Prairial - the name for the ninth month of the French revolutionary calendar, extending from May 20 to June 18

royster = roister - a swaggering or blustering bully, a riotous fellow, a rude or noisy reveller + prairie oyster - raw egg served with seasonings and some sauce, vinegar or spirits (swallowed as a hangover remedy); Also, calves' testicles (eaten as a delicacy).

gormandizing - excessive eating, gluttony

gourmet - a connoisseur in the delicacies of the table

grub - to take 'grub' or food; to feed, eat

tuck - food, eatables; esp. delicacies, as sweet-stuff, pastry, jam, etc.

smörgås (Swedish) - open sandwich + Dia's Muire dhuit (d'is mwiri git') (gael) - God and Mary to you (greeting).

do dirt (to) - to harm or injure maliciously

ARDILAUN - Island at North end of Lough Corrib, County Galway, near the Guinness family estates at Cong. Arthur Guinness was Lord Ardilaun; his brother was Lord Iveagh + (notebook 1924): '*V* felt like stuffing'.  

smack - a taste or flavour, the distinctive or peculiar taste of something + smag af an lækkerbisken (Danish) - taste of a choice morsel.

lecker (ger) - tasteful + little

Biss (ger) - bite + bit + Leckerbissen (ger) - delicacy.

welldressed - properly prepared, cultivated, trimmed, cooked, etc.

taart = tart (obs.) + taart (Dutch) - tart, cake + tart (Slang) - prostitute.

net - Of amounts: Free from, or not subject to, any deduction; remaining after all necessary deductions have been made.

intrant - one that enters, entrant + entrance weight (boxers and jockeys are weighed before a fight or race).

weigh - to balance in the scales, to ascertain the weight of + Shaun is Thoth and stuffs and stuffs himself with food, getting weightier and weightier. When he loses his balance (426.31), Shaun proves himself a false Thoth, for Thoth was the god of balance. In the same way Shaun proves himself a false Christ when he tries to fly to heaven and cannot. (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake)

flyblow - the egg deposited by a fly in the flesh of an animal, or the maggot proceeding therefrom + flyweight - a boxer weighing eight stone or less.

gross - entire, total, whole

ganz (ger) - whole + [im] grossen und ganzen (ger) - by and large, lit. great and whole.

avoirdupois - weight, degree of heaviness + (weight after eating).

jarvey - a hackney-coachman; Now frequently applied to the driver of an Irish car.

jaunty - easy and sprightly in manner; affecting airy self-satisfaction or unconcern + Joyce's note: 'jauntily' + Jaun [429.01]

romp - a piece of lively, boisterous play; a merry frolic

completion - accomplishment, fulfilment (of a prophecy, wish, etc.) + (notebook 1922-23): 'schoolgirl complexion' Irish Times 13 Nov 1922, 3/5: 'There is nothing like impure air for causing that nice "schoolgirl" complexion to fade'.

Easter Monday

ramp - Of persons: To storm or rage with violent gestures, to act in a furious or threatening manner; to go about in a loose, immodest way (obs.) + on the ramp (Slang) - engaged in swindling.

on the mash (Slang) - constantly courting or ogling women + tramp and march.

sprach (ger) - spoke + spoke

overture - Mus. An orchestral piece, of varying form and dimensions, forming the opening or introduction to an opera, oratorio, or other extended composition + Joyce's note: 'overture & beginners' Fay: A Short Glossary of Theatrical Terms 9: 'Call Beginners. -- Direction to the call-boy when the orchestra starts to play the overture, to call on to the stage the actors who open the play. He calls, "Overture and Beginners"'

beginners (Joyce's note) Fay: A Short Glossary of Theatrical Terms 7: 'Beginners. -- The actors who appear in the first scene of a play'.

meseems - it seems to me

'green (curtain)' (Joyce's note) Fay: A Short Glossary of Theatrical Terms 16: 'Green. -- An old name for the front curtain or tabs. It was nearly always made of green baize'.


depths + death.

darkness + murkiness - an atmosphere in which visibility is reduced because of a cloud of some substance.

voce (it) - voice

Voice of the Irish (Joyce's note) Gwynn: The History of Ireland 22: (quoting from Saint Patrick's ''Confessio'') 'I saw in a vision of the night a man coming as if from Ireland with very many letters. And he gave one of them to me, and I read the beginning of the letter purporting to be the 'Voice of the Irish,' and while I was reading... I heard the voices of them who dwelt beside the wood of Focluth'.

cert - certainly

puer (l) - child, boy

Palestrinian - of, pertaining to, or in the style of the Italian composer Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (c 1525-94).

chant - to sing, utter musically

pan- - all, completely, general + panangelikos (gr) - pertaining to all angels; conveying information to all.

Tu es Petrus (l) - Thou art Peter (Vulgate Matthew 16:18)

Kelly, Michael (1762-1826) - Dubliner, actor, singer, composer. A friend of Mozart's, he sang in the first performance of The Marriage of Figaro + Michelangelo (1475- 1564) - Florentine sculptor, painter of the Sistine Chapel ceiling + -een (Irish) - (diminutive).

Mario, Giuseppe, Count of Candia (1810-83) - most famous tenor of the 19th century (see Ulysses, 506, where he is called "prince of Candia") + Joseph O'Mara - 19th-20th century Irish tenor + O'Mara [040.16] 

numerose - rhythmic, harmonious, musical + numerous + numerus Italicus (l) - an Italic number.

italics - letters in an italic typeface + Silius Italicus - 1st century poet and politician + cuss - a fellow, a person; a curse.

ransack - to make thorough search in or throughout (a place, receptacle, collection of things, etc.) for something + (sucked raw eggs) [.01]

frisch (ger) - fresh + fish.

uovo (it) - egg

urinal - a building, erection, or enclosure for accommodating persons when requiring to pass urine

Breiz (Breton) - Brittany + breeze

Iverzon (Breton) - Ireland

Bro-Zaoz (Breton) - England

Inse Gialla (inshigile) (gael) - Islands/Water-meadows of the Hostages + From Inchigela, All the Way (song about Inchigeela, County Cork).

suspire - to utter with a sigh, to sigh forth + FDV: And lo meheard I saw the voice of him how it sighed to the scented night nightlife

morepork - the note of the morepork; a name given in New Zealand to an owl, the Spiloglaux novæ-zealandiæ, in Tasmania to the night-jar, Podargus cuvieri, and in Australia to other birds, as the Ninox boobook + Swift met Stella at Moor Park, Surrey.

loftly - in a lofty way or manner  

Marconi - the name of the inventor, Guglielmo, Marchese Marconi (1874-1937), of a system of wireless telegraphy

Clochan (klukhan) (gael) - Stonehouse; town, W. Co. Galway + Marconi Company had transatlantic wireless stations at Clifden, Connemara, County Galway and at Glace Bay, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia [.33] [408.16]

sough - to make a rushing, rustling, or murmuring sound; to utter in this manner

tireless - untiring, indefatigable + wireless - without a wire or wires; spec. Electr, dispensing with the use of a conducting wire.

mauve, port (colours) + Mauve Zone - The spaceless and timeless region 'between' dreaming and deep sleep states of consciousness (Kenneth Grant) + (four (*X*) parenthesised interjections) [.11-.21]

Nova Scotia - the province in Eastern Canada

listing (obs) - listening + FDV: as softly as the tall telegraph masts pole at Clifden sigh open secrets to Nova Scotia listening listing ladies sisterpoles.

cupped - formed or hollowed out like a cup, cup-shaped

mated - fitted or fitting together + Bell's Standard Elocutionist shows fourteen positions of the hands to be used by orators as they recite (the ones used here convey negation, affirmation, cautioning, supplication, violent repulsion, and apathy or prostration).

behulpzame hand (Dutch) - helping hand + handsome is as handsome does - how one acts is more important than how one looks like + "I am going to teach you right here the first step to power," he said as if he were dictating a letter to me. "I am going to teach you how to set up dreaming." He looked at me and again asked me if I knew what he meant. I did not. I was hardly following him at all. He explained that to "set up dreaming" meant to have a concise and pragmatic control over the general situation of a dream, comparable to the control one has over any choice in the desert, such as climbing up a hill or remaining in the shade of a water canyon. "You must start by doing something very simple, " he said. "Tonight in your dreams you must look at your hands." (Carlos Castaneda: Journey to Ixtlan)


het - heated, hot + hand + het (Dutch) - it, the.

gest - to tell a tale, to recite a romance; to perform + gestured + jested.

amo, amas, amat, amamus (l) - I love, you love, he loves, we love + Joyce's note: 'Allo, alass, amarum, amobus, *Y*'.

Aladdin (pantomime)

amabis - you shall love + FDV: — Alas, Shaun said, staring upon the soil he loved, I am all too unworthy for such eminence, or prominence, to be exact as to bear this letter on his majesty's service.

lack (something to sit on) + do, si, la, sol, fa, mi, re, do (there exists a method, called 'the Guidonian Hand', for gesturing the notes of the solfa).

*V* yawn (notebook 1924) + Yawn [474.01]

dress rehearsal

ante- - before + antepraevius dies (l) - before the day before.

pie - a dish composed of meat, fowl, fish, fruit, or vegetables, etc., enclosed in or covered with a layer of paste and baked + (smell of food on his breath).

dough - a flour mixture stiff enough to knead or roll

carrier - a bearer of a message, letter, etc.

hash - a dish consisting of meat which has been previously cooked, cut small, and warmed up with gravy and sauce or other flavouring

ugh - an interjection expressive of disgust

Analogue to German ubermorgen: day after tomorrow - day before yesterday.


hiccup + hic (l) - here + nunc (l) - now + hic et nunc (l) - here and now.

embellishing - the action or process of making beautiful + belching.

maccheroni (it) - macaroni + Mickey Rooney's band (Ulysses.11.1229: 'Mickey Rooney's band').

ex alto (l) - from on high

complained of the fact (notebook 1923) → Mordell: The Erotic Motive in Literature 161: 'It happened that Ovid's mistress did prove unfaithful to him and he complained of the fact'.

rag - applied contemptuously to theatre-curtain + Joyce's note: 'the rag' Fay: A Short Glossary of Theatrical Terms 23: 'Rag. -- The front curtain or tabs is sometimes called "The Rag"' + the rag was up - there was a notice outside to say that the play's run was ending; also refers to menstruation (Hart, Clive / Structure and motif in Finnegans wake).

brief - a letter of authority + Joyce's note: 'brief (pass' Fay: A Short Glossary of Theatrical Terms 8: 'Brief. -- A free pass to the theatre'.

billpass (Joyce's note) Fay: A Short Glossary of Theatrical Terms 7: 'Bill Pass. -- A free ticket given to a tradesman for displaying window bills in his shop window'.

houseful - as much or as many as a house will hold

deadhead - a person who contributes nothing to an enterprise, activity, etc.; a person admitted without payment to a theatrical performance, a public conveyance, etc. + Joyce's note: 'dead heads' Fay: A Short Glossary of Theatrical Terms 12: 'Dead Head. -- A person who gains admittance to a play on a pass'. 

petticoat - applied humorously or contemptuously to the skirts of a scholar's or clergyman's gown; a wide outer garment, made of oilskins or rough canvas, worn by fishermen in warm weather, and reaching below the knee, often undivided + Shule Aroon (song): 'I'll dye my petticoat'.

hestern - of yesterday, yester + innermost + today, tomorrow, yesterday.