Easter supper - the passover

mistletoe - a parasitic plant of Europe, Viscum album, growing on various trees (in Britain, frequently on the apple-tree, rarely on the oak) and bearing a glutinous fruit, from which a birdlime is prepared. This plant was held in veneration by the Druids, esp. when found growing on the oak. It is still used in England in Christmas decorations, a bunch of it being commonly hung from the ceiling of a room or hall.

bygone - that has gone by, past

Dion Boucicault - (b. 1820, Dublin, Ire.--d. 1890, New York, N.Y., U.S.), Irish-American playwright and actor, a major influence on the form and content of American drama. Boucicault and his actress wife joined Laura Keene's theatre in 1860 and began a series of his popular  Irish plays--The Colleen Bawn (1860), Arrah-na-Pogue (1864), The O'Dowd (1873), and The Shaughraun (1874). Returning to London in 1862, he provided Joseph Jefferson with a successful adaptation of Rip Van Winkle (1865).

Arrah, in the play, saves her foster brother from execution for his role in the political uprising, by a kiss, during which she effects an exchange from her mouth to his of a small scroll containing the plans for his escape. 

otherworld - the spirit-land of many non-Christian peoples


collegian - a member or inmate of a college; one who is receiving, or has received, a college education, a student.

on the nod - on credit; with a merely formal assent, by abstention from voting.

neer = near (obs.) + neer (Dutch) - down.

nursery - the place or apartment which is given up to infants and young children with their nurse; a plot or piece of ground in which young plants or trees are reared until fit for transplantation + Norsk (Danish) - Norwegian.

whiteboy - Irish Hist. A member of a secret agrarian association formed in 1761.

oakboy - a member of a body of insurgents in Ireland in 1763, who rose against forced labour on the roads and the exaction of tithes; their badge was a sprig of oak worn in the hat.

peeping Tom - a prying person, esp. with connotations of prurience; one who obtains gratification from furtively observing women not fully clothed or the sexual activity of others.

make hay while the sun shines - to lose no time, to seize or profit by opportunities.

slate - a tablet of slate, usually framed in wood, used for writing on.

satchel - a bag for carrying schoolbooks, with or without a strap to hang over the shoulders.

Florian, Jean de (1755-94) - French poet and fabulist


suction - the action of sucking with the tongue and lips + section

vulgar fractions - fractions in which the numerator and denominator are represented by numbers placed the one above, the other below, a horizontal line + vellico (l) - to pluck, twitch, pinch + vellicar (it) - to tickle.

maxim - a rule or principle of conduct; attrib., as maxim-maker

QUEEN'S COLLEGES - The Queen's Colleges in Cork, Galway, and Belfast were founded by the British government in 1845. 

Ultonian - of or belonging to Ulster (from Latin Ultonia - Ulster) [Joyce's note: 'Ultonian']

toties quoties - as often as something happens or occasion demands; repeatedly.

pot - the quantity that fills or would fill the vessel, a potful; a large sum of money (colloq.)

tribute - something paid or contributed as by a subordinate to a superior + Blut (ger) - blood.

buttle - to pour out (drink); to do a butler's work (jocular.)

Cluain Tarbh (klun torev) (gael) - Bull Meadow; N.E. Dublin district, site of Brian Boru's defeat of Danes, 1014; anglic. Clontarf.

loove - relict, widow + loafs + livre (fr) - pound (money).

turnover - a kind of tart in which the fruit is laid on one half of the rolled out paste, and the other half turned over it; a child's sweetmeat resembling this + turnover (Irish) - a bread loaf shaped somewhat like a boot.

crown - a coin (when last minted, silver) of Great Britain of the value of five shillings.

Dane - a native or subject of Denmark; in older usage including all the Northmen who invaded England from the 9th to the 11th c.

vitals - those parts or organs of the body, esp. the human body, essential to life, or upon which life depends.

wulf = wolf (obs.)

throw (its) tongue - properly of a hound: to give forth its voice when on the scent or in sight of the quarry. Also transf. of persons.

snakepit - among primitive peoples, a large pit containing poisonous snakes into which victims are thrown for execution or as a test of endurance + snakepit (U.S. Slang) - madhouse.

cold back again (Joyce's note)

of yore - of old, in time long past, anciently, formerly

(Is) love of nature (notebook 1923)

mandible - a jaw or jaw-bone; esp. the lower jaw

murmurously - spoken softly and gently, filled with murmurs

Schuré: Woman the Inspirer 22: (of Wagner's possible reaction to a poem by Mathilda Wesendonck) 'A strange, intoxicating kind of frenzy must have come over the composer at the sight of these delightful, lyrical blooms' [(notebook 1923): 'lyrical blooms'].

draught - a drink, the quantity of drink swallowed at one 'pull'

serene - a condition of fine quiet weather; a light fall of moisture or fine rain after sunset in hot countries.

revel - to enjoy oneself greatly, to take intense pleasure or delight, in something + (notebook 1923): 'reveled in the beauty of'.

the great outdoors - the world outside the house, the open air; large tracts of open country.

spoon - to make love, esp. in a sentimental or silly fashion (colloq.), to court or pay addresses to (a person), esp. in a sentimental manner + song 'By the light Of the silvery moon, We loved to spoon, To my honey I'll croon love's tune, Honeymoon'.

plaint - a statement or representation of wrong, injury, or injustice suffered; a complaint.

on the whole - when everything is considered

crusted - having or covered with a crust, encrusted

hoed (Dutch) - hat

tilly - in Ireland and places of Irish settlement, an additional article or amount unpaid for by the purchaser, as a gift from the vendor + "Tilly the Toiler" - an American comic strip.  

dagbog (Danish) - diary (literally 'day book')

foremast - the forward lower-mast in all vessels + foremast man, seaman - a sailor below the rank of a petty officer.

the Rolls - the former buildings in Chancery Lane in which the records in the custody of the Master of the Rolls were preserved (now represented by the Public Record Office) + Master of the Rolls - one of the four ex-officio judges of the Court of Appeal and a member of the Judicial Committee, who has charge of the rolls, patents, and grants that pass the great seal, and of all records of the Court of Chancery.

Roland, Childe - hero of an old ballad, quoted in Lear, subject of poems by Byron and Browning [Lord Byron: Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage IV.clxxix: 'Roll on, thou deep and dark blue Ocean - roll!'] 

deepen - to make deep or deeper (in various senses)

Ossian - 3d. century A.D. legendary Irish warrior and bard (son of Finn Mac Cool) + James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Temora VII: 'Ossian, amidst his dark-brown years'.

roll - to utter, give forth (words, etc.), with a full, rolling sound or tone; a rich sonorous or rhythmical flow of words in verse or prose.

expense - spending, laying out (of money); expenditure (of substance, strength, labour, time, etc.)