dodge - evade

chore - a small piece of domestic work, a little job, a piece of (time-consuming) drudgery

strip - to unclothe, denude + (notebook 1922-23): 'he strips well'.

tease = strip tease + LDV: These outrages were thought to have been instigated by either or both of the rushy hollow heroines but one shortly after drank carbolic with all her life before her while her sister-in-love finding while one day doing her chores that she stripped well began to feel her hat too small for her and took to selling her spare time in the haymow and elsewhere.

binocular - having two eyes

jamb - leg, shank + James Joyce.

jimp - slender and trim, neat + jump.

nautch - an entertainment in India consisting of dancing by professional dancing girls + naughty girl.

girlygirly - a girl, a little girl

fruitful - productive of good results, beneficial, profitable, remunerative + (notebook 1923): 'fruitful hat' O. Henry: The Four Million 201: 'Sisters of the Golden Circle': 'a girl in a loose tan jacket and a straw hat adorned with grapes and roses... The girl in the fruitful hat'.

hat - any office, position or occupation + (notebook 1922-23): 'her hat became too small' Evening Standard 27 Jan 1923, 6/3: 'Woman's Hair-Dyeing': 'Plaintiff stated that... she... had her hair dyed with "Inecta" at the shop. After about two hours her head began to swell until her hat was too small, and there was great pain'.

take (one's) time - to allow oneself sufficient time (to do something); hence (sarcastically), to be 'quite long enough', i.e. too long: to loiter

take to - to devote or apply oneself to, to adopt or take up as a practice, business or habit

necking - embracing and caressing a member of the opposite sex

party - to attend parties and orher social gatherings

spare - having little flesh, not fat or plump, lean, thin

haymow - a part of a barn where hay is stored; a stack of hay

lumber room - a room for the reception of lumber or disused chattels

grianán (Irish) - sunny house, house of the sun (in ancient Ireland, an elevated and sunlit upper room or apartment, sometimes used as a sanctuary for women or princesses).

ad hoc - for this purpose, to this end; for the particular purpose in hand or in view + huck - the hip, the haunch + hucken (ger) - squat + fuck.

intimacy - euphem. for sexual intercourse

love stories + lavatories

lease - to grant the possession or use of (lands, etc.) by a lease + leave

churchyard - the yard or enclosed piece of ground in which a church stands; formerly almost universally used as a burial ground for the parish or district, and still so used, esp. in rural districts.

soft coal - a coal of low rank; coal that is easily cleft + (notebook 1922-23): 'soft coal (gems)'.

array - a series of things exhibited or displayed in line or order

trunk - the main stem of a tree, as distinct from the roots and branches

in fine - finally, in short, to sum up

coney - a rabbit; the flesh of the rabbit

alla zingara (it) - gipsy-like

chili = chilli - the dried pod of species of Capsicum or Red Pepper. The pods, which are acrid, pungent, and of a deep red colour when ripe, are largely used as a condiment.

dish up - to put (food) into a dish, and set it ready for a meal

Oscar - "Champion": son of Oisin, grandson of Fionn Mac Cumhail + William Wilde, a famous eye-surgeon [.01-.02] and Oscar Wilde's father, found guilty of sexually assaulting Mary Josephine Travers.

Mac Cumhail (mok kuil) (gael) - son of Cumhail; patronymic of Fionn

houri - a nymph of the Muslim Paradise. Hence applied allusively to a voluptuously beautiful woman.

emerald - a precious stone of bright green colour + Emerald Isle - a name for Ireland.

arrah - exp. of surprise or excitement + Arrah-na-poghue (Irish) - Arrah of the kiss.

lacesso (l) - teasing, provocation; to provoke, arouse, excite, stimulate + lascive - lascivious, wanton.

aslim! (Arabic) - surrender! + In Arabic, 'Muslim' means 'one who is resigned' and 'Islam' means 'self-surrender'.

resigned - full of resignation, submissive, acquiescant

Leinster - province in Ireland

dotter - one who makes dots, to walk shakily, totter + daughter + dottir (Icelandic) - daughter.

Dermot MacMurrough - king of Leinster and Kinsella, who persuaded Henry II to send Strongbow and other Normans to Ireland in 1172. + MacMurrough, Eve or Eva - daughter of Dermot MacMurnough. Orpen says her marriage to Strongbow was a symbol of the union of Ireland and England. Eve MacMurrough is, then, the first Irish bride "sold to the stranger." 

pitch - abode, the open air stand of one who conducts business on the street

Cromwell's Quarters, a short lane of steps in Dublin, was popularly known as 'Forty Steps'.

perch - a resting place, an elevated or secure position or station

quarter - a particular division or district of a town or city, esp. that appropriated to a particular class or race of people

Valkyrie - in Scandinavian mythology, one or other of the twelve war-maidens supposed to hover over battlefields and to conduct the fallen warriors to Valhalla + kyriê eleêsôn (gr) - Lord have mercy.

pucker - a boxer, fighter

packing - the putting (of things) together compactly, as for transport, preservation, or sale

perdition - utter destruction, complete ruin (now rare); Theol. The condition of final spiritual ruin or damnation, the future condition of the wicked and finally impenitent or unredeemed; the fate of those in hell, eternal death.

sfidare (it) - to challenge

fido (it) - I trust; faithful + Fido is a common name for a dog + disfido (l) - to distrust + ti sfido (it) - I challenge you.

topple - to cause to tumble over or fall headlong, to thrust over, overturn, throw down

dug - obtained by digging, excavated

dgiahour = giaour - a term of reproach applied by the Turks to non-Mussulmans, esp. Christians.

angelus - a devotional exercise commemorating the mystery of the Incarnation, consisting of versicles and responses, and the Angelic Salutation three times repeated, said by Roman Catholics, at morning, noon, and sunset, at the sound of a bell rung for that purpose + Angelus mei (l) - Angel of me + Angelus Dei (l) - The Angel of God + angelus (l) - messenger + agallomai (gr) - I rejoice.

Arcus-fortis (l) - Strong-bow: Earl of Pembroke, led Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland + arco, forte (it) - bow, strong (i.e. 'Strongbow') + Noah's Ark (and the flood that lasted forty days).

far off - far distant, remote + farfarus (l) - colt's foot (plant) + farfar (Danish) - grandfather (paternal).

bisavolo (it) - great grandfather

misbrand - to brand falsely or in misleading way + misbear - to misbehave or misconduct oneself.

behaviour - manner of conducting oneself in the external relations of life (also in pl.)

iridescent - glittering or flashing with colours which change according to the position from which they are viewed

hue and cry - to pursue with hue and cry, to make an outcry; cry of alarm or pursuit

downright - with plain and blunt honesty, without ceremony

dope - a stupid person, a simpleton, a fool + do, re, mi, fa, sol, la , si, do " 'Learn to separate the fine from the coarse'—this principle from the 'Emerald Tablets of Hermes Trismegistus' refers to the work of the human factory, and if a man learns to 'separate the fine from the coarse,' that is, if he brings the production of the fine 'hydrogens' to its possible maximum, he will by this very fact create for himself the possibility of an inner growth which can be brought about by no other means. Inner growth, the growth of the inner bodies of man, the astral, the mental, and so on, is a material process completely analogous to the growth of the physical body... The process of transforming the substances which enter the organism into finer ones is governed by the law of octaves" (Ouspensky: In Search of the Miraculous).

Teufelsdröckh - fictional professor in Carlyle's Sartor Resartus + Teufelsdreck (ger) - devil's dung (implies disgusting filth).

reine = reign

shee = sidhe - the fairy folk of Ireland in gaelic folklore; she

shebeen queen - a woman who runs a shebeen (an unlicensed or illegally operated drinking establishment, any low wayside public house) + Queen of Sheba 'The Land of Sheba - in French, Saba - is actually the land Sheba, the country of the Sabeans. The Sabeans of Persia were famous as magician-astrologers. The name was important enough to be adopted by the mediaeval magicians as a word of power, and it is often found inscribed in magical sigils and spells. (Mark Hedsel: The Zelator).

quean (Archaic) - a woman, girl; ill-bred woman, whore + Prankquean [021.05]

kingly - in a kingly manner, royally, regally

mien - the air, bearing, carriage or manner of a person, as expressive of character or mood

regally - in a regal manner + (notebook 1924): 'a kingly monarch of royal line, regally robed' Jespersen: The Growth and Structure of the English Language 135 (sec. 131): 'Kingly, royal, and regal: who is able to tell exactly how these adjectives differ in signification?' 

exalted - elevated in rank, station, or public estimation + Koran: Suras X and XVII: 'Extolled be His glory'.

give and take - to make mutual allowances, concessions, or compromises + Job 1:21: 'the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away'.

min - abbr. of minute; to remember, to think, tell; to intend

trumpet - messanger, spokesman, a funnel shaped instrument for collecting, intensifying or directing sound


ravenous - excessively hungry, voracious, gluttonous

lipping - pres. part. of lip

lill - to loll or hang (the tongue) out + lips

zay = say + zaj (Hungarian) - noise.

phrase: by the beard of the prophet (Mohammed)

upter - bad or worthless, no good + eternity

rise and shine - a command to wake up and leave one's bed

shaft - an obelisk or column erected as a memorial

stele - an upright slab bearing sculptured designs or inscriptions

Phenicia - ancient land on the coast of Syria

obelise - to mark a word or passage with an obelisk or dagger + obelizo (gr) - to mark with an obelos ("skewer": horizontal line used as critical mark to indicate a passage in a text is spurious) + obelisk - a tall, narrow, four-sided, tapering monument which ends in a pyramid-like shape at the top.

spout - that part of a fountain, pump, etc., from which the water issues + spot

pillar clock - any clock on a pillar + pobal (pubel) (gael) - people, the public + cloch (klukh) (gael) - stone + clog (klug) (gael) - bell, clock.

Folkestone and Dungeness are both on the South Kent coast.

TOMAR'S WOOD - At the Battle of Clontarf, the aged Brian Boru followed the battle from Tomar's Wood, somewhere to the West of Clontarf, and there was slain. 

bewray - to reveal, expose (unintentionally, and usually what it is intended to conceal)

press gang - a group of journalists + erpress- (ger) - blackmail, exort.

score off - to get the better of, triumph over, to achieve a success

rued = reed + rue - to bitterly regret (something) and wish it undone + red.

ob- - 'inversely', or 'in the opposite direction' + obscene.

damnation - Theol. Condemnation to eternal punishment in the world to come; the fact of being damned, or doomed to hell; spiritual ruin; perdition + Matthew 15:14: 'And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch'.

Tatcho - English hair-restorer, marketed in 1877 by R. Sims + tatcho (Gipsy) - true.

tawnie yecks (Gipsy) - little ones, grandchildren

lump - a compact mass of no particular shape, a shapeless piece or mass; often with implication of excessive size, protuberant outline, or clumsiness

pattern + pattin (Gipsy) - a leaf + patrin (Gipsy) - a Gipsy trail, handfuls of leaves or grass cast by the Gypsies on the road to denote to those behind the way which they have taken (in Borrow: Romano Lavo-Lil).

limb - an organ of the body + FDV: But a little thought will allow the facts to fall in and take up their due places. If violence to life, limb and goods has as often as not been the expression, direct or through male agents, of offended womanhood has not levy of blackmail from the earliest ages followed upon in worldlywise?  

chattels - a movable possession; any possession or piece of property other than real estate or a freehold

often as not - very often, usually