Plymouth Brethren - a religious body calling themselves 'the Brethren', recognizing no official order of ministers, and having no formal creed, which arose at Plymouth 1830.

drone - to give forth a continued monotonous sound; to talk in a monotonous tone

zangano (sp) - drone

forgetmenot - a plant which flourishes in damp or wet soil, having bright blue flowers with a yellow eye + (notebook 1922-23): 'forget me-not - us not (pl)' Irish Times 3 Jan 1923, 4/5: (about "quaint and curious" examination answers) 'What should be said of the child who gave, as the plural of "forget-me-not", "forget-us-not?"'.

abeja (sp) - bee + obedient servant.

lex duodecim tabularum (l) - law of the twelve tables + Joyce's note: '12 tables' → Law of the Twelve Tables: ancient Roman law whose decay is described by Vico.

per pia et pura bella (l) - through dutiful and undefiled wars + pioja (sp) - louse + pulga (sp) - flea + bolla (it) - blister. 

Eire go Brath (ere gu bra) (gael) - Ireland until Judgment

Ulster - most northerly of the four provinces of Ireland + (disease, lunacy, hunger, impotence).

ster (Dutch) - star

super (l) - above, on the top, upon

Matter of Britain is a name given collectively to the body of literature and legendary material associated with Great Britain and its legendary kings, particularly King Arthur. Together with the Matter of France, which concerned the legends of Charlemagne, and the Matter of Rome, which included material derived from or inspired by classical mythology, it was one of the three great literary cycles recalled repeatedly in medieval literature.

Flur (ger) - meadow; floor + flure (Irish Pronunciation) - floor + MMLJ: in to all the four collegians green [& the old Senate] in the four trinity colleges Killorcure and Killthemall and Killeachother and Killkelly-on-the-Flure

round - plain, honest, straightforward

roll - Of thunder, etc.: A loud, reverberating peal; a continuous reverberation; a prolonged shout.

Rollo or Rolf Ganger ("walker") - chief of the Normans who invaded France, first duke of Normandy

gynæcology - that department of medical science which treats of the functions and diseases peculiar to women + Queen's Colleges of Belfast, Galway and Cork, and University College, Dublin, all have medical schools + MMLJ: those were the four great history colleges of the Jane Andersdaughter University

hold the line - to maintain telephonic connection during a break in conversation; Also fig. + (notebook 1923): 'give me a line, miss (sister): hold the line' [telephone

ander (Dutch) - other + andros (gr) - man's + Elizabeth Anderson - one of the first woman physicians.

universary - the whole body or number of something + (notebook 1923): 'John Hopkins Univ *A*'.

Unitarian - one who affirms the unipersonality of the Godhead, especially as opposed to an orthodox Trinitarian; spec. a member or adherent of a Christian religious body or sect holding this doctrine.

Banba (bonbe) (gael) - Ireland (poetic); name of Tuatha De Danann queen + bamban (fr. slang) - nickname for lame person.

bonny - pleasing to the sight, comely, beautiful + (notebook 1922-23): 'breath taking beauty' + (notebook 1922-23): 'Spain's prettiest'.

A.D. 1169: Strongbow lands in Ireland

bis (ger) - until

Fatima - the daughter of Muhammad by his first wife, Khadija

familias (l) - of a family + MMLJ: for auld lang syne all the Roman history of the spirit of nature as divinely developed in time all history

divinely + Hegel: The Philosophy of History: 'History in general is therefore the development of Spirit in Time, as Nature is the development of the Idea in Space' → "rathure's evelopment in spirits of time in all fathom of space" [394.10]


trunk - pl. The operators who deal with trunk calls; a telephone line connecting two exchanges a long way apart or in different telephone areas.

Arma virumque cano (l) - Arms and the man I sing (opening of the Vergil's Aeneid) + Arma virumque Romano (l) - Arms and a man by a Roman + Romano (l) - by a Roman + MMLJ: past and present and present and absent and past and present and future arma virumque romano.

hower = hour (obs.) + Thomas Moore (song): Eveleen's Bower: 'Oh! weep for the hour, When to Eveleen's bower'.

bower - a dwelling, habitation, abode

eddy - to flow in a circular current + Eddas - Icelandic and Old Norse sagas.

gnan-gnan (fr) - slow, weak and stupid

gouty - affected with gout

Galahad - noblest knight of the Round Table in Arthurian legend, who achieved the quest of the holy gral

pair + Henrik Ibsen: Peer Gynt.

The anonymous thirteenth-century Arthur and Merlin mentions a true Guinevere whom Arthur distinguishes from her illegitimate halfsister, the false Guinevere. FW mentions two Guineveres at 389.23 (McHugh, Roland / The sigla of Finnegans wake).

triad - a group or set of three (persons, things, words, attributes, etc.) + Troad - district in which Troy was situated.

nefarious - wicked, iniquitous, villainous

line - a cord used by builders and others for taking measurements, or for making things level or straight

peeper - Chiefly pl. An eye (slang.)

daze - to benumb or confuse the senses + craze - to impair in intellect; to render insane, drive mad + maze - to stupefy, daze; to put out of one's wits.

eyeballs + Lord Byron: Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage IV.clxxix: 'Roll on, thou deep and dark blue Ocean - roll!' + FDV: She gazed while from an altitude of 1 yard 11½ inches his deepsea peepers gazed O gazed O dazedcrazedgazed into her darkblue rolling ocean eyes orbs

Nepos, Cornelius (99-24 B.C.) - Roman historian, letter writer, collector of anecdotes + nepos (l) - grandson, nephew + Joyce's note: 'nepos' → Fitzpatrick: Ireland and the Making of Britain 222: 'St. Hilda was the daughter of Hereric, the nepos of King Aedwine'

anumque (l) - (1) and the old woman; (2) and the anus + numquam (l) - never.

umque (l) - and -um (suffix) + umquam (l) - ever.

napoo (World War I Slang) - finished, dead + Napoleon + MMLJ: Ah dearo a dear how it all came back to them to hear him there kissing her & cuddling her in his the Roman arms by Cornelius Nepo. [Nepos. Roman Mnepos. Anumque. [epos. Manumque umque.] Queh?]

quei (l) - to whom? + quo (l) - where?

bosun - a petty officer on a merchant ship who controls the work of other seamen

Brython - a Briton of Wales, Cornwall or Ancient Cumbria + bated breath + bride.

gamen = game (obs.) + Goosey Goosey Gander (nursery rhyme).

Mother of God - a frequent designation of the Virgin Mary in Catholic use + mahatsou (Armenian) - mortal + ag (Irish) - at, with, by + aghdod (Armenian) - dirty.

scalding - ardent, stinging, biting

familiar - a person with whom one has constant intercourse, an intimate friend or associate + (the ass) + MMLJ: ah dearo dear it was so sorry for the four of us and Mallaly Lally.

Toten (ger) - the dead + totem + total.

belonging - possessions, goods

futile - incapable of producing any result; useless, ineffectual + feudal manor.

cape - a cloak with a hood; a cloak or mantle generally + keep, tower and drawbridge.


SAUNDERS' NEWS LETTER - Dublin newspaper, founded 1754, it became a daily in 1777 and lasted until 1879.