flasher - something which emits flashes of light; a person of brilliant appearance or accomplishment;               flashman - one who is 'flash' or knowing.

Nipponese* - the Japanese language

wamble - to totter, waver; to move unsteadily, stagger, reel

sayonara* - good-bye

san* - a Japanese honorific title, equivalent to Mr., Mrs., etc., suffixed to personal or family names as a mark of politeness.

manhead - the state of being human; human nature




belabour* - to thrash or buffet with all one's might; fig. To assail with words

god's curse


limber - Mil. (In early use pl.) The detachable fore part of a gun-carriage, consisting of two wheels and an axle, a pole for the horses, and a frame which holds one or two ammunition-chests. 

affront - hostile encounter, attack, assault (obs.)                                                                                                             in front

lumber - timber sawn into rough planks or otherwise roughly prepared for the market.

bay - a small ball, a globule (obs. rare.)                                                                                                                             eyes

envelop* - Of a body of men: To surround

Crimean* - rel. to Crimea (name of a peninsula lying between the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea, the chief seat of a war (1854-6) between Russia and Turkey (with its allies).)


cannonball* - a ball, usually of iron, to be thrown from a cannon


raglan - an overcoat without shoulder seams, the sleeve going right up to the neck (after the name of Lord Raglan, the British commander in the Crimean war).

Malakoff* - a crinoline (the name of a fortification erected by the Russians at Sevastopol, and captured by the French, 8 Sept., 1855.)

busby* - a tall fur cap, with or without a plume, having a bag (generally of cloth, and of the colour of the facings of the regiment) hanging out of the top, on the right side; worn by hussars, artillerymen, and engineers.

varnished* - presenting a shining or glossy appearance as if coated with varnish. 

Roscian - characteristic of Roscius (a famous Roman actor) as an actor; famous or eminent in respect of acting.

cardigan - a knitted woollen over-waistcoat with or without sleeves (named from the Earl of Cardigan, distinguished in the Crimean war (1855).) 

blouse - a light loose upper garment of linen or cotton, resembling a shirt or smock-frock;                  jacket - an outer garment with sleeves, reaching no lower than the waist.

macho* - ostentatiously or notably manly and virile

threecolour* - utilizing or involving three distinct colours or wavelengths of light.

camouflage* - the disguising of any objects used in war, such as camps, guns, ships, by means  of paint, smoke-screens, shrubbery, etc., in such a way as to conceal it from the enemy; also, the disguise used in this way.


pulcher (l) - beautiful

Brian Boru

confessioner - an advocate of auricular confession; a confessor

seven shillings

mademoiselle* - the title (prefixed to the surname or the Christian name, or used absol. as a substitute for the name) applied to an unmarried Frenchwoman. 


tenter - a wooden framework on which cloth is stretched after being milled, so that it may set or dry evenly and without shrinking; one who lives or lodges in a tent; to be on (the) tenter(s, i.e. in a position of strain, difficulty, or uneasiness;        thunder and lightning - fig. threatening, terrifying, or strongly impressive utterance; awful denunciation, menace, censure, or invective.

waggon - a strong four-wheeled vehicle designed for the transport of heavy goods. 

bulge - a bulging, an irregularly rounded protuberance

stargazer* - one who gazes at the stars;                        gape - to stare in wonder or admiration. 

razzledazzle* - A word, app. of U.S. coinage, used to express the ideas of bewilderment or confusion, rapid stir and bustle, riotous jollity or intoxication, etc.; of, pertaining to, or characterized by, razzle-dazzle; dazzling, spectactular.

Blick (d) - shining, sheen; eye

grossartig (d) - magnificent

Tod (d) - death

Daggueran* - pertaining to Daguerre or the daguerreotype; photographic.

has forgotten

nate = nait (obs.) - use, profit, advantage                                                                                                                         night

glozer - one who writes glosses; a commentator; a flatterer, sycophant                                                                             glory


spent - deprived of force or strength; tired or worn out by labour, exertion, hardship, etc.; passed, gone, come to an end, over.

to give (an accused person) the benefit of the doubt* - to give a verdict of Not Guilty where the evidence is conflicting; to assume his innocence rather than guilt; hence in wider use, to incline to the more favourable or kindly decision, estimate, or the like.

jupe - a woman's skirt                                                                                                                                                    boots

Wellington* - a waterproof boot usu. reaching the knee, worn in wet or muddy conditions (Named after Arthur, first duke of Wellington, 1769-1852).

graze - to touch (a surface) lightly in passing; esp. to roughen or abrade (the skin or a part of the body) in rubbing or brushing past. 

raign = reign (obs.) - Of persons: To exercise authority of any kind, to hold sway, to rule.








cape - a cloak with a hood; a cloak or mantle generally

hoodoo - one who practises voodoo



lusky - lazy, sluggish                                                                                                                                                          dirty




Atahuallpa* - (1502 - 1533), 13th and last emperor of the Inca, who was victorious in a devastating civil war with his half brother, only to be captured, held for ransom, and then executed by Francisco Pizarro. When Atahuallpa was at the stake, de Valverde offered him the choice of being burned alive or dying by the more merciful garrote if he became a Christian. Atahuallpa, who had resisted proselytization throughout his captivity, agreed to the conversion and so died that day by strangulation. The execution of Atahuallpa, the last free reigning emperor, marked the end of the Inca civilization.

empoison - to kill by poison; to render virulent, envenom (feelings); to 'poison', embitter (a person's mind) against.  

Montezuma II* - ninth Aztec emperor of Mexico, famous for his dramatic confrontation with the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés.


willynilly* - that is such, or that takes place, whether one will or no