merenda - a light meal or collation

stockpot - a pot in which stock for soups is boiled and kept; also fig.

round - full, complete, entire

ricey - of or pertaining to rice; resembling rice;                    peasy - of the appearance, colour, etc. of peas or pease-meal.

throw in - to put in as a supplement or addition

grid = gridiron

proprietress* - a female proprietor

roaster* - a kind of oven in which meat, etc., can be cooked by roasting.

Gaulish* - of or pertaining to the ancient Gauls;                    goulash - a stew or ragout of meat and vegetables highly seasoned.

gravy - the fat and juices which exude from flesh during and after the process of cooking; a dressing for meat or vegetables made from these with the addition of condiments.

pumpernickel - bread made (in Germany) from coarsely ground unbolted rye; wholemeal rye bread.

gorger - a person or animal that gorges or eats to repletion, a glutton. 

bulby - characterised by bulbs (the underground spheroidal portion of the stem of an onion, lily, or other plant of analogous mode of growth).

snack - a mere bite or morsel of food, as contrasted with a regular meal; a light or incidental repast.

saddlebag - a bag carried at the saddle; esp. one of a pair laid across the back of a horse, behind the saddle, or one attached behind the saddle of a bicycle.


pratie - potato

gurgle - a guttural sound such as is produced by irregular emission of air from the throat, gargling, or the like.

swally - obs. and dial. f. swallow


set one’s tongue around* - to pronounce or speak (a word, name, etc.) correctly.

broken bread, meat, victuals, etc.* - fragments of food left after a meal, etc.; by extension applied to remnants of drink, as broken ale, beer.

into the bargain - above what is agreed on or might be anticipated

nightcap - an alcoholic drink taken immediately before going to bed in order to induce sleep; Also, a non-alcoholic drink taken at bedtime.

videlicat* - that is to say; namely; to wit;                    vitellus - the yolk of an egg.

carousal* - a fit of carousing, a drinking-feast or carouse; revelry in drinking.

eyer - one who eyes; one who looks at; an observer                                                                                                              eggs

scoff - to eat voraciously, devour

snuggly* - snug, close-fitting

stuffed - Of a fowl, fish, etc.: Filled with force-meat or minced seasoning before cooking.

loin - In an animal used for food; chiefly, the joint of meat which includes the vertebrę of the loins.

veal - a calf, esp. as killed for food or intended for this purpose

clister = clyster - a medicine injected into the rectum, to empty or cleanse the bowels, to afford nutrition, etc.
cluster - a collection of things of the same kind, a bunch.

pax (l) - peace

cum (l) - with

drily - without emotion, sympathy, or cordiality, coldly, frigidly


dulse - an edible species of seaweed, Rhodymenia palmata, having bright red, deeply divided fronds.

free of charge - given or provided without payment, costless, gratuitous.

loaves - pl. od loaf

aflower - flowering, blooming

jug - Of the nightingale or other bird: To utter a sound like 'jug'

toby - the posteriors, the buttocks; (With capital T.) A jug or mug (formerly common) in the form of a stout old man wearing a long and full-skirted coat and a three-cornered hat.

custard - a dish made with eggs beaten up and mixed with milk to a stiff consistency,  sweetened, and baked; also a similar preparation served in a liquid form.

quay - an artificial bank or landing-place, built of stone or other solid material, lying along or projecting into a navigable water for convenience of loading and unloading ships.

hosanna* - an exclamation, meaning 'Save now!' or 'Save, pray!', occurring in Ps. cxviii. 25, which forms part of the Hallel at the Passover, and was in frequent liturgical use with the Jews, as an appeal for deliverance, and an acclamation or ascription of praise to God. At the entry of Jesus in Jerusalem it was shouted by the Galilean pilgrims in recognition of His Messiahship (Matt. xxi. 9, 15; Mark xi. 9, 10; John xii. 13), and it has been used from early times in the Christian Church as an ascription of praise to God and Christ.


mind you - please note (used to emphasize a fact)

nurture* - that which nourishes; nourishment, food

meanly* - with express or implied limitation: Only moderately, not above the average.

Jaffa - the modern name of Joppa, a port in Israel, used to designate an oval, thick-skinned variety of orange first cultivated near Jaffa, and later introduced to other parts of Israel and suitable regions elsewhere.

ingestion - the action of ingesting, the taking in of aliment


culpable* - deserving blame or censure, blameworthy

gluttony - the vice of excessive eating

as regards - so far as it concerns, so far as relates to

chewable - that can be chewed

biestings = beastings - a specialized milk produced during few days after parturition.

upon the whole m.* - taking the thing as a whole, speaking generally

off one’s oats - not feeling well esp. not eating properly, off one's food

coup - a blow, stroke; the shock of a blow, engagement, or combat

Thermidor - the eleventh month of the French revolutionary calendar, extending (in 1794) from July 19 to August 17.


floreal = floral - pertaining to a flora or floras