malster - a maker of malt

Ireland Boys, Hurrah (song): 'We've heard her faults a hundred times'

Lord Burghley - 16th century English statesman, involved in suppressing Catholic recusants under Elizabeth I + Cecil Buckley - 19th century young British naval lieutenant, leader of a number of dangerous secret landing missions against the Russians in the Crimean war, for which he received the Victoria Cross.

shuck - get rid of + 'Who struck Buckley?' - a catch-phrase used in the 19th century to annoy Irishmen.

Rakusan (Czech) - an Austrian + recusant - one who refuses to submit, especially Catholics refusing to Attend Church of England services.

germanus (l) - full brother + How Buckley shot the Russian General (i.e. *Y* assaulting *E*) Ellmann: James Joyce 398: (of James Joyce) 'Buckley, he explained, was an Irish soldier in the Crimean War who drew a bead on a Russian general, but when he observed his splendid epaulettes and decorations, he could not bring himself to shoot. After a moment, alive to his duty, he raised his rifle again, but just then the general let down his pants to defecate. The sight of his enemy in so helpless and human a plight was too much for Buckley, who again lowered his gun. But when the general prepared to finish the operation with a piece of grassy turf, Buckley lost all respect for him and fired'.

Ehren (ger) - honors + Erin.

go brath (gu bra) (geal) - until Judgement (i.e., forewer)

plause - applause + place + house.

citizen - a civilian as distinguished from a soldier + Irish Citizen Army (1916).

THIEF + Mutt and Jeff - a stupid pair of men; stupid dialogue (from the names of two characters called Mutt and Jeff, one tall and the other short, in a popular cartoon series by H. C. Fisher, American cartoonist) + taff (Amaro) buttocks

peat - a dark brown resembling the colour of peat

freer - friar (obs.) + Pied Friars - mendicant order prior to 1245.

thirty to eleven (10:30 pm, beginning of television show) + (thirty-two years, eleven months old).

revolution - Astr. The action or fact, on the part of celestial bodies, of moving round in an  orbit or circular course + revelation.

karma - in Buddhism, the sum of a person's actions in one of his successive states of existence, regarded as determining his fate in the next; hence, necessary fate or destiny, following as effect from cause + Carmelite Order (Saint John of the Cross led a reform of the Carmelite Order which resulted in the formation of the Discalced Carmelites [.13])

hoist - to raise aloft


practical + paraguas (sp) - umbrella.

solution + solazo (sp) - heat of the sun.

riddle + ruttel (ger) - shake + rhyfel (Welsh) - war.

hedd = head + hedd (Welsh) - peace.

crashing + krasnyi (Russian) - red.

moriak (Russian) - sailor + morski (Serbian) - of sea, from sea + Bloody Mary + H.P. Blavatsky.

Blücher (1742-1819) - Prussian marshal who came to Wellington's aid at Waterloo + butcher-red "Abelbody in a butcherblue blouse from One Life One Suit" [063.16] 

butty - a confederate, companion, 'mate'; drinking companion (Slang

ever after - throughout all the time after a specified date + television + FSTD: (Repliques) (1) Taff — All was flashning and krashning bloodymoriaty bloodymoriarsky bluchedred bluchedrudd? Till ever so often?

SHUT! + butt - buttocks.

middleaged - of middle-age, neither young nor old

clerical - of, pertaining to, or characteristic of, the clergy or a clergyman

Pied Friars - orig. name of a small order of friars + pied (fr) - foot.

motto - to inscribe with a motto + meet


tiptop - first-rate, prime, superlatively good + mishe/tauf ('mishe' portion seems to be missing).

toughness - the state or quality of being tough

disgrace - to bring (as an incidental consequence) shame, dishonour, or discredit upon + garce (fr) - slut.

daye - in N. India and Persia, a nurse; a wet-nurse; a midwife + day

da (Russian, Serbian) - yes

tata (Serbian) - dad, father

milseanai (milshani) (geal) - sweets, confections, candies + mwil (Shelta) - I + mwilsa (Shelta) - me + suni (Shelta) - see.

aften (Danish) - evening + television.

vast - huge, immense, enormous + Sevastopol + Vaast, St - introduced Christianity into Arras, ca. 500.

Dublin derives from Irish dubh linn: black pool + FSTD: (2) Butt — [Till] Even even so aften! Sea vaast a pool! Ahool [Woofwoof] 

promptly + rump.

cesspool - a well sunk to receive the soil from a water-closet, kitchen sink, etc.: properly one which retains the solid matter, and allows the liquid to escape.

Yurrup - repr. a supposed U.S. pronunc. of Europe + (onomat.)

put up - to raise, to lift; to put or bring (a play, etc.) on the stage for performance; to place (a military or other decoration) on one's uniform or other clothes; to show, exhibit.

furry - resembling fur, fur-like, soft; Of animals: Covered with fur, furred + furry (Irish) - furzy.

furzed - made or covered with furze

hair + to put up a hare - to put forward a point.

homme (fr) - man + humme (Norwegian) - move backwards + Verdi: Il Trovatore (song): 'Ai nostri monti' (Home to Our Mountains).

mouthings + Mohammed and the mountain + FSTD: (3) Taff — Humm to our mountains mounthings!

conscribe - to enlist for the army by conscription; to enlist compulsorily + describe him to us.

till dusk + til (Norwegian) - to + lusk (Middle English) - lazy + talosk (Shelta) - today.

unt = unct (obs.) - to anoint + UNT - City and lake in the Egyptian Book of the Dead + cunt (Slang) - vulva + Ant/Grasshoper (motif). 

jubilant - making a joyful noise, rejoicing with songs and acclamations; expressing or manifesting joy + Jubal and Tubal Cain - Jubal was "father of all such as handle the harp and organ"; Tubal was "instructor of every artificer in brass and iron" (Genesis, 4.) Their brother Jabal was father of those who live in tents and have cattle. 

sapper - a soldier employed in working at saps, the building and repairing of fortifications, the execution of field-works, and the like + FSTD: Conscribe him tillusk, unt! The grandsopper!

Sunday suit

Monday + mould + Brian O'Linn (song): (he had breeches with) 'The skinny side out and the woolly side in'.

governor-general - a governor who has under him deputy- or lieutenant-governors + guberniya (Russian) - province + gubbe (Swedish) - old man + geras (gr) - old age.

Lord-lieutenant - the title of various high officials holding deputed authority from the sovereign; Applied to the second-in-command of an army, when a peer (obs.) + laut (ger) - loud + liev (Russian) - lion + tonant (l) - thundering.

Baltimore + Baltiskoye More (Russian) - Baltic Sea + Bailte Scith Mor (bolt'i shki mor) (geal) - Town of a Great Wickerwork + amore (it) - love.

malthouse - a building in which malt is prepared and stored + Amaltheia (gr) - she-goat who suckled Zeus + Cornu Amalthae (l) - horn of plenty.

Liberty Hall (Irish: Halla na Saoirse), in Dublin, Ireland, was the headquarters of the Irish Transport and General Workers Union early in the 20th century, and as that of the Irish Citizen Army (ICA). Prior to the Easter Rising of 1916, Liberty Hall acted as a munitions factory, wherein bombs and bayonets were made for the impending rebellion. It was on the street in front of the building that the leaders of the rising assembled before their march to the General Post Office on Easter Monday. They left the building vacant throughout Easter Week, a fact unknown to the British authorities, who chose the building as the first to be shelled. It was completely levelled by British artillery during the Rising, however was faithfully restored after the rebellion + porthole (Slang) - pudend + lepus (l) - hare.

endue - to invest with a power or quality, a spiritual gift, etc. Often in pass. 'to be endued with' = to be possessed of (a certain quality); to put on as a garment, to clothe or cover.

paramilitary - of or pertaining to an organization, unit, force, etc., whose function or status is ancillary or analogous to that of military forces, but which is not a professional military force.

language + FSTD: Endues paramilintary langdwage.

sail (Irish) - willow

Slavs + yellows.

noc a den (Czech) - night and day

parler (French) - to speak + Espanol + Pali - Middle Indo-Aryan language (or prakrit ) of the Indian subcontinent.

English + Sheldru (Shelta) - Shelta + Urdu - national language, lingua franca, and one of the two official languages of Pakistan (the other being English), and one of 22 scheduled languages of India + lilies of the valleys don't (speak Shelta).

Shelta - a cryptic jargon used by tinkers, composed partly of Irish or Gaelic words, mostly disguised by inversion or by arbitrary alteration of initial consonants + Father O'Flynn (song): 'Sláinte and sláinte and sláinte again'.

Ogham - Early Medieval alphabet used primarily to write the Old Irish language + again.

sling (Slang) - to abuse

strana (it) - strange (feminine) + strana (Russian) - country, region, area + strana (Serbian) - page + slang (Dutch) - snake, serpent + language.

Ukrainians are the "Little Russians," and the indefinite area including Ruthenia and East Poland is known as Malorossiya, Russian "Little Russia" + malora (it) - ruin + razzia (it) - raid. 

coin - to make up ("coin phrases or words")

spake (Irish Pronunciation) - speech; speak + (present and past tenses) + call a spade a spade - to call things by their real names, without any euphemism or mincing of matters; to use plain or blunt language.

Satanic + Set (Egyptian evil god) + seta (it) - silk, stuff + seta (Serbian) - glumness, melancholy, spleen + sotnik (Russian) - captain of a group of (originally 100) soldiers + Satenik (Armenian woman's name) + Sathenik - semi-mythical 1st century Armenian queen + Nick.

slime - to smear or cover with slime

Bergerac, Cyrano de (1619-25) - gallant French soldier and playwright, himself the subject of a play by Rostand + Siranouche (Armenian woman's name).

gunshot - shot fired from a gun or cannon + gun-ship + gin-shop words.

man-o'-war + monosyllabic words (swearing; Chinese).

monosyllable (Slang) - euphemism for 'cunt' + FSTD: The good old gunshop monowards for manosymples.

tinker's damn + curse + Irish tinkers used Shelta.

tammi (Finnish) - oak + damn it!

fou (fr) - mad + okey dokey - An exclamation of accordance; okay, OK.

ch'ang-li (Chinese) - usual procedure + meng (Chinese) - dream + Charlemagne.

d'Eirinn (derin) (geal) - from Ireland + airain (fr) - brass + Iron Duke - a nickname of Wellington + Man Of Aran - a documentary film on life on the Aran Islands by Robert J. Flaherty (1934) + mandarin.

Mark Twain: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

topside - on the top. Also fig. Freq. with reference to the upper deck of a ship.

pageant - an elaborate public display, especially a parade in historical or traditional costume

ejaculate - to utter suddenly; to eject semen + Ajax.

all right (Pidgin)

resemble - to be like, to have likeness or similarity to + rassembler (fr) - to reassemble.

bruyant (fr) - noisy + Thomas Moore: War Song: Remember the Glories of Brien the Brave [air: Molly MacAlpin].

bref = brief + bref (Danish) - letter.

MacAlpin, Molly - air to T. Moore's "Remember the Glories of Brian the Brave" + make (Slang) - halfpenny + (halfpenny whores).

intrepid - invulnerable to fear or intimidation + Freud: The Interpretation of Dreams.

raze - to remove by scraping; to scrape off or out; to sweep away, efface, or destroy (a  building, town, etc.) completely; to take away, remove (from a place), in a thorough manner + rised our (erection).

lumplove - ? cupboard love (love insincerely professed or displayed for the sake of what one can get by it) + The Moon Hath Raised Her Lamp Above (song).

chill - fig. To affect as with cold; to check, depress, or lower (warmth, ardour, etc.); to damp, deject, dispirit.

ravery - raging, raving, madness or delirium; an instance of this, a fit of raving + dove/raven (motif) + Joyce's entries in notebook VI.B.18: "onrush of waking routs dream"; "interpretation of dream / breakfast kills the memory of dreams / first thought of waking remember a dream Shaun".

pook - an evil, malicious, or mischievous spirit or demon of popular superstition + pukh (Russian) - down.

gentleman + Charlemagne.

upgo - to go up; to ascend, mount + OGPU (Russian) - Obedinennoe gosudarstvennoe politicheskoe upravlenie (Russian) - United State Political Administration (Russian secret police, 1922-1934).

bobby calf - an unweaned calf slaughtered soon after birth + Bobrikoff, General - Russian governor of Finland, shot 16 June, 1904 by a young Finn, Eugene Schauman + bobby, cop.

braise - braised meat, or the preparation for braising with + braise (fr) - embers.

Thomas Moore: Let Erin Remember the Days of Old (song) + FSTD:  [And may it be untrepidation intrepidation of our dreams when we 1st foregot at wiking in the bleakfrost chilled our revery and soughts. [Lest Lets hear in remember the braise of. Hold!]]

bosom + blouson (fr) - battledress blouse, a jacket shaped like a blouse.


meditabund - absorbed in meditation + meditabondo (it) - thoughtful, pensive.

mystery + Minker's tari (Shelta) - Shelta.

switch on - the switching on of an (electrical) power supply, light, etc.

white hot - glowing white with heat

lantern - a transparent case, e.g. of glass, horn, talc, containing and protecting a light

Eirinn (erin) (geal) - Ireland + green isles of Erin.

neigh - to utter in neighing, or with a sound like neighing + Thomas Moore: Let Erin Remember the Days of Old (song): 'On Lough Neagh's bank, as the fisherman strays'.