Plymouth Brethren - a religious body calling themselves 'the Brethren', recognizing no official order of ministers, and having no formal creed, which arose at Plymouth 1830.

drone - to give forth a continued monotonous sound; to talk in a monotonous tone.

zangano (sp) - drone

forgetmenot - a plant which flourishes in damp or wet soil, having bright blue flowers with a yellow eye + (notebook 1922-23): 'forget me-not - us not (pl)'.

abeja (sp) - bee

lex duodecim tabularum (l) - law of the twelve tables + Joyce's note: '12 tables'

per pia et pura bella (l) - through dutiful and undefiled wars + bolla (it) - blister + pioja (sp) - louse + pulga (sp) - flea. 

Eire go Brath (ere gu bra) (gael) - Ireland until Judgment

Ulster - the name of the most northerly of the four provinces of Ireland. 

ster (Dutch) - star

super (l) - above, on the top, upon

Flur (ger) - meadow; floor + flure (Irish Pronunciation) - floor.

round - plain, honest, straightforward

roll - Of thunder, etc.: A loud, reverberating peal; a continuous reverberation; a prolonged shout.

Rollo or Rolf Ganger ("walker") - chief of the Normans who invaded France, first duke of Normandy.   

gynæcology - that department of medical science which treats of the functions and diseases peculiar to women.

hold the line - to maintain telephonic connection during a break in conversation; Also fig.

ander (Dutch) - other + andros (gr) - man's

universary - the whole body or number of something + (notebook 1923): 'John Hopkins Univ *A*'.

Unitarian - one who affirms the unipersonality of the Godhead, especially as opposed to an orthodox Trinitarian; spec. a member or adherent of a Christian religious body or sect holding this doctrine.

Banba (bonbe) (gael) - Ireland (poetic); name of Tuatha De Danann queen + bamban (fr. slang) - nickname for lame person.

bonny - pleasing to the sight, comely, beautiful + (notebook 1922-23): 'breath taking beauty' + (notebook 1922-23): 'Spain's prettiest'.

bis (ger) - until

Fatima - the daughter of Muhammad by his first wife, Khadija

familias (l) - of a family


trunk - pl. The operators who deal with trunk calls; a telephone line connecting two exchanges a long way apart or in different telephone areas.

Arma virumque cano (l) - Arms and the man I sing (opening of the Vergil's Aeneid) + Arma virumque Romano (l) - Arms and a man by a Roman + Romano (l) - by a Roman.

hower = hour (obs.) + Thomas Moore (song): Eveleen's Bower: 'Oh! weep for the hour, When to Eveleen's bower'.

bower - a dwelling, habitation, abode

eddy - to move in an eddy or eddies: said properly of water and objects borne on water; also of air, vapour, etc., and transf. of birds on the wing. Also fig.

gnan-gnan (fr) - slow, weak and stupid

gouty - affected with gout

Galahad - the name of the noblest knight of the Round Table in Arthurian legend, who achieved the quest of the holy gral.


The anonymous thirteenth-century Arthur and Merlin mentions a true Guinevere whom Arthur distinguishes from her illegitimate halfsister, the false Guinevere. FW mentions two Guineveres at 389.23 (McHugh, Roland / The sigla of Finnegans wake).

triad - a group or set of three (persons, things, words, attributes, etc.) + Troad - district in which Troy was situated.

nefarious - wicked, iniquitous, villainous

line - a cord used by builders and others for taking measurements, or for making things level or straight.

peeper - Chiefly pl. An eye (slang.)

daze - to benumb or confuse the senses; to stun, stupefy + craze - to impair in intellect; to render insane, drive mad, distract + maze - to stupefy, daze; to put out of one's wits; to craze, infatuate.

eyeballs + Lord Byron: Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage IV.clxxix: 'Roll on, thou deep and dark blue Ocean - roll!'

Nepos, Cornelius (99-24 B.C.) - Roman historian, letter writer, collector of anecdotes + Joyce's note: 'nepos' + nepos (l) - grandson, nephew. 

anumque (l) - (1) and the old woman; (2) and the anus + numquam (l) - never.

umque (l) - and -um (suffix) + umquam (l) - ever

napoo (World War I Slang) - finished, dead

quei (l) - to whom? + quo (l) - where?

nursery rhyme Goosey Goosey Gander

gamen = game (obs.)

Mother of God - a frequent designation of the Virgin Mary in Catholic use + mahatsou (Armenian) - mortal + ag (Irish) - at, with, by + aghdod (Armenian) - dirty.

scalding - ardent, stinging, biting

familiar - a person with whom one has constant intercourse, an intimate friend or associate.

Toten (ger) - the dead

belonging - possessions, goods

futile - incapable of producing any result; useless, ineffectual, vain

cape - a cloak with a hood; a cloak or mantle generally


SAUNDERS' NEWS LETTER - Dublin newspaper, founded 1754, it became a daily in 1777 and lasted until 1879.