flauw (Dutch) - faint, weak + overflowing.

oneiristes (gr) - a dreamer + MMLJ: and watering and there they used to be all trembling and shaking & counting all their peributtons to remember her beautiful name in his dreams

girleen - a young girl + Dion Boucicault: The Colleen Bawn.

bawn - a fortified enclosure, enceinte, or circumvallation; the fortified court or outwork of a castle + bawn (Anglo-Irish) - fair, pretty (poetic, from Irish: bán).

asthore - my treasure, (my) darling (from Irish: a stór) + cailin ban a stor (kolin ban astor) (gael) - my precious pretty girl.

galore - in abundance or plenty + MMLJ: poor Gregory and Johnny Doug & poor Greg the four sisters and there she was now the lovely lady asthore as in days of yore of planxty Gregory

planxty - 'a harp tune of a sportive and animated character, moving in triplets. It is not intended for or often adaptable to words, and is slower in pace than the jig'.

forget not Erin + "Planxty Irwine" is the air to T. Moore's "Oh Banquet Not There." 

history near its end (notebook 1924) + 'like another story' (Joyce's note) + 'Arabian nights, serial stories, tales within tales, to be continued' (Joyce's note) [1001 motif].

lethargy - a condition of torpor, inertness, or apathy

housework + Pearce: Sims Reeves, Fifty Years of Music in England 155: (describing a pretentiously advertised and inadequately prepared programme) '"The mountainous prospectus," to quote the Athenæum, resulted in "nothing much greater than pieces of mousework"'.

make it up - to be reconciled after a dispute, to become friends again + Pearce: Sims Reeves, Fifty Years of Music in England 145: (after Dublin performance wherein Reeves was called, under protest, from audience to replace a missing tenor) 'Reeves... "stood with folded arms looking tigerish" at Mr. Calcraft, when a voice from the gods shouted "Make it up, both of you"'.

community singing - organized singing in chorus by large groups of people + REFERENCE

toplofty - lofty in manner or character + loft - fig. Elevation, uplift. 

voicebox - a cavity in the throat with cartilaginous walls, containing the vocal cords, by means of which sounds are produced

folly - the quality or state of being foolish or deficient in understanding

murther = murderer - one who murders or is guilty of a murder + mother + murther (Irish Pronunciation) - murder.

mo chroidhe (mukhri) (gael) - [of] my heart + machree (Anlgo-Irish) - my heart + Mother Machree (song, part of John McCormack's repertoire).

squat - to sit down with the legs closely drawn up beneath the hams or in front of the body; esp. to sit on the ground in this way or in a crouching attitude; Also jocularly, to sit (down) + (notebook 1922-23): 'sit round hot air register'. 

confederate - a person or state in league with another or others for mutual support or joint action; an ally

caxon - a kind of wig, now obsolete

old-man-house - a hospital for old men + ROYAL HOSPITAL - In Kilmainham, its grounds bounded by Military, St John's, and South Circular Roads and Kilmainham Lane. The Royal Hospital was popularly known as the "Old Man's House" + MMLJ: they used to be always singing round the [wet] fire

laurel - the foliage of this tree as an emblem of victory or of distinction in poetry, etc.

quadruped - an animal which has four feet + Joyce's note: 'quadrupeds (feet)'

asleep - in a state of sleep, sleeping; fig. In a state of sloth, inactivity, or quiescence + ova (pl.) (l) - eggs.

doll - to dress up finely or elaborately, to deck up

muffler - a wrap or scarf (usually of wool or silk) worn round the neck or throat, by both men and women, for warmth

plimsole - a kind of rubber-soled canvas shoe; Usu. pl.

Shackleton and Sons, Dublin flour millers

boterham (Dutch) - sandwich, slice of bread and butter + MMLJ: with [their feet asleep in] their blankets and shawls [and bowls of stale brew bread & milk milky

potion - a portion of drink; a drink, a draught

lapel - that part of the front of a coat which is folded over towards either shoulder + (onomat.) + lepel (Dutch) - spoon.

Auld Lang Syne (song): 'We'll tak a cup of kindness yet'

smell + khmel (Russian) - drunkenness; hops + khmel (Armenian) - to drink.


prompt - to incite to action; to move or instigate (a person, etc.) to do, or to something

skillet - a cooking utensil of brass, copper, or other metal, usually having three or four feet and a long handle, used for boiling liquids, stewing meat, etc.; a saucepan, stew-pan + skeleton.

Moses + joss (Slang) - idol + love of Jesus (Irish Iosa).

amen + Mensch (ger) - human being + MMLJ: waiting for poor Tarp Mucus [to pass the teeth for Christ sake chokus sake [amenschtrek]]]

whoopingcough - a contagious disease chiefly affecting children, and characterized by short, violent, and convulsive coughs, followed by a long sonorous inspiration called the whoop + Boucicault + MMLJ: when they had the [phlegmish] hooping cough [from eating bad cramps and [with a farthing dip]]

possable = possible (obs.) + pissabed.

eten (Dutch) - to eat

Johnny Magories - poisonous berries; the fruit of the dog-rose 

backscratching - the performance of mutual services

bedsore - a soreness of the skin produced by long lying in bed

farthing - fig. A very little, 'an atom', 'a bit'.

dip - a candle made by repeatedly dipping a wick in melted tallow + farthing dip - homemade tallow candle made from rushes.

paschal candle - a large candle blessed and lighted in the service of Holy Saturday and placed on the gospel side of the altar there to remain till Ascension day + Cáisc (Irish) - Easter (from Latin pascha) + pandle - a local name of the shrimp.

medz (Armenian) - big + megnout'iun (Armenian) - commentary + magnesium.

dodo - an extinct bird, Didus ineptus, formerly inhabiting the island of Mauritius; it had a massive clumsy body, and small wings of no use for flight; fig. An old-fashioned, stupid, inactive, or unenlightened person. Phr. (as) dead as the (or a) dodo + faire dodo (fr) - go to sleep.

catkin - a slim, cylindrical flower cluster, with inconspicuous or no petals; a cylindrical spikelike inflorescence

coif - a close-fitting cap covering the top, back, and sides of the head

capital - Of words and letters: Standing at the head of a page, or at the beginning of a line or paragraph, initial (obs.). capital letters: letters of the form and relative size used in this position.

auspice - any divine or prophetic token; prognostic, premonition; esp. indication of a happy future + (notebook 1924): 'auspices heroes gentiles dark Livius middle'.

Lord Byron: Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage IV.cviii: 'And History, with all her volumes vast, Hath but one page'.

codex - a manuscript volume: e.g. one of the ancient manuscripts of the Scriptures (as the Codex Sinaiticus, Alexandrinus, Vaticanus, etc.), or of the ancient classics + Joyce's note: 'Codex'.

MMLJ + (notebook 1924): 'History has many books only 1 page (Le Bon)' (possibly Gustave Le Bon (1841-1931), French social psychologist and historian).

Senchus Mor - a collection of ancient Irish laws. Compiled in the fifth century, the Senchus Mor is a record of the customary law of the ancient Irish. The oldest extant copy dates from the 14th century. Embracing all branches of law, including procedural, property, and family law, the collection reflects the process whereby clan relations in ancient Irish society were broken down and feudalization began. The Senchus Mor is the main source for information on the early history of Ireland.

caracul = karakul - the glossy curled coat of a young karakul lamb, valued as fur.

broadtail - the skin or pelt of a young Persian lamb, having a lustrous moiré appearance

totum - a whole + totam (fem. Acc.) in tutu (l) - the whole [woman?] in safekeeping + totem and tutu (ballet skirt).

noenmaal (Dutch) - luncheon + (notebook 1922-23): 'lunch gathering - edition - lunch edition'.

regatta - a cotton fabric, usu. made in twill; a striped garment made in this fabric

untenable - incapable of being occupied or retained; incapable of being maintained or supported + obtainable from the author.

regulo (l) - to direct, regulate + regel (ger) - control, regulate.

rêve (fr) - dream

gangrene - a necrosis or mortification of part of the body, extending over some considerable area in a visible mass; Sometimes used to denote the first stage of mortification; Also fig. + Oliver Goldsmith: The Vicar of Wakefield, ch. 12: (Moses is cheated into buying) 'green spectacles, with silver rims and shagreen cases'.

or (Armenian) - that

rigorist - one who favours or insists upon the severest or strictest interpretation or enforcement of a law, precept, principle, or standard of any kind