Armenia - country in Asia + in Tasso's Gerusalemme Liberata, Erminia disguises herself to enter enemy camp and rescue her beloved + Ermine - heraldic fur representing the winter coat of the stoat (white with a black tail). Many skins would be sewn together to make a luxurious garment, producing a pattern of small black spots on a white field.

regina (l) - queen

YWCA - Young Women's Christian Association

familyman - one who leads a domestic or homely life + familyman (Slang) - thief.

auctioneer - one who conducts sales by auction

court - a large building or set of buildings standing in a court-yard; a large house or castle

ara na [cuddle] (ore nu [cuddle]) (gael) - one given to [cuddling] + MMLJ: Ah, well, sure that's the way. ay, ay. by decree absolute well they could remember remembore Mrs Daddy Dowager Justice Squelchman in her [fullbottom] wig & beard in 1132 at the Married Male Offender's Auctioneers' Court in Arrahnapogue.

Scotsman + scuit (skut') (gael) - excitement, fuss + schuit (Dutch) - boat.

Johannes (l, ger) = Hovhannes (Armenian) - John.

dinna - do not

zweep (Dutch) - whip

atrocity - savage enormity, horrible or heinous wickedness + atrox (gr) - horrible, dreadful + attraction.

put years on - feel and/or look far older than the actual age

chor - the choir or chancel of a church; a choir of singers; a band, company, 'crew' + in chorus - with simultaneous utterance; (singing, speaking, etc.) all together + tchors (Armenian) - four.

hing (ger) - hung + hink (Armenian) - five + (the ass).

borsten - obs. form of burst + borstelen (Dutch) - to brush.

schoon (Dutch) - clean, beautiful + schoen (Dutch) - shoe.

groom - to be made a bridegroom

her, your ladyship - a respectful substitute for she, you, referring to a lady; in mod. use only to one whose rank is designated by the titular prefix 'Lady'. Also used sarcastically.

backscratching - the performance of mutual services; always with the suggestion of doubt as to the legitimacy of the transactions + MMLJ: Poor Johnny MacDougall & the four masters because she he was waitin so slow at backscratching all divorced by them four master dear faithful

materfamilias - the mother of a household, mother of a family, matriarch

methodist - one who is skilled in, or attaches importance to, method; one who follows a (specified) method (now rare.)

in a sense - according to a particular acceptation or interpretation (of a word, phrase, etc.) + innocence + Pope Innocent III put England under interdict and excommunicated King John for refusing to allow the papal appointee to the archbishopric of Canterbury, Stephen Langton, to enter the country (John submitted in 1213).

interdict - interdicted (forbidden, prohibited; debarred, precluded; Sc. Law. A restraint imposed upon a person incapable of managing his own affairs on account of unsoundness of mind, improvidence, etc.)

faithful - a trusty adherent

stout - formidable, menacing, terrible in appearance (obs.); Of pain: Severe (obs.) + stout (Dutch) - bad, naughty.


Marquis of Powerscourt [386.18]

brown as a berry (phrase) + Browne/Nolan (motif).

no man's land

chronometer - an instrument for measuring time + chronometron (gr) - time measurer + Joyce's note: 'chronometers'

croaker - one who talks dismally or despondingly, one who forebodes or prophesies evil; a dying person beyond hope + Thomas Moore, song: Oh the Shamrock: 'Through Erin's Isle' [air: Alley Croker].

Herrin (ger) - mistress + silde (Danish) - herrings.

make water - to urinate

Neptune - in Roman religion and mythology, the god of the sea, corresponding to the Greek Poseidon; also the sea or ocean + Neptune - Dublin rowing club + (urination).

scull - to proceed by means of a boat propelled with a scull or a pair of sculls

Giant's Causeway - a natural formation in county Antrim, Ireland, consisting of a collection of basaltic columns extending like a mole or pier into the sea + Diamond Sculls, Henley, London (rowing).

proxy - a document empowering a person to represent and act for another; a letter of attorney + (notebook 1924): 'proxy very late paper'.

suit yourself - do (or think) as you please, please yourself (colloq.) + hirsute (wig and beard [390.36-391.01]) + MMLJ: and poor Marcus Powerscourt persecuted by everybody he was by decree absolute all because he broke made wind & water in the pew and because he forgot to remembore to sign an old paper to and hereby make a request to herself in writing on stamped paper parchment before saying his grace before fish

stamped - Of paper: Furnished with a government revenue stamp.

Bronn (ger) - spring, well + linoleum + (writing paper).

Roneo - the proprietary name of various kinds of office equipment

Gillette razor blades + Romeo and Juliet.

Dion Cassius (gr) - Roman historian (referred to constantly in 'The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon) + Joyce's note: 'Dion Cassius' + Dionysius Boucicault.

world and his wife - a large group of people of various kinds

shingles - an eruptive disease (Herpes zoster) often extending round the middle of the body like a girdle (whence the name); usually accompanied by violent neuralgic pain + Joyces' note: 'shingles' + to have a shingle short - to be mentally deficient.


WEDMORE - Village, Enegland. The "Peace of Wedmore" restricted the Danes to North-East England, after Alfred defeated Guthrun at Edington in Wiltshire.  

ire - wrath, anger + ear + lyre + Ephesians 4:26: 'let not the sun go down upon your wrath'.

Psalms of David

Manx - of or pertaining to the Isle of Man

Presbyterian - a member or adherent of a Presbyterian church

rosse - obs. form of rose (n.) + rosse (French Slang) - rotter + Samuel Taylor Coleridge: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner I.34: 'Red as a rose is she'.

Berkeley - Bishop of Cloyne (died 1753), a celebrated philosopher who denied the objective or independent existence of the material world + How Buckley shot the Russian General.

Rom (ger) - Rome + Tom/Tim (motif).

marrowbones - Jocularly: The knees.

evangelist - one who preaches the gospel

cal ceannfhionn (kal kyanin) (gael) - white-head cabbage: potatoes, cabbage and butter dish, traditionally eaten on All Hallows' Eve



hansom - a two-wheeled horse-drawn covered carriage with the driver's seat above and behind the passengers

unfriend - one who is not a friend or on friendly terms, an enemy + uvenner (Danish) - enemies (literally 'unfriends').

messes - pl. of mess + Mrs + Browning: My Last Duchess (poem).

peltry - undressed skins, esp. of animals valuable for their furs; fur-skins, pelts collectively