Mac Maol Chonaire (fake Welsh distortion) - O Mulconry

ap (Joyce's note)

podex (Latin Slang) - posterior, arse

Gray, Dwyer (d. 1888) - Irish nationalist, editor of the Freeman's Journal (which also employed L. Bloom and F. Higgins), Lord Mayor of Dublin.

beeve - an ox 

scullogue - an Irish farm labourer

churl - a countryman, peasant, rustic, boor; a serf, a bondman; (The position to which most of the OE. ceorlas were reduced after the Norman conquest.)

vassal - a tenant in fee; a humble servant or subordinate; one devoted to the service of another.

in sum - (expressed) in a few words, briefly or summarily

sept - a division of a nation or tribe; a clan: orig. in reference to Ireland.

severalty - the condition of being separate or distinct; Of land: (Held) in a person's own right without being joined in interest with another.

gowan - a general name for various yellow or white field flowers + Gawain - King Arthur's nephew, knight of the Round Table, Grail knight + Mac an Ghabhann (mokun gouwen) (gael) - son of the smith + O'Gabhain (o'gawin) (gael) - descendant of Gabhadhan (diminutive of gabhadh, "want, need, danger").

penal - of, pertaining to, or relating to punishment; pertaining to the penis + (notebook 1924): 'non-penal death (Pel)' The Catholic Encyclopedia 'Pelagius and Pelagianism': 'Theodore of Mopsuestia even went so far as to deny the possibility of original guilt and consequently the penal character of the death of the body'.

in medios locos (l) - into the middle of places + loquor (l) - to speak + (notebook 1924): 'no medius locus for children' The Catholic Encyclopedia 'Pelagius and Pelagianism': 'Some codices contain a ninth canon... Children dying without baptism do not go to a "middle place" (medius locus), since the non reception of baptism excludes both from the "kingdom of heaven" and from "eternal life"'.

get busy + useful arm (notebook 1923)

touchline - Geom. A straight line that touches a curve; a tangent (obs.)

due - With reference to the points of the compass: Properly, right, straight, directly.

tallow - the fat or adipose tissue of an animal

united (Joyce's note)

sans famille (fr) - without family

oremus - a liturgical prayer introduced by the word oremus (in the service of the R.C. Church) + oremus (l) - let us pray.

homey - an Englishman; a British immigrant, esp. one newly arrived + Home Sweet Home - J. H. Payne Song + There was the band playing 'Home, Sweet Home'.

gratifying - affording pleasure, pleasing, satisfying

evenement - an occurrence, event; an issue, result

meter (gr) - mother + meter (Dutch) - godmother.

pater (gr) - father + peter (Dutch) - godfather.

slaap (Dutch) - sleep; temple (part of head)

peregrine - a pilgrim; a traveller in a foreign land (obs.)

Fear-feasa (farfase) (gael) - Man of knowledge; Fearfeasa O'Maolchonaire, anglic. Farfassa O Mulconry, one of the Four Masters + Verfasser (ger) - author.

navigant - a navigator or voyager + pro navigantibus et peregrinantibus (l) - for sailors and for pilgrims, for travelers by sea and travelers to remote places (a prayer).

empire (Joyce's note)

fionnachán (Irish) - diminutive of fionn ('fair')

fascinator - a charming or attractive person

adorion (l+gr) - a little thing that is adored + dory (gr) - ship.

dulcis (l) - sweet

doaty = dotey - a term of endearment, esp. for a child

ducky - sweet, pretty; fine, splendid

blue - blue clothing or dress; esp. of blue uniform, e.g. of policemen

roll one's hoop - go ahead, be successful

wit (Dutch) - white

dimply - full of or characterized by dimples (a small hollow or dent, permanent or evanescent, formed in the surface of some plump part of the human body, esp. in the cheeks in the act of smiling, and regarded as a pleasing feature) + Joyce's note: 'dimpling bliss' Moore's Melodies: ['While Gazing on the Moon's Light'] (while / The moon's smile / Play'd o'er a stream, in dimpling bliss) MS 47481-95v, ILA: ^+laughing at the same time delightfully ^+in dimpling bliss+^+^ | JJA 56:011 | Aug 1923 |

bucked - cheered, encouraged, elated + (notebook 1923): '(Is) I'm so glad to have met you awfully bucked'.

Thomas Moore, song Love's Young Dream: 'Oh! the days are gone' [air: The Old Woman]

kingly - of the nature of a king or kings; dignified, majestic, noble + King Lear

Seanchas Mor (shanekhus mor) (gael) - Great Register: corpus of early Irish law.

possess - With with: To cause to be possessed by (a feeling, idea, or the like); to imbue, inspire, permeate, affect strongly or permanently with + possessed - dominated, controlled, strongly and permanently affected + (notebook 1922-23): 'possessed of some means'. 

notoriety - the state or character of being notorious, the fact of being publicly or commonly known; a well-known or celebrated person.

bigtimer - a top-ranker

The story of Lazarus is known from the Gospel narrative of John (11:18, 30, 32, 38) Lazarus of Bethany was the brother of Martha and Mary and lived at Bethany, near Jerusalem. When Lazarus died, he was raised by Jesus from the dead after he had been entombed for four days. This miraculous raising of Lazarus from the dead inspired many Jews to believe in Jesus as the Christ.

auld lang-syne - 'old long-since,' old long-ago + Auld Lang Syne (song): 'We'll tak a cup of kindness yet for the sake of auld lang syne'. 

kohinoor - an Indian diamond, famous for its size and history, which became one of the British Crown jewels on the annexation of the Punjaub in 1849; hence, allusively, any magnificent large diamond; fig. something that is the most precious or most superb of its kind.

sehe (ger) - look + sehet (ger) - look (plural).

shangai - a popular variation of the game of darts, in which players amass points by throwing three darts at each number in succession, players failing to score during a round being eliminated or 'shanghaied'; a winning shot or score of a single, double, and treble of a number + shanghai (Chinese) - on the sea + James Joyce: Letters I.206: letter 23/10/23 to Harriet Shaw Weaver: 'Mr Quinn invited me to dinner... A friend of his told me there is a club in the far east where Chinese ladies (not American as I supposed) meet twice a week to discuss my mistresspiece. Needless to say the said club is in - shavole Shanghai!'

Lambeg - the name of a village near Belfast, N. Ireland, used attrib. of the large drums traditionally beaten there on ceremonial occasions.

reed - a reed made into a rustic musical pipe; also applied to the hollow stems of other plants used for the same purpose.

fifer - one who plays the fife

anno Domini nostri sancti Jesu Christi (l) - in the year of our blessed Lord Jesus Christ.

blueblack - black or dark with a tinge of blue

braw - worthy, excellent, capital, fine; splendid, showy

bawbee - a Scotch coin of base silver equivalent originally to three, and afterwards to six, pennies of Scotch money, about a halfpenny of English coin; hence, in modern use, a halfpenny.

galore - in abundance or plenty

girleen (Joyce's note)

prank - to dress, or deck in a gay, bright, or showy manner; to decorate, adorn.