relay - to pass on (a message or information); to divide up mail into bundles to be placed in storage box.


posthaste* - to hasten with all speed

primitive - having the quality or style of that which is early or ancient; Also, simple, rude, or rough like that of early times; old-fashioned. 

concordant - agreeing in sentiment or opinion; of one heart or mind; harmonious, unanimous.

wisehead - one who has a wise head; always in ironical sense, One who fancies himself wise, a wiseacre.

messrs = messieurs - Used to supply the want of an English plural of Mr. (Commonly in the abbreviated form Messrs.)

alongside of - side by side with, in company with

fourpart - (Music), composed for four parts or voices

tinkler* - a person who tinkles, a rimester (a versifier or indifferent poet).


messongere* = messanger (obs.)

winding - that follows a sinuous course, takes or has a curvilinear form, or is full of bends and turns.

blueblack - black or dark with a tinge of blue

constellation - a number of fixed stars grouped together within the outline of an imaginary figure traced on the face of the sky.

changeable - liable or subject to change; mutable, variable, inconstant

timetable - a printed table or book of tables showing the times of arrival and departure of railway trains at and from the stations; also a similar table of times of arrival and departure of passenger boats or other public conveyances.

odd - dial. A small point of land

rod - a measure of length, equal to 512 yards or 1612 feet; a measure of area: A square perch or pole.

pep - to fill or inspire with energy or vigour, to enliven, invigorate, excite, cheer up.

without deceit - without mistake, assuredly, certainly (obs.)

smart - fashionable, elegant, esp. in a very high degree

beamish - shining brightly, radiant; beaming and bright with optimism, promise or achievement.

to dine with Duke Humphrey* - to go dinnerless

aight - obs. form of ait (an islet or small isle)                                                                                                                         eat

err - an error, fault; also, erroneous belief, heresy

round - to whisper; to go around; to express in a briefer form.

fourale - ale sold at four-pence a quart

jovial* - characterized by hearty mirth, humour, or good fellowship; merry, jolly.

to hit the jackpot* - to have an extraordinary stroke of luck;               hencoop - a coop or pen of basket-work, wire-work, or the like, in which poultry are kept.

topping - very fine, excellent; tip-top, first-rate

swell - Of persons: Stylishly or handsomely dressed or equipped

porterhouse - a house at which porter and other malt liquors are retailed

scotfree* - free from payment of 'scot', tavern score, fine, etc.; exempt from injury, punishment, etc.

club - a staff or baton used as an official and restrictive 'pass'; a heavy stick or staff for use as a weapon, thin enough at one end to be grasped with the hand, and increasing in thickness and weight towards the other end.

chuck - chick, chicken, fowl; the act of taking food; a meal, meal-time.

walnut - the nut of the common walnut-tree, Juglans regia, consisting of a two-lobed seed (the edible kernel) enclosed in a spheroidal shell covered with a green fleshy husk.

ketchup - a sauce made from the juice of mushrooms, walnuts, tomatoes, etc., and used as a condiment with meat, fish, or the like. Often with qualification, as mushroom ketchup, etc.

chutney - a strong hot relish or condiment compounded of ripe fruits, acids, or sour herbs, and flavoured with chillies, spices, etc.


Bristol - a city of England upon the Wiltshire or Lower Avon, famous since early times for its maritime trade and manufactures, and giving its name to various commercial and natural products.

...On Northumberland and Landsdowne roads His Excellency acknowledged punctually salutes from rare male walkers, the salute of two small schoolboys at the garden gate of the house said to have been admired by the late queen when visiting the Irish capital with her husband, the prince consort, in 1849 and the salute of Almidano Artifoni's sturdy trousers swallowed by a closing door. (Ulysses, p. 209)

frump - to sulk, be in a bad temper                                                                                                                                      front

dacent = decent

knave* - In playing-cards: The lowest court card of each suit, bearing the representation of a soldier or servant.

havoc - devastation, destruction; esp. in phr. to make havoc

recruit - to increase or restore the vigour or health of (a person or animal).

spadeful - a quantity that fills a spade; as much as a spade can hold or take up at one time;
spade - one or other of the black spade-shaped marks by which one of the four suits in a pack of playing-cards is distinguished.

mounded - heaped up into a mound

table napkin - a napkin used at meals to protect the clothes from being soiled, to wipe the fingers, etc.

constitute - to frame, form, make (by combination of elements)

tripartite* - divided into or composed of three parts or kinds


collation - a light meal or repast

blood orange* - a red-pulped variety of orange

pint - a measure of capacity for liquids (also for corn and other dry substances of powdery or granular nature), equal to half a quart or 18 of a gallon; a vessel containing a pint.

goog - egg

plummy - fig. Of the nature of a 'plum', rich, good, desirable

padding - stuffing, wadding                                                                                                                                           pudding

met - a quantity measured out; esp. a quantity of anything as measured out according to a certain unit of measurement.

sunder - apart or separate from another or from one another


forsaken* - deserted, left solitary or desolate

steak - a thick slice or strip of meat cut for roasting by grilling or frying, sometimes used in a pie or pudding; esp. a piece cut from the hind quarters of the animal.

pertified* - changed into stone or stony substance

without prejudice* - without detriment to any existing right or claim; esp. in Law, without damage to one's own right, without detracting from one's own rights or claims.

eventual* - of the nature of an event or result