hark - intr. Used in hunting, etc., as a call of attention and incitement + (notebook 1924): '*V* stations of †' Stations of the Cross (or Way of the Cross; in Latin, Via Crucis; also called the Via Dolorosa or Way of Sorrows, or simply, The Way) refers to the depiction of the final hours (or Passion) of Jesus (possibly reflected also in the fourteen questions and answers) + {a description of a postman travelling backwards in the night through the events already narrated} + REFERENCE
(onomat. of snoring) + tolv (Danish) - twelve + {the four old men counting midnight bells - over a sleeping pair [403.01-403.17]}

elf (German, Dutch) - eleven

quattor (l) - four + ceathair (kahir) (gael) - four + Jespersen: Language, its Nature, Development and Origin 168 (IX.5): 'Welsh... pedwar = Ir. cathir, 'four'.

sex (l) - six + FDV: Twelve two eleven four cater ten six seix sax.

horkos (gr) - that by which one swears, an oath + horch (ger) - listen + (onomat.)

pedwar (Welsh) - four 

pump (Welsh) - five

feufi (Swiss German) - five o'clock (Zurich Dialect, Pronunciation: 'foify')

tre (Italian) - three + FDV: eigh Hark! seven eight Eight seven Pedwar pemp. Five three. Twelve.

low - the action of lowing (mooing), the ordinary sound uttered by an ox or cow.

stole - pa. tense and pple. of steal (v.): to come stealthily on or upon a person; Of a condition, esp. sleep: to come insensibly over a person ("...A kind of pleasant stupor was stealing over me").

heartbeat - a beat or pulsation of the heart; fig. an emotion; transf. an extremely brief space of time

fogbow - a phenomenon similar to the rainbow, produced by the action of light on the particles of fog

span - Of the rainbow, a bridge, etc.: To form an arch across or over (the sky, a river, etc.); to stretch or extend over in the form of an arch.

embattled - having an edge or outline shaped like a battlement (an indented parapet at the top of a wall, at first used only in fortified buildings for purposes of defence against assailants, but afterwards in the architectural decoration of ecclesiastical and other edifices); drawn up in battle array, marshalled for fight.

capsule - a pill in the form of a small rounded container with medicine inside + Mark's (of Cornwall) castles.

nought - nothing; not (obs.) + wrought - shaped to fit by or as if by altering the contours of a pliable mass (as by work or effort).

nasus (l) = naso (it) - nose + On a wall in Pompeii is a rude caricature of "Naso," who has almost no nose + Publius Ovidius Naso (Ovid).

tinted - coloured, tinged or dyed

wrinkling - causing or forming creases or wrinkles

ruddle - redden as if with a red ocher color

kep - obs. f. keep + kep (Hungarian) - face, likeness, picture + cap

gorse - the prickly shrub Ulex europæus; common furze or whin + cone - the more or less conical fruit of pines and firs.

Gascon - a native of Gascony, a former province in south-western France; a braggart, boaster (the natives of Gascony being notorious as such)

titubant - stumbling, staggering; with the movement of one who is tipsy, "reeling with drink" + titubante (it) - hesitating.

Sub tegmini fagi - "beneath the beech-tree," Virgil's 1st Eclogue begins with the lines: "Tityrus, reclining under the covert of a spreading beech, (Latin: Tityre tu patulae recubans sub tegmine fagi) / You do reverence to the woodland muse with a slender pipe". 

fixture - anything fixed or securely fastened in position; anything made firm, stable, or immobile + features

mobile - capable of movement; movable; not fixed or stationary

wobbling - fluctuating unsteadily

remembrance - memory or recollection in relation to a particular object, fact, etc. + Rembrandt (1606-69) - Dutch painter (famous for his 'Night Watch' picture. In this painting Rembrandt solved the problem of the group portrait in such a dynamic way that few after him could ever again sit or stand their subjects in a static line or static grouping. Rembrandt shows Cocq and his men in motion: their lances are askew, their muskets are out of order, and they all project a sense of the vitality of their mission) + William Shakespeare: Hamlet IV.5.174-180: 'There's rosemary, that's for remembrance... And there is pansies, that's for thoughts... violets'.

exhibit - to submit or expose to view; to show, display

anastasis (gr) - resurrection + *A*.

delph - excavation, drain, ditch + Rembrandt has displayed the traditional emblem of the Arquebusiers (in 'Night Watch') in the painting in a natural way: the girl in yellow dress in the background is carrying the main symbols.

zee - a name, esp. now in U.S., of the letter 'Z' + see + ziehier (Dutch) - look here, here is + zee (Dutch) - sea.

eyebrows + bedroom.

blau (l) - blue + Harald Bluetooth - Danish king, grandfather of Canute + BLAALAND - Old Norse name ("Blueland") for Africa. In the Sagas, Africans (usuady Moors) are called "bluemen" + William Shakespeare: Macbeth I.2.: DUNCAN (meeting a bleeding Sergeant): 'What bloody man is that? He can report, / As seemeth by his plight, of the revolt / The newest state'.

yon - 'that (or those) over there' + you

Jugurtha - king of Numidia from 118 to 105, who struggled to free his North African kingdom from Roman rule. He said Rome was "a city for sale, and doomed to perish as soon as it finds a purchaser." + Gogarty. 

becco - a cuckold + becco (it) - beak; cuckold + Buck Mulligan - a character in Ulysses modelled on Oliver Gogarty.

Indian + indigo.

hornhead - a horn-headed being, a cuckold + (cuckold's horns) + Hornhaut (ger) - horny skin + gate of horn to true dreams (Aeneid VI.893; [192.27: " those hornmade ivory dreams you reved"]).

pensee - thoughtfulness, anxiety; a thought or reflection put in literary form + pensée (fr) - thought + pansies [.10]. 

weich (ger) - soft

Veilchen (ger) - violets (violet) [.10]

veiled + wild, wild world.

kiss + kids (goat).

voult = vault (obs.)


obsidian - a dark-coloured vitreous lava or volcanic rock + obscene lips.

aal - a plant, a species of Morinda allied to the madder, the roots of which yield a red dye; also the dye itself, used in India to colour cotton fabrics + our all - everything that we have, or that concerns or pertains to us + Aal (ger) = aal (Dutch) - eel + awl - a pointed tool for marking surfaces or for punching small holes.

dove's + William Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream I.2.75: (BOTTOM): 'but I will aggravate my voice so, that I will roar you as gently / as any sucking dove; I will roar you an 'twere any nightingale'.

suckling - an infant that is at the breast or is unweaned

apage (l) - go away! + admonition - the action of admonishing; warning, implied reproof + Agapemones - 19th century religious community practising 'love-feasts' (Eucharist).

nere - black + near/here.


switch out - to remove electrical circuit, to turn the switch off

methought - it seems to me + {Speaker: ass}

somepart - somewhat, to some extent

where - as n. Place, locality; in mod. use esp. the place at which the thing spoken of is or happens.

please - n. Sc. rare. Pleasing, pleasure.

zero hour - the hour from which the time of day is measured (midnight)

vixen - the female of the fox

belfry - a bell-tower; generally attached to a church or other building, but sometimes standing separate

cute - Applied to people as well as things, with the sense 'attractive, pretty, charming'; also, 'attractive in a mannered way'.

speckled - variegated or flecked with spots of a different colour from that of the main body + P.W. Joyce: Irish Names of Places, II, 288: 'Kilbrack in Cork and Waterford, and Kilbracks (speckled woods or churches) in Armagh' is more likely to mean 'speckled woods' than 'speckled churches').

toll - to cause (a large or deep-toned bell) to give forth a sound repeated at regular intervals by pulling the rope so that the bell swings through a short arc

faint - producing a feeble impression on the senses or the mind; dim, indistinct, hardly perceptible + FDV: Methought 'twas the peal of midnight bells midnight's chime from out the belfry of the cute old speckled church, sounding so faintly faint a twelve as darkness rendered all British objects invisible nonviewable to human watcher

Goodman, Fox [.20] + 'Twelve good men and true': jury (i.e. time is twelve midnight).

animated - endowed with life; full of the activity and motion of life; fig. Appearing alive + Joyce's note: 'animated objects' Gallois: La Poste et les Moyens de Communication 286: 'In Japan... There are twenty-eight types of postage stamps. They portray flowers and birds... following the religion which prohibits the depiction of sentient beings' (French objets animés: sentient beings (literally 'animated objects')).

perchance - by chance, as it happens or happened

anon - in a short time, in a little while; presently again, here again

glistery - full of glister (brilliance, lustre, sparkle) + glittery - having brief brilliant points or flashes of light + FDV: save perchance anon some glittery gleam adown the surface of the fluvial flowandflow