Prairial - the name for the ninth month of the French revolutionary calendar, extending from May 20 to June 18.

royster = roister - a swaggering or blustering bully, a riotous fellow, a rude or noisy reveller.

gormandizing* - excessive eating, gluttony

gourmet - a connoisseur in the delicacies of the table

grub - to take 'grub' or food; to feed, eat

tuck - food, eatables; esp. delicacies, as sweet-stuff, pastry, jam, etc.

to do dirt (to) - to harm or injure maliciously

lecker (d) - tasteful                                                                                                                                                              little

Biss (d) - bite                                                                                                                                                                         bit

welldressed - properly prepared, cultivated, trimmed, cooked, etc.

taart = tart (obs.)

net - Of amounts: Free from, or not subject to, any deduction; remaining after all necessary deductions have been made.

intrant - one that enters, entrant

weigh - to balance in the scales, to ascertain the weight of

flyblow - the egg deposited by a fly in the flesh of an animal, or the maggot proceeding therefrom. 

gross - entire, total, whole

ganz (d) - whole

avoirdupois* - weight, degree of heaviness

jarvey - a hackney-coachman; Now frequently applied to the driver of an Irish car.

jaunty - easy and sprightly in manner; affecting airy self-satisfaction or unconcern.

romp - a piece of lively, boisterous play; a merry frolic

completion - accomplishment, fulfilment (of a prophecy, wish, etc.)

Easter Monday

ramp - Of persons: To storm or rage with violent gestures, to act in a furious or threatening manner; to go about in a loose, immodest way (obs.); romp (v.)

on the mash - to fascinate or excite sentimental admiration in (one of the opposite sex).

overture - Mus. An orchestral piece, of varying form and dimensions, forming the opening or introduction to an opera, oratorio, or other extended composition.

meseems* - it seems to me



voce (it) - voice

cert - certainly

puer (l) - child

Palestrinian* - of, pertaining to, or in the style of the Italian composer Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (c 1525-94).

chant - to sing, utter musically

pan - - all, completely, general

numerose - measured, rhythmic, harmonious, musical

ransack* - to make thorough search in or throughout (a place, receptacle, collection of things, etc.) for something.

urinal - a building, erection, or enclosure for accommodating persons when requiring to pass urine.

suspire - to utter with a sigh, to sigh forth

morepork - the note of the morepork; a name given in New Zealand to an owl, the Spiloglaux novŠ-zealandiŠ, in Tasmania to the night-jar, Podargus cuvieri, and in Australia to other birds, as the Ninox boobook.

loftly - in a lofty way or manner  

Marconi - the name of the inventor, Guglielmo, Marchese Marconi (1874-1937), of a system of wireless telegraphy.

sough - to make a rushing, rustling, or murmuring sound; to utter in this manner.

tireless - untiring, indefatigable;           wireless - without a wire or wires; spec. Electr, dispensing with the use of a conducting wire.

Nova Scotia - the province in Eastern Canada

cupped - formed or hollowed out like a cup, cup-shaped

mated - fitted or fitting together


het - heated, hot                                                                                                                                                                hand

gest - to tell a tale, to recite a romance; to perform

ante - - before

pie - a dish composed of meat, fowl, fish, fruit, or vegetables, etc., enclosed in or covered with a layer of paste and baked.

dough - a mass consisting of flour or meal moistened and kneaded into a paste, with or without leaven, ready to be baked into bread, etc.

carrier - a bearer of a message, letter, etc.

hash - a dish consisting of meat which has been previously cooked, cut small, and warmed up with gravy and sauce or other flavouring.

ugh - an interjection expressive of disgust


hiccup;                     hic (l) - here;                         nunc (l) - now.

embellishing* - the action or process of making beautiful

alto - (strictly) the highest male voice, the counter-tenor

rag - applied contemptuously to things, e.g. a torn or scanty garment, a flag, handkerchief, theatre-curtain, newspaper, paper-money, etc.

brief - a letter of authority

houseful - as much or as many as a house will hold

deadhead - a person who contributes nothing to an enterprise, activity, etc.; a person admitted without payment to a theatrical performance, a public conveyance, etc. 

petticoat* - applied humorously or contemptuously to the skirts of a scholar's or clergyman's gown; a wide outer garment, made of oilskins or rough canvas, worn by fishermen in warm weather, and reaching below the knee, often undivided.

hestern - of yesterday, yester                                                                                                                                      innermost