flauw (Dutch) - faint, weak

Antichrist - the title of a great personal opponent of Christ and His kingdom, expected by the early church to appear before the end of the world, and much referred to in the Middle Ages + oneiristes (gr) - a dreamer.

girleen - a young girl

bawn - a fortified enclosure, enceinte, or circumvallation; the fortified court or outwork of a castle + bawn (Anglo-Irish) - fair, pretty (poetic, from Irish: bán).

asthore - my treasure, (my) darling (from Irish: a stór) + cailin ban a stor (kolin ban astor) (gael) - my precious pretty girl.

galore - in abundance or plenty

planxty - 'a harp tune of a sportive and animated character, moving in triplets. It is not intended for or often adaptable to words, and is slower in pace than the jig'.

forget + "Planxty Irwine" is the air to T. Moore's "Oh Banquet Not There." 

history near its end (notebook 1924)

lethargy - a condition of torpor, inertness, or apathy

housework + Pearce: Sims Reeves, Fifty Years of Music in England 155: (describing a pretentiously advertised and inadequately prepared programme) '"The mountainous prospectus," to quote the Athenæum, resulted in "nothing much greater than pieces of mousework"'.

make it up - to be reconciled after a dispute, to become friends again + Pearce: Sims Reeves, Fifty Years of Music in England 145: (after Dublin performance wherein Reeves was called, under protest, from audience to replace a missing tenor) 'Reeves... "stood with folded arms looking tigerish" at Mr. Calcraft, when a voice from the gods shouted "Make it up, both of you"'.

community singing - organized singing in chorus by large groups of people + REFERENCE

toplofty - lofty in manner or character + loft - fig. Elevation, uplift. 

voicebox - a cavity in the throat with cartilaginous walls, containing the vocal cords, by means of which sounds are produced.

folly - the quality or state of being foolish or deficient in understanding; (personified).

murther = murderer - one who murders or is guilty of a murder + mother + murther (Irish Pronunciation) - murder.

mo chroidhe (mukhri) (gael) - [of] my heart + machree (Anlgo-Irish) - my heart + song Mother Machree (part of John McCormack's repertoire).

squat - to sit down with the legs closely drawn up beneath the hams or in front of the body; esp. to sit on the ground in this way or in a crouching attitude; Also jocularly, to sit (down) + (notebook 1922-23): 'sit round hot air register'. 

confederate - a person or state in league with another or others for mutual support or joint action; an ally.

caxon - a kind of wig, now obsolete

old-man-house - a hospital for old men + ROYAL HOSPITAL - In Kilmainham, its grounds bounded by Military, St John's, and South Circular Roads and Kilmainham Lane. The Royal Hospital was popularly known as the "Old Man's House".

laurel - the foliage of this tree as an emblem of victory or of distinction in poetry, etc.

quadruped - an animal which has four feet + Joyce's note: 'quadrupeds (feet)'

asleep - in a state of sleep, sleeping; fig. In a state of sloth, inactivity, or quiescence + ova (pl.) (l) - eggs.

doll - to dress up finely or elaborately, to deck up

muffler - a wrap or scarf (usually of wool or silk) worn round the neck or throat, by both men and women, for warmth.

plimsole - a kind of rubber-soled canvas shoe; Usu. pl.

butterham - ? a partial lining to a cloak + boterham (Dutch) - sandwich, slice of bread and butter.

potion - a portion of drink; a drink, a draught

lapel - that part of the front of a coat which is folded over towards either shoulder + (onomat.) + lepel (Dutch) - spoon.

Auld Lang Syne (song): 'We'll tak a cup of kindness yet'

smell + khmel (Russian) - drunkenness; hops + khmel (Armenian) - to drink.


prompt - to incite to action; to move or instigate (a person, etc.) to do, or to something.

skillet - a cooking utensil of brass, copper, or other metal, usually having three or four feet and  a long handle, used for boiling liquids, stewing meat, etc.; a saucepan, stew-pan. 

Moses + joss (Slang) - idol + love of Jesus (Irish Iosa).

amen + Mensch (ger) - human being.

whoopingcough - a contagious disease chiefly affecting children, and characterized by short, violent, and convulsive coughs, followed by a long sonorous inspiration called the whoop.

possable = possible (obs.)

eten (Dutch) - to eat

Johnny Magories - poisonous berries; the fruit of the dog-rose 

backscratching - the performance of mutual services

bedsore - a soreness of the skin produced by long lying in bed

farthing - fig. A very little, 'an atom', 'a bit'

dip - a curtsy, a 'bob'; to move the body downwards in obeisance.

paschal candle - a large candle blessed and lighted in the service of Holy Saturday and placed on the gospel side of the altar there to remain till Ascension day + pandle - a local name of the shrimp + Cáisc (Irish) - Easter (from Latin pascha).

medz (Armenian) - big + megnout'iun (Armenian) - commentary.

dodo - an extinct bird, Didus ineptus, formerly inhabiting the island of Mauritius; it had a massive clumsy body, and small wings of no use for flight; fig. An old-fashioned, stupid, inactive, or unenlightened person. Phr. (as) dead as the (or a) dodo + faire dodo (fr) - go to sleep.

catkin - a unisexual inflorescence, consisting of rows of apetalous flowers ranged in circles along a slender stalk; the whole forming a cylindrical, downy-looking, and generally pendant part, which falls off in a single piece after flowering or ripening; as in the willow, birch, poplar, pine, hazel, etc.

coif - a close-fitting cap covering the top, back, and sides of the head

capital - Of words and letters: Standing at the head of a page, or at the beginning of a line or paragraph, initial (obs.). capital letters: letters of the form and relative size used in this position.

auspice - any divine or prophetic token; prognostic, premonition; esp. indication of a happy future + (notebook 1924): 'auspices heroes gentiles dark Livius middle'.

Lord Byron: Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage IV.cviii: 'And History, with all her volumes vast, Hath but one page'.

codex - a manuscript volume: e.g. one of the ancient manuscripts of the Scriptures (as the Codex Sinaiticus, Alexandrinus, Vaticanus, etc.), or of the ancient classics + Joyce's note: 'Codex'.

MMLJ + (notebook 1924): 'History has many books only 1 page (Le Bon)' (possibly Gustave Le Bon (1841-1931), French social psychologist and historian).

caracul = karakul - the glossy curled coat of a young karakul lamb, valued as fur.

broadtail - the skin or pelt of a young Persian lamb, having a lustrous moiré appearance.

totum - a whole + totam (fem. Acc.) in tutu (l) - the whole [woman?] in safekeeping.

noenmaal (Dutch) - luncheon + (notebook 1922-23): 'lunch gathering - edition - lunch edition'.

regatta - a cotton fabric, usu. made in twill; a striped garment made in this fabric. 

untenable - incapable of being occupied or retained; incapable of being maintained or supported.

regulo (l) - to direct, regulate + regel (ger) - control, regulate.

rêve (fr) - dream

gangrene - a necrosis or mortification of part of the body, extending over some considerable area in a visible mass; Sometimes used to denote the first stage of mortification; Also fig. + Oliver Goldsmith: The Vicar of Wakefield, ch. 12: (Moses is cheated into buying) 'green spectacles, with silver rims and shagreen cases'.

or (Armenian) - that

rigorist - one who favours or insists upon the severest or strictest interpretation or enforcement of a law, precept, principle, or standard of any kind.