hark - intr. Used in hunting, etc., as a call of attention and incitement.

(onomat. of snoring)

low - Of things: Having a low value, price, or degree of some quality. 

stole - a long robe; Eccl. A vestment consisting of a narrow strip of silk or linen, worn over the shoulders (by deacons over the left shoulder only) and hanging down to the knee or lower.

heartbeat - a beat or pulsation of the heart; fig. an emotion; transf. an extremely brief space of time.

fogbow - a phenomenon similar to the rainbow, produced by the action of light on the particles of fog.

span - Of the rainbow, a bridge, etc.: To form an arch across or over (the sky, a river, etc.); to stretch or extend over in the form of an arch.

embattled - having an edge or outline shaped like a battlement (an indented parapet at the top of a wall, at first used only in fortified buildings for purposes of defence against assailants, but afterwards in the architectural decoration of ecclesiastical and other edifices); drawn up in battle array, marshalled for fight.

capsule - Phys. A membranous integument or envelope, a bag or sac.

nought - nothing; not (obs.)

tinted - coloured, tinged or dyed

wrinkling - causing or forming creases or wrinkles

ruddle - to mark, smear, or paint with ruddle (a red variety of ochre used for marking sheep and for colouring).

kep - obs. f. keep                                                                                                                                                                  cap

gorse - the prickly shrub Ulex europćus; common furze or whin;                    cone - the more or less conical fruit of pines and firs.

Gascon - a native of Gascony, a former province in south-western France; a braggart, boaster (the natives of Gascony being notorious as such).

titubant* - staggering, reeling, unsteady; uncertain, hesitating, wavering.

fixture - anything fixed or securely fastened in position; anything made firm, stable, or immobile                                      features

mobile* - capable of movement; movable; not fixed or stationary

wobbling* - that wobbles

remembrance* - memory or recollection in relation to a particular object, fact, etc.;                    Rembrandt - the name of the Dutch painter Rembrandt (1606-69).

exhibit - to submit or expose to view; to show, display

delph - excavation, drain, ditch, mine

zee - a name, esp. now in U.S., of the letter Z                                                                                                                         see


blau (l) - blue

yon - 'that (or those) over there'                                                                                                                                             you

Jugurtha* - king of Numidia from 118 to 105, who struggled to free his North African kingdom from Roman rule.

becco - a cuckold

hornhead* - a horn-headed being, a cuckold

pensee - thoughtfulness, anxiety, care; a thought or reflection put in literary form. 

voult = vault (obs.)

obsidian* - a dark-coloured vitreous lava or volcanic rock


aal - a plant, a species of Morinda allied to the madder, the roots of which yield a red dye; also the dye itself, used in India to colour cotton fabrics.


suckling - an infant that is at the breast or is unweaned

apage (l) - go away!;                       admonition* - the action of admonishing; warning, implied reproof.

nere - black                                                                                                                                                               near, here


to switch in* - to bring into a circuit by the operation of a switch; similarly to switch out.

methought - it seems to me

somepart - somewhat, to some extent

zero hour - the hour from which the time of day is measured

vixen - the female of the fox

belfry - a bell-tower; generally attached to a church or other building, but sometimes standing separate.

cute - Applied to people as well as things, with the sense 'attractive, pretty, charming'; also, 'attractive in a mannered way'.

speckled - variegated or flecked with spots of a different colour from that of the main body.

toll - to cause (a large or deep-toned bell) to give forth a sound repeated at regular intervals by pulling the rope so that the bell swings through a short arc.

faint - producing a feeble impression on the senses or the mind; dim, indistinct, hardly perceptible.

animated - endowed with life; living, alive; full of the activity and motion of life; enlivened, quickened; fig. Appearing alive.

perchance - by chance, as it happens or happened

anon - soon, in a short time, in a little while; presently again, here again.

glistery - full of glister (a bright light, brilliance, lustre)