Anglo-Saxon - English Saxon, Saxon of England; Used rhetorically for 'English' in its wider or ethnological sense + Ungluck (ger) - bad luck, misfortune + sarsoun (Armenian) - shiver + {Butt explains why he could not shoot the defecating General - another round of drinks}

git = get (v.) + Anglosaxon is coming to get him.

jötnar (Icelandic) - giants + joining.

high legs + highly religious + ligio (it) - loyal, faithful.


soldery - soldiers collectively; the military; a military class or body


pique - ill-feeling, animosity; a feeling of anger, resentment, or ill-will, resulting from some slight or injury, esp. such as wounds one's pride or vanity; offence taken

cue - a long roll or plait of hair worn hanging down behind like a tail, from the head or from a wig

tear + -tyr (Old Norse) - -god.

bönd (Old Norse) - constraining powers (class of gods) + bend.

croak - the deep hoarse sound made by a frog or raven

harm - to do harm (to); to injure (physically or otherwise); to hurt, damage + Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye (song).

weapon + Thomas Moore, song: Weep On, Weep On [air: The Song of Sorrow].

Song of Solomon (also known as The Song of Songs) is interpreted in some traditions as an allegorical representation of the relationship of God and Israel as husband and wife. In most translations the main characters of the Song are simply a woman and a man, and the poem suggests movement from courtship to consummation.




Papist + Papst (ger) - pope.

gamba (it) - leg + gombeen man (Anglo-Irish) - usurer (from Irish gaimbín: usury) + jamban (Malay) - latrine, privy, W.C. + jambangan (Malay) - garden pleasure house.

coward's + cawraidd (Welsh) - gigantic.

ya, iya (Malay) - yes

partidge - Mil. A kind of charge for cannons consisting of a number of missiles fired together, similar to langrage or case-shot + John Milton: "Paradise Lost".

Siamese twins - two male natives of Siam, Chang and Eng (1811-1874), who were united by a tubular band in the region of the waist. Hence gen., any pair of twins physically united by their tissues + scimmia (it) - ape + twinge - a sharp pinching or wringing pain; often, a momentary local pain.


strafe - a fierce assault + Strafe (ger) - punishment + strafe (World War I Slang) - to bombard..

firetrench - Mil. A deep and narrow trench from which firing takes place.

suddenly + studen- (Serbian, Bulgarian) - cold-

drops dead + drob (Russian) - buckshot + drob (Serbian, Bulgarian) - liver + led (Serbian) - ice.

sentinel - a person employed to watch for something to happen

ouch - An exclamation expressing pain or annoyance + ushi (Serbian) - ears + ochi (Serbian) - eyes.

change uniforms

lifting + let the cat out of the bag - to disclose the secret + (becomes frightened).

blue eyes

suite - a train of followers, attendants, or servants; a retinue + suit - to accord or comport with.

cultic - of or pertaining to a religious cult

toilet - manner or style of dressing; dress, costume, 'get-up' + toilette (fr) - lavatory + "Somewhere in the last weeks of July, Sylvia Beach sent Joyce the only book she could find by the 78-year old Irish writer Standish O’Grady, his Selected Essays and Passages, published in Dublin by the Talbot Press in 1918. In the 1870s and 1880s O’Grady had been one of the first to write about the mythical and historical past of Ireland, and he had been instrumental in creating a collective conscience of his race, albeit that this conscience and the literary movement resulting from it, was of the dreamy, ‘Celtic twilight’ kind that Joyce ridiculed in The Holy Office (1904) and even more deadly in Finnegans Wake, where he coined the phrase ‘cultic twalette’." (Robbert-Jan Henkes)

oneship - the condition of being one or alone; oneness + Comyn: The Youthful Exploits of Fionn: 'in his oneship' (i.e. alone).

fetch - the apparition, double, or wraith of a living person; a contrivance, dodge, stratagem 

within hail - within call, near enough to be hailed

tour (fr) - tower + terrible day.

Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm (1844-1900) - German philosopher + nichnyk (Ruthenian) - night watchman (from Ruthenian nichnyi: night (adj.)) + nyzhnyk (Ruthenian) - young man; jack (in cards). 

knob (Slang) - head; penis + Kopf (ger) - head + Nijni Novgorod, town, Russia (literally 'Lower New Town').

attempting - endeavouring, enterprising, venturous

bandylegged - having legs curved laterally with the concavity inward + waterlogged - soaked with water, in danger of sinking because of excess water onboard.

cathartic - a purging medicine (stimulates evacuation of the bowels) + Roman Catholic.

lug - to move about, along, heavily and slowly; to pull along with violent effort; to drag, tug (something heavy)

laid - set down according to a plan (adj.) + let down - to lower.

pelt - a skin of an animal worn as a garment

crushingly - in a crushing manner

messa (l) - things that are reaped, harvest + mesar (Serbian) - butcher + Messer (ger) - knife + Nebuchadnezzar.

expouse = espouse (obs.) - to marry + exposing

skinful - a full allowance; as much as one wants or cares for + sinful.

Tailte - Firbolg queen whose foster-son, Lug, founded the Tailtean games in her honor + teetotum - game in which four-sided disk is spun + bottom.

maneuvre - Mil. and Naval. The planned or regulated movement or evolution of troops or vessels of war + manure - to enrich (land) with manure.

ordure - excrement, dung + open air - the unconfined space outside buildings, exposed to the weather + open order (infantry formation). 

muratura (it) - masonry + remuneration - the act of paying for goods or services or to recompense for losses ("adequate remuneration for his work").

ruad (Irish) - brown + cawraidd (Welsh) - gigantic + cowards.

pleasantry - an instance of pleasantness or enjoyment; a pleasurable circumstance + Irish peasantry.


headquarters - the residence, permanent or temporary, of the commander-in-chief of an army

carcass - Mil. A spherical iron shell, filled with an inflammable composition, and having three holes through which the flame blazes; fired from a mortar or gun to set fire to buildings, wooden defences, etc. + Caucasus. 

have the nerve

liard (French) - small coin + liar + lewd.


alimony - nourishment; supply of the means of living, maintenance + for love or money.

inoccupation - want of occupation; unoccupied condition + inoccupato (Italian) - at leisure.


bimetallism - circulation of two monetary metals in fixed ratio + base metal.

akshan (Albanian) - morning + action.

pagne - a cloth; the piece of cloth forming originally the single article of clothing variously worn by natives of hot countries; spec. a loin-cloth, or a short petticoat, worn by primitive peoples, or retained by the westernized as part of their costume + "Pingpong, the bell for Sechseläuten, and concepit de Saint-Esprit" [.22-.23] [.27]

varied - vari-coloured, variegated

stormtroop - to behave in an aggressive manner like storm-troops (forces of selected and specially armed men trained for deployment in assault operations, especially against strong positions or large numbers = shock troops) 

sheen - bright, shining, resplendent + flare - dazzling but irregular light, like that of torches; a sudden outburst of flame. Also fig.

battleaxe - a kind of axe used as a weapon of war in the Middle Ages; a halberd or bill carried by guards

Sinn Féin Amháin (Irish) - Ourselves Alone (slogan)

seraphim - In Biblical use: The living creatures with six wings, hands and feet, and a (presumably) human voice, seen in Isaiah's vision as hovering above the throne of God.

zmell (Armenian) - drink + fierce smell.

Urals + aura (l) - odour.

kaasstank (Dutch) - cheese-smell + stank (Dutch) - stench + orang-utan (Malay) - literally 'man of the woods'.

saphead (World War I Slang) - fool

satrap - a subordinate ruler; often suggesting an imputation of tyranny or ostentatious splendour

peder (Turkish) - father + peder (Serbian) - homosexual + pederast + Peter the Great.

altipalter (Albanian) - revolver + anti-pater.

allegiance - the relation or duties of a liege-man to his liege-lord; the tie or obligation of a subject to his sovereign, or government + bell for Sechseläuten [.22]

gut (ger) - good


Comyn: The Youthful Exploits of Fionn: 'no lie is this'.


yatagan (Albanian) - curved dagger + yet again.

bibberen (Dutch) - to tremble + blubber - to cry or whine with snuffling.


'me' precedes Albanian infinitives

marrows (i.e. bones) + arrows, skewers.

gnaas (French Slang) - 'number one', 'moi' + Naas, town, County Kildare + knees + nose.


Tobit - Apocryphal book. Tobit was blind and saw again + to beat it (run away). 

patóm (Russian) - then, after, afterwards + Seringapatam besieged 1792, 1799.

clemency - mildness or gentleness of temper, as shown in the exercise of authority or power; mercy, leniency

misuse - to use or employ wrongly or improperly; to apply to a wrong purpose


mea culpa - through my fault (a phrase from the prayer of confession in the Latin liturgy of the Church; used lit. and transf. as an exclamation of repentance, and as the name of such an exclamation).

Aram - early semi-mythical Armenian king + Aram, son of Shem.

Erzerum - Turkish base in Crimean War, once Armenian

deer = dear (obs.) + der (Armenian) - expression used to address secular clergy.

dirouhi (Armenian) - female equivalent of Armenian der (e.g. clergy's wife) + ushi (Serbian, Russian) - ears.

prejudice - a previous judgement; esp. a judgement formed before due examination or consideration; a premature or hasty judgement; preconceived opinion

sir - a person of rank or importance; a lord, a gentleman + saura (gr) - lizard + sour (Armenian) - sword + Saul (biblical king) + Czar.

Russians + Haroutioun (Armenian) - male Christian name (name means 'resurrection') + hour (Armenian) - fire.

argia (gr) - idleness, laziness + arj (Armenian) - bear + arse + age.

travailing - labouring, toiling; labour of child-bearing; distress, fatigue, etc.

stomach + too much + An army travels on its stomach (proverb).

Nasenrücken (ger) - bridge of the nose + recognized the face.

boozer - one who boozes, a tippler + bosse (fr) - bump, hump + Böser (ger) - evil person + brother.

Nuad Silver Hand - god or king of the Tuatha dé Danaan + Comyn: The Youthful Exploits of Fionn: 'there was fear with her the sons of Morna for him' + sons of Noah covered his nakedness (Genesis 9:23).

Comyn: The Youthful Exploits of Fionn: 'heavy' (i.e. pregnant)