malaise - a condition of bodily uneasiness or discomfort, esp. a condition of bodily suffering or lassitude, without the development of specific disease + Maleis (Dutch) - Malay, Malayan.

pungency - a sharp bitter taste property + poignanacy.

Ultonia (l) - Ulster (orange)

Orient - East + Orion, constellation → The southern shaft in the Kings Chamber reaches to the outer surface of the Pyramid and is thought to be aligned with the Orion´s belt. Orion was associated with Osiris, and was also the god of the netherworld. The northern shaft aligns with Thuban, in the constellation of Draco.

Sagitarius - Astr. The zodiacal constellation of the Archer; hence, the ninth sign of the zodiac, which the sun enters about 22 Nov.

Draco - a circumpolar constellation visible all night from northern latitudes. The constellation winds around the little dipper. Its' stars are not very bright, containing only three stars above magnitude 3.0. The star Thuban (α Draconis) was the northern pole star around 2700 BC, during the time of the ancient Egyptians.

op de loer (Dutch) - on the lookout

collier - one whose occupation or trade is to procure or supply coal (formerly charcoal); one engaged in the coal trade; Often used with allusion to the dirtiness of the trade in coal, or the evil repute of the collier for cheating + holy cross

Lord Byron: 'The Corsair'

bell, book and candle (instruments of ecclesiatical curse [.02]) + BBC + *VYC*

Strongbow, Richard, earl of Pembroke - led the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland in 1170. He married Eve MacMurrough and ruled Leinster till he died in 1176. He was buried in Christ Church Cathedral; his tomb was long a Dublin landmark, a place where debts were paid, business done.  

celebrating + Cerberus (hell gates).

Tramp, Tramp, Tramp (song)

Holy Sepulchre (crusades)

Armee (ger) - army + Mond (ger) - moon + Allemands (fr) - Germans + armaments.

marshalled - drawn up in ranks, arranged in order, etc.

causeway + the Giant's Causeway - a natural formation in county Antrim, Ireland, consisting of a collection of basaltic columns extending like a mole or pier into the sea.       

rout - disorderly or precipitate retreat on the part of a defeated army, body of troops, etc. + route, road.

Stations of the Cross (or Way of the Cross; in Latin, Via Crucis; also called the Via Dolorosa or Way of Sorrows, or simply, The Way) refers to the depiction of the final hours (or Passion) of Jesus, and the devotion commemorating the Passion + Joyce's note: 'stations of Earwicker'.

gospel - 'the glad tidings (of the kingdom of God)' announced to the world by Jesus Christ; Hence, the body of religious doctrine taught by Christ and His apostles; one of the books written by the four Evangelists.

truth + FSTD: (16) Taff — You were. You had just been through the armemans retreat fellowed by the stenchions of the corpse? The heart to? if you please.  

Tommy Lad (song) + 'Comrade' means "friend", "colleague", or "ally". The word comes from French 'camarade'. The term has seen use in the military and some fascist organisations, but is most commonly associated with left-wing movements, where "comrade" has often become a stock phrase and form of address.

Albania + perfidious Albion - a rhetorical expression for 'England', with reference to her alleged treacherous policy towards foreigners.

ungain - unpleasant, disagreeable + inghean (inyen) (geal) - daughter + ting som ingen ting (Danish) - thing like no thing → Tingsomingenting/Nixnixundnix [.20] + think some other thing.

Tinker, Tailor (song)

Galwegian - an inhabitant or native of Galloway; belonging to Galloway

caftan - a garment worn in Turkey and other eastern countries, consisting of a kind of long under-tunic or vest tied at the waist with the girdle + Norwegian Captain.

Åse - Peer Gynt's aged mother + Europe and Asia.

children + skoledreng (Danish) - schoolboy.

machree (Irish) - my heart (from Irish: mo chroidhe) + -een (Irish) - (diminutive) + Mother Machree (song).

forward movement - recently often used to denote a special effort made by a political party, a religious or benevolent organization, etc., in order to make more rapid progress.

miles (l) - soldier + Myles-na-Coppaleen shoots hunchback Danny Mann in Boucicault's The Colleen Bawn.

despatch - to send off post-haste or with expedition or promptitude (a messenger, message, etc., having an express destination); to dispose or rid oneself promptly of (a piece of business, etc.); to get done, get through, accomplish, settle, finish off; to start promptly for a place, get away quickly, make haste to go.

slink - Of persons: To move, go, walk, etc. in a quiet, stealthy, or sneaking manner + slinging

surtout - a long close fitting overcoat

squad = squaddy - short and thick-set

mutton - a sheep; esp. one intended to be eaten. Now only jocular.

Jaun [429.01] + look more like the gentleman.

aggregate + angrebet (Danish) - the attack + anger get up + Ginnunga-Gap - in Norse Eddas, the interval between aeons + Jap... China (war, 1930s).


skupshtina - the national assembly of Yugoslavia; formerly, of Serbia or Montenegro; now, of Serbia

noys = noise + noy - annoyance.

tutelage - the office or function of a guardian; protection, care, guardianship, patronage; governorship of a ward. Also fig.; instruction, tuition.

a posteriori - A phrase used to characterize reasoning or arguing from effects to causes, from experience and not from axioms; empirical, inductive.

Aristotle + Battle of Austerlitz + Battle of Waterloo.

val des ombres (fr) - valley of shadows + valet de chambre (fr) - valet, manservant.

zero + No man is a hero to his valet (proverb).

great + Greek.

aisthetes (gr) - one who perceives, a perceiver + greatest heat + great state for fear.

phos (gr) - light + phiaros (gr) - gleaming, shining + photophiaros (gr) - light-gleaming.

erection + Ixion chained to wheel in hell.

septuple - sevenfold + susceptible.


a priori

Popo (ger) - posterior + proportions.

zotni (Albanian) - sir, gentleman

sir + FSTD: (17) Butt — Yass I did not. No thank you.

scout - to reconnoitre, to examine with a view to obtaining information; to reject with scorn (a proposition); to treat as absurd (an idea); to dismiss scornfully the pretensions of (a person, a work, etc.) + doubt. 

ich (ger) - I

nichts (ger) - nothing + FSTD: Butt — Himm to our muskets. Icht's nichts on nichts. Rawskin general.

Shakespeare + shqyptar (Albanian) - Albanian (Pronunciation: 'schtschyptar') + Great Jupiter! [342.14]

fol = fool (obs.); full (obs.) + feel + me fol (Albanian) - to speak.

malady - any unwholesome or desperate condition + raw lad.

script - something written, a piece of writing. (now rare.) + shpirt (Albanian) - spirit + shpirtua (Albanian) - match.

schkrepes (Albanian) - match + shkrep (Albanian) - to strike + (I followed him by the light of a match). 

quir = choir - a company of singers + cuirasse (fr) - armour.

queer man + Wehrmann (ger) - soldier + min (Chinese) - the people + Humpty Dumpty (nursery rhyme): 'All the king's horses and all the king's men'.


ancient - one who lived in ancient times. Commonly in pl. the Ancients: esp. the ancient Greeks, Romans, and other civilized nations of antiquity. 

grand opera - serious opera without spoken dialogue + Oper (ger) - opera + Ondt/Gracehoper (motif).

son of a gun - a somewhat depreciatory term for 'man, fellow' + soun = son (obs.) + gunong (Malay) - mountain.

Sabaoth - A Hebrew word (lit. 'armies', 'hosts'), retained untranslated in the English New Testament.

smook - to smoke + Mookse (expecting Mookse/Gripes motif, but no Gripes!)

scandalous + (cigar).

butt end + both ends + light or burn the candle at both ends - to consume or waste in two directions at once.

fine + foin (French Slang) - tobacco.

duhan (Arabic) - smoke + duvan (Serbian) = duhan (Albanian) - tobacco.

operas + obras (Portuguese) - works + obraz (Ruthenian) - image, icon.

kingdom + ejendom (Danish) - possession + eigendom (Dutch) - property + condoom (Dutch) - condom.

legging - making a 'leg' or obeisance + leggen (Dutch) - to lay + (walking groggily after explosion and looking for a place to recover).

lugged - having 'lugs' or ears + bandy legged - having legs that curve outward at the knees.

pulver - powder, dust + poroch (Russian) - gunpowder + porokh (Ruthenian) - dust, powder.


easy chair - a chair adapted for sitting or half reclining in an easy posture, often furnished with arms and padded back = stolica (Serbian) + stool of ease - privy, commode.

nemesis - the goddess of retribution or vengeance; hence, one who avenges or punishes; retributive justice + nehmen Sie Platz (ger) - have a seat.

à la française (fr) - in the French fashion + allaman (Albanian) - German + frang (Albanian) - European.

celebrate - to honour with religious ceremonies, festivities, or other observances (an event, occasion); to speak the praises of, extol + salubris (l) - health-giving, wholesome.

orthodox - the specific epithet of the Eastern Church, which recognizes the headship of the Patriarch of Constantinople, and of the various national churches of Russia, Serbia, Romania, etc., which hold the same 'orthodox' creed, and recognize each other as of the same communion.

heavenly - of, in, or belonging to heaven, as the abode of God; divine, celestial, sacred, holy + FSTD: I thought he was going to high mass, Russian general.

mass (penal) said on cromlech (notebook 1924) → Kinane: St. Patrick 184: 'Erin... was laid waste by fire and sword... No church or altar was left in the land; the holy Sacrifice was offered at night, or at dawn of day, in the bog or on the mountain; a rude stone serving as an altar'.

supreme + supine - lying face upward + sublime.

pumpship (Slang) - urinate

coram - A Latin preposition meaning 'before, in the presence of' + khram (Ruthenian) - church + hram (Serbian) - temple.

perished - decayed, wasted; dead or brought to the point of death with cold or privation + parish priest.

pop (Russian, Ruthenian, Serbian) - parish priest in the Orthodox Church

averred - asserted, maintained + Oliver Cromwell.

cromlech - a structure of prehistoric age consisting of a large flat or flattish unhewn stone resting horizontally on three or more stones set upright

lewd - lay, not in holy orders, not clerical (obs.); common, vulgar, 'base' (obs.) + Ragnar Lodbrok - Viking chief.

recipe - directions for making something + reciting

cheatery - the practice of cheating; swindling, trickery + chattery - tending to chatter + ceathar (Irish) - four.

gospels + chetyre gospoda (Russian) - four gentlemen.

haftarah = haphtarah - the lesson from one of the Prophets, which is associated with each lesson from the Law (called parashah), and is read after it in the Jewish synagogue on the sabbath.

after having his breakfast (when Bloom defecates) + farts + (breaking wind).



kuropatva (Ruthenian) - partridge

bibber - one who drinks frequently, a tippler + biber (Serbian) - pepper + bibbern (ger) - tremble  + shivering

fear + vear (Old Norse) - gods (poetic) + FSTD: (19) Butt — Not. When I seen him like a Roman Carthagic I was bibbering. I hadn't the art to.

verset - a little or short verse, esp. one of the Bible or similar book + verst - Russian land measure (ca. 2/3 mile).


('the' at the end of a sentence) [020.18] [257.27] [334.30] [628.16]

Flute - bellows-mender who plays Thisbe in A Midsummer Night's Dream. In Dublin argot, 'flute' means "penis." In Letters (I, 277), Joyce speaks of "my magic flute," meaning his muse or his 'oeuvre' + John Milton: Paradise Lost I.1: 'Of Mans First Disobedience, and the Fruit' + Flut (ger) - flood + flute! (fr) - (oath).