hereditary* - coming to one from one's precursors in national or physical life.

coerce - to compel or force to do anything; to enforce or effect by compulsion                                                                  course

horologium* - a dial, clock, or chronometer

maggot - a whimsical or perverse fancy, a crotchet

trope - a figure of speech which consists in the use of a word or phrase in a sense other than that which is proper to it; also, in casual use, a figure of speech; figurative language.

custodian - one who has the custody of a thing or person; a guardian, keeper.

fed up - sated to the point of disgust, bored beyond endurance


rusty - having the colour of rust, of a (disagreeable) light reddish brown.

bleak - cold, chilly; fig. Cheerless, dreary

verbally* - in or with (mere) words, without accompanying action or reality.

compulsed* - compelled, forced

noted - that is specially noticed, observed, or marked; distinguished, celebrated, famous.

subside* - to sink down, fall to the bottom, precipitate

spit - a small, low point or tongue of land, projecting into the water; a long narrow reef, shoal, or sandbank extending from the shore.

clog - a shoe with a thick wooden sole protected by a rim of metal, worn in the north.


tithe - tenth; a tenth part (of anything)

dearth - a condition in which food is scarce and dear;  fig. and transf. Scarcity of anything, material or immaterial.

miraculous - so extraordinary as to appear supernatural; marvellous, astonishing.

meddle - the action, or an act, of meddling or interfering

expend - expenditure; consideration; consumption                                                                                                      expanding

franking machine - an officially authorized machine, introduced by the British Post Office in 1922, used by large concerns for 'stamping' letters, etc., with a sign (in lieu of an affixed postage stamp); it simultaneously records the cost of postage (this being periodically checked and collected by the Post Office).


belated - overtaken by lateness of the night, overtaken by darkness, benighted; detained beyond the usual time, coming or staying too late.

patly - in a manner that fits or agrees to a nicety with the purpose or occasion, aptly; in the very nick of time, opportunely.

toothpick;                     tootle - speech or writing of more sound than sense; verbiage, twaddle. 

tact - ready and delicate sense of what is fitting and proper in dealing with others, so as to  avoid giving offence, or win good will.

down in the dumps* - sad and discouraged;                  damper - something that damps or depresses the spirits, etc.

benison - blessing, beatitude

Barbe - respectful title given by the Vaudois to their teachers

mostly - for the most part; in the main

whimper - to utter a feeble, whining, broken cry, as a child about to burst into tears; to make a low complaining sound.

fondle - to handle or treat with fondness, to caress

cowheel - the foot of a cow or ox stewed so as to form a jelly; the dish prepared from this.

cuff - an ornamental part at the bottom of a sleeve, consisting of a fold of the sleeve itself turned back, a band of linen, lace, etc. sewed on, or the like; also, the corresponding part of a shirt-sleeve, or a separate band of linen or other material worn round the wrist so as to appear under the sleeve.

sabbath - a time or period of rest; a cessation from labour, trouble, pain and the like.

mire - a piece of wet, swampy ground                                                                                                                                  miles

mass - the Eucharistic service

chaplet - a wreath for the head, usually a garland of flowers or leaves, also of gold, precious stones, etc.;             chapel - a place of public worship of the established Church, subordinate to, or dependent upon, the church of the parish, the accommodation supplied by which it in some way supplements. 

pedestrian* - one who goes or travels on foot, a walker

answerer - one who replies to a question or appeal


veriest - superlative of very


recession* - the action of receding, retiring, or departing, in various transf. or fig. senses.