eburnean - made of or resembling ivory + Hibernia

the whole jingbang - the whole lot, company, concern, or affair

gullet - the throat, neck

Aris! (arish) (gael) - Again! + abris! (Armenian) - bravo!

upright - to raise to an upright or vertical position; to erect

plays (Irish Pronunciation) - please

candidate - clothed in white

mot - a word; a motto; a witty saying + mot (fr) - word + mot (Dublin Slang) - girl.

amot' (Armenian) - shame + Matthew 5:38: 'An eye for an eye'.

come on + kononk' (Armenian) - yours.

meng - Of persons: To be mingled together in intercourse, or with, among others; to have sexual intercourse; to be united by marriage + man + menk' (Armenian) - we.

tou (Armenian) - you

strapping - Originally of a young woman: Full of activity, vigorous, lusty (obs.) + strap (Slang) - fuck.

princess + priscus (l) - ancient

hand - a lineal measure, formerly taken as equal to three inches, but now to four.

madapollam - a kind of cotton cloth, orig. manufactured at Madapollam, and afterwards imitated on the British looms, and exported in great quantities to India.

ivory - the colour of ivory, ivory-white; esp. whiteness of the human skin.

hardup - hard put to it, in difficulties, in want, esp. of money; in destitution.

bedroom eyes (Colloquial phrase) - eyes of sexually inviting appearance + We are told a good deal about Issy's room. It has blue wallpaper, with white stars decorating the ceiling (see 148.13-14, where Issy recalls the 'twinkly way' over her bed. See also 627.09, 238.29-30). In consequence Issy is connected with stars (at 8.32 she is an astrologer, studying her 'book of stralegy'; at 340.30 she is remembered raising her legs to the constellations) (John Gordon: Finnegans Wake: a plot summary).

homy - resembling or suggestive of home; home-like; having the feeling of home + Joyce's note: 'most unholy blue' Moore's Melodies: ['By that Lake, whose gloomy shore'] 'Twas from Kathleen's eyes he flew, – / Eyes of most unholy blue! MS 47481-95v, ILA: a firstrate pair of bedroom eyes ^+of most unholy hazel^+ | JJA 56:010 | Aug 1923 |

favour - exceptional kindness; gracious or friendly action due to special goodwill, and in excess of what may be ordinarily looked for.

psychological moment - Applied to 'the moment in which the mind is in actual expectation of something that is to happen' (Hatzfeld Dict. Général); the psychologically (or rather, psychically) appropriate moment; often misused for 'the critical moment', 'the very nick of time', without any reference to psychology or to the mind.

ewe - a female sheep

tiresome - troublesome, disagreeable, unpleasant; irksome, annoying, vexatious. 

milkless - having no milk, devoid of milk

ram - a male sheep; a sexually aggressive man, a lecher (colloq.)

peck - a stroke with the beak or bill; (humorously) a snappy kiss.

bronchial - pertaining to the bronchi or bronchia

hairy - having much hair; clothed with hair; hirsute + hayrig (Armenian) - little father (affectionate term).

orangutan - an anthropoid ape, Simia satyrus, of arboreal habits, inhabiting Borneo, Sumatra, and formerly Java + orangan (Malay) - effigy, puppet.

beaver - a beard; a bearded person; the fur of the beaver


plod - a heavy tiring walk + spots

trousers + drawers.

bob - a shilling

tails - a tail-coat; a dress suit with tail-coat

Hagios Christos (gr) - Holy Christ + hagios Christianos (gr) - a holy Christian + haga (Armenian) - anti, against + khaghaghout'iun (Armenian) - peace + k'risdoneout'iun (Armenian) - Christianity.

exceeding - Of persons, actions, language, etc.: Overstepping the limits of propriety or custom; going to extremes (obs.)

sulk - to indulge in sullen ill-humour + such


pinge - an abrupt ringing sound, such as that made by a rifle bullet in flying through the air, by a mosquito, the ringing of an electric bell, etc.

with a pinch of salt - (to accept a statement) with a certain amount of reserve. 

main - Of an affair, event, etc.: Highly important; having great results or important  consequences + mainest (Irish Pronunciation) - meanest.

Irish phrase: such a thing was never heard of since Adam was a boy.

stale - Of persons: Past the prime of life; having lost the vigour or attractiveness of youth.

culpable - guilty, deserving blame or censure, blameworthy

pulpous - of the nature of or consisting of pulp; resembling pulp + pulposus (l) - fleshy + purpose

mha (Czech) - mist

dither - the action of dithering; vibration

ticktack - Of a clock, etc.: to make a rhythmic alternating ticking sound.

spark plug - to inspire, encourage, or lead (some activity) + (notebook 1923): 'sparking plug'.

volatile (Joyce's note) MS 47481-95v, ILA: before the traditional 10 seconds were up ^+volatile+^ Brittany considerately allowed his farfamed ^+sparking plug+^ chokegrip to relax | JJA 56:011 | Aug 1923 |

volupty - pleasure, delight


longing - yearning desire, an instance of this

lapse - to fall away by slow degrees + lapsus linguae (l) - slip of the tongue

chapel of ease (Slang) - water closet + chapel of ease - chapel built for convenience of parishioners who live far from the parish church + chapel of rest - an undertaker's mortuary (a place at an undertaker's where bodies are kept and may be visited by family and friends).

pop the question - to propose marriage + polpa (it) - flesh, pulp.

plop - the sound made by a smooth object dropping into water without splashing, by water falling in a small mass, or by bursting bubbles in boiling liquid; the act of falling with this sound.

mother-of-pearl button - button made of smooth shining iridescent substance forming the inner layer of some shells.