okey dokey* - O.K.

scutter - to go hastily with much fuss and bustle, as from excitement or timidity.

guld - marigold

to brush up* - to brighten up by brushing, to furbish up, rub up, renovate

boney = bony - skinny, lean, made of bones

bogey - fig. An object of terror or dread; a bugbear

with (one’s) tongue in (one’s) cheek - with sly irony or humorous insincerity.  

impassible - incapable of feeling or emotion; impassive, insensible, unimpressible.

abject - one cast off; a castaway, an outcast; a degraded person                                                                                        objects

Julian Alps* - range of the Eastern Alps, extending southeastward from the Carnic Alps (q.v.) and the town of Tarvisio in northeastern Italy to near the city of Ljubljana in Slovenia.

lamentation* - the action of lamenting, the passionate or demonstrative expression of grief; Eccl. One of the lessons (taken from Lamentations) in the office of Tenebrę;                        Lamentatons - the title of one of the poetical books of the Old Testament, traditionally ascribed to the prophet Jeremiah, and having for its subject the destruction of Jerusalem by the Chaldeans. 

warful - bellicose

Dane* - a native or subject of Denmark; in older usage including all the Northmen who invaded England from the 9th to the 11th c.

bothem = bottom (obs.)

furry - resembling fur, fur-like, soft; Of persons: Wearing fur, clad in furs

nye - a brood or flock pheasants; eye

guerilla - an irregular war carried on by small bodies of men acting independently; one engaged in such warfare.

prink - to wink, to give a wink; to make spruce or smart, to deck or dress up with many petty adornments; esp. refl. to deck oneself out, dress oneself up.

prank - a trick, a frolic; In early use, a trick of malicious or mischievous nature.


buddy - brother, companion, friend

behide - to hide away, conceal

byre - a cow-house


straggle - to wander or stray from the proper road, one's companions, etc.; spec. of a soldier:  To wander from the line of march, stray from one's company                                                                                                                                             struggles

rut - a (deep) furrow or track made in the ground, esp. in a soft road, by the passage of a wheeled vehicle or vehicles                root

in effigy - under the form, or by means of, a portrait or image

black sheep* - a bad character


relic* - pl. That which remains or is left behind, in later use esp. after destruction or wasting away; the remains or remaining fragments (of a thing).

decency - propriety of behaviour or demeanour; conformity (in behaviour, speech, or action) to the standard of propriety or good taste.

day of wrath* - the manifestation of anger or fury, esp. by way of retributory punishment of the Deity, etc.;             rath - Irish Antiq. An enclosure (usually of a circular form) made by a strong earthen wall, and serving as a fort and place of residence for the chief of a tribe.

murther - murder, murderer                                                                                                                                            mother


petrol pump* - a pump at a petrol station for supplying motor vehicles with petrol; a pump which delivers petrol from the petrol tank of a motor vehicle or aircraft to the engine.

Brian Boru

moneymonger* - a dealer in money, esp. in the way of lending it

grizzly - grey; greyish; grey-haired; grizzled

annal - sing. form of annals (a narrative of events written year by year; historical records generally).

lily of the valley* - a beautiful spring flower, Convallaria majalis, having two largish leaves and racemes of white, bell-shaped, fragrant flowers.

confort = comfort - to lend support or countenance to; to support, assist, aid;               confront - to face in hostility or defiance; to present a bold front to, stand against, oppose.

samp - coarsely-ground Indian corn; also a kind of porridge made from it.

tramp - one who travels from place to place on foot, in search of employment, or as a vagrant; also, one who follows an itinerant business, as a hawker, etc.

...What with the war; what with the sweat, what with the gallowes, and what with pouerty, I am Custom-shrunke.

sycophant* - an informer, tale-bearer, malicious accuser (obs.); a mean, servile, cringing, or abject flatterer.

beholden - attached, or obliged (to a person); under personal obligation for favours or services                                            behind


pollex - the innermost digit of the fore limb in air-breathing vertebrates; in man, the thumb.

prized - greatly valued, highly esteemed; high-priced, expensive (obs.) 

mirage* - Originally, and still most commonly, that species of optical illusion, common in hot countries, and especially in sandy deserts, which consists in the appearance of a sheet of water at some distance from the spectator, where no water actually exists.

horizon - the boundary-line of that part of the earth's surface visible from a given point of view; the line at which the earth and sky appear to meet. 

dainty - to pamper or indulge with dainties

camber - the transverse arch of the surface of a road

unsheathe - to draw (a weapon) out of the sheath or scabbard; to take out of, strip of, a sheath or covering. 

shoelace* - a lace used to fasten a shoe by passing it in and out through eyelet-holes.

consternation - amazement and terror such as to prostrate one's faculties                                                                constellations

how do ye* - how are you?

kyttyl* = kittle - kitten (fig. Applied to a young girl, with implication of playfulness or skittishness. In extended use: a girl-friend; a young woman; often as a form of address).

dragon* - Astron. a northern constellation, Draco

luna - the moon

straightaway* - stright forward;                       strait - strict, rigorous.

follow my leader* - a game in which each player must do what the leader does, or pay forfeit; also fig.

mujik* = moujik - a Russian peasant

Russ* - a Russian

sur = sir (obs.) - a person of rank or importance; a lord, a gentleman; one who might be addressed as 'sir'.