sofa - a long, stuffed seat with a back and ends or end, used for reclining; attrib., as sofa-corner, -cover, -cushion, etc.

set on - to advance, go forward + sitting.

subterrane - an underground cave, chamber, or dwelling

get into - to come to be, result in being, in (a certain state or condition)

barabarous (Joyce's note)

underdown - the down below the outer feathers of birds

congregational - of or pertaining to a congregation; performed by a congregation of worshippers collectively + vibrational - of or pertaining to vibration; vibratory.

slumper - to move or travel heavily or with difficulty on account of miry or muddy roads; to flounder through or along + slumber - to sleep, esp. to sleep lightly; to doze or drowse.

synoptical - applied distinctively to the first three Gospels (viz. of Matthew, Mark, and Luke) as giving an account of the events from the same point of view or under the same general aspect + (notebook 1924): 'opticals (obstacles)' → Schuré: Woman the Inspirer 17: (of the text of Wagner's Tristan und Isolde) 'with all its lyrical passion springing up from the depths of the inner life and dashing itself against the obstacles of the outer world'.

panegyric - a public speech or writing in praise of some person, thing, or achievement + Joyce's note: 'panegyric'.


dodging the turkeycock

spirits of wine - ethyl alcohol + Hegel: The Philosophy of History: 'History in general is therefore the development of Spirit in Time, as Nature is the development of the Idea in Space'.

stool - a wooden seat (for one person) without arms or a back + school.

jool (Dutch) - fun

fyre = fire (obs.)

rancer - a worker who enlarges or shapes holes

bit of brown (Slang) - homosexuality + "In the same way that Browne [the anal reference is unmistakable] and Freddy can represent the repulsive, repressed material in Gabriel, Lily can represent the defense against that material, serving as a more specific purifying principle than the snow (C. Roland Wagner: A birth announcement in "The Dead.")

sloop - a small, one-masted, fore-and-aft rigged vessel, differing from a cutter in having a jib-stay and standing bowsprit + snoop - to look or pry in a sneaky or meddlesome way.

bawneen - In Ireland: a sleeved waistcoat made from undyed flannel worn by farm-labourers.

Oldpatrick (Joyce's note) → Sen Patrick (literally 'Old Patrick') - mysterious near-contemporary of Saint Patrick, possibly a composite of Saint Patrick and Saint Palladius.

a doctor Walker (Joyce's note)

tentacle - a slender flexible process in animals, esp. invertebrates, serving as an organ of touch or feeling

flap - to beat the wings; Of a bird: To make way by flapping the wings.

cycling (Joyce's note)

doon - down + Dunlop, Daniel - the Dunlop of Ulysses (183), president of the Dublin Theosophical Society when AE was vice-president, founder of the British Anthropological Society. In FW, based on a cyclical theory of history theosophical cycles can fit in almost anywhere + loop (Dutch) - walk + Dunlop (tyres). 

panemmenetikos (Greek Artificial) - disposed to endure all

waist - Naut. The middle part of the upper deck of a ship, between the quarter-deck and the forecastle.

wake - the track left on the water's surface by a ship (in the sea often marked by a smooth appearance)

foehn = föhn - a warm dry wind developing on the lee side of a mountain range in response to air moving across the range + Finn

tyred - furnished with a tyre or tyres + tired

clipperbuilt - built like a clipper on slender fast lines + clipper - a fast-sailing vessel; one with sharp, forward-raking bows and masts raking aft + (notebook 1922-23): 'clipper ship'.

fourmaster - a four-masted ship + Joyce's note: 'the 5 fourmaster'

Thomas Moore: Lalla Rookh + Lally Tompkins (*S*) + "Of all flowers lily is the most noted for the delicate fragrance of its odour: better than the luscious and half-lascivious rose, the heavy jasmine, or the fleeting wild flowers, the lily can serve as no other flower can to express the acme of purity that is necessary to conceal the exactly opposite original idea. In the picture [Simone Martini’s famous Annunciation], the artist makes the words of Gabriel, which are the counterpart of the Breath of God, pass through the lilies, as if to purify the fertilisation principle of the last trace of early uncleanness, to cleans it of any possible remaining dross." (Ernest Jones: Essays in Applied Psycho-Analysis)

Dagobert - 7th century king of Franks + left-off bag of dirt.


arthro (gr) - arm + sophia - wisdom + arthrophosophia (gr) - wisdom concerning arthropods + anthroposophia (gr) - wisdom concerning mankind.

(notebook 1924): 'tell before forget' ('tell' replaces a cancelled 'be')

preallably - previously, beforehand

phlegm - the thick viscid fluid or semifluid substance secreted by the mucous membranes, esp. of the respiratory passages + dephlegmate - in alchemy, to free from phlegm (watery material).

throaty - produced or modified in the throat + frog in one's throat (phrase) + FDV: Nothing if not amorous. He then having dephlegmatised his frog in the throat guttur and getting busy on the touchline uttered as what follows from his lofty toploftical voicebox: — Isolde!  

lingible - meant to be licked

fong (Chinese French Romanisation) - wind

calendar + song Coolin Das (means 'pretty fair-haired girl').

palpebra (l) - eyelid + FDV: By elevation of eyelids that She addressed insinuated desideration of his declaration.

minder - one who sets his mind upon (something) + minder (Danish) - memories.

grand passion - an overmastering love for another person; an engrossing love affair

The Goose That Laid Golden Eggs (pantomime)

prank - to show oneself off, make ostentatious show or display + Prankquean [021.15]

kith and kin - one's friends and relatives + katte = cat (obs.) + katte (Danish) - cat + efter (Danish) - after + Kinne (ger) - chins + William Shakespeare: As You Like It III: (Rosalind) Out, fool! (Touchstone) For a taste: / If a hart do lack a hind, / Let him seek out Rosalind. / If the cat will after kind, / So be sure will Rosalind.

Hoved - Danish name of Howth in the 9th century + Earl of Howth.

choosing - selection, picking out + Hobson's choice.

harman - a constable + Heber and Heremon - legendary progenitors of Irish race.

binocular - performed by or adapted to both eyes + Joyce's note: 'occu / +occult (oculist)'; Woman the Inspirer 128: A Platonist before reading Plato, a theosophist without knowing it, an occultist by intuition and experience, religious in soul and mind; MS 47481-94, MT: – Isolde, O Isolde, when theeupon ^+theeuponthus+^ I ^+do+^ oculise my most inmost Ego | JJA 56:002 | Aug 1923 |

memorrimus (l) - most mindful

ego tum (l) - I then; I at that time + FDV: — Isolde, O Isolde, when theeupon theeuponthus I do oculise my most inmost Ego most vaguely senses the profundity deprofundity of multimathematical immaterialities whereby in the pancosmic urge the Allimmanence of That Which Is Itself exteriorates on this here our plane of disunited solid liquid and gaseous bodies in pearlwhite passionpanting intuitions of reunited Selfhood in the higherdimensional Selflessness. 


super (l) - over, above

de profundis - the first words of the Latin version of Psalm cxxx (cxxix) = 'Out of the depths (have I cried)'; a cry from the depths of sorrow, misery, or degradation.

immateriality - an immaterial thing, existence, or essence

pancosmic - pertaining or relating to the whole universe

urge - an impelling motive, force, pressure, etc.

Immanence, derived from the Latin in manere - "to remain within" - refers to philosophical and metaphysical theories of divine presence, which hold that some divine being or essence manifests in and through all aspects of the material world.

Sinn Féin, Sinn Féin Amháin (Irish) - Ourselves, Ourselves Alone (slogan)

Caller Herring (song)

exteriorize - to make exterior; to realize (a conception) in outward form; to attribute an external existence to (states of consciousness)

our here now + FDV: Allimmanence of That Which Is Itself exteriorates on this here our plane of disunited solid liquid and gaseous bodies in pearlwhite passionpanting intuitions of reunited Selfhood in the higherdimensional Selflessness. 

solod (r) - salt

lukewarm - a lukewarm person; one who is by no means enthusiastic

gaseous - having the nature, or in the condition, of gas

pugnoplagens (l) - beating with fists + pugno (it) - fist.

intuition - Scholastic Philos: The spiritual perception or immediate knowledge, ascribed to angelic and spiritual beings, with whom vision and knowledge are identical; Mod. Philos: The immediate apprehension of an object by the mind without the intervention of any reasoning process; a particular act of such apprehension.