eburnean - made of or resembling ivory + Hibernia

the whole jingbang - the whole lot, company, concern, or affair + FDV: past the double line of ivoryclad forwards fullback rightjingbangshot into the goal of her gullet.

gullet - the throat, neck

Aris! (arish) (gael) - Again! + abris! (Armenian) - bravo!

upright - to raise to an upright or vertical position; to erect + Up, guards, and at them!

plays (Irish Pronunciation) - please

candidate - clothed in white + G.B. Shaw: Candida (play).

mot - a word; a motto; a witty saying + mot (fr) - word + mot (Dublin Slang) - girl.

amot' (Armenian) - shame + Matthew 5:38: 'An eye for an eye'.

come on + kononk' (Armenian) - yours.

meng - Of persons: To be mingled together in intercourse, or with, among others; to have sexual intercourse; to be united by marriage + man + menk' (Armenian) - we.

tou (Armenian) - you

strapping - Originally of a young woman: Full of activity, vigorous, lusty (obs.) + strap (Slang) - fuck.

princess + priscus (l) - ancient.

hand - a lineal measure, formerly taken as equal to three inches, but now to four + FDV: Now what do you candidly suppose she, a strapping young old Irish princess 18 hands high

paddock - an enclosure near a race-course, where horses and jockeys are assembled

madapollam - a kind of cotton cloth, orig. manufactured at Madapollam, and afterwards imitated on the British looms, and exported in great quantities to India + FDV: & scaling nine stone twelve in her pelt madrapolam smock

ivory - the colour of ivory, ivory-white; esp. whiteness of the human skin

hardup - hard put to it, in difficulties, in want, esp. of money; in destitution

bedroom eyes (Colloquial phrase) - eyes of sexually inviting appearance + Joyce's note: 'woman with bedroom eyes' Daily Mail 12 Jan 1923, 12/3: 'Special Law Reports': 'She was a woman who started on the fringe of society and gradually ostracised... What name was she know by? - "The Lady with the bedroom eyes"' + We are told a good deal about Issy's room. It has blue wallpaper, with white stars decorating the ceiling (see 148.13-14, where Issy recalls the 'twinkly way' over her bed. See also 627.09 ["My great blue bedroom, the air so quiet, scarce a cloud"], 238.29-30). In consequence Issy is connected with stars (at 8.32 she is an astrologer, studying her 'book of stralegy'; at 340.30 she is remembered raising her legs to the constellations) (John Gordon: Finnegans Wake: a plot summary).

homy - resembling or suggestive of home; home-like; having the feeling of home + Joyce's note: 'most unholy blue' Moore's Melodies: ['By that Lake, whose gloomy shore'] 'Twas from Kathleen's eyes he flew, – / Eyes of most unholy blue! MS 47481-95v, ILA: a firstrate pair of bedroom eyes ^+of most unholy hazel^+ | JJA 56:010 | Aug 1923 |

favour - exceptional kindness; gracious or friendly action due to special goodwill, and in excess of what may be ordinarily looked for.

psychological moment - Applied to 'the moment in which the mind is in actual expectation of something that is to happen' (Hatzfeld Dict. Général); the psychologically (or rather, psychically) appropriate moment; often misused for 'the critical moment', without any reference to psychology or to the mind + so-called logical.

ewe - a female sheep

tiresome - so lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness + FDV: with nothing not a thing under her hat but red hair & solid ivory and a firstrate pair of bedroom eyes, cared at that precise physiological moment about tiresome old King Mark,

milkless - having no milk, devoid of milk

ram - a male sheep; a sexually aggressive man, a lecher (colloq.)

peck - a stroke with the beak or bill; (humorously) a snappy kiss

bronchial - pertaining to the bronchi or bronchia + FDV: that tiresome old pantaloon ourangoutan beaver with his duty peck & his bronchial trouble

hairy - having much hair; clothed with hair; hirsute + hayrig (Armenian) - little father (affectionate term).

orangutan - an anthropoid ape, Simia satyrus, of arboreal habits, inhabiting Borneo, Sumatra, and formerly Java + orangan (Malay) - effigy, puppet.

beaver - a beard; a bearded person; the fur of the beaver

leopard's + shepherd's.

plod - a heavy tiring walk + FDV: in his tiresome old twentytwoandsixpenny shepherd's plaid trousers?

trousers + drawers.

bob - a shilling

tails - a tail-coat; a dress suit with tail-coat

top + please stop.

Hagios Christos (gr) - Holy Christ + hagios Christianos (gr) - a holy Christian + haga (Armenian) - anti, against + khaghaghout'iun (Armenian) - peace + k'risdoneout'iun (Armenian) - Christianity.

exceeding - Of persons, actions, language, etc.: Overstepping the limits of propriety or custom; going to extremes (obs.)

sulk - to indulge in sullen ill-humour + such

pinge - an abrupt ringing sound, such as that made by a rifle bullet in flying through the air, by a mosquito, the ringing of an electric bell, etc. + with a pinch of salt - (to accept a statement) with a certain amount of reserve + to such an individual a pinch of hen shit + FDV: Not as much as a pinch of henshit 

main - Of an affair, event, etc.: Highly important; having great results or important consequences + mainest (Irish Pronunciation) - meanest + FDV: and that's the meanest thing that was ever known in this wide world.

Edem - earth mother in a Jewish heretical trdition + such a thing was never heard of since Adam was a boy (Irish phrase).

stale - Of persons: Past the prime of life; having lost the vigour or attractiveness of youth + tale must be told.

culpable - guilty, deserving blame or censure, blameworthy + gullible - easily tricked because of being too trusting.

pulpous - of the nature of or consisting of pulp; resembling pulp + pulposus (l) - fleshy + purpose

they two-oned together

mha (Czech) - mist + most fashionable weather.

(kiss) + FDV: No, on the contrary far from it, if the real truth must be told lovingly she lovegulped his pulpous propeller and both together in the most fashionable weather they both went all of a shiveryshaky quiveryquaky mixumgatherum yumyumyum.

dither - the action of dithering; vibration


ticktack - Of a clock, etc.: to make a rhythmic alternating ticking sound.

count of ten (i.e. ten-second kiss)

spark plug - to inspire, encourage, or lead (some activity) + (notebook 1923): 'sparking plug'.

choke - a valve that controls the flow of air into the carburetor of a gasoline engine + FDV: After which before the traditional ten seconds were up Tristan considerately allowed his farfamed chokegrip to relax

volatile (Joyce's note) MS 47481-95v, ILA: before the traditional 10 seconds were up ^+volatile+^ Brittany considerately allowed his farfamed ^+sparking plug+^ chokegrip to relax | JJA 56:011 | Aug 1923 |

volupty - pleasure, delight; voluptuousness (obs)


longing - yearning desire, an instance of this

lapse - to fall away by slow degrees + lapsus linguae (l) - slip of the tongue.


Chapelizod + Chapel Odyssey + (mouth) + chapel of ease (Slang) - water closet + chapel of ease - chapel built for convenience of parishioners who live far from the parish church + chapel of rest - an undertaker's mortuary (a place at an undertaker's where bodies are kept and may be visited by family and friends).

polpa (it) - flesh, pulp + pop the question - to propose marriage + FDV: and precautiously withdrew the instrument of rational speech from the procathedral of amorous seductiveness.

plop - the sound made by a smooth object dropping into water without splashing, by water falling in a small mass, or by bursting bubbles in boiling liquid; the act of falling with this sound.

totally + too truly terrific.

Mamalujo (4 evangelists: *X*)

mother-of-pearl button - button made of smooth shining iridescent substance forming the inner layer of some shells

Battle of Clontarf, 1014

beautiful modern