aureolus (l) - golden; a gold coin + perce-oreille (fr) - earwig + my first is near to hear (EAR) and my second is made to sit on (WICKER chair) while my whole is a Persse O'Reilly (EARWICKER).

polecat - a small dark-brown coloured carnivorous quadruped, of the Weasel family, a native of Europe + You Should See Me Dance the Polka (song).

bouche (fr) - mouth

gorge (fr) - throat

(roof of mouth)

fly is unbuttoned + FSTD: Bang on the bouch, gurg in the gorge, rap at the roof & your flap is unbu...

sharpen - to render more acute (a person's wits, sight, appetite, zeal, etc.)

innermost - most or furthest within; inmost

spool - a small cylindrical piece of wood or other material on which thread is wound as it is spun, esp. for use in weaving + Spiel (ger) - game, play + spell

jog - the act of jogging along; a slow measured walk, trot, or run + Little Brown Jug (song).

whang - a resounding blow or stroke, or the sound of such a blow + Whang the Miller - character in Oliver Goldsmith's The Citizen of the World.

milliner - a person (usually a woman) who makes up articles of female apparel, esp. bonnets and other headgear + pop goes the weasel - country dance very popular in the eighteen-fifties, in which these words were sung or exclaimed by the dancers while one of them darted under the arms of the others to his partner [Obscure lyrics are: "Half a pound of tuppenny rice, / Half a pound of treacle. / Thatís the way the money goes, / Pop! goes the weasel.]

William Shakespeare: The Tempest: (Ariel sings and helps to attire him) 'Where the bee sucks. there suck I: / In a cowslip's bell I lie; / There I couch when owls do cry. /
On the bat's back I do fly / After summer merrily. / Merrily, merrily shall I live now / Under the blossom that hangs on the bough.

bloodstained - stained with blood. lit. and fig. + The Protestant Boys (song) + FSTD: (12) Butt ó Buckily buckily. Bimbambombumb.

boyne - a flat shallow tub or bowl + boyo - boy, lad; esp. as a jovial form of address + boinya (Russian, Ruthenian) - fight, battle; massacre + Battle of Boyne, 1690.

snapper - a taker of snapshots, a casual photographer; a pistol (rare.) + snapper (Slang) - penis.

rumjar - a type of German trench-mortar shell

journal - a daily newspaper or other publication; hence, by extension, Any periodical publication containing news + (his snapshot was in a Russian Journal).

girl + Gogol.

lubbe - obs. form of love (v.) + lyuba (Ruthenian) - love.

biy (Ruthenian) - fear; fight + eye - to keep an eye on; to observe narrowly + The Girl I Left Behind Me (song).

oblige - to gratify with or by doing something; to do a service to, confer a favour on


cogadh (Irish) - war

sympathy - Physiol. and Path. A relation between two bodily organs or parts (or between two persons) such that disorder, or any condition, of the one induces a corresponding condition in the other + sumphotia (gr) - a giving of light + symphony.

ebony - very dark black + (plays piano black and white piano keys).

Balaclava - Crimean village near Sevastopol, the site of an indecisive military engagement of the Crimean War (25 October 1854), best known as the inspiration of the English poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson's "Charge of the Light Brigade." Early in the battle the Russians occupied the Fedyukhin and the Vorontsov heights, bounding a valley near Balaklava, but they were prevented from taking the town by General Sir James Scarlett's Heavy Brigade and by Sir Colin Campbell's 93rd Highlanders, who beat off two Russian cavalry advances. Lord Raglan and his British staff, based on the heights above Sevastopol, however, observed the Russians removing guns from the captured artillery posts on the Vorontsov heights and sent orders to the Light Brigade to disrupt them. The final order became confused, however, and the brigade, led by Lord Cardigan, swept down the valley between the heights rather than toward the isolated Russians on the heights. The battle ended with the loss of 40 percent of the Light Brigade + balalaika - three-stringed guitar-like musical instrument.

tovarishch (Russian) - comrade (standard form of address in the Sovier Union) + Il Trovatore I.3: 'IL CONTE DI LUNA: 'Il Trovator! Io fermo!'': 'the troubadour! I rage!' (the troubadour being his rival).

tumble - to fall; esp. to fall in a helpless way, as from stumbling or violence + tremble

scythe-sickle - a reaping-hook with a smooth cutting blade as contrasted with one in which the edge is cut into teeth + Phil the Fluter's Ball (song): 'With the toot of the flute and the twiddle of the fiddle, O!'

hummer - a person that hums + hammer and sickle - an emblem consisting of a crossed hammer and sickle, used as a symbol of the industrial worker and the peasant, e.g. on the national flag of the U.S.S.R.; hence used allusively of Soviet-type Communism + Hummer (ger) - lobster.   

hurries + hovoryty (Ruthenian) - to speak + parodies.

'collar of gold' → Thomas Moore: Let Erin Remember the Days of Old (song).


wallow - to rise up as if in waves; to be ecstatic with joy; to roll about, or lie prostrate and relaxed in or upon some liquid, viscous, or yielding substance ("pigs were wallowing in the mud") + swallowing.

olfact - the organ or sense of smell + olfacto (l) - to smell at, to snuff + following effect.

mortar - a short piece of ordnance with a large bore and with trunnions on its breech for throwing shells at high angles + Marter (ger) - hardship, pains, torment + murder.

tartar - the infernal regions; hell

Warter (ger) - torture

boule - a French form of bowls, played on rough ground, usu. with metal balls.; bowl (obs.)

skittle - pl. A game traditionally played with nine pins set in a square upon a wooden frame, an angle of which is directed towards the player, who endeavours to bowl down the pins in as few throws as possible.

aged - of advanced age, old

monad - the number one, unity; an arithmetical unit. Now only Hist. with reference to the Pythagorean or other Greek philosophies, in which numbers were regarded as real entities, and as the primordial principles of existence + man + monarch.

venture - an enterprise of a business nature in which there is considerable risk of loss as well as chance of gain; a commercial speculation + to make a virtue out of necessity - to make the best of a difficult or unsatisfactory situation.

investment - Milit. The surrounding or hemming in of a town or fort by a hostile force so as to cut off all communication with the outside; Comm. The investing of money or capital + Necessity is the mother of invention (proverb).

surgent - rising or swelling in waves, or as a flood or spring; surging. lit. and fig.

scimitar - a short, curved, single-edged sword, used among Orientals, esp. Turks and Persians

star and moon - (attributes of Artemis-Hecate-Selene) Byzantium, saved from plague by Hecate (340 B.C.), placed her crescent and star on coins and symbols of the city; the conquering Turks adopted the city's emblem, whence it was spread through Islam.

ashen - ash-coloured, whitish-grey, deadly pale

shadow + Matthew 7:20: 'By their fruits ye shall know them'.

piff - an imitation of various sounds, as of that made by the swift motion of a bullet through the air; So piff-paff + Meyerbeer: Les Huguenots: Piff Paff (militant Protestant song).

puff puff - an imitation of the sound of repeated puffing by a steam-engine; hence, a nursery name for a locomotive, or a railway train + puff - a representation of the act of blowing in puffs; also, of blowing abruptly from the lips.

Pfeife (ger) - pipe + Glinka, Michael Ivamovich (1803-57) - Russian composer of A Life for the Czar + James Joyce: A Portrait II: (Simon of his father) 'We were more like brothers than father and son. I'Il never forget the first day he caught me smoking... I was standing... with some maneens... we had pipes... the next day... he said, try one of these cigars'.

mleko (Polish, Serbian) - milk + mlechni, or correctly, mlečni (Serbian) - of milk + Milky Way + Thomas Moore: Let Erin Remember the Days of Old (song): 'When Malachi wore the collar of gold' + The Rocky Road to Dublin (song).

corkscrew - an instrument for drawing corks from bottles, consisting of a steel screw or helix with a sharp point and a transverse handle + {first interlude - a report of a steeplechase horse-race}

bind - a difficult situation, a predicament + "A programme of safety changes at the track, which includes the famous Corkscrew bend, have signalled the return of the World Championship in 2005..."

verbo- - irreg. comb. form of L. verbum (word) + vox (l) - the voice + visualis (l) - attained by sight.

presentment - the act of presenting to sight (or hearing), or something so presented; representation of an object by a picture, image, or graphic description

renowned - celebrated, famous + renounce - to turn away from.

caer (Cornish, Welsh) - town, castle + Carholme - race track at Lincoln.

huddled - crowded together without order; all in a heap + hundred and eleven.

steeplechaser - a horse trained for steeplechasing (a horse-race across country or on a made course with artificial fences, water-jumps, and other obstacles. Formerly, a race having a church steeple in view as goal, in which all intervening obstacles had to be cleared).

fleetfooted - fleet of foot, swift in movement

paddock - Horse-racing. A turf enclosure near the race-course, where the horses and jockeys are assembled in preparation for the race.

dare - challenge + here + The Wearing of the Green (song): 'O Paddy dear and did you hear the news that's going round?'


hip hip hurrah + hippo- - horse.

helioscope - an apparatus for observing the sun without injury to the eye, or a telescope fitted with such an apparatus; the intensity of the light being reduced by smoked or coloured glass, by reflectors, or by other means.

Windsor Palace, England (horseracing at Windsor) + Winter Palace (Russian Revolution) + wins or places (second) as the case might be.

meus Deus (l) - my God

Browne/Nolan (motif) + Thomas Nolan - officer in Crimean War.

contrite + penitent in confession must peform satisfaction as penance, and exhibit firm purpose of amendment [.30]

purport - that which is intended to be done or effected by something; meaning, purpose, design, intention

verily - in deed, fact, or reality; really, truly

epiphanes (gr) - coming to light; manifest, notable + Ptolemy V Epiphanes (210-180 B.C.) - king of Egypt 205-180 B.C.; reign marked by rebellions and invasions + Epiphanes - race horse, born 1932.

shriver - one who shrives, a confessor

Saint Doolagh - village and church near Baldoyle

bowler - a hat that is round and black and hard with a narrow brim (worn by some British businessmen) + Brown Bomber - horse in a comic-strip + (priest Mr Browne at racetrack) [038.26]

as sure + ossuarium (l) - urn for bones (of the dead).

bonum (l) - good

astrology + osteologia (gr) - study of bones + osteon (gr) - bone + theologia (gr) - theology.

Racing Calendar - horse-racing annual

guffaw - a burst of coarse laughter, a loud or boisterous laugh

supernatural - pl. Supernatural things + nuper (l) - newly, lately, recently + satur (l) - sated + satura (l) - "well-filled": dish filled with a mixture of various ingredients (mixed salad, mixed stew).

holler - a shout of hollo! a loud shout; esp. a cry in hunting

metanoia - penitence, repentance; reorientation of one's way of life, spiritual conversion + penitent (metanoiac) in confession must exhibit supernatural sorrow and contrition [.25]

exomologesis - a full confession, a public confession

chestnut - a story that has been told before, a 'venerable' joke (slang.)

Dick Whittington (pantomime): 'Turn again, Whittington, Lord-Mayor of London!'

absolutely + absolution (after confession).

Humpty Dumpty (nursery rhyme)


flesh and blood - having actual human existence

collecting box - a box for the collection of contributions of money

triflet - a small trifle (a literary work, piece of music, etc., light or trivial in style; a slight or facetious composition) + triplets.

to be sure - as one may be sure, for a certainty, undoubtedly, of course; now colloq. and often concessive = it must be admitted, indeed.

coppers + Archdeacon J.F.X.P. Coppinger (motif).

Slippery Sam - thief and tailor in Gay's Beggar Opera; also, a card game + "Treacle Tom... and his own blood and milk brother Frisky Shorty, (he was, to be exquisitely punctilious about them, both shorty and frisky) a tipster..." [HCE & ALP as ATUM]

hard by - close by, in close proximity to, very near to