Anglo-Saxon* - English Saxon, Saxon of England; Used rhetorically for English in its wider or ethnological sense;
Ungluck (d) - misfortune.

git = get (v.)

high legs

soldery* - soldiers collectively; the military; a military class or body

pique - ill-feeling, animosity, enmity; a feeling of anger, resentment, or ill-will, resulting from some slight or injury, esp. such as wounds one's pride or vanity; offence taken.

cue - a long roll or plait of hair worn hanging down behind like a tail, from the head or from a wig.


croak - the deep hoarse sound made by a frog or raven

harm - to do harm (to); to injure (physically or otherwise); to hurt, damage






partidge - Mil. A kind of charge for cannons consisting of a number of missiles fired together, similar to langrage or case-shot.

Siamese twins* - two male natives of Siam, Chang and Eng (1811-1874), who were united by a tubular band in the region of the waist. Hence gen., any pair of twins physically united by their tissues;                    twinge - a sharp pinching or wringing pain; often, a momentary local pain.

strafe - a fierce assault

firetrench - Mil. A deep and narrow trench from which firing takes place

drops dead

ouch - An exclamation expressing pain or annoyance

to let the cat out of the bag - to disclose the secret

blue eyes

suite - a train of followers, attendants, or servants; a retinue

cultic - of or pertaining to a religious cult

toilet* - manner or style of dressing; dress, costume, 'get-up'

oneship - the condition of being one or alone; oneness

fetch - the apparition, double, or wraith of a living person; a contrivance, dodge, stratagem, trick; to make or perform (a movement); to take (a walk, run, leap, etc.). 

within hail - within call, near enough to be hailed


attempting - endeavouring, enterprising, venturous

bandylegged* - having legs curved laterally with the concavity inward


catharize* - to purify (by some ceremony)                                                                                                                       catholic

lug - to move about, along, heavily and slowly; to pull along with violent effort; to drag, tug (something heavy). 

let down* - to lower

pelt - a skin of an animal worn as a garment

crushingly* - in a crushing manner

expouse = espouse (obs.) - to marry                                                                                                                               exposing

skinful - a full allowance; as much as one wants or cares for

maneuvre* - Mil. and Naval. The planned or regulated movement or evolution of troops or vessels of war; a strategic movement or change of position;                         manure - to enrich (land) with manure.

open air* - the unconfined space outside buildings, exposed to the weather;                    ordure - excrement, dung. 

pleasantry - an instance of pleasantness or enjoyment; a pleasurable circumstance.

headquarters* - the residence, permanent or temporary, of the commander-in-chief of an army; the place whence a commander's orders are issued.

carcass - Mil. A spherical iron shell, filled with an inflammable composition, and having three holes through which the flame blazes; fired from a mortar or gun to set fire to buildings, wooden defences, etc. 

alimony* - nourishment; supply of the means of living, maintenance

inoccupation - want of occupation; unoccupied condition


pagne - a cloth; the piece of cloth forming originally the single article of clothing variously worn by natives of hot countries; spec. a loin-cloth, or a short petticoat, worn by primitive peoples, or retained by the westernized as part of their costume;
ping pong - fig. A series of (usu. verbal) exchanges between two parties. 

varied* - vari-coloured, variegated

stormtroop - to behave in an aggressive manner like storm-troops (forces of selected and specially armed men trained for deployment in assault operations, especially against strong positions or large numbers = shock troops) 

sheen - bright, shining, resplendent;         flare - dazzling but irregular light, like that of torches; a sudden outburst of flame. Also fig.

battleaxe - a kind of axe used as a weapon of war in the Middle Ages; a halberd or bill carried by guards.

seraphim* - In Biblical use: The living creatures with six wings, hands and feet, and a (presumably) human voice, seen in Isaiah's vision as hovering above the throne of God.


satrap* - a subordinate ruler; often suggesting an imputation of tyranny or ostentatious splendour.

Peter the Great


allegiance - the relation or duties of a liege-man to his liege-lord; the tie or obligation of a subject to his sovereign, or government.


clemency* - mildness or gentleness of temper, as shown in the exercise of authority or power; mercy, leniency.

misuse - to use or employ wrongly or improperly; to apply to a wrong purpose.


mea culpa* - A phrase from the prayer of confession in the Latin liturgy of the Church; used lit. and transf. as an exclamation of repentance, and as the name of such an exclamation.

deer = dear (obs.)

prejudice* - a previous judgement; esp. a judgement formed before due examination or consideration; a premature or hasty judgement; preconceived opinion.

sir* - a person of rank or importance; a lord, a gentleman; one who might be addressed as 'sir'.



travailing - labouring, toiling; labour of child-bearing; distress, fatigue, etc.

stomach;                             too much.


boozer* - one who boozes, a tippler