Armenia - country in Asia

regina (l) - queen

YWCA - Young Women's Christian Association

familyman - one who leads a domestic or homely life + familyman (Slang) - thief.

auctioneer - one who conducts sales by auction

court - a large building or set of buildings standing in a court-yard; a large house or castle.

ara na [cuddle] (ore nu [cuddle]) (gael) - one given to [cuddling]

Scotsman + scuit (skut') (gael) - excitement, fuss + schuit (Dutch) - boat.

Johannes (l) - John + Johannes (ger) = Hovhannes (Armenian) - John.

dinna - do not

zweep (Dutch) - whip

atrocity - savage enormity, horrible or heinous wickedness + atrox (gr) - horrible, dreadful.

put years on - feel and/or look far older than the actual age

chor - the choir or chancel of a church; a choir of singers; a band, company, 'crew' + in chorus - with simultaneous utterance; (singing, speaking, etc.) all together + tchors (Armenian) - four.

hing (ger) - hung + hink (Armenian) - five.

borsten - obs. form of burst + borstelen (Dutch) - to brush.

schoon (Dutch) - clean, beautiful + schoen (Dutch) - shoe.

groom - to be made a bridegroom

her, your ladyship - a respectful substitute for she, you, referring to a lady; in mod. use only to one whose rank is designated by the titular prefix 'Lady'. Also used sarcastically.

backscratching - the performance of mutual services; always with the suggestion of doubt as to the legitimacy of the transactions.

materfamilias - the mother of a household, mother of a family, matriarch

methodist - one who is skilled in, or attaches importance to, method; one who follows a (specified) method (now rare.)

in a sense - according to a particular acceptation or interpretation (of a word, phrase, etc.)

interdict - interdicted (forbidden, prohibited; debarred, precluded; Sc. Law. A restraint imposed upon a person incapable of managing his own affairs on account of unsoundness of mind, improvidence, etc.)

faithful - a trusty adherent

stout - formidable, menacing, terrible in appearance (obs.); Of pain: Severe (obs.) + stout (Dutch) - bad, naughty.

chronometer - an instrument for measuring time + chronometron (gr) - time measurer + Joyce's note: 'chronometers'

croaker - one who talks dismally or despondingly, one who forebodes or prophesies evil; a dying person beyond hope + Thomas Moore, song: Oh the Shamrock: 'Through Erin's Isle' [air: Alley Croker]..

Herrin (ger) - mistress + silde (Danish) - herrings.

make water - to urinate

Neptune - in Roman religion and mythology, the god of the sea, corresponding to the Greek Poseidon; also the sea or ocean.

scull - to proceed by means of a boat propelled with a scull or a pair of sculls.

Giant's Causeway - a natural formation in county Antrim, Ireland, consisting of a collection of basaltic columns extending like a mole or pier into the sea.

proxy - a document empowering a person to represent and act for another; a letter of attorney + (notebook 1924): 'proxy very late paper'.

suit yourself - do (or think) as you please, please yourself (colloq.)

stamped - Of paper: Furnished with a government revenue stamp.

Bronn (ger) - spring, well

Roneo - the proprietary name of various kinds of office equipment + Romeo

Dion Cassius (gr) - Roman historian (referred to constantly in 'The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon) + Joyce's note: 'Dion Cassius'.

world and his wife - a large group of people of various kinds

shingles - an eruptive disease (Herpes zoster) often extending round the middle of the body like a girdle (whence the name); usually accompanied by violent neuralgic pain + Joyces' note: 'shingles' + to have a shingle short - to be mentally deficient.


WEDMORE - Village, Enegland. The "Peace of Wedmore" restricted the Dames to North-East England, after Alfred defeated Guthrun at Edington in Wiltshire.  

ire - wrath, anger + Ephesians 4:26: 'let not the sun go down upon your wrath'.

Psalms of David

Manx - of or pertaining to the Isle of Man

Presbyterian - a member or adherent of a Presbyterian church

rosse - obs. form of rose (n.) + rosse (French Slang) - rotter.

Berkeley - Bishop of Cloyne (died 1753), a celebrated philosopher who denied the objective or independent existence of the material world.

Rom (ger) - Rome

marrowbones - Jocularly: The knees

evangelist - one who preaches the gospel

cal ceannfhionn (kal kyanin) (gael) - white-head cabbage: dish of cabbage and potatoes dressed with butter.

unfriend - one who is not a friend or on friendly terms, an enemy + uvenner (Danish) - enemies (literally 'unfriends').

messes - pl. of mess

peltry - undressed skins, esp. of animals valuable for their furs; fur-skins, pelts collectively.