levy - the amount or number levied (the action of collecting an assessment, duty, tax, etc.)

blackmail - any payment extorted by intimidation or pressure, or levied by unprincipled officials, critics, journalists, etc. upon those whom they have it in their power to help or injure. Now usu. a payment extorted by threats or pressure, esp. by threatening to reveal a  discreditable secret.

in it (Anglo-Irish) - alive, existing

fain - gladness, joy (obs.); to take to gladly, show preference for (rare.)

wilde = wild

blossoms + song Lilly Dale: 'O the wild rose blossoms'.

Joyce's note (notebook 1923): 'a whispered reputation' / for strange sins' > Oscar Wilde 34: Willie Wilde came over to London and got employment as a journalist and was soon given almost a free hand by the editor of the society paper "The World". With rare unselfishness, or, if you will, with Celtic clannishness, he did a good deal to make Oscar's name known.  Every clever thing that Oscar said or that could be attributed to him, Willie reported in "The World".  This puffing and Oscar's own uncommon power as a talker; but chiefly perhaps a whispered reputation for strange sins, had thus early begun to form a sort of myth around him.  He was already on the way to becoming a personage; there was a certain curiosity about him, a flutter of interest in whatever he did; (MS 47471b-20, ILA: followed ^+a whispered reputation+^ unwordlywise ^+sins+^ | JJA 45:163 | probably Nov 1923 | ).

inspired - infused or communicated by divine or supernatural power, prompted by, or emanating from, an influential (but unavowed) source + song By Memory Inspired.

hole in the wall - any small, obscure place; spec. in the U.S., a place where alcoholic drinks are sold illegally + HOLE IN THE WALL - Public house, aka Blackhorse Tavern, halfway between Cabra Gate and Ashtown Gate in Blackhorse Lane, which runs along North wall of Phoenix Park. 

blyant (Danish) - "pencil".

Peannlueamoore = peann-luaidhe môr (Ir.) - "big lead-pencil"

Once upon a time and a very good time it was... ('A Portrait of the Artist as the Young Man') + hoog (Dutch) - high.

VALHALLA - In Scandinavian myth, the hall in Gladsheim (Odin's home) destined for the reception of dead heroes. Finnegans Wake associates it particularly with Phoenix Park, esp the Hollow and the Hole in the Wall.  

there + before metal or anger in Ireland 

ôre ôr (Armenian) - day by day + ĺr (Danish) - year.

here + Orr, William - United Irishman, alluded to in the street ballad "By Memory Inspired" which is quoted here. 


dair (der) (gael) - oak tree; letter D + phrase: there's hair!: there's a girl with a lot of hair! (catch-phrase of the early 20th century) + der (Armenian) - Mr, sir (form of address to secular clergy).

hayr (Armenian) - father (form of address to regular clergy).

digin (Armenian) - Mrs

horde - a great company, esp. of the savage, uncivilized, or uncultivated; a gang, troop.

ort - a morsel left at a meal, leaving, refuse, scrap, bit [James Joyce: Ulysses.9.1094: 'Ay. I will serve you your orts and offals'] + ortus (l) - a rising, beginning, origin + Ort (ger) - place, village + orti (Armenian) - son; young man.

orior (l) - to rise, appear; to spring from, to originate + ôriort (Armenian) - young lass.

garble - to select or sort out the best in (any thing or set of things); to take the pick of.

garthen - garden + the garden of Eden - the abode of Adam and Eve at their creation, Paradise.

Odin - called the All-father, the chief deity of Norse mythology

Paradise + John Milton: "Paradise Lost" + Pleiades or Seven Sisters - in Greek myth, they were hunted by Orion and his dog on earth, in the sky. The lost Pleiad is Merope, who hides her light for sorrow at the fall of Troy, or for shame at having had sex with Sisyphus, a mortal.


Eve + ave (l) - hail!

Armen (ger) - poor people + Amen

dun (dun) (gael) - fort + dun - dark, dusky (from absence of light); murky, gloomy + doun (Armenian) - house.

menag (Armenian) - solitary, alone

Lousavorich (Armenian) - Illuminator (title given to Saint Gregory, first patriarch of Armenia) + gained retarded access to the kitchen through the subadjacent scullery, ignited a lucifer match by friction... (Ulysses, 546).

barekeadz (Armenian) - living a good life

shoeshine - a polish given to shoes + shoushan (Armenian) - lily; feminine name.

shoudov (Armenian) - hastily, quickly

ogg - a shilling + eggs + ogi (Armenian) - spirit + oog (Dutch) - eye.

gaggle - cackle; a flock of geese, bunch, a number of related things; a company of women.

Ishtar - Babylonian fertility goddess, the planet Venus.

aster (gr) - a star

Saorstat Eireann - the "Free State" or "Republic" of Ireland

Stonehenge - name of a celebrated stone circle on Salisbury Plain; hence applied allusively to similar structures elsewhere + FDV: First, there was a gateway for the suroptimist had bought and enlarged that shack under fair rental of 1 yearling sheep, value of 6d & 1 small pig, value 8d, to grow old & happy in for the remaining years and when everything was got up for the purpose he put a gate on the place and the gate was locked to keep HCE in, in case he felt like sticking out his chest too far and tempting providence. It ought to be always remembered that there was a commercial stopping in the hotel before that and he missed six pounds fifteen and he found his overcoat disturbed. The gate business was all threats & abuse. Humphrey's unsolicited visitor said through the gate first that he would break his head next that he would then break the gate over his head and finally give him his (Humphrey's) blood to drink. He demanded drink and kept abusing him from ten thirty till one in the afternoon without a lunch interval. Earwicker, longsuffering, under restraint in the sitting-out corner of his conservatory, [though it was as easy as kisshand for him to call up Crumlin Exchange,] with only his thermos flask by him compiled a long list to be kept on file (now feared lost) of all the abusive names he was called (informer, old fruit, funnyface, yellow whig, Bogsides, muddle, plander) but did not other wise reply beyond such sedentarity because, as he afterwards explained, touching his wounded feelings, the dominican mission was on at the time & he thought that might reform him. The more considerably unpleasant bullocky finally before he rang off pegged a few stones, all of a size, [and then, possibly but seeing the seriousness of what he had not done, made him leave the stones & having sobered up somewhat,]
left the scene after exhorting him to come
out outside so that he cd burst him up, proceeding in the direction of the deaf & dumb institute.

for another thing - as another point to be noted

sur - - above

rental - an amount paid as rent

yearling - a year old; in its second year

hogg = hog - pig, sow, boar; to take or grasp selfishly + Hogg, James (1770-1835) - "The Ettrick Shepherd," Scottish writer whose Confessions of a Justified Sinner is used in FW, as Mr Atherton has pointed out.  

kidd - to make known, to exhibit, display

get up - to make preparations for, to organize, finnish

on the place - on the spot, than and there, immediately

by no means - in no possible way, in no degree

pretext - that which is put forward to cover the real purpose or object; the ostensible reason or motive of action; an excuse, pretence, specious plea.

bedstead - strictly, the place occupied by a bed; but long ago transferred to the wooden or metal stand on which a bed is raised; the framework of a bed.

in lieu of = in the stead of - to take the place of, represent, do duty for + loo - a place of shelter.

thereof - of that, of it; from that cause; at the place, there

keep out - to cause to remain without, to prevent from getting in

donkey - ass; a stupid or silly person

jag - a sharp projection or tooth on an edge or surface; a sharp or rugged point of rock, etc. + (notebook 1924): 'pigdirt hanging from the jags'.

thenabouts - near that time, about then

gape - a rent or opening of any kind + gate  + (notebook 1924): 'iron gape'.

Connacht Tribune 16 Feb 1924, 5/3: 'House Burning': 'The door of witness's sister's house had been hasped. -"Why was it?" inquired the Recorder. -Witeness: We had killed a goat, and the door was hasped in order to prevent the cat getting at the goat (laughter)' [(notebook 1924): 'door has pen to prevent the cat getting at goat'].

pat - reduplicated, to express repetition

on purpose - indicating the ground or reason of action

poort (Dutch) - gate + poorters (Dutch) - citizens.

enauter - lest, in case that

providence - the foreknowing and beneficent care and government of God (or of nature, etc.)

unused - unaccustomed

clod - to throw clods of earth at

by the by - incidentally + FDV: It ought to be always remembered that there was a commercial stopping in the hotel before that and he missed six pounds fifteen and he found his overcoat disturbed. The gate business was all threats & abuse.

we + Stanford: Complete Collection of Irish Music as Noted by George Petrie no. 607: 'The wee bag of Praties'.

brag - to vaunt, talk boastfully, boast oneself

pratie - potato

(notebook 1923): 'what has gone before (story)'

betreffen (ger) - to take place, to happen + Betreffender (ger) - "beforementioned","the person under consideration".

summer holidays + Zimmer (ger) - room.

dig - to lodge, dwell (colloq.)

puncheon - a short piercing weapon, a dagger; a large cask for liquids, fish, etc.

dick - fellow, man, penis, ditch

free house - a British inn not commited to the purchase of supplies from a particular brewery.

LEIXLIP - Lax-hlaup, old Dan "salmon leap." Leixlip marked the West boundary of Dublin's occupation by the Scandinavians who according to their custom claimed territory "as far as the salmon swims upstream." 

sockeye salmon - a small Pacific salmon (Amer. Indian sukai 'fish of fishes') [(notebook 1924): 'where the salmon were stopping'].

fasting - a season of abstinence from food, a fast

commercial - a man engaged in commerce + Kommerzial (ger) - commercial + Joyce's note: 'what has gone / before (story)' > MS 47471b-20, BMA: It ought to be always remembered ^+in connection with what has gone before+^ that there was a commercial stopping in the hotel | JJA 45:163 | probably Nov 1923 |

corpo di Bacco (it) - by Jove! (confusion between voiced and unvoiced consonants, typical of German pronunciation of Italian).

wreak - to take vengeance, to avenge or revenge + working

Zentral (ger) - central

oil rubber - in Engraving, a roll of woollen cloth moistened with oil, used for cleaning plates, etc.