tint - a colour, hue, usually slight or delicate + (notebook 1923): 'Nature embellished the tint'.

charm - any quality, attribute, trait, feature, etc., which exerts a fascinating or attractive influence, exciting love or admiration. In pl., esp. of female beauty, great personal attractions.

cubbyhole - a nursery or children's name for a snug, cosy place; a very small and confined room or closet.

connubial - married, wedded [Joyces' note: 'connubial']

jamb - a leg; = gamb + iamb - a metrical foot consisting of a short followed by a long syllable.

pantometer - an instrument for taking angles and elevations, and measuring distances + pantometer (gr) - all-mother, mother of all.

decasyllabic - consisting of ten syllables

Wald (ger) - forest

fald = fold (obs.) + falde (Danish) - fall.

farback - remote in space; inaccessible

tumblerful - the quantity that fills a tumbler (a drinking cup, originally having a rounded or pointed bottom, so that it could not be set down until emptied; often of silver or gold; now, a tapering cylindrical, or barrel-shaped, glass cup without a handle or foot, having a heavy flat bottom). 

squash - the fact or sound of some soft substance being crushed or dispersed + flesh

millennium - a period of one thousand years

pater familias - the (male) head of a family or household + Joyce's note: 'bastard from birth pater familias'.

fathom - pl. Depths. lit. and fig.

find out - to discover by attention, scrutiny, study, etc.

tall hat - a silk hat with high cylindrical crown

marquis + equus (l) - horse

POWERSCOURT - (1) Demesne, near Enniskerry, Co Wicklow; known for its gardens, waterfall, and park. (2) Right-angled street between Lower Mount Street and Warrington Place (3) Public House, in South William Street, one of Dublin's great Georgian houses. FW connects one or all of these with Mark Lyons, the 2nd of the Four Old Men; all are relatively south, which is Mark's point of the compass + erschuf (ger) - created + schoof (Dutch) - sheaf. 

determined - Of persons: Characterized by determination or final and fixed resolve; resolute; not to be moved from one's purpose.

quiescence - the state of being quiescent, quietness + quiescens in pace (l) - reposing in peace + bracae (l) - trousers + braga (l) - knickers.

only for - except for, but for, were it not for

extrusion - the action of pushing out, expulsion by mechanical force

saltwater - sea-water; Applied humorously to tears

auctioneer - one who conducts sales by auction

dormant - sleeping, lying asleep or as asleep

THING MOTE - The assembly place, usually on a mound, established by the Vikings whenever they settled. In Dublin, the Thing Mote was on a low hill South of the present Dame Street, at the intersection of Church Lane and Suffolk Street. The hill of the Thing Mote was called the Howe, Haugh, or "Howe over the Stein" (Steyne), from haugr, Old Danish "hill, sepulchral mound."   


prostituens (l) - placing in front, exposing publicly to prostitution

TRINITY COLLEGE, DUBLIN (TCD) - Founded in 1592, on royal warrant from Elizabeth I. Its extensive grounds front on College Green, looking down Dame Street. 

valuable - possessed of qualities which confer value or bring into high estimation.

bothar (boher) (gael) - road; anglic. Booter-

BATTERSBY AND CO - Estate agents and auctioneers in Dublin for more than a century, long (but no longer) at 6 Westmoreland Street. 

promiscuous - consisting of members or elements of different kinds grouped or massed together without order; indiscriminate in sexual relations.

creater = creature (obs.)

emancipated - freed from prejudices, moral or customary restraints, conventional rules, etc. Esp. of or relating to women + Joyce's note: 'emancipation'.


hoggin - screened or sifted gravel

century - a period of 100 years; a hundred dollars

Tailte - Firbolg queen whose foster-son, Lug, founded the Tailtean games in her honor. Revived by the Free State, the games are held in Teltown.  

Anglo-Norman - of or pertaining to the Normans in England after the Norman Conquest, or to their descendants.

impulsive - Of persons, their character, actions, etc.: Actuated or characterized by impulse; apt to be moved by sudden impulse or swayed by emotion. 

shoeblack - one who cleans boots and shoes for a livelihood

redshank - (chiefly in pl.) One of the Celtic inhabitants of the Scottish Highlands and of Ireland.

plebeian - one of a common people + Joyce's note: 'plebean'

barranco (sp) - ravine; (fig.) great difficulty

jules (fr) - chamber pot + jules (French Slang) - German.

God-a-mercy - Used as an exclamation of applause or thanks

hougher - one who houghs or hamstrings; in Ireland, a member of an association of  law-breakers who arose in 1711, and practised the houghing of cattle; afterwards identified with the Whiteboys.

high step - a military step in which the feet and knees are raised high

fissure - a cleft or opening (usually rather long and narrow) made by splitting, cleaving, or separation of parts.

fracture - the result of breaking; a crack, division, split

withers - In a horse, The highest part of the back, lying between the shoulder-blades.

disease + DCC (l) - 700.

erump - to break out as an eruption

jugiter (l) - perpetually

yama (Japanese) - mountain + Yamen (Chinese) - mandarin's office; hence, any public service department.

tercentenary - of or belonging to the number of three hundred; usually, of or pertaining to a completed period of 300 years.