gleam - In early use, a brilliant light (e.g. of the sun). In mod. use, a subdued or transient appearance of light, emitted or reflected.

darkle - to show itself darkly; to grow dark

adown - to a lower place or situation; downward, down

afflue* - to flow towards;                     fluvial - of or pertaining to a river or rivers.

laundry - articles (linen, etc.) that need to be, or that have been, laundered.

leeward* - situated on the side turned away from the wind; having a direction away from the wind.

close at hand - near in place or time, close

expectation - the action of waiting

jog - to walk or ride with a jolting pace, 'to move with small shocks like those of a low trot'.

dawdle - to idle, waste time

methought - pa. tense of methinks

creeper - a plant that creeps along the ground, or (more usually) one that ascends a supporting surface, as ivy and the Virginian Creeper.

glider - one who, or that which glides

flivver - a cheap motor car or aeroplane

hummer - an insect that hums; also, a humming-bird.

vociferate - to utter in a loud voice; to shout out clamorously; to declaim or assert with loud vehemence.

echo* - Of persons: To repeat (sounds, words) in the manner of an echo; to repeat the words of, imitate the style or sentiments of (another person).

post - to put (a letter, etc.) into a post office or letter-box for transmission by the post.

post - a single dispatch of letters (and other postal matter) from or to a place; also concretely, the letters, etc. collectively, as dispatched or conveyed, with that which carries them; the mail.

meseems* - it seems to me

somewho - some one, somebody

amove - to stir up, to be agitated

clump - a compact mass or piece, a heap, a lump (often implying clumsiness of form).

mayhap - perhaps, perchance

flasher - an automatic device for alternately lighting and extinguishing incandescent lamps, as in advertising and warning signs; such a sign or signal itself.

more'n - more than; also ellipt. = no more than.


similitude - the form, likeness, or image of some person or thing; resemblance, similarity, likeness.

shaddo - obs. form of shadow   

laddo - lad, boy

will of the wisp* - fig. a thing (rarely a person) that deludes or misleads by means of fugitive appearances.

earl - In England, Scotland, and Ireland, the title of a specific order of rank, corresponding to Count in the nobility of other European nations.

classy - of high or superior class, stylish, smart

frieze - a kind of coarse woollen cloth, with a nap, usually on one side only; now esp. of Irish manufacture.

ruggedness - Of manufactured objects: robustness, durability

braw - fine clothes, finery

tramp - to tread (sheets, blankets, etc.) in a tub of soapy water, as part of the process of washing.

ferrier - one who keeps or looks after a ferry

mereswine* - a dolphin or porpoise (OE. mereswín, lit. 'sea-swine')



welted - Of boots or boot-soles: Furnished with a welt (a strip of leather placed between and sewn to the edge of the sole and the turned-in edge of the upper in soling a boot or shoe).

brogue - a rude kind of shoe, generally made of untanned hide, worn by the inhabitants of the wilder parts of Ireland and the Scotch Highlands.

hammer - fig. To devise, design, contrive, or work out laboriously; to put into shape with much intellectual effort. 

jacket - an outer garment with sleeves, reaching no lower than the waist, worn by boys (as an Eton jacket) and by men in certain occupations.

providence - foresight, prevision; esp. anticipation of and preparation for the future.

...The Garrison was far from being strong or well provided.

wooly - a woolen sweater, a garment made of wool

lisp - a sound resembling a lisp, e.g. the rippling of water, the rustle of leaves.

lapel - that part of the front of a coat which is folded over towards either shoulder.

sealingwax - The modern 'sealing-wax' resembles wax in its fusibility and its plasticity when softened by heat, but its superior hardness when solidified renders it more capable of receiving a sharp and durable impression. It is usually coloured scarlet with vermilion, but black sealing wax is used for mourning, and green, blue, etc. for reasons of ornament.

carat* - a proportional measure of one twenty-fourth used in stating the fineness of gold.

invulnerable - incapable of being damaged or injuriously affected by attack.

burlap - a coarse canvas made of jute or hemp, used for bagging; also, a finer material used for curtains.

waistcoat* - a garment forming part of ordinary male attire, worn under an outer garment (a doublet, later a coat, jacket, or the like), and intended to be partly exposed to view when in wear.

choker - a large neckerchief which was worn high round the throat. 

loud - Of colours, patterns, dress, manners, etc.: Vulgarly obtrusive, flashy.

toy - a small article of little intrinsic value, but prized as an ornament or curiosity.

damasker - one who damascenes (to ornament (metal-work, esp. steel) with designs incised in the surface and filled in with gold or silver) metal;                 damask - a rich silk fabric woven with elaborate designs and figures, often of a variety of colours.

overshirt - shirt

sport - to display or exhibit, esp. in public or company. Freq. with implication of some degree of parade, ostentation, or show; to display on the person, to wear.

starspangled - spangled with stars

zephyr - Applied to various very light articles of clothing; e.g. a light shawl; a light dust-coat; esp. a light shirt worn by athletes; a fine light cotton cloth of the gingham type used for women's dresses, having the colours woven into the fabric.

decidedly - definitely, in such a manner as to preclude question or doubt. 

surpliced - wearing or vested in a surplice; fig. Clothed in white.

crinkly - full of crinkles (a wrinkle or corrugation, as in a rumpled or rippling surface).

doodle - an aimless scrawl made by a person while his mind is more or less otherwise applied.

embrother* - obs. form of embroider (to ornament with needlework; to embellish with rhetorical ornament or with fictitious additions or exaggerations).




cash on the nail - coins and banknotes paid at once (he had to give cash on the nail for the  car).

gigot = gigot-sleeve - leg-of-mutton sleeve (one very full and loose on the arm but close-fitting at the wrist).

turnup - the turned up part of anything, esp. of a garment; spec. The turned-up cuff of a trouser-leg.

crease - the line or mark produced on the surface of anything by folding; a furrow in a surface, such as is caused by folding; a fold, wrinkle, ridge; spec. In trousers.

stew - fig. To soak, steep, imbue (obs.)