                                                                                   (onomat.)

put up - to raise, to lift; to put or bring (a play, etc.) on the stage for performance; to place (a military or other decoration) on one's uniform or other clothes; to show, exhibit.

furry - resembling fur, fur-like, soft; Of animals: Covered with fur, furred

furzed - made or covered with furze


conscribe - to enlist for the army by conscription; to enlist compulsorily

till dusk

unt = unct (obs.) - to anoint

jubilant* - making a joyful noise, rejoicing with songs and acclamations; expressing or manifesting joy.

sapper - a soldier employed in working at saps, the building and repairing of fortifications, the execution of field-works, and the like.



governor-general* - a governor who has under him deputy- or lieutenant-governors.

Lord-lieutenant* - the title of various high officials holding deputed authority from the sovereign; Applied to the second-in-command of an army, when a peer (obs.)


malthouse* - a building in which malt is prepared and stored

liberty hall* - a place where one may do as one likes

endue - to invest with a power or quality, a spiritual gift, etc. Often in pass. to be endued with = to be possessed of (a certain quality); to put on as a garment, to clothe or cover.

paramilitary* - of or pertaining to an organization, unit, force, etc., whose function or status is ancillary or analogous to that of military forces, but which is not a professional military force.



shelta* - a cryptic jargon used by tinkers, composed partly of Irish or Gaelic words, mostly disguised by inversion or by arbitrary alteration of initial consonants.

to call a spade a spade* - to call things by their real names, without any euphemism or mincing of matters; to use plain or blunt language.


slime - to smear or cover with slime

gunshot* - shot fired from a gun or cannon


O.K.* - to endorse by marking with the letters 'O.K.'; to approve, agree to

topside* - on the top. Also fig. Freq. with reference to the upper deck of a ship

ejaculate* - to utter suddenly (a short prayer; now in wider sense, any brief expression of emotion).

all right

resemble* - to be like, to have likeness or similarity to



bref = brief


raze - to remove by scraping; to scrape off or out; to sweep away, efface, or destroy (a  building, town, etc.) completely; to take away, remove (from a place), in a thorough manner.

lumplove* - ? cupboard love (love insincerely professed or displayed for the sake of what one can get by it).


chill - fig. To affect as with cold; to check, depress, or lower (warmth, ardour, etc.); to damp, deject, dispirit.

ravery - raging, raving, madness or delirium; an instance of this, a fit of raving.

pook - an evil, malicious, or mischievous spirit or demon of popular superstition.

upgo - to go up; to ascend, mount

bobby calf* - an unweaned calf slaughtered soon after birth

braise - braised meat, or the preparation for braising with                                                                                                  voice




meditabund* - absorbed in meditation


switch on - the switching on of an (electrical) power supply, light, etc.

lantern* - a transparent case, e.g. of glass, horn, talc, containing and protecting a light.

neigh - to utter in neighing, or with a sound like neighing