Down aboo! (Anglo-Irish) - Up with Down! [from Irish: An Dún abú: (County) Down to Victory]

hup - used to urge on a horse, 'hup'

hat - to provide with a hat; hit (dial.) + Up, guards, and at them!

albeit + (oil paintings of ancestors lost brightness).

Rembrandt (1606-69) - Dutch painter + remembrances.

François Villon: Ballade des Dames du Temps Jadis: 'Mais où sont les neiges d'antan' (French 'But where are the snows of yesteryear?' (translated by D.G. Rossetti))

Vercingetorix (d. 46) - Gallic chieftain who revolted against Julius Caesar + Fernseher (ger) - television (literally 'far seer') + (notebook 1930): 'Farseengetter ich'.

Poor Old Woman or Shan Van Vocht - Ireland (poetic) 

Caractacus - British chieftain who resisted the Romans (48-51) but was captured and sent to Rome + Carthach (karhokh) - "Loving"; Old Celtic Caratacos.

Vogt, Alfred - Swiss oculist who helped restore Joyce's sight + Vogt (ger) - overseer, warden, constable.

favour - to show favour to, to treat kindly + Favete linguis (l) - "Be well-disposed with tongues!" i.e. be silent  (command to citizens at religious ceremonies).

Intendite (l) - Direct your attention! Attention! + intendete (it) - listen and understand.

dog's life - a miserable drab existence

list - to listen, hear; to like

at it - hard at work, fighting, etc.; busy

like sixty - with great force or vigour + at six and sevens - in disorder, confused + Halley's comet has a seventy-six-year period.

ulema - the body of Muslim doctors under the headship of the Sheik-ul-islam, which exercised great political influence in the Turkish empire + (notebook 1922-23): 'Ulema (Pers. parl)' (i.e. Joyce saw it as the Persian Parliament) Irish Times 11 Nov 1922, 6/5: 'The Ulema, the Council of holy men that directs the religious and educational activities of the Persian people, has demanded legislation to prohibit the sale of liquor and to close all places of public amusement'.

Sobranje - the parliament or national assembly of Bulgaria

Storting - the Norwegian parliament

Duma - in Russia, an elective legislative assembly; the Tsarist Russian parliament, 1906-17.

portal - a door, gate, doorway, or gateway, of stately or elaborate construction

casa concordiae (l) - house of harmony + casa concordia (it) - house of peace.

Hur maar ni, mina froken? (Swedish) - How are you, my young ladies?

Hvorledes har De det? (Danish) - 'How do you do?' (rather archaic; modern usage is 'Hvordan har De det?')

mlad (Serbian) - young + last door on the left m'ladies, thank you.

millecentotrentadue (it) - 1132 + ciento (Spanish) - hundred + triginta (l) - thirty.

scudi (it) - crowns (i.e. coins; literally 'shields')

ti pote, kyrie, ti pote (gr) - what on earth, lord, what? why, lord, why? + tipote, kyrie, tipote (Modern Greek) - nothing, sir, don't mention it (an expression commonly used by waiters, in answer to thank you)

cha ki patti (Hindustani) - tea

makar (gr) - blessed, happy + makkhan roti (Hindustani) - bread and butter + makkar (Hebrew) - acquaintance, friend.

sahib (Hindustani) - sir, Mr

dispénseme (sp) - excuse me + usted (sp) - you.

senhor (Portuguese) - sir, Mr

en son (fr) - in his + en son de (sp) - in the guise of

succo (Italian) - juice

sabes (Spanish, Portuguese) - you know

O ta bron orm, a Chothraighe, [an] tuigeann tu Gaedhealg? (o ta bron urum a hohriye, [un] tigin tu gelin) (gael) - Oh I am sorry, Patrick [P/K Split], do you understand Irish?

like pa + lick pee (oral sex).

'fraid + fly high.

hai-p'a (Chinese) - suffer fear + papa.


lang (Chinese) - wolf + liang (Chinese) - a pair, a couple + so long.

epi allo (gr) - upon another thing + et puis alors, écoute (fr) - and then, listen; so, listen.

ecou (Rumanian) - echo + écu - the name of several historical French coins (especially a large silver coin used in the 17th-18th centuries).

batiste (Rumanian) - handkerchiefs + Baptiste (Christian name).

tu vas venir dans (fr) - you're going to come in (or to)

coin + le petit bon coin (fr) - the little good corner (looks like the name of a restaurant).

izmene de bumbac (Rumanian) - cotton drawers

e meias de (Portuguese) - and stockings of

portocallie (Rumanian) - orange colour + Portugal.

O.O. - sign on toilets in South-East Europe

os pipos (Portuguese) - the barrels, the pipes

mios (sp) - my + es (sp) - is.

demasiada (Spanish, Portuguese) - too much

grueso (sp) - thick; bulky

por (Portuguese) - for, by

o - (Portuguese) - the

piccolo (it) - small

pochino (it) - a little bit

wieviel? (ger) - how much? + wee (Colloquial) - to urinate.

duro (Portuguese) - hard + one dollar.

kocsis szabad? (Hungarian) - coachman, are you free?

go maith (gumoh) (gael) - well (adv.)

tak (Danish) - thank you

FDV: And says he: As sure as eggs is known to be what they commercially are in high British quarters my business credit will immediately stand open as stright as that hygienic monument's fabrication before hygienic globe of the Taskmaster's eye (and here the reverent sabbath and bottle breaker uncovered himself of his tricoloured boater cordially inviting the adolescents whom he was wising up to do likewise in like manner) of the great Pastmaster's eye.

Cad = The Dorans (Joyce's list of characters in I.3) + {HCE's response through Cad}

mugger - the broad-nosed crocodile of India + (notebook 1922-23): 'mugger (crocodile)' + crocodile tears - false tears + Maggy's.

liard - a small coin formerly current in France, of the value of the fourth part of a sou. Hence, a coin of small value + liar

Cad's Wife = Maggy (Joyce's list of characters in I.3)

nick - to say nay to, deny; to jot down, record + Mick, Nick and the Maggies.

nighty - pertaining to night

"These [Afro-Atlantean] magicians also made use of the Law of the Ambaktu Physics, which made it possible for the ancient energies to take on the liturgical structures of the Old Roman Catholic form. In the mystical work, the primary energies of the ancient bodies were sifted from the true forms of the Ontic Sphere and inserted within the formulae of the Old Roman Catholic Mass. Like a magickal computer of some highly imaginative theme, these ancient powers could be touched by the hand of the high-priest as he conducted his ritual work... They had to have the ancient tools of their trade and they made certain that these tools would be given to them when they needed them in their present incarnation." (Michael Bertiaux)

taverner - one that keeps a tavern, one who frequents taverns (obs.) + John Taverner - 16th century English musician, composer of many masses (by adapting secular songs into sacred music) + Miss Travers sued Sir William Wilde, the father of Oscar Wilde, for seduction.

mike - to loiter; a rest, a period of idleness; to 'hang about', go away, escape; microphone (Colloquial) + on the make - intent on profit or advancement; also, intent on winning someone's affections; seeking sexual pleasure; improving, advancing, getting better.

buck - man, a dashing fellow + Louis XII: (of the heir to the throne, Comte D'Angoulême): 'This fat fellow will spoil all'.

to get it - to receive a punishment, scolding, etc. + go at.

Ulysses.15.3369: 'THE NANNYGOAT (bleats) Megeggaggegg!'

M'Coy + my good chap + my happy.


sicker - assuredly, certainly + as sure as eggs are eggs (phrase) + Joyce's note, Eumeus: 'as sure as eggs are what they are'.

MOYLIFFEY - Magh Life, Ir. "Plain of the Liffey"; the plain in County Kidare through which the Liffey River flows.  

householder - the head of a household or family + Haushalter (ger) - householder.

years + Jahrhundert (ger) - century.

mammoth - a large extinct species of elephant formerly native in Europe and northern Asia + Hundred of Manhood, West Sussex + Joyce's note, Circe: 'hundred Manhood the hunt, the play, the Turk'.

ahoy - a nautical call used in hailing

guesthouse - an inn; a house or apartment for the reception or entertainment of strangers or guests

cowhand - orig. U.S., one engaged in the tending or ranching of cattle + Handel (ger) - trade + Kuhhandel (ger) - shady business + FDV: my business credit will immediately stand open

neighbouring - that neighbours, adjacent

monument - a sepulchre; a written document, record + (Wellington Monument).

fabrication - the action of fabricating or 'making up'; the forging (of a document)

hygienic - rel. to hygiene, sanitary


Fir-bolga (firbulgu) (gael) - Bags Men; third legendary colonists + (notebook 1924): 'fir balks' + balk - a beam of timber, a cross-beam.

trans. ausstrecken (ger) - extend, reach out

boater - a man's stiff straw hat with a flat crown and ribbon band

uplift - to lift up; to take into one's possesion

pickled - drunk + pickle - to put into or steep in pickle, to preserve in pickle; trans. and intr. To pick in a small way, or a little at a time; to peck, nibble.

Stetson - broad brimmed high crowned hat + Joyce's note, Eumeus: 'he gave ten bob for it'.

whileas = while

oleaginosity - the quality of being oleaginous (oily, greasy) + (perspiration).

sgocciolare (it) - to drip, to trickle

pendency - the state or condition of being pending or continuing undecided, or awaiting settlement

Mutsohito - Japanese emperor 1867-1912

lips + (moustache).

senkapetulo (Esperanto) - without money + capitulo (sp) - chapter.

conciliabule - a clandestine meeting of rebels against church or state, a small private or secret assembly + conciliabulum (l) - a place of assembly, public place.

torn - rent or riven by being pulled violently asunder

cordially - heartily, with all one's heart, with hearty friendliness or good-will

inwit - conscience, understanding + inviting + Ulysses.1.481: 'Agenbite of inwit'.

wise up - to supply with information, make wise, to learn

in like manner - in a similar way