earning - longing desire, poignant grief or compassion

board - food served at the table; daily meals provided in a lodging or boarding-house according to stipulation.

swelth* - a whirlpool

moisten - to wet superficially or moderately

manducate - to chew, eat

scoop - to remove or detach (a portion of friable or soft material, or part of a heap of objects) by passing a scoop or concave instrument obliquely through the mass, so as to leave a rounded hollow.

molar - a molar or grinding tooth

grinder - a molar tooth

to sling one’s hook* - to go away, be off, decamp


winded - put out of breath, breathless

spent - Of persons or animals: Deprived of force or strength, tired or worn out by labour, exertion, hardship, etc.; completely exhausted.

heath - open uncultivated ground; an extensive tract of waste land

virgin bush - bush land not brought under cultivation

trod - past of tread

sod - the surface of the ground, esp. when turfy or grass-covered; the sward; a turf. 

turf - the covering of grass and other plants, with its matted roots, forming the surface of grassland.

liberally - Chiefly with reference to speech: Without reserve or restraint; freely;                           literally - With reference to a report, translation, etc.: In the very words, word for word.

dished - defeated completely, ruined

trim - condition, state, or order, esp. for work or action of any kind

unwordy - unworthy, poor, worthless; not diffuse or verbose, concise

mere - insignificant, ordinary; foolish, inept

mailman - one who carries the mail

loust = obs. ff. loose; lust                                                                                                                                                     last

eminence - distinguished superiority, elevated rank as compared with others. 

promenade - a walk taken (usually at a leisurely pace) for exercise or amusement, or (esp.) to and fro for display, or in a formal manner as part of a social ceremony.

extraordinary - Of officials, persons employed, etc.: Outside of or additional to the regular staff; not belonging to the 'ordinary' or fully recognized class of such persons; supernumerary. 

postman* - a bearer or carrier of letters or other postal matter

missive - a written message, a letter

yous - you (dial. with pl. inflection, though used in sing. sense also)

reposeness* - the state or condition of repose or of being in repose

Weh (d) - pain, sorrow

yeh = yes; yeah; yea

might have been* - that which might have been; a person who might have been greater or more eminent.

should have been


devote - to give up, addict, apply zealously or exclusively (to a pursuit, occupation, etc., or to a particular purpose).

fiend - an enemy, foe (obs.); sn evil spirit generally; a demon, devil, or diabolical being.




yer - your; you                                                                                                                                                        yesterday


simon - a sixpence


pieman - a man who makes pies for sale; a vendor of pies


Sim - abbrev. of the personal name Simon

reeve - to twine, twist, wind or unwind                                                                                                                              grieve


tune in - to strike into a chorus; to interpose in a conversation; to become mentally receptive to, or aware of; to harmonize with; to tune a radio or television to (a particular station or transmission, or a particular frequency). 

Owlglass* - the English rendering of Eulenspiegel, the name of a German jester of mediŠval times, the hero of an old German jest-book translated into English 1560; a prototype of roguish fools; hence, A jester, buffoon.


obsequies - funeral rites or ceremonies; a funeral

banzai* - a shout or cheer used by the Japanese in greeting the emperor or in battle.

musichall - a hall used for musical performances

swimmy - Of the eyes: watery, tearful                                                                                                                             Siamese


gala - a festive occasion; a festival characterized by the display of finery and show.

disk - Used poet. of a shield

napper - the head; one who naps or takes a nap


toastingfork* - sword, rapier; a long handled fork used to toast bread over an open fire.

calendar month* - one of the twelve months into which the year is divided according to the calendar.

heroworship* - the worship or adoration of heroes;                                helot - a serf, a bondsman.

revere - to hold in, or regard with, deep respect or veneration

piscivorous* - fish-eating; subsisting on fish

dronk - obs. f. drank, drunk