bolero - a short jacket coming barely to the waist + Lillibulero - Williamite song (c. 1690) ridiculing Irish and Jacobites. Many unconvincing attempts (including one by Brendan Behan) have been made to reconstruct the originals.

game - to play, sport, jest; to amuse oneself; occas. to indulge in amorous play (obs.)

nivalis (l) - snowy + nivis (l) - snow + nivens (l) - winking + nubis (l) - a cloud + nubilis (l) - marriageable.

finery - showy decoration; showy dress; affected or ostentatious elegance or splendour.

upright - erect; following correct moral principles; of unbending integrity or rectitude.

groom - bridegroom

to come up with - to come right forward from the rear; to get even with, get better of.

by jingo! - a vigorous form of asseveration + song We Don't Want to Fight, But, by Jingo, If We Do.

midnight + Mitternacht (ger) - midnight + nackt (ger) - naked.

in the flesh - in the real life, in bodily form, not in picture or photograph

thumbs down - act of rejection, disapproval or condemnation

orse = horse

hash - mixture, jumble, mess

nitrate - a salt produced by the combination of nitric acid with a base + nutrient - a nutritious (serving as nourishment) substance.


analect - the select part, the choice essence + analecta - one that picks up crumbs after meal, a word gatherer + electrolyze - to decompose by electrical means.

chimera - a fabled fire-breathing monster of Greek mythology, with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail (or according to others with the heads of a lion, a goat, and a serpent), killed by Bellerophon + chemical

gasbag - a bag for holding gas, gallon; a person given to idle boastful talk

warder - watchman + wonderwork - a wonderful achievement, a wonderful work or structure.

heiter (ger) - merry

bottled - kept in a bottle; kept under restraint

Helios (gr) - the Sun-god

tob- (ger) - rage, play violently + FDV: The conscientious guard in the other case swore (adding, ......, a scripture reader too to boot) swore that Laddy Cumino, the butcher in the blouse, after having delivered some carcasses went & kicked at the door and when challanged before the functionary on his oath by the imputed, said simply: / - I am on my oath, you did, as I stressed before; / - You are deeply mistaken, sir, let me then tell you, denied McPartland (the [meat] man's name).  

special - a particular person; a male sweetheart or lover; a special constable (correspondent, advocate).

sport - to make ostentatious public display of, show off

conscientious - obedient or loyal to conscience, habitually governed by a sense of duty.

Scripture reader - a reader of the Scriptures; one who is employed to read the Bible to the uneducated poor in their own houses (obs.)

to boot - in addition, over and above, besides


coroner - an officer of a county, district, or municipality (formerly also of the royal household), originally charged with maintaining the rights of the private property of the crown; in modern times his chief function is to hold inquest on the bodies of those supposed to have died by violence or accident + corner

tailliur (talyur) (gael) - tailor

stand - the place where a witness stands to testify in court + on the start - suddenly, without warning.

functionary - an official

up against - confronted with, face to face with

square - honest or straightforward in dealing with others, honourable, upright + quer (ger) - across + Querschnitt (ger) - 'cross section', could mean representative or typical.

mand - bag, hand basket; a question + man

butcher's blue - a dressmaker's name for a particular shade of dark blue like the colour of a butcher's apron.


evening + (notebook 1923): 'on last evg'.

carcass meat - raw meat as distinct from corned or tinned meat

mutton chop - a piece of mutton for broiling or frying, usually a division of the loin containing one rib (having the end of the bone chopped off) and half the vertebra to which it is attached + Joyce's note: 'muttonchepp'.

jute = joute - pottage

on behalf of - as the agent or representative of, on account of

The Four Eastmans, Ltd., Victuallers, are listed in Thom's, 1906 (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake).

eastman - one who come out of Germany into Ireland


victualler - a purveyor of victuals or provisions; spec. one who makes a business of providing food and drink for payment.

unmitigated - absolute, not softened in respect of severity or intensity

deoch an dorais (gael.) - a stirrup-cup (a cup of wine or other drink handed to a man when already on horseback setting out for a journey, a parting glass; Used for: A drink offered to an arriving guest before he has dismounted) + dun an doras (dun un durus) (gael) - shut the door.

rune - a letter or character of the earliest Teutonic alphabet + rules

challenge - to give account of oneself

pretended - alleged, asserted, claimed to be such

hick - an awkward, rude or provincial person; hiccup, a hesitation in speech + hic (l) - this, this here; here.

kick up - to rise forcefully, to provoke; a noisy quarrel, disturbance, row

solemn - Of vows, oaths, or statements: Of a formal and serious or deliberate character.

impute - to bring (a fault or the like) into the reckoning against, to lay to the charge of.

apeipon (gr) - declare, deny, forbid, renounce + apple-pie order - thorough order.

Philip II of Macedon (reigned 359-336 B.C.) - father of Alexander the Great. For him the city of Philippi was named. When Philip was drunk, he condemned a woman unjustly. She said she would appeal from Philip Drunk to Philip Sober.  

imputed - estimated, charged (as a fault), attributed

stress - to lay the stress or emphasis on, emphasize (a word or phrase in speaking).

kneedeep - so deep as to reach to the knee + deeply

tomkin - tampion (plug) + Tom King - 18th century Dublin actor (mentioned several times in 'The Pre-Victorian Drama in Dublin' by Hughes).

gentlewomanly - appropriate to a gentlewoman (a woman of noble birth, a woman of quality).

salaam - the Oriental salutation (as)salam (alaikum), Peace (be upon you). Hence applied to a ceremonious obeisance with which this salutation is accompanied, consisting (in India) of a  low bowing of the head and body with the palm of the right hand placed on the forehead.

meatman - a vendor of meat, butcher

Mr. Phelps - 19th century Dublin actor (mentioned several times in 'Annals of the Theatre Royal, Dublin' by Levey & O'Rorke).

playful - full of play, frolicsome; pleasantly humorous or jocular, merry + “And in process of time it came to pass, that Cain brought of the fruit of the ground an offering unto the LORD. And Abel, he also brought of the firstlings of his flock and of the fat thereof. And the LORD had respect unto Abel and to his offering: But unto Cain and to his offering he had not respect. And Cain was very wroth, and his countenance fell.” (Genesis 4:3-5) 

peeler - one that peels; also, an instrument or machine for peeling + peeler (Slang) - policeman.

phizz - a hissing sound; a disturbance; champagne + phiz - face + Phiz - pen name of Hablot Knight Brown, who illustrated Dickens + 'And Cain was very wroth, and his countenance fell' (Genesis 4:5) + (notebook 1924): 'face fell'.

obverse - turned towards or against, opposite + Joyce's note: '- obverse of this less idiotic' ('less' replaces a cancelled 'more'; 'idiotic' not clear) + FDV: First these outrages were thought to have been instigated by either or both of the rushy hollow heroines but one shortly after drank carbolic with all her life before her shortly after and her sister in love, finding once while doing chores that she stripped well, felt began to feel her hat too small for her and took to [necking] selling her spare time in the haymows &. But a little thought will allow the facts to fall in and take up their due places. If violence to life, limb and goods has as often as not been the expression, direct or through male agents, of offended womanhood has not levy of blackmail from the earliest ages followed upon in worldlywise?

velveteen - a fabric having the appearance or surface of velvet, but made from cotton in place of silk; (pl.) - trousers or knickerbockers made of velveteen.

dimity - a stout cotton fabric, woven with raised stripes or fancy figures; usually employed undyed for beds and bedroom hangings, and sometimes for garments.

camelback - the back of a camel, having a back slightly curved upward

excess - the overstepping the limits of moderation; extravagant violation of law, decency, or morality; outrageous conduct (obs.)

instigate - to spur, urge on; to stir up, stimulate, incite, goad (now mostly to something evil) + SDV: First these outrages were thought to have been instigated by either or both of the rushy hollow heroines but one shortly after drank carbolic with all her life before her shortly after and her sister in love, finding once while doing chores that she stripped well, felt began to feel her hat too small for her and took to [necking] selling her spare time in the haymows &. + FDV: Of the 2 maids one, it is stated, drank carbolic while [of] the other [one], Barbara Feeney, we hear that she having discovered that she stripped well, her hat became too small for her and § 

either - each of the two, one or other of the two

rushy - resembling rushes, abounding with rushes; quick, hurried; Russian

hollow - having a hole inside; (of persons) insincere, empty, vain + PICTURE

shirt sleeves - being without a coat, marked by informality and directness + in one's shirt sleeves - with one's coat off.

mo gradh (mugra) (gael) - my love + magretta (it) - rather thin.

song I've a Terrible Lot to Do Today

lupula (l) - little she-wolf + lupa (l) - she wolf; prostitute.

lorette - a french courtesan (they went to church at Notre Dame de Lorette).

fit - impulse

carbolic = carbolic acid - a substance more systematically called phenol or phenyl alcohol + Joyce's note: 'she had drunk carbolic'.

pale - to grow pale or dim

soil - to defile or pollute with sin or other moral stain + soiled dove (Slang) - whore.

sister in law - the sister of one's spouse, the wife of one's brother

lupercalia - an orgy + Luperca (l) - she-wolf that suckled Romulus.