selfdom - what constitutes a man's self

whey - the watery part of milk after separation of cheese + Milky Way - fig. A way brilliant in appearance, or leading to heaven; the region of a woman's breast (poet. obs.)

abstruse - difficult to penetrate; incomprehensible to one of ordinary understanding or knowledge + strew a dim (light).

dimission - the action of giving up or relinquishing; resignation, abdication + dimensional

selfless - having no regard for or thought of self; not self-centred


belated - overtaken by lateness of the night; detained beyond the usual time, coming or staying too late

dishevelled - with disarranged or disordered dress; disordered, ruffled, untidy; Of the hair: Unconfined by head-gear, hanging loose, flung about in disorder.

hack - to ride on horseback at ordinary pace, to ride on the road; to ride in a 'hack' or cab

parchment - a colour resembling that of parchment

pied (fr) - foot

steamship - a ship propelled by steam

foursome - a company, party, or dance of four persons + (notebook 1922-23): 'ladies foursome tournament' Irish Times 20 Oct 1922, 3/5: 'Golf... Ladies' Foursomes Tournament in Ranelagh yesterday'.

ovenfor (Danish) - above

nedenfor (Danish) - below

duk (Danish) - plunge, dive + "I hear a plunkety-plunk, plunkety-plunk, and says to myself, horses coming."

Dunlop, Daniel - the Dunlop of Ulysses (183), president of the Dublin Theosophical Society when AE was vice-president, founder of the British Anthropological Society. In FW, based on a cyclical theory of history theosophical cycles can fit in almost anywhere + Dunlop (tyres). 

tandem - a two-wheeled vehicle drawn by two horses harnessed one before the other + Opening of the Cicero's 1st oration against Catiline: Quo usque tandem [abutere nostria patientia Catilina?] (l) - How long at length (i.e. How far, then) [will you abuse our patience, Catiline?].

fortired - excessively wearied + four tired.

schoolmaster - the leader of a 'school' of fishes, etc.; esp. a bull whale; the master of a school, or one of the masters in a school + schoon (Dutch) - beautiful, pure + four-masted schooners.

narcolept - a person who has narcolepsy (a chronic sleep disorder, or dyssomnia. The condition is characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) in which a person experiences extreme fatigue and possibly falls asleep at inappropriate times, such as while at work or at school.)

Lake Como

commodore - Naval. The commodore's ship + MMLJ: and then they had their tentacles and they used to be all night hanging around all the waists of the ships the steamships and their bottlegreen eyes peering in through the steaming windows into the honeymoon cabins on board the big steamers steamadory

fumadory (l+gr) - steamship + fumador (sp) - smoker + dory (gr) - ship.

chamber - a room

line - to form a (good) line with others, to fall into line; to cover the outside of; Naut. To add a layer of wood to.

cataract - Pathol. An opacity of the crystalline lens of the eye.

qua - in so far as; in the capacity of

committee - a body of (two or more) persons appointed or elected (by a society, corporation, public meeting, etc.) for some special business or function

Quaker - a member of the Religious Society of Friends, founded by George Fox in 1648-50, distinguished by its stress on the 'Inner Light' and rejection of sacraments, ordained ministry and set forms of worship.

dure (Irish Pronunciation) - door + Thomas Moore, Irish Melodies: song: She Is Far from the Land [air: Open the Door] → "and sheets far from the lad," [.14, two lines down]

honeymooners + hunn (Norwegian) - female + MMLJ: and the saloon ladies toilet apartments and rubbing off the salty cataract off the windows listening to see all the honeymooners humnimooners hunnishmooners

Alice Springs - town in Australia

fancy - to portray in the mind; to picture to oneself; to conceive, imagine

court - to show oneself desirous of, to seek to win or attract

en famille - in or with the family, as one of the family, at home + en famille (fr) - as a family.

shee (Irish, Pronunciation) - see

crumpler - one who crumples (to crush into irregular creases, to ruffle) + Joyce's note: 'rosecrumpler' Moore's Melodies: ['Lesbia hath a beaming eye'] Bed of peace! whose roughest part / Is but the crumpling of the roses. MS 47481-95, ILS: Nothing if not amorous he ^+he, the rosecrumpler,+^ then having dephlegmatised his guttur | JJA 56:009 | Aug 1923 |

thrill - a subtle nervous tremor caused by intense emotion or excitement (as pleasure, fear, etc.), producing a slight shudder or tingling through the body

throb - a violent beat or pulsation of the heart or an artery

quote - a quotation; a quotation mark

sort of made

tafel (Dutch) - table

suite - a set of jewellery, esp. one containing matching pieces + perfectly (perfidiously) sweet.

beautifully - in a beautiful manner, with beauty; charmingly, delightfully + dutifully.

familiarity - the state of being very friendly or intimate, friendly intercourse; intimacy with (a person)

The Catholic Encyclopedia 'Pelagius and Pelagianism': 'In the East... as an offset to widespread fatalism, the moral power and freedom of the will were... strongly insisted on, assisting grace being spoken of more frequently than preventing grace' [(notebook 1924): 'preventing -' (dash dittoes 'grace')].

dory (gr) - ship + MMLJ: and all the toilet ladies and their familiarities saying their grace before meals steamadory pass the pot jool for Christ sake Amen

go to bad - to go to lie down to sleep; to have sexual intercourse (with) + in Egyptian theology, the soul travels in a boat after death.

verses + verge (fr. slang) - penis (literally 'rod').

chapter + "In order for the journey into light to begin, it was first necessary to free the body from the paralysis imposed upon it by the swathings, and by death itself. Most important, the jaws of the dead were freed, and the dead given a voice so that he could name, and thus control the various gods, demons and animated objects which would be encountered along the way. The words and names were provided by The Book of the Dead; the ceremony of the 'Opening of the Mouth' made their recitation possible" [Budge: The Book of the Dead ch. XXIII: 'The Chapter of Opening the Mouth of Osiris' (to give the deceased the power to eat, drink and talk)] + operare (it) - to work. 


quake - Of persons, or parts of the body: To shake, tremble.

diversion - the turning aside (of anything) from its due or ordinary course or direction

mayhap - perhaps, perchance

"Bygmester Finnegan, of the Stuttering Hand," [004.18]

perchance - by any chance; as may be, as is possible

corage = courage (obs.) + Cook's evidence (Parnell divorce case).

poot - a dial. form of poult, applied not only to chickens and young game birds, but to the young of various other animals, e.g. a small haddock, a young trout + poot (Dutch) - foot, leg, paw.

porridge - pottage or soup made by stewing vegetables, herbs, or meat, often thickened with pot-barley or other farinaceous addition + clap the lid on a pot of porridge.

and shut

Joyce's note (notebook 1923): 'Hoping that he / wd soon shut / his duckhouse'; (also notebook 1923): 'he wd in a short time shut his duckhouse'; ( 'Duckhouse' appears in a number of Australian idioms, such as 'one up against the duckhouse' for something that baffles or defeats; 'upset one's duckhouse', upset one's plan; 'mind your own duckhouse', mind your own business. Here it appears to mean 'mouth'. ^+When he had shut his duckhouse+^ She ^+the vivid girl+^ reunited | JJA 56:003 | Aug 1923 | + Henrik Ibsen: "Et Dukkehjem" (A Doll's House).

vivid - full of life; vigorous, active, or energetic on this account

dote - to be infatuatedly fond of, to bestow excessive love or fondness on or upon, to be foolishly in love. Const. upon, on.

even unto death (Latin: usque ad mortem)

cri (fr) - cry

crisis - a vitally important or decisive stage in the progress of anything; a turning-point; also, a state of affairs in which a decisive change for better or worse is imminent + queer little cry of Jesus (Joyce) Christ!

renule - to renew + reunited

disunite - to sever or separate oneself; to part; to fall or come asunder

ripe - resembling ripe fruit; red and full


ropy - having the form or tenacity of a rope; suggestive of a rope

lope - a long bounding stride + FDV: When he had shut his duckhouse She the vivid girl reunited milkymouthily his her and their disunited lips

importunity - insistent solicitation and entreaty + (notebook 1923): 'a golden opportunity'.

aloof - at a distance; distant; hence, detached, unsympathetic + lover's

pigskin - the skin of the pig or hog; football (U.S. Slang) + as quick as greased lightning - used to denote extreme quickness of movement.

Armorica (Tristan)

ouragan (fr) - hurricane + aragan (Armenian) - male.

thrust - a forcible push

missive - a written message, a letter

virile - manly, masculine + vigour - force, heartiness, energy + victory + FDV: and quick as greased lightning the Breton champion drove the advance messenger of love with one virile tonguethrust

flash past