Souvenir of the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Opening of The Gaiety Theatre 31: 'who that has seen him can ever forget the operatic tenor of the old school... the gentleman who so strangely and wonderfully used to work himself up to the point of delivering his famous chest C'.

corpo di Bacco! (it) - by Jove! + barrage - concentrated delivery or outpouring, an excessive quantity.

spoof - to deceive, delude, to joke, to make (something) appear foolish by means of parody + speak

freak - a sudden causeless change or turn of the mind; a capricious humour, notion, or whim.

mousey - rel. to mouse; colorless, timid, quiet + mousy - a playful diminutive of mouse.

bigamy - marriage with a second wife or husband during the lifetime of the first.

SHAN VAN VOCHT - Ireland as the "Poor Old Woman," Sean Bhean Bhocht, who has seen all its troubles.

blackfriar - a dominican friar (so called from the colour of their dress)

treacle - tricky, treacherous

liddle = little + belittled + Henry George Liddell - compiler of Liddell and Scott's Greek - English Lexicon.

therewith - with that (word, act, or occurrence), that being said or done, thereupon + FDV: A cloud of witnesses indeed! Yet all these are as much now no more as were they now not yet or had they then not ever been. Of Hosty, quite a musical genius in small way, the end is unknown. O'Donnell somewhat depressed by things, is said to have enlisted at the time of the Crimean war under the name of Buckley. Peter Cloran, at the suggestion of the Master in Lunacy, became an inmate of an asylum. Treacle Tom passed away painlessly in a state of nature propelled into the great beyond by footblows of his last bedfellows, 3 Norwegian sailors of the seafaring class. Shorty disappeared from the surface of the earth so completely as to lead one to suppose that it had come to pass that (he who possessed at times a large amount of the humorous) his habitat had become the interior. Then was the reverend, the sodality director that fashionable vice preacher to whom sinning society ladies beauties (vide the daily press) often became so enthusiasticaly attached and was a nondescript objectionable ass who sometimes wore a nondescript raffle ticket in his hat & was openly guilty of malpractice with his tableknife the cad with a pipe encountered by HCE?

kingrick - kingdom + Richard III (1452-85) - English king of the House of York, crookbacked like HCE, called The Boar or The Hog, from the device on his crest. In Shakespeare's Richard III, he is a villain, brothen-slayer.

Numidia - "country of the nomads": ancient North African kingdom and Roman province, in modern Algeria. 

poisoning - poisonous

barrage - concentrated delivery or outpouring, an excessive quantity + Hebrews 12:1: 'compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses'.

redeliver - to deliver (a message, etc.) again, to repeat, report

vergobret - the chief magistrate among the ancient Ædui of Gaul

Caractacus (l) - king of Silures in Britain who fought the Roman invasion


Zouave - one of a body of light infantry in the French army, originally recruited from the Algerian Kabyle tribe of Zouaoua, but afterwards composed of French soldiers distinguished for their physique and dash, and formerly retaining the original Oriental uniform (more) + Levey & O'Rorke: Annals of the Theatre Royal, Dublin 46: 'Appearance of "The Zouave Artistes," announced as "The original Founders of the Theatre at Inkermann, during the Crimean War"... the female parts being performed by men'.

mime - a mimic, jester, buffoon, a pantomimist

mum - to silence, to put to silence

mick = mike - Irishman; a Roman Catholic

Nick - the devil

miming - pres. par. of mime (to act or play a part without words; to imitate, mimic).

maggie - a girl + Their Majesties, when more then one royal person is meant.

Levey & O'Rorke: Annals of the Theatre Royal, Dublin 67n: 'Mr. Frank Smyth' (in the role of Mr Vyvyan in 'Maritana').

St Austell, Ivan, and Hilton St Just - Ulysses (648) mentions them as Dublin tenors ['usual hackneyed run of catchy tenor solos foisted on a confiding public by Ivan St Austell and Hilton St Just and their genus omne']. 

Levey & O'Rorke: Annals of the Theatre Royal, Dublin 67n: 'Mr. J.F. Jones' (in the role of Mr S. Vincent in 'Maritana').

Colman (kuluman) (gael) - Young Dove + Levey & O'Rorke: Annals of the Theatre Royal, Dublin 68: 'The new dramatic Romance by Algernon Willoughby, "Valjean"... in which Mr. Coleman assumed four characters'.

Leamhcan (loukan) (gael) - producing marshmallows + Levey & O'Rorke: Annals of the Theatre Royal, Dublin 49: 'Mr. John Collins was son of a former proprietor of the Lucan Spa Hotel'.

O'Daly - according to Mr O Hehir, a family of hereditary Irish poets. 

O'Dubhghaill (o'dugel) (gael) - descendant of Dubhghall ("dark-foreigner," i.e., Dane).

feerie - a fairy

Loch nEachach (lokh nakhokh) (gael) - Eachach's ("horse-man") Lake; anglic. Lough Neagh.

galloper - one who gallops on horseback, esp. of hunters; fig. One who proceeds at great speed.

harlequin - in English pantomime a mute character supposed to be invisible to the clown and pantaloon; he has many attributes of the clown (his rival in the affections of Columbine) with  the addition of mischievous intrigue.

zither - to play the zither

merryman - jester

persons in + (notebook 1922-23): 'People in the Story' + persi (it) - lost + persino (it) - even + FDV: Of Hosty, quite a musical genius in small way, the end is unknown.

(notebook 1924): 'Eyrwyggla Saga' Walsh: Scandinavian Relations with Ireland during the Viking Period 31: 'Eyrbyggía Saga tells of both Thórodd, the owner of a large ship of burden, and of Guthleif, who went with other traders on voyages "west to Dublin"'.

saga - any of the narrative compositions in prose that were written in Iceland or Norway during the middle ages; a story, popularly believed to be matter of fact, which has been developed by gradual accretions in the course of ages, and has been handed down by oral tradition.

readable - capable of being read with pleasure or interest. Usually of literary work: Easy or pleasant to read, agreeable or attractive in style.


facetious - characterized by, or addicted to, pleasantry; jocose, jocular, waggish + This is a tissue of falsehood. I have constructed my private property with my own money.

libellous - containing or constituting a libel, of the nature of a libel

actionable - subject to or affording ground for an action or suit at law (slander is actionable).

volume - a collection of written or printed sheets bound together so as to form a book; a tome.

ostia (it) - Eucharist; sacrifical victim + oste (it) - innkeeper, host.

fosti (it) - you were

niced - made foolish or delicate

tenorist - one who sings tenor


meritory - serving to earn reward; productive of merit to the agent

Tennysonian - an admirer, imitator, disciple, or student of Tennyson + suonanti tuoni (it) - thundering thunders.

to work one's passage - to pay for one's passage on board ship by working during the voyage (also fig.)

animando - becoming animated (used as direction in music) + animando vite (it) - giving life.