gemini - a mild form of oath or exclamation

frightfully - to a frightful extent or degree; Often hyperbolically as a mere intensive with adjs. of unfavourable connotation.

banshee* - a supernatural being supposed by the peasantry of Ireland and the Scottish Highlands to wail under the windows of a house where one of the inmates is about to die.


bay - an opening in a wall; esp. the space between two columns

dustbin - a bin or receptacle for the dust, ashes, and other refuse of a house.

merit - claim or title to commendation or esteem, excellence, worth

recitative - to declaim in recitative (a style of musical declamation, intermediate between singing and ordinary speech, commonly employed in the dialogue and narrative parts of operas and oratorios).

by a long chalk* - in a great degree, by far (in allusion to the use of chalk in scoring 'points',  etc.;                  trollop - to walk in a slovenly way, to slouch.

Saint Anthony - Egyptian abbot (350. A.D.) founder of christian monasticism; the patron saint of swineherds, to whom one of each litter was usually vowed. 

besought - pa. tense of beseech (to supplicate, entreat, implore)

to begin with - at the outset, as the first thing to be considered


churchmode - an ascending musical scale of light tones (one of the modes in medięval church-music).

catlick - colloq. expression for a perfunctory manner of washing

candy - crystallized sugar, made by repeated boiling and slow evaporation, more fully called sugar candy; also any confection made of, or incrusted with this.

lock - one of the portions into which a head of hair naturally divides itself; a tress.

foretaste - a taste beforehand; an anticipation, partial enjoyment in advance.

cauliflower* - one of the cultivated varieties of the cabbage;                    curly - having or adorned with curls; having curled hair.

adios* - Goodbye! Farewell!

Columbus - the name of Christopher Columbus, the explorer (1451-1506), used allusively for  an explorer or discoverer.



curvature* - the fact, quality, or manner of being curved

poor me

crux - cross

board - a table

rabbit* - a meaningless word used as an imprecation

relief - aid, help, or assistance given to a person or persons in a state of poverty or want.

porridge* - a soft food made by stirring oatmeal (or occas. some other meal or cereal) into boiling water (or milk).

fortnight* - a period of fourteen nights, two weeks

glasshouse - a building with walls and roof made chiefly of glass, esp. a greenhouse or conservatory.

clump - a compact mass or piece, a heap, a lump (often implying clumsiness of form).

belike* - to like, to be pleased with

emollient - a softening application;                  emolument - profit or gain arising from station, office, or employment; dues; reward, remuneration, salary.

disabled - rendered incapable of action or use, esp. by physical injury

gratification - the state of being gratified or pleased; enjoyment, satisfaction, pleasurable feeling.

hagios (gr) - holy

coleen - a girl

wetting - the action of making wet, or the fact of becoming wet

sabotage* - the malicious damaging or destruction of an employer's property by workmen during a strike or the like; hence gen. any disabling damage deliberately inflicted, esp. that carried out clandestinely in order to disrupt the economic or military resources of an enemy.

adieu* - an expression of kind wishes at the parting of friends, sinking into a mere formula of civility at parting; Good-bye! farewell!

salvator* - one who saves or delivers; esp. the Saviour, Christ

lipe - a portion, a slip                                                                                                                                                             lips

strike - a concerted cessation of work on the part of a body of workers, for the purpose of obtaining some concession from the employer or employers; formerly sometimes more explicitly strike of work.  

Eusebian - pertaining to Eusebius of Cęsarea, or the historical works written by him; Eusebian Canons: an arrangement of the contents of the four Gospels into ten classes of passages, according as the passages occur in Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John alone, or in any one of the nine possible combinations of two or three out of the four. 

concordant - agreeing in sentiment or opinion; of one heart or mind; harmonious, unanimous.

homily - a religious discourse addressed to a congregation; a sermon; esp. a practical discourse with a view to the spiritual edification of the hearers, rather than for the development of a doctrine or theme.