lout - an awkward ill-mannered fellow; a bumpkin, clown

court - to pay amorous attention to, seek to gain the affections of, make love to (with a view to marriage), pay addresses to, woo.

dingle - a deep dell or hollow

Sybil = Sibyl - one or other of certain women of antiquity who were reputed to possess powers of prophecy and divination.

surfride - to ride on a surfboard (a long narrow board on which one rides over a heavy surf to shore).

curragh - marshy waste ground; spec. the proper name of the level stretch of open ground in Co. Kildare, famous for its racecourse and military camp + currach (Anglo-Irish) - light canvas boat, coracle (from Irish: curach).

mother of pearl - a smooth shining iridescent substance forming the inner layer of some shells.

silvery - having the hue or lustre of silver

mantle - a loose sleeveless cloak of varying length

jig - a lively, rapid, springy kind of dance

jilt - to deceive after holding out hopes in love; to cast off (a lover) capriciously.

yerra - an asseverative oath or exclamation (God!, But God!)

bide - to remain in a place, or with a person, as opposed to going away, to stay; Often with the idea of remaining behind when others go (arch.)

sig - urine + sir

sloomy - sluggish, dull, spiritless 

grogram - a coarse fabric of silk, of mohair and wool, or of these mixed with silk + gruagan gre (grugan gre) (gael) - grey-hairdye hue; in saying: gruagain gre dath na treigeann, 'grey-hairdye hue, a color that doesn't fade' + grogham (Slang) - horse.

Barnacle Goose - a species of wild goose (Anas leucopsis) nearly allied to the Brent Goose, found in the arctic seas (where alone it breeds), and visiting the British coasts in winter.

beau - the attendant or suitor of a lady; a lover, sweetheart

glut - a gulp or full draught; the amount (of liquid) swallowed at a gulp; a supply of any mercantile commodity which is greatly in excess of the demand.

cold meat - cooked meat that has become cold; a corpse; corpses

soldiering - the action of serving as a soldier, military service

machree - my dear! + Machree, Widow - Lover poem in which reasons for marriage are urged on the widow.  

Balbriggan - the name of a town in Ireland, applied attrib. to a knitted cotton fabric manufactured there.

surtout - a man's great-coat or overcoat

wisha - an exclamation indicating dismay, emphasis, or surprise

nursetender - one who tends a sick person; a sick-nurse

highstepper - a person of stately walk or bearing

die game - to maintain a bold and defiant bearing to the last, i.e. like a gamecock; to meet death resolutely; fig. to maintain one's spirit and endurance to the last.

acushla - dear heart, darling 

copper - copper money; pl. (colloq.), a copper coin; a penny or halfpenny.

iron - to smooth or press with a heated flat-iron, as cloth, and the like.

gone on - (in recent colloq. or vulgar use) enamoured of, infatuated about.

goosegrease - the melted fat or grease of the goose

eiderdown - the small soft feathers from the breast of the eider duck; a quilt filled with eider-down or any similar soft material.

Flood: Ireland, Its Saints and Scholars 111: 'the artists who worked in metal in Ireland... The most beautiful specimens of their art that have been preserved are the Tara Brooch, the Ardagh Chalice, and the Cross of Cong' [(notebook 1923): 'Tara brooch Cross of Cong'].

Mick - a Roman Catholic

Nick - the devil

mose - the titmouse + most

BOHERMORE - The name is from Bothar Mor, Ir. "Great Road." There were 5 "great roads" built in Ireland in the 2nd century, but none was uniquely called the Bothar Mor. There is no "Barony of Bohermore". 

Matthew sings with brotherly jealousy... Mark sings worshipfully of a queen born of the sea... Luke sings as an old love and true friend... John sings in the excitement of success in love (Eric Rosenbloom: A Word In Your Ear). 

haw - a call used to direct a horse or team to turn to the left + haw haw - the representation of loud or boisterous laughter.

merman - the male of the mermaid; an imaginary marine creature with a man's head and trunk, and a fish's or cetacean's tail instead of the lower limbs.

ply - to use, handle, or wield vigorously or diligently (an instrument, tool, weapon).

keg - a small barrel or cask, usually of less than 10 gallons

pith - fig. The central or inward part; hence, the essential or vital part (of anything); spirit, essence, substance, quintessence + "We have delivered to the son of Isis his enemy, who succumbed to his force. We have done evil to the adversary. He who attacks the strong will see his misfortune reach him. The son of Isis has defended his father. His name becomes sacred and beneficial. Respect rests in its place and reveredness is established according to its own laws. The road is free, the paths are open. How joyous have the Double Banks become! Evil dissipates and the accusor moves away. The land is pacified under the authority of its Lord. Justice is established for its Lord. Backs are turned towards injustice!" Great Hymn to Osiris (translated to the French by Barucq & Daumas, 1980, pp.96-97. Preserved on Stela C 286 of the Louvre, dating from the early New Kingdom, XVIIIth Dynasty).

the lot is cast - the decisive step is taken

John-a-dreams - a dreamy fellow; one occupied in idle meditation (William Shakespeare: Hamlet II.2.553) + James/John (John is a cognate of Shaun (Shaun = Irish Sean = John); James is a cognate of Shem (Shem = Irish Séim = Irish Séam = Irish Séamus/Seumas = James)).