gemini - a mild form of oath or exclamation + Gemini constellation (the twins).

frightfully - to a frightful extent or degree; Often hyperbolically as a mere intensive with adjs. of unfavourable connotation.

banshee - a supernatural being supposed by the peasantry of Ireland and the Scottish Highlands to wail under the windows of a house where one of the inmates is about to die.

shinging (Irish Pronunciation) - singing

BANTRY BAY - Ocean inlet, South-West County Cork, site of unsuccessful French attempts at landing in 1689 and 1796 to help Irish insurrections. Col. Shee embarked in the same boat as Wolfe Tone on the Bantry Bay Expedition. 

dustbin - a bin or receptacle for the dust, ashes, and other refuse of a house; grave (Slang) + 'Down among the Dead Men let him lie' (song).

(head versus heart) [408.18]

merit - claim or title to commendation or esteem, excellence, worth + Joyce's note: 'on my merits'

recitative - a vocal passage of narrative text that a singer delivers with natural rhythms of speech

post + ghost of a notion.

trollop - to walk in a slovenly way, to slouch; a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money + by a long chalk - in a great degree, by far (in allusion to the use of chalk in scoring 'points', etc.)

Saint Anthony - Egyptian abbot (350. A.D.) founder of christian monasticism; the patron saint of swineherds, to whom one of each litter was usually vowed + S.A.G. (St Anthony Guide), written on an envelope carries a letter safely through the mails.  

besought - pa. tense of beseech (to supplicate, entreat, implore) + FDV: — But tell me have I asked you, dear Shaun, I said, who it was gave you the permit?

to begin with - at the outset, as the first thing to be considered + Joyce's note: 'To begin with'


who gave you the permit? (Joyce's note)

churchmode - an ascending musical scale of light tones (one of the modes in mediæval church-music) + poor as a church mouse (phrase) + FDV: — I, replied to me Shaun, have it from S Columkille's prophecies.

Barber of Seville: Ecco ridente in cielo (song)

catlick - colloq. expression for a perfunctory manner of washing + Catlick (Dublin Pronunciation) - Catholic + cat's lick (Anglo-Irish) - halfhearted attempt at cleaning + catlike.

candy - a rich sweet made of flavored sugar and often combined with fruit or nuts + lock - one of the portions into which a head of hair naturally divides itself; a tress.

foretaste - a taste beforehand; an anticipation, partial enjoyment in advance

cauliflower - one of the cultivated varieties of the cabbage + curly - having or adorned with curls; having curled hair.

adios - Goodbye! Farewell! + Bellini: I Puritani: song A te o cara.

meeaw (Irish) - unfortunate person; misfortune + (onomat.) + Come sta oggi, signor moro mio? (Italian) - How are you today, my dark sir?

Grüss dich Gott (ger) - Bavarian greeting.

Columbus - the name of Christopher Columbus, the explorer (1451-1506), used allusively for  an explorer or discoverer + columbus (l) - dove.

mustard bath - a hot bath with mustard powder added to the water, a traditional English remedy for tired muscles, colds, etc. + Lord have mercy.

curvature - the fact, quality, or manner of being curved + corvus (l) - raven + corvée (fr) - drudgery.

poor me + pounner (Breton) - heavy.

crux - cross + Second Station of the Cross: Christ made to carry the cross.


Thingmote - Viking Parliament in Dublin [423.34 → "Then he was pusched out of Thingamuddy's school"]

board - a table

rabbited (Slang) - confounded, damned

relief - aid, help, or assistance given to a person or persons in a state of poverty or want

porridge - a soft food made by stirring oatmeal (or occas. some other meal or cereal) into boiling water (or milk) + porringer - a small dish for porridge, soup, etc.

fortnight - a period of fourteen nights, two weeks + fort (ger) - away + nichts (ger) - nothing.

tinker's damn - a worthless amount + Treacle Tom (and Frisky Shorty) - they overhear the story at the racetracks.

(two thieves crucified with Christ)

glasshouse - a building with walls and roof made chiefly of glass, esp. a greenhouse or conservatory; a glass factory; army prison (Slang)

hand - In games of cards: The cards dealt to each player; a single round in a game, in which all the cards dealt at one time are played + (shook hands).

William Blake

clump - a compact mass or piece, a heap, a lump (often implying clumsiness of form) + Hellfire Club, Dublin.

belike - to like, to be pleased with + believe + Belleek - town, County Fermanagh, famous for its 'Belleek Pottery' porcelain factory.

emollient - a softening application + emolument - profit or gain arising from station, office, or employment; remuneration, salary.

disabled - rendered incapable of action or use, esp. by physical injury + (accident insurance).

Deo gratias (l) - thanks to God

gratification - enjoyment, satisfaction, pleasurable feeling

hagios (gr) - holy + (notebook 1924): 'I have it from S Columkille' prophecies'.

coleen - a girl + Sullivan: The Book of Kells 4: 'the famous Book of Kells, or as it is often called the Book of Colum Cille'.

wetting - the action of making wet, or the fact of becoming wet + (days of week).

sabotage - a deliberate act of destruction or disruption in which equipment is damaged + sabato (it) = subota (Serbian) - Saturday + (notebook 1924): 'Après Wed, le jeudi voilà la semaine dans l'étable' Sauvé: Proverbes et Dictons de la Basse-Bretagne no. 60: 'After Wednesday, Thursday, And then the week is in the shed (i.e. Do not despair; only two more working days and Sunday will come)'.

solvitur (l) - he [she, it] is loosened, is set free, is released; is acquitted, absolved + solvitur ambulando (l) - it is solved by walking.

palumbes (l) - ring-dove, wood-pigeon

ballando (l) - by dancing

til la rivido (Ido - an artificial language) - au revoir + till we die.

adieu - Good-bye! farewell! + adie (Ido) - adieu.

salvator - one who saves or delivers; esp. the Saviour, Christ + FDV: — Then, I said, you are might be so by order?

Rooney, "Handy Andy" - title, hero of Lover's novel. He is a bumbling Irish servant who turns out to be an Irish peer + handy andy - someone skilled in many jobs + ambulando (l) - in passing, while walking + solvitur ambulando (l) - it is solved by walking [.29]

drunk by order (notebook 1924)

forgive me (Joyce's note) + Luke 23:34: 'Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do' (first of seven last words of Christ).

lipe - a portion, a slip + lips + FDV: It Forgive me, Shaun replied, is it was made known in the prophecies and there is a power over me that is put upon me from on high.

strike - a group's refusal to work in protest against low pay or bad work conditions; formerly sometimes more explicitly strike of work

First Station of the Cross: Christ condemned to death

primatial - of, pertaining to, or having ecclesiastical primacy; gen. Of pre-eminence or superiority + praemittere (l) - to send in advance + prematurely + pre-initially.

hierarch - one who has rule or authority in holy things; an ecclesiastical ruler or potentate; a chief priest

(a bishop is chief over a see)

John Maddison Morton: Box and Cox (a farce about two long-lost brothers, John Box and James Cox, who unknowingly rent the same room, one working by day, the other by night).

Eusebian - pertaining to Eusebius of Cæsarea, or the historical works written by him; Eusebian Canons: an arrangement of the contents of the four Gospels into ten classes of passages, according as the passages occur in Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John alone, or in any one of the nine possible combinations of two or three out of the four + Sullivan: The Book of Kells 7: 'eight pages are filled with what are known as the Eusabian Canons. They take their name from Eusebius, bishop of Cæsarea... Before his time a Harmony of the Gospels had been constructed... in which St. Matthew's Gospel was taken as the standard, and parallel passages from the other Gospels were set out side by side with it. Eusebius improved on his predecessor's plan; his object being to set forth the mutual relation of the four evangelical narratives' (The Book of Kells plate I shows one such page). 

concordant - agreeing in sentiment or opinion; of one heart or mind; harmonious, unanimous

homily - a sermon on a moral or religious topic

does be (Anglo-Irish) - (habitual present tense of 'to be') + (notebook 1924): 'It is written - there is a power over & put upon from on high by the Church'.