faults on both sides (T & I) (notebook 1923)

fun - to make fun or sport; to indulge in fun; to fool, joke

Andrew Miller - a ship, esp. of war + Andrew Martins (Irish) - pranks, tricks, shenanigans.

Mac Dhonnchaidh (mok onukhi) (gael) - son of Donnchadh ("brown-warrior"); anglic. MacConnachie + (notebook 1924): 'Conachy'.

Hunnish - of, pertaining to, or like the Huns

familiarity - intimacy

eten (Dutch) - to eat, eating (gerund)

hiuantanots (Armenian) - hospital

sickabed (Joyce's note)

houseplace - the name in many parts of England of the common living-room in a farm-house or cottage.

tay (Irish Pronunciation) - tea

toy - to play, sport, amuse oneself

nursetender - one who tends a sick person, a sick-nurse

coax - one who coaxes (colloq.)

day + død (Danish) - death.

emeritus - one who has retired or been discharged from active service or occupation + emeritus (l) - soldier who has served his time, retired soldier.

scholar - one who has acquired learning in the 'Schools'; a learned or erudite person; esp. one who is learned in the classical (i.e. Greek and Latin) languages and their literature.

eachach (akhokh) (gael) - horseman; abounding in horses + akhoth (Hebrew) - sister.

sorry + Sorge (ger) - sorrow.

poor + pourboire (fr) - tip, gratuity.

Aran - of, pertaining to, or characteristic of the Aran Islands, off the west coast of Ireland; spec. designating a type of patterned knitwear + aran (Hungarian) - gold.

or (Armenian) - that

or (Armenian) - that + or (fr) - gold.

Nepos, Cornelius (99-24 B.C.) - Roman historian, letter writer, collector of anecdotes. 

overalls - trousers of strong material, worn, with a similar shirt, as an outer garment by travellers, explorers, soldiers, cowboys, etc.

peregrine - foreign, belonging to another country; outlandish, strange; upon a pilgrimage, upon one's travels (obs.)

matriarch - a woman having the status corresponding to that of a patriarch, in any sense of the word.

queenly - resembling a queen, queenlike. Also fig. 

blusse rød (Danish) - flush crimson

sole - punning allusion to soul (n.)

settlement - the act of establishing (public affairs, etc.) in security or tranquillity.

expiatory - having the attribute of expiating or making satisfaction for an offence.

rite - a formal procedure or act in a religious or other solemn observance.

postulation - a request, demand, claim; Eccl. Law. The presentation to office of some one canonically disqualified, esp. by being already vested in a similar office, in which case the recommendation took the form of a request or appeal to the supreme authority to sanction the election.

in beaver bonnet = in beaver - (Univ. slang). In a tall hat (and the costume which accompanies it) instead of cap and gown; in non-academical costume. 

caucus - a private meeting of the leaders or representatives of a political party, previous to an election or to a general meeting of the party, to select candidates for office, or to concert other measures for the furthering of party interests; opprobriously, a meeting of 'wire-pullers'.

geasa (gase) - magical injunctions (tabus); A geis can be compared with a curse or, paradoxically, a gift. If someone under a geis violates the associated taboo, the infractor will suffer dishonour or even death. On the other hand, the observing of one's geasa is believed to bring power and good fortune. Often it is women who place geasa upon men [(notebook 1924): 'geasa = taboo'].

Themistocles (527-460 B.C.) - Athenian general, statesman.  

kamen (Serbian) - stone + na veliky kámen (Czech) - na vyeleki kamyen (Russian) - on a big stone.

sweet pea - the common name of Lathyrus odoratus, a climbing annual leguminous plant, indigenous to Sicily, cultivated in numerous varieties for its showy variously-coloured sweet-scented flowers.

turn one's face to the wall - Said of a person on his deathbed conscious of the approach of the end.

in view of - in prospect or anticipation of, with a view to + (notebook 1923): 'in sight of poor house'.

poorhouse - a house in which poor people in receipt of public charity are lodged.

take (one's) rest - to betake oneself to repose for the night + rust (Dutch) - rest.

song The Exile of Erin

under the auspices of - under prosperous lead, propitious influence exerted on behalf of any undertaking, patronage, or favouring direction of.

rattle - a rapid succession of short sharp sounds, caused by the concussion of hard bodies.

hailstorm - a violent fall or storm of hail

kalospintherochromatakrene (gr) - beautiful-spark-color-fountain + kalos (gr) - beautiful + spinthêr (gr) - spark + theos (gr) - God + chrômato- (gr) - colour-.

clad - invested, arrayed, decked

hood - a covering for the head and neck (sometimes extending to the shoulders) of soft or flexible material, either forming part of a larger garment (as the hood of a cowl or cloak) or separate.

curling tongs - an iron instrument for curling the hair, which is heated and the hair then twined round it.


blow out one's brains - to shoot oneself in the head

Hut (ger) - hat

Lynch, Anne - a Dublin brand of tea (see Ulysses, 659)

cut - a piece of anything cut off; esp. of meat, a slice

SHACKLETON, GEORGE, AND SONS, LTD - Flour millers, corn merchants, 35 James Street.  

brown loaf - a loaf of brown bread (any bread of a brown colour, or of a darker colour than ordinary 'white bread').

delisk = dulse - an edible species of seaweed, Rhodymenia palmata, having bright red, deeply divided fronds.

merde (fr) - shit

parlour man - a male domestic servant + Act of Parliament (Slang) - a military term for small beer, five pints of which by an act of parliament a landlord was formerly obliged to give each soldier gratis.

laudability - the quality of being a fit subject for praise, praiseworthiness + (notebook 1924): 'Laudabiliter Adrian IV (to colonise)'.

squelch - a devastating argument or retort; a crushing blow