howsomever* - although, nevertheless, yet

slouch* - to move or walk with a slouch or in a loose and stooping attitude. 

knavish - characteristic of or appropriate to a knave; roguish, rascally, mischievous, impertinent;                knave - In playing-cards: The lowest court card of each suit, bearing the representation of a soldier or servant.

diamond - a diamond-shaped figure; spec. A figure of this form printed upon a playing-card.

a penny for your thoughts* - I would give something to know what you are thinking about (addressed to one in a 'brown study').

turfer* - one who enjoys common of turbary (land, or a piece of land, where turf or peat may be dug for fuel; a peat-bog or peat-moss).

deck - to clothe in rich or ornamental garments; to cover with what beautifies; to array, attire, adorn.

duds - clothes; rags, ragged clothes, tatters                                                                                                                        spades

howbeit - nevertheless, however

unremitting - never relaxing or slackening, continuing with the same force

retainer - a dependent or follower of some person of rank or position

boozer - one who boozes, a tippler

shick = shicker - drunk, intoxicated

shimmering* - that shimmers

ensample* - a precedent which may be followed or imitated; a pattern or model of conduct.

smith - one who works in iron or other metals; esp. a blacksmith or farrier


inquisition - the action or process of inquiring or searching into matters, esp. for the purpose of finding out the truth or the facts concerning something (obs.)

Dominical = Dominican (obs.) - of or pertaining to St. Dominic or to the order of friars (and nuns) founded by him.

brayer - one who brays; esp. an ass                                                                                                                                brothers

coif - to cover as with a coif


apprehend - to perceive the existence of, recognize, see

distinguished* - marked by conspicuous excellence or eminence; remarkable, eminent.

patronage* - the action of a patron in giving influential support, favour, encouragement, or countenance, to a person, institution, work, art, etc. 

governor-general* - a governor who has under him deputy- or lieutenant-governors;                    Juggernaut* - fig. An institution, practice, or notion to which persons blindly devote themselves, or are ruthlessly sacrificed; Hindu Myth. A title of Krishna, the eighth avatar of Vishnu; spec., the uncouth idol of this deity at Pur in Orissa, annually dragged in procession on an enormous car, under the wheels of which many devotees are said to have formerly thrown themselves to be crushed. 



Guinea goose* - the Chinese goose or swan-goose



hold hard - (orig. a sporting phrase): To pull hard at the reins in order to stop the horse; hence gen. to 'pull up', halt, stop. Usually in imper. (colloq.)

fourth* - the ordinal numeral belonging to the cardinal four                                                                                                 fort

hurdle - a frame of this kind used as a barrier to be cleared in races


holo - - 'whole, entire'

shote - a rush or rapid motion; the action or an act of shooting with a bow, gun, etc.                                                            shout


emancipator - one who emancipates (to set free from control; to release from legal, social, or political restraint).

sire - forefather, lord, master; a stallion having at least one colt who has won the race.

gelding - a castrated male horse

bailey - the external wall enclosing the outer court, and forming the first line of defence, of a feudal castle; and, in a wider sense, any of the circuits of walls or defences which surrounded the keep.

dabble - the act of dabbling; that which dabbles

to show a clean pair of heels* - to escape by superior speed


tuft - a clump of small herbs growing closely together

Lord Mayor* - a title formerly limited to the mayors (see mayor) of London, York, and Dublin, but subsequently extended to the mayors of some other large towns, e.g. Liverpool, Birmingham, Sheffield, etc.

annoyed* - disturbed by what one dislikes; troubled, vexed, offended


effer - to bring forth, to give off

bett - obs. pa. tense and pple. of beat (v.)                                                                                                                             bet

tip* - a piece of useful private or special information communicated by an expert; a friendly hint; spec. 'an advice concerning betting or a Stock-Exchange speculation intended to benefit the recipient'.

slapstick* - two flat pieces of wood joined together at one end, used to produce a loud slapping noise; spec. such a device used in pantomime and low comedy to make a great noise with the pretence of dealing a heavy blow;              sweepstake - a prize won in a race or contest in which the whole of the stakes contributed by the competitors are taken by the winner or by a certain limited number of them; hence (now usually), the race or contest itself. 

quickchange* - attrib. as epithet of an actor or other performer who quickly changes costume or appearance in order to play a different part; to change (clothes) quickly.

tophole* - first-rate, 'tip-top'


afterthought* - reflection after the act; a thought which did not occur at the time when the matter to which it refers was under consideration: hence a later expedient, explanation, or device.

corroberate* - to strengthen (an opinion, statement, argument, etc.) by concurrent or agreeing statements or evidence; to make more sure or certain; to support, confirm.


different;                 dipper - the popular name in the United States for the configuration of seven bright stars in Ursa Major (called in Britain 'the Plough', or 'Charles's Wain'). Little Dipper: the similar configuration of seven stars in Ursa Minor.